The Weekly Moviegoer - Should Cinemas Ban Outside Food?

December 9, 2009

Outside Food

Did you know that most movie theaters don't ban outside food? It's a common misconception that cinemas have strict rules, but in reality they merely request that you don't bring in outside food and are often fairly lax about it. So, when you think you're "sneaking" some snacks from the outside, you're probably not. You're only doing something you're highly discouraged from doing. But that's the norm in today's society, isn't it?

There are two main reasons why theaters don't completely ban outside food. One, they don't want to alienate customers in general. And two, they don't want to alienate specific customers with special dietary needs.

The second reason obviously fits under the umbrella of the first, but it's worth noting the specific need there, because it's people with stringent comfort requirements, particularly medical-related, that write complaint letters.

Customers who'd be alienated simply because they want to bring in outside food, whether to save money or for an alternative snack choice, are less likely to actually complain. They might stop going to the cinema, which is bad for business, though it's more probable they'll simply try harder to conceal their sneaked-in goodies, which is also bad for business.

That said, this month AMC Theatres, the second-largest cinema chain in North America, officially instituted a ban on all outside food, and apparently they're enforcing it pretty seriously. The company seems to have made the decision after a bad financial quarter partially due to decreased concession sales.

Reportedly, AMC will be offering more concession options as part of its "rethinking" its concession policies. But so far, I've only seen mention of the addition of French toast and Thai coconut chicken tenders, neither of which sounds like a healthier alternative to popcorn and candy.

Health appears to be a big concern for most of the media responding to AMC's decision, mainly because AMC was cited in last month's highly circulated story about the caloric and fat content of movie theater food.

AMC, like fellow outside-food-prohibitor Regal Cinemas, pops its corn in coconut oil, which is far worse for you than canola, used by other theaters. If these chains want to limit the options, they must better what they offer, and that means changing the oil.

Really, though, they need to immediately lift the ban, and this is coming from a man whose job used to depend on an ability to increase concession sales at a major-chain multiplex (I was good at the job, too).

Here are five things AMC needs to realize (feel free to add to the list):

1) A lot of people are health-conscious these days, and even more people have specific medical issues. Don't confiscate a banana or apple spotted in a customer's purse; just request that they throw out the peel or core. Likewise, don't confiscate someone's candy bar or soda, or you might have an emergency situation on your hands when a moviegoer goes into shock for having low blood sugar.

2) The real threat is outside snacks that compete with your own. Stick to searching bags that smell like hot popcorn and other foods you sell. Notice so many people (myself included) sneaking in candy even if they buy popcorn? That's probably because no outside corn is as good as what you've got, but your candy is the same old stuff that's much, much, much cheaper at the nearest drugstore. Maybe it's time to lower your costs or do away with the stuff you're not exclusively carrying.

3) Hot stuff like pizza, burritos, Chinese food and Subway sandwiches are commonly seen carried into cinemas, and most of the time these strong-smelling, messy foods annoy other moviegoers more than they hurt your profits (your ushers don't like cleaning them up, either). These are really the only things you should be outlawing.

4) Introducing new menu options, such as chicken tenders, is never going to deter people from sneaking in food. In fact, it'll probably only encourage customers to bring in similar foods, like fried chicken and personal pizzas. Besides, you know nothing is nearly as profitable as popcorn, so why attempt to get moviegoers to move away from this traditional snack?

5) First and foremost, concentration on the quality of your own concessions, rather than worrying about what other people are selling to your customers, is the most important thing to realize. The longer you offer fattier (and honestly less tasty) popcorn than the competitor, the more often you give the customer kernels and crumbs or slightly burned corn, the more you appear to care more about money than accommodating and pleasing your customers, you're going to be seeing a decrease in attendance and sales. Remember, we're not always the problem. But you can always be the solution.

Are you less likely to see a movie at AMC if you can't bring in outside food? What are some ways theaters can improve their concessions?

