The Flash Movie Rights Reeled Back into DC Entertainment

October 6, 2009
Source: IGN

The Flash

Barely a month ago, following Disney's purchase of Marvel, Warner Bros decided to create a new company called DC Entertainment Inc. that would "fully realize the power and value of the DC Comics brand and characters across all media and platforms." The new company would start reeling in projects that were in development with various producers so that they could develop them all under one house. We heard a few weeks later that there were no plans for Superman yet, but one franchise we haven't heard about recently is The Flash. IGN talked with producer Charles Roven and learned that his rights were recently reeled in, too.

Roven was one of the producers on The Dark Knight, so he knows his superheroes, and has been developing a Flash movie for a while. Most recently an update arrived in January saying a new script was being written.

"I was involved at one point with The Flash," said Roven. "And Warner Bros. came to me and said, 'The work that you've been doing hasn't yet resulted in something that any of us, including the filmmaking team, feel could be greenlit as a movie. We're trying to accomplish something that takes into account the entire, rich DC character world, and we'd like to pull it back. That doesn't mean that you aren't going to be a part of it. We just want to take a different kind of approach. Do you mind if we try that?' If we had something that was really working…"

He goes on to say that the screenplay David Goyer had written didn't work for them and Goyer left the project. Then they brought on director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus) to come up with a different approach, which is where I think writer Dan Mazeau also came on board. But none of that really worked either. "I've been making movies with Warner Bros. for 15 years, so that was fine, but I hope one day there's a way for me to get re-involved in the project." So as of right now, Roven is no longer developing The Flash, but that may mean DC Entertainment has shelved this entirely until they come up with a good idea.

I've followed the comic book world enough to know that The Flash is a character everyone has wanted to see on the big screen for a while. Hopefully DC Entertainment and Warner Bros will get their act together soon and find the right creative team to develop a Flash movie. Anyone have any good pitches for this movie?

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Man this movie is taking way to long too be made, The Flash is probably my favorite of all super heroes and is getting the least amount of attention. Which bugs me, there are way more interesting characters in the D.C. universe other than Batman and Super man, it's kind of annoying really.

Kenchi on Oct 6, 2009


My favorite superhero.

sean on Oct 6, 2009


Yo, your order of events is wrong. Dobkin was before Mazeau. Mazeau and Johns came on together and they're still working on the script. Roven hasn't been attached since last year.

Jor-el on Oct 6, 2009


The problem is how do you make the flash without making him look cheezy? He's a superhero and it works in the graphic novel/comic format, but in film how do you make it look real, rich and serious? I think more than the story this is important. The story, they can pick from any of decades worth of Flash comics and convert it, adapt it whatever.

harm on Oct 6, 2009


By the sounds of things, it's not as though they haven't received a lot of good ideas for the flash, but they now need to have something that involves joining multiple characters across the DC universe. Similarly to what Marvel seems to be doing now with their characters. Here's a pitch. In the first 5 minutes, have the Flash save Batman's life (Christian Bale cameo)... bah bah bah... stuff happens. Then Nightwing comes and saves the Flash's life. Hint to JLA... the end. Plus this way, we can skip all the boring Robin sequences associated with the dark knight.

Dan the Fan on Oct 6, 2009


Wow Dan that was horrible, maybe you should apply for writer in NBC's Heroes.

Kenchi on Oct 6, 2009


Let's pray Dobkin isn't anywhere near this thing. Fred Claus?! WTF? What is it with DC and their ill-advised inclination to turn their superhero properties into comedies? (Let's remember what happened to Shazam, aka Captain Marvel — SHELVED!!) I don't think they know what the hell they're doing. They need a consultant to come in and get everyone on the same frickin' page. Maybe they could kick a bunch of cash over to Jeff Katz to help them figure it out.

JJ Abrams on Oct 6, 2009


Hahaha! I am looking for a job 😉

Dan the Fan on Oct 6, 2009


Even though I am more of a D.C. fan than a Marvel fan. I'd have to admit that Marvel have got it won over D.C. in getting movies made. Sure "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" where great and Marvel have made a few stinkers in the past ten years, but at least Marvel are out there putting all there characters up on the big screen. The first couple of Blade, X-Men, Spider-man films are great and last year Marvel camout with the fantastic Ironman. D.C. have only ever concentrated on making Superman and Batman films. They need to widen there horizons and I am thankful that Green Lantern is finally in the making, but that is not enough. The Flash, Wonder Woman and The Justice League all deserve movies made about them. It is now time for D.C. to get there act together. If anything The Dark Knight should have inspired them to get things moving on these awesome characters.

