The Film Feed: Episode 26 - Recap on District 9 and GI Joe

August 25, 2009

The Film Feed

In this episode of The Film Feed, Sean and Clark play some catch-up on past news and reviews and are joined by several different guests hosts including Jay Runham from as well as Marc Ciafardini from Go,See,Talk!. First, Sean and Clark and guest host Jay bust into some older trailers and movie news. Afterward, Sean and Jay gush over Neill Blomkamp's District 9 in an in-depth review. Finally, the entire crew is joined by Marc and Will's girlfriend Krystal for a review of the escapist summer fun that is G.I. Joe. Be sure to listen to the end for an important announcement for all Film Feed fans. Thanks for listening!

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0:00-1:46 - Introduction
1:46-27:18 - Movie News & Trailers
    1:46-7:58 - First Avatar Photo
    7:58-13:57 - Gentlemen Broncos Trailer
    13:57-18:12 - Law Abiding Citizen Trailer
    18:12-27:18 - Legion Trailer
27:41-47:35 - Review of District 9
48:45-77:17 - Review of G.I. Joe
77:40-86:00 - Conclusion

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Good to have you guys back! It's too bad that Will is only going to be hosting part time (as well as the fact that the next ep is Sept 11ish)...I guess that means the contact info will be right only part time as well...hopefully your neighbors won't mind some random voicemails from movie fans gushing about films...I kid of course, Clark you're getting the hang of it! But seriously: Napoleon Dynamite rocked! I realize that it hit a nerve and experienced perhaps too much positive feedback (Jon Heder is still acting) but for what it was, I thought it was great. Jared Hess has nailed a subtle and utterly random comedic tone with his films that I love. Gentlemen Broncos is in the same vein and the trailer has me amped.

Bill Rusnak on Aug 25, 2009


What a bunch of geeks and nerd these guys are.

Grimshaw23 on Aug 25, 2009


^ Why is that a problem? Everyone reading this site is probably a geek or nerd, there's nothing wrong with that... Don't know why you gotta pick on them?

Alex Billington on Aug 25, 2009


Nothing personal. Just an observation. They just comes off as such, imo. And no..... not everyone reading this site is a geek or a nerd.

Grimshaw23 on Aug 25, 2009


Hell fucking yes we're geeks.

Will Schiffelbein on Aug 25, 2009


I just watched District 9, and I'm finding it odd that no one is commenting anywhere on the level of camp going on in the first act of the film - while it's in it's documentary form. The two main human characters were basically turned into caricatures in the first parts of the film, and it really made me dislike the guy I was supposed to be rooting for. Not that he was a prick - he was sorta supposed to be - but the fact that he was a bumbling, awkward desk-jockey sort of prick. If they had given him a more serious tone, like a typical cop in 'cops' or something, then it would have made sense. The other guy, the merc, remains a caricature throughout the film. His brain has been replaced with testosterone and evilness. The humans really felt like cardboard to me and it wasn't until the guy woke up in District 9 that I felt like he was actually going to start showing emotions that made sense at all. At that point I started getting into it, but the way he was so casual and flippant in the first part of the film really disconected him from what was going on around him for me. I'm supposed to be following this guy around this hell hole and all I could think was that if I had just witnessed someone getting shot up or having a limb ripped off I'd actually have a reaction, not just treat it like another day at the office. The way they interacted with the documentary crew was odd as well. The camera was physically there, and then it wasn't, and then it was again, and then it wasn't again... it was disorienting. But yeah, I'd say that the second half of that movie was a LOT stronger than the first half, and at that point I really started to get more into it. I think they missed a lot of opportunity with the script, tho, and if they do a sequel I hope they start showing the prawn get a little more integrated into society and not be so universally hated by everyone. Another interesting aspect that I thought would have been interesting to see how the young prawn would be able to better adapt and consider Earth their home - not to mention the potential political ramifications of their being naitive citizens. I would have found things like that to have been interesting had they touched on them. Instead they spent time setting up the idea that the prawn were basically legal aliens, but unwelcome and oppressed, and then never took that any further. They just went around beating or shooting them. With a larger budget for more actors and extras and more complex effects stuff, I think this movie sets up an interesting world that could make for some really interesting stories - similar to Alien Nation and similar shows / movies. But yeah, I only listened to this for that review, and I didn't really agree entirely with it. Thought the first act was not very well done, and the acting shift once they get away from the documentary aspect really improves the film - aside from some really odd scenes and odd reactions... some bits felt really contrived to me. But maybe that's just me...

Squiggly_P on Aug 25, 2009


#6 Squiggly_P i guess you did not get the movie of cause you had to dislike the guy he was not ment to be a typical hero the character was ment to be like a racist who change his ways since he becomes friends with a alien. this movie is like whats going on with immigration today alot of people dont like people who comes into their countriy cause they think they will take all the jobs. this movie is basically about racisim and immigration but with a sci-fi element.

tazz on Aug 26, 2009


yeah, I got it, but at the same time, I think there's a lack of awe from the film considering that these are aliens. I dunno, I just didn't buy the fact that they'd just slap these guys into a slum and expect things to just continue on with this huge alien ship over the city. I think there was a really narrow focus on the immigration thing, when they could have gone in so many other ways with it. I just couldn't get into that part of it. It didn't feel natural.

Squiggly_P on Aug 30, 2009


"...the escapist summer fun that is G.I. Joe..." ??? What? I just watched GI Joe (on DVD) last night. I would call it the escapist summer BOMB / STINKER / DISAPPOINTMENT. I was all excited based on the trailers, but what an expensive DUD. And don't think I don't like action. I loved the new Terminator and the second Transformers, but GI Joe? NOT!

Mike on Jan 25, 2010

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