Candy in purse photo courtesy of Regular Genius Girl on Flickr.

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I go to the movies at least once a week maybe twice and it does get expensive, so the times I don't decide to buy snacks from the movies and get it outside. I think it is perfectly fine, cause if not I will go to another theater or watch the movie online, so pick your poison.

Justin on Dec 9, 2009


Cinemas should not ban out side food and thats that.

Madnezz344 on Dec 9, 2009


Yes, I take food in, but there are no AMC theatres where I live, so that's not an issue for me. Some ways to improve the concessions? What you said before: Price and quality. When they charge you five dollars for oversalted kernels and crumbs, they're not making their concessions at all attractive. My local gives you points every time you buy a ticket, and with X points you can get free concessions. That way, yes, I consume the oversalted crumbs. People are like that. Freebies and sales will always draw us in. I also suggest rotating specials on that overpriced candy. If Yummy Bars are 50% off this week while everything else remains the same price, Yummy Bars will sell even to those who don't usually buy candy. And the concession stand will still be making a profit, since they overprice by about 300%.

JOe on Dec 9, 2009


In general, I try to avoid AMC when I can. I prefer to hit the individual theaters instead whenever possible. While I then need to actually have cash, they are cheaper and a nicer atmosphere. Only thing the AMC theaters have are the better seats, and sometimes larger (and in theory clearer) screens. Also, 9/10 if I notice a problem with the projection, its at an AMC theater, not the standalone theater down the street (oh yeah, they're closer too!). I must admit, the pretzel dips AMC offers are quite tasty... and so bad for you... lol.

dave13 on Dec 9, 2009


I can understand why bringing pizza and other foods/drinks into the theater is popular. My family used to sneak in Little Debbies and cans of soda sometimes to a small movie theater, and have to discreetly open them during the loud moments, or we'd get looks from around us. So outside food and drinks is always going to filter into the theaters, whether anyone likes it or not. AMC is only encouraging people to go to more lax cinemas. Good article.

Daniel on Dec 9, 2009


The real problem here in the Netherlands are just the prices. A bottle of soda just costs about 1 euro in the foodmarket, but over 3 euros at the Cinema. These are just prices people are not willing to pay. Banning outside food seems logical, you don't bring your own food to the restaurant are you? And besides... is not a big problem just NOT to eat for just two hours.

Rickmeister on Dec 9, 2009


There is no way movie theaters are gonna stop customers from bringing in there own snacks, You really think they are gonna start searching purses etc for food/candy? also in order to ban outside food. you have to stop charging 7 dollars for a large coke. I still til this day dont know why no one has ever said anything about movie theater concession prices. They get more and more expensive, yet no one says anything. biggest bullshit sale market ever. "since you're in OUR movie theater. you have to pay 4x the price for food thats not special. in smaller quantities. with no refills. FUCK AMC and fuck any over pricing theater

Vincent Cipollone on Dec 9, 2009


Assholes who bring smelly shit like burritos, pizzas and god knows what into the cinema should be banned yes. It annoys the hell out of me when you are watching some emotional scene and then an idiot bites into his chili and the only thing you can think about is the stank. However, candy and all stuff you can eat quietly without disturbing anyone and not leaving some crap behind you, is all good. Theaters should blame them selves for setting those ridiculous prices on a bag of candy that you can buy for twice as cheap 10 feet from the entrance.

Shige on Dec 9, 2009


Alright i understand all the criticism about how people eat too loud or distract it from your viewing experience. Food and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly, i havent once seen a film without munching on something. That said, you should watch the film after the 1st week of release or go in the afternoons/mornings, that way you can avoid all the annoyance. Then again i understand they should stop having newer food options that arent needed, like chilidogs, keep those stuff for the other dine-watch cinemas. The prices are the real important part of the article, no matter how strict they are about this, theres no way people are not going to stop bringing in food. Especially in the midwest where we get snow for winter, and people come in big jackets, they dont do coat checks so doesnt matter if Cinemas ban outside food, people will still bring it. But im not going to stop going to AMC, get discounts for being a moviewatcher member, cheaper tickets at some places for being a college student and the seating/screens/audio system are better than other cinemas. Plus their ICEE is cheap and i get that every time haha!