Last Son on Oct 6, 2009


The third volume of Geoff Johns' Flash run, Blitz, is absolutely incredible. It should be made into a film, shot for shot, word for word. Geoff is a genius, and really should be put in charge of any and all writing for this project. Gotta give props to Scott Kolins and Phil Winslade as well. (They penciled Blitz)

Sick Nick on Oct 6, 2009


The challenge with the Flash movie, is that you need to make the character of the Flash (Wally or Barry) a charming and funny guy, while at the same time make the movie a serious dramatic/action movie. Couple that with DC's agenda at making darker and more grounded films, I can definitely see how adapting the Flash as a feature film can be difficult. It still needs to happen though. The Flash is a very rich property, and probably even more so than Green Lantern and Superman is a fantastic entry-point into the DC universe; introducing the world to DC villains, the world they live in, and even potentially the Justice League. The Flash should be a gateway character, bringing audiences into the world of DC comics. I always thought it'd be a cool idea to introduce the Flash IN a Justice League movie. Where the plot is that the Rogue's join forces to counter the Flash, and the Flash recruits help from other heroes to counter the Rogues. Eventually that organically grows into the Justice league, and justifies why the heroes all came together in first place. ---

DRM on Oct 7, 2009


DON'T PICK RYAN REYNOLDS! That is a very good start. Well, I believe that you can mix the comedy with the seriousness of this man dealing with the fact that he has the ability of fifty Usain Bolts. How it affects his life and so forth. Something realistic that folks can latch onto.

Hope on Oct 7, 2009


#9 - Last Son Marvel may have many more of their properties out and being developed into films, but most of them have sucked hard. I've been dying to see The Flash hit the big screen for a long time. But many people are missing the point. The Flash isn't supposed to be overly serious. He's supposed to be a fun, and somewhat corny character. Think The Incredibles, a quirky movie that managed to be dramatic at the same time. THe Flash could easily be adapted into a charming, but also dramatic film. My guess is that they're going to start fasttracking their properties if Green Lantern is successful. Much like Marvel did with Iron Man. But, I hope they put The Flash into development sooner.

SlashBeast on Oct 7, 2009


So Batman works. And GL better work or a lot of fans are going to be pissed off. Superman didn't work and we probably wont see another film for a while. So in the mean time DC needs to concentrate on the Flash, Wonder Woman, and possibly Captain Marve(Shazam). Hell, I'd even pay to see a military super hero movie based off Captain Atom. With Marvel hitting all of there top characters DC needs to do the same. Shit, do a Aquaman film before Marvel does a Namor film. Just don't make his a lame character. Someone out there has to be able to write a decent Aquaman. I think even a Question film would work. Or put him in a Batman flick or something. But I know I wouldn't do a JLA movie since Marvel is doing Avengers. Just do characters in their own relm.

Marius on Oct 7, 2009


I loved the Flash back in the day and have a potentially blasphemous idea:Start with Wally West. Everyone's seen Batman's/Spiderman's/Superman's origin story. What we haven't seen is an origin story where someone has to fill another hero's legendary boots. Have flashbacks & all sorts of references to Barry Allen, but center on Wally's struggle to live up to that legend as well as make the title his own. That's my $0.02.

jasonmd2020 on Oct 7, 2009


Just thought of something... If you want crossovers leading to a JLA film, start with the Green Lantern film and drop a Flash cameo or reference in there. The two characters always crossed paths in the comics.

jasonmd2020 on Oct 7, 2009


dc entertainment needs to get their finger out of their arse,they need to do a multi x-over films the same way as marvel are doing with avengers that lead into a justice league movie,so we need green lantern,THE FLASH,wonder woman,superman,aquaman & batman 3 then the big one JUSTICE LEAGUE THE MOVIE, it would be fucking great to see who out of the two greatest comic companies could produce the best build up to a team movie.

zetsu on Oct 7, 2009


Well, they wouldn't have spent their time getting the property back if they weren't going to do anything with it. I think they'll get a good enough story soon. But, I'd rather them take their time and develop a good script rather than cranking out something half-assed.

Governor on Oct 7, 2009


Just an FYI everyone...the Flash is currently being written by Dan Mazeau with Geoff Johns attached as a producer on the project. The Flash is alive and well and fans will love what Mazeau is doing to the script!!! It's gonna be big, fun, and kick-ass!! I for one am VERY excited!

mika on Oct 7, 2009


The Flash is still running! Dan Mazeau is writing with Geoff Johns consulting.

Glass on Oct 7, 2009


Here's my vision... The Flash.. A plane... Fuck loads of snakes

Ken on Oct 7, 2009


lol...I like your train of thought Ken! F-ing snakes! Hilarious!

jon on Oct 11, 2009


Honestly, these producers and directors have wasted their time with Batman and superman movies so far, other than watchmen. But there are so many interesting characters in the DC world that you guys haven't put on the big screen yet. What about, Flash, what about Green Lantern, What about Martian man hunter and others. As it is, Marvel is already trying to bring out lots of super heroes from Marvel comics. Most of them were really good and some of them sucked. Here's an idea. Why don't you start off the Flash film with the Reverse Flash in it.

Ronnie on Oct 17, 2009


i think that they should make the movie with many different heroes and name it like the underdogs or something and have like the flash, aquaman, the wonder twins, green lantern, black panther, metamorpho, boostergold, black canary, green arrow, speedy, and have them save the world from villians and they end up making their own team at the end called th JLA2 and i think that would be the bomb diggaty................. idk how they would not make it look cheesy but they worked with other movies like iron man and hulk and fantastic and they were all pretty good so they can work with what i gave them..... thanks

flash an on Nov 23, 2009

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