Nikhil Hariharan on Dec 9, 2009


Wow, thank god for living in the UK. Peeps bringing in stinky Pizzas and other nasty ass junk food.. Gross. Your going to watch a film for a couple hours, not stuffing your face in a rotten fast food place. Thankfully theres no eating pizzas or take outs in the cinema here.. Our biggest commercial equivalent to AMC is the Cineworld chain, thankfully the nastiest thing they sell is Cheesy Nachos, and i've never ever seen anyone buy those. People here mostly sneak in sweets or packs of chocolate, or maybe some kind of soft drink as they stuff they sell in Cinemas is limited and way over priced. I personally have stopped going to the cinema at peak times, cos it aint worth the hassle. Much better to go in off peak hours or a couple weeks after a "big" film comes out.

GP on Dec 9, 2009


As an addendum, I would like to just point out that I went to see the Bollywood film Paa at an AMC theater last night and my bag wasn't searched or anything. Also, during the movie I heard someone open a soda can. So at least in Manhattan the new policy isn't being strictly enforced.

Christopher Campbell on Dec 9, 2009


The reason food is overpriced is that the studios give an extremely small percentage of the box office take to the theaters. Therefore they have to jack up prices on the snacks (the only other thing you spend money on) to remain profitable. If you feel the need to sneak in food, or avoid the theaters altogether because food makes it too expensive, blame Hollywood.

NadaNuff on Dec 9, 2009


When a Large drink and popcorn sets you back something in the region of £12 per person in the UK you can appreciate why the cinema chains are having a bad finacial year, the price of Popcorn is an absolute rip off, its probably over priced in the US as well. My last family trip to see WALL E set me back over £40 with tickets and food.

CHACKSTER on Dec 9, 2009


Theaters need to start taking into consideration that so many people now can sit at home and watch Blu-Ray movies on their giant fancy TVs, all while eating whatever the hell they want. Once moviegoing becomes less expensive ALL AROUND (tix or food) I would be more likely to go AND buy food. For now, I'll go on student night (thank God I saved my ID from when I graduated 3 years ago) and "sneak in" all the food I want - which for me isn't usually more than a little candy and a giant $1 Arizona tea. Home: Blu-Ray Rental - $5 Pizza - $15 6-pack - $8 Total = $28 Theater: Tix (for 2) - $21 Small Soda - $4 Small Popcorn - $5 Really Small candy - $4 Total = $34 (plus gas and putting up with annoying ass Baltimoreans) Not worth the hassle or the cash (save for a few movies that you just gotta see on the big screen e.g. Star Trek, Iron Man, etc.)

Mike on Dec 9, 2009


I definitely agree with #14....I worked at a Regal Theater in High School doing both Consession, Taking Tickets and Ushering. They jack up the prices because they don't make any from the ticket sales....at least that is what was told to me. What people don't know is half the time they are buying popcorn for an early matinee that they are consuming popcorn made the night before. The candy sits for months under the counter and I wouldn't suggest eating the hotdogs...not worth the price anyways.. If theaters have a problem with people bringing in their own beverage they need to look at the prices compared to the movie tickets. The every day man can not afford to take his family to the theater and then buy them 50 dollars worth of popcorn, drinks, and candy when the local gas station sells the drinks and candy for half the price and you can pop your own popcorn. Bottom line....if the theaters want to stay in business they need to take in account of how more accessible and affordable it is to stay at home and enjoy a movie compared to dealing with the crowd at the cinema (#14 was right on) Great Article!

Cameron on Dec 9, 2009


I will never understand the need to consume while at a movie. I'm pretty far from skinny as well.

bozo on Dec 9, 2009


The dietary restrictions is not a very good reason and far from a "main" reason. If you're watching Gettysburg, then I understand, but a movie averages 2 hours, so you can eat/snack before or after. If someone is diabetic, then they can bring a small pack of candy in and that's all. Even if it is not smelly, NO outside food should be allowed. You can't say no "smelly" food allowed cause that is gray area, which is my main point. Drinks and candy should be allowed because they are not smelly, but that is it. If you bring your own popcorn or pizza to a movie, you are an idiot. It does suck for theaters that allow outside food/drinks because that's how most of their money is made. Also, they know that if they say no food and their competitor allows it, they will lose customers. But, bringing outside food does not effect my movie experience or which theater I choose.

branden on Dec 9, 2009


My local theaters, Cobb Cinemas, just went up A LOT on concession stand food. I was very shocked to see they went up at least a $1.50 on most items although I think it was more. I hadn't bought food in a long while there and wow, it's the last time. While my g/f and I are popcorn people, it's a movie watching tradition, we'll stick to candy from Publix or somewhere from now on. We can still share a large soda though with a free refill. To large to sneak in anyhow. I believe, from estimating what I got and parents didn't get anything, a family of 4-5 could easily spend $75 for a trip to the movies.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 9, 2009


over in england i paid £7.50 cinema ticket,£10.00 for hotdog,drink & a fucking small tub of ice cream,now if you do that for a family of four your talking £70.00,now if you got say your sweets,popcorn,ice cream & drinks all outside & snuck them into the cinema you would save so much money.so cinemas shouldn't ban outside food,in england they should allow you to do this.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 9, 2009


I am much more likely to not go to an AMC. I almost always bring in food and candy to my weekly movie going. But I always buy a large drink. I am a very thirsty guy! If anyone actually gave me a problem at my neighborhood Regal, Id probably never go back, and as I said earlier I go every week, usually with a guest and with a $6 soft drink, ur looking at a $20 loss a week that would add up. They need to focus on keeping us happy. Not on ripping us off.

Topher on Dec 9, 2009


I would definitely purchase food in the cinema if there were healthy options. I find it bizarre that even in health-conscious Park Slope, Brooklyn the only options are soda, candy, and fake-buttered popcorn. Ugh. How about tea, some Larabars, and popcorn made with local herbs and sea salt?

Melissa on Dec 9, 2009


And they wonder why people watch films on their computer or at home. With the possibility of 3d technology forcing people to go back to cinemas and also having to pay more to get in, is it right to then ask them to pay 3 times as much to buy some miniscule snacks that they don't want to eat? I think taking in sweets or snacks is fine, juice too, but taking in pizzas and burritos? Are these folks going to a cinema or a restaurant? Comedy.

Crapola on Dec 9, 2009


Melissa, I agree with you if you're talking about the Pavilion. Their popcorn is pretty bad for a relatively independent cinema, too.

Christopher Campbell on Dec 9, 2009


Mr. Pibb and Red Vines = Crazy Delicious No but seriously, theaters should take the megaplex idea a little more seriously maybe start bringing in some licensed food from the outside. Food court style multiple concession stand with some self-service soda fountains would do a lot to make the place more appealing. Sell Taco Bell quesadillas or McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and the idea that movie food options are second rate should go away. But seriously they'll never catch my subs in my girlfriend's mega purse.

Carlos on Dec 9, 2009


I think if theaters advertised that they allow outside food that might actually *help* their business.

Timothy on Dec 9, 2009


First off, let me thank Christopher Campbell for writing a well thought-out article. I can really tell that Firstshowing is trying to step up it's game, and I appreciate the change. I live in Portland, OR and let me tell you our theater pubs out here make all the difference. The variety of theaters range from art-house to second-run and offer beer, usually pizza, and a variety of other foods. Now these theaters do alright for themselves. Granted their cut of the ticket price is higher, but at $3 per person there's not a lot of profit there; they are positively relying on profits from concessions. They succeed by offering a quality product at a reasonable price, simple economics. Likewise, they offer a variety of products to differentiate themselves from other theaters and theater-pubs. If theaters started listening to their consumers they probably would find it easier to turn a profit.

Quin on Dec 9, 2009


Here in my country (Uruguay, South America) cinemas do ban outside food, and I don't like it one bit. Especially because the prices of the stuff they sell are ridicously high. I rather don't eat anything at all or sneak some snacks as everyone does. People that bring pizzas and larger meals to the theatre should instead go to a restaurant and ask them to show a movie 🙂 They remind me of a friend who had virtually a picnic everytime he went to the movies! He even carried a tablecloth... Hilarious!

Quejas on Dec 9, 2009


I go to the AMC at Downtown Disney to watch my movies and I've never had a problem. I've asked point blank the ticket taker if I could bring in something from Wetzel Pretzel's and she said "sure that's fine", we allow outside food, then I said, could I bring in something from The Rainforest Cafe if I ate dinner there and I got the same answer. They let you take in your coffee from the coffee shops or the candy you buy at the chocolate store, the name escapes me. But they never once gave me a hard time, and I will always go see my movies there. I know I won't have to sneak anything in.

clippers350 on Dec 9, 2009


my local theatre has a soda fountain.... bad idea. Simply purchase a large drink once and you have a large drink forever 🙂

teyhtr on Dec 9, 2009


A ban isn't going to do any good. People will just get craftier hiding stuff. Of course, the $5.25 for a large Coke that 7-11 would charge $1.89 for is just symptomatic of the way the movie theater has pretty much priced itself outside my short list of entertainment options. I remember when I was a teenager (early to mid '80s) it was around $3.50 for an evening ticket. A large soda was maybe $2 at most. By the time I spend $20 for two tickets, $20 for food and a drink and $5 for gas to get there, I could spend the money on two months (or more!) of Netflix rentals, or a computer game that would give me and my family many, MANY hours of entertainment. I maybe go about once every three months.

Benjamin on Dec 9, 2009


@ clippers350 (#28) I think the reason you can bring whatever you want into that theater is because it's part of Mickey's empire, the House of the Mouse. They don't need the money.

Nada Nuff on Dec 9, 2009


what are you crazy or sumpthin'?

aza on Dec 9, 2009


I actually always thought it was banned, lol.

Kris on Dec 9, 2009


I am a manager of a large cinema in Ireland and I would never want to see the outside food banned. I think most people want their popcorn fresh and not form a dry cold bag. Most people like their drinks freshly made and cold. You cannot bring those things into the cinema. But a the same time if someone wants to bring in their own then thats fine. This only becomes a problem when sales in the kiosk drop off badly. And of course this is why AMC have chosen to do this. It's a simple fact that without kiosk sales their would be no cinemas anywhere. It's is our source of income as an average ticket actually costs my business -£0.65 when you take out all the costs. Shocking!!!!! when you see it. Thats why cinemas charge so much for items they have to to keep their only source of income high. I still think that most people don't realise that you can bring in your own food. And of course that is a good thing for cinemas. But I do think hat AMC should lift their bann as I am sure it will do them more harm than good and they should re-think their layouts,pricing, and items of sale first before they start banning customers food.

Neil on Dec 9, 2009


it doesn't matter if a movie theater decides to ban outside food or not... they hav no power what so ever over the customers... we, public citizens, can deny a request by police to open our bags, pockets, and purses unless they hav a search warrant to make us do so, which means the movie industry isn't going to hav this power if our own law enforcement doesn't and if they do then something is definitely wrong there because the movie industry should not hav the special authority to forcibly check bags, pockets, etc. for a candy bar if police officers can't kindly check for bombs or weapons or anything else harmful or suspicious

cooper on Dec 9, 2009


When my friends and I went and saw Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D one of my buddies smuggled an entire apple pie into the theater.

FilmMaker2003 on Dec 9, 2009


Completely agree with 35!

Matthew Hansen on Dec 9, 2009


Pretty much when the cost of a drink (not even in the flavour you want) + the cost of a pack of maltesers increases the cost of your movie going experience by over 50% (when the tickets are already overinflated as it is) you can understand why people sneak food in. Cinemas should: A: sell more hot foods in packaging which keeps the food warm and therefore can't be snuck in as easily because it goes cold too quickly (especially if you have to wait for the movie to start). B: Sell food at a more reasonable price. They're already making like 400+% mark up on the damn stuff. People would be far more inclined to support the cinema by buying food from them if they don't feel as though they're getting ripped off.

Big Vinny Diesel on Dec 9, 2009


maybe if they lowered the freaking price. i sneak candy in all the time. i head to the dollar store first. the other day my cousin sneaked in Great Wraps.

giraffic on Dec 9, 2009


boo-hoo poor movie theaters losing money. what a load of b.s. I have about as much sympathy for them as I do the record industry. the cost and quality of their products makes me think twice if I want to see a movie at the theater. increase volume of sales by decreasing ridiculously over priced snacks, lower ticket prices, renegotiate studio percentages, pay stars less, far as I am concerned it is the movie industries problem. bottom line is some people will pay a premium and some will always look for a cheaper way. fast food restaurants have added all kinds of $1 items and guess what? their sales improved. capitalism works best for the consumer when there is competition. putting the squeeze on the consumer will be detrimental in the long run. flat screens are getting bigger, better and cheaper. this combined with better ways to get any movie at home will crush the industry eventually, unless they adjust. ps. the science behind canola oil superiority and the effects of different fats on the health of the heart are questionable. don't always believe the hype!

karl on Dec 9, 2009


erm? Freedom ? of choice. Simple as that, seriously, what do these cinemas think they are ? airports ? prisons ? I'd be rightly surprised if any of these cinemas have the legal authority to ban bringing in outside snacks. Its not a restaurant.

Dr. Duvel on Dec 10, 2009


@ 41 (karl) The theater industry is separate from the movie industry. Moviehouses losing money has nothing to do with high actors' salaries and the like. Your local theater chain only gets revenue from two sources--a percentage of the price of movie tickets, and food. That's it. It's true that they can try to renegotiate studio percentages, but the studios can always give them the finger. So (not that I like it) they are forced to overprice food in order to stay alive. Lowering the price of movie tickets is pretty much impossible, Hollywood has made sure of that.

NadaNuff on Dec 10, 2009


ban all food. who needs to eat during a movie? we're the fattest bunch of fat asses in the world. and why nachos? really? hey lets serve the loudest crunchiest snack out there.

Brian Ricci on Dec 10, 2009


Stop ripping people off...........and more people (especially families) will go to the Cinema in droves. Keep ripping us off and try and introduce "LAWS" about how and what you feed yourself in the Cinema and you can be certain that the audience will go into decline and the sales of Pirated DVD's will increase.............still, it might also mean that the parks will fill up with kids again.

Barry North on Dec 10, 2009


Canola oil is utter shit. Probably one of the worst oils around.... On a side note: I don't mind paying for quality. In fact I think the world would be a much better place if people in general were more inclined to pay a reasonable price for a reasonable product or service instead of squeezing business owners for every last dollar. But with cinemas, they don't apply to this rule because their prices are well over inflated. I don't condone downloading movies off the internet but when it's legal to hire out a movie a couple of months after it's released for less than half the price of one movie ticket (and multiple people can watch it at once). Plus you don't need to watch it at any particular scheduled time. Plus there aren't a bunch of fuck tards in the crowd who are drunk and making fools of themselves thereby ruining your movie experience. Add all this together and cinemas just can't justify the excessive ticket price. If it's because they pay hefty rent, then get the hell outta the major shopping centres. This is the only place where the consumer is at fault because by shopping in major shopping centres, we're forcing businesses to open up shop there and pay massive and I mean MASSIVE monthly rental fees. While the landlords and the ones who are laughing their arses off all the way to the bank and back 62 times over. Just a thought.....

Big Vinny Diesel on Dec 10, 2009


42 nada nuff. as far as I know movies are made for the most part to be shown in theaters and the cost of movie production is directly related to ticket prices. without movie theaters where would the movie industry show its product? the movie industry is already making changes due to losing money at the box office. just ask Terrance Howard how well his negotiations went on Iron man 2. or ask a former Block Buster official how they did going up against Net Flicks and Dvd vending machines. over time the movie industry and the theater industry will have to rethink their relationship. the best part might be that Hollywood would have to make better movies to keep people interested. digital down loads legal or otherwise are increasing while ticket sales drop. I can see a time in the near future where independent films will be available on line first.

karl on Dec 10, 2009


http://theoatmeal.com/story/water_buffalo This about sums it up

J on Dec 11, 2009


I agree w/ everyone up here. BUT I would like to say something Okay! Prices are Decreasing because ppl are bringing in food. WOW! What does that say? It says the Cinema Business (AMC) Do not get enough business. Is it location? Is it Prices? They wonder. Well its Prices Gosh Dangit. No one wants to buy some poopcorn (yes, poopcorn) for 5.00. and thats a small. and a soda which is about $7.00. Yes it is annoying on how loud people are when they are eating. Say for instance: Polly is watching Precious and When precious gets beat Sam bites into his Hard Shelled taco from Taco Bell. Hell Yeah its annoying. Ive Been through it. But at-least check to see if your costumer has a health issue. Say for instance again: Mitch has a low-blood sugar prob. and Mike(the bag checker person thingy) says hey you have a Hershey's bar in your pocket. I can see it. Its sticking out. So give it to me. Mitch: But I have a low-blood sugar problem Mike: Oh, well go to our concession stands and buy this same hersheys bar. Mitch: But your bar is 3.00 and the one I just had was .99. CanI have it back? Mike: No. Go buy one or leave. Mitch: I will leave. And theres a costumer. That, I have seen happen, I just could not remember the names of the ppl. Okay! so your business just turned away a person. and now you just missed $15.00 from what you would have gotten. YOU R STUPid. I thought the costumer was always right and if the costumer isnt right because they brought a bag of Chips in the cinema. so f***in what. Its not the end of the world. and eventually you will earn that $15.00 back. Some day. ThNXX for giving me the time to shine on my opinion. PEACE

LovelyNina on Jan 5, 2010


I live in New Zealand, and our big cinema chain is Readings. It has nice, big screens and comfy seats, but they're charging $8.50 for a SMALL popcorn, $6 for a small bag of M&M's and $7 for a small drink. To have all this, plus an adult ticket is $35.50. Um, hello, no wonder people bring outside food in?!?!

Kezia on Jan 10, 2010


Adult ticket = $35.50? That can't be right.....

Nada Nuff on Jan 10, 2010


I have nothing against food being banned by the operator at all. But I have found another some cinemas appeared to the be doing. The new local cinema operator,Wilcox Theatres, is holding movies over more than several months blocking other films. I learned too that the cinema here isn't generating as much revnue despite the fact it has been opened for several years. But when Village Theatres was shut down that force the local market,including teens,to go Jackson metro area. Now the Jackson metro market has now got its claw in this market. Is holding one or more movies a bad business practice on the operators part? Now the hit film Book of Eli didn't even open in Vicksburg. Last year several blockbusters didn't open including the hit Paranormal Activity and Disney's Princess and the Frog didn't open either. It's one way to loose revenue by not opening a film which is advertised in trailers in that market.

chuck on Jan 25, 2010

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