Third and Final X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot: Legends

February 17, 2009

Third and Final X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot: Legends

As promised, Fox aired the final of three TV spots tonight for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The previous two were shown the last few nights, the first called "Outcasts", and the second called "Brothers". However, this final spot, called "Legends", makes me take back everything bad I've said about this so far. This looks awesome! It looks like it's finally coming together and it won't be as big a mess afterall. I guess I just thought the initial footage seemed rough, but this looks polished. Even Deadpool and Gambit look great and I can't wait to see them fighting with Wolvie! Thank you for Fox for making me excited for this, too!

Watch the third TV spot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine titled "Legends":

Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters everywhere on May 1st.

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COCKTAR on Feb 17, 2009


Looks awesome. Can't wait.

Farris on Feb 17, 2009


I liked "Brothers" more.

Film-Book dot Com on Feb 17, 2009


im going back and forward on this movie, im just going to say this is going to be an ify for me. but im more leaning towards to the badside cause it has the same feel as x3. what do u guys think????

JS Chan on Feb 17, 2009


damn looks good though im still a little worried about that helicopter scene just looks a little goofy, but that's just my two cents still cant wait to see this.

Curtis on Feb 17, 2009


I was really hopin Deadpool would look more like DEADPOOL.. sigh.. failed to accumilate my attention already..

nem on Feb 17, 2009


Yeah I'm having the feeling that this is going to be a pretty good movie. Especially coming from FOX. I'm pumped! Not a huge X-men fan but I think that there is a good story to be told here. Plus Ryan Reynolds looks like he's going to be badass.

The_Phantom on Feb 17, 2009


Popcorn. Soda. Explosions. Sounds like a relaxing afternoon. 😉

Quanah on Feb 17, 2009


yeah i'm not feeling the helicopter scene but whatever. also don't like the inclusion of cyclops and all the unnecessary mutants. other than that, the other action scenes look better. also the feel of the movie seems quite intense especially the stuff between logan and victor. i really like liev schrieber as victor. i don't know what everyone is complaining about with liev. and all the revenge stuff is spot-on wolverine. also i'm thinking wolverine is going to f-up deadpool at the end leading to him becoming "hamburger-faced."

andrew on Feb 18, 2009


I think the producers and director are trying hard to make up for X3. Including Cyclops, White Queen and all the other supporting mutants, is going to give that classic X-MEN story feel. If any of you read X-men, its just loaded with people with powers like Heroes. In fact, Heroes is a good spiritual child of the X-men as a concept. Folks with powers beyond belief, wanting normal lives. And Wolverine wants that...but good old killer Sabertooth takes that from him and every year on his birthday reminds him of it. It will redeem the franchise if they choose to make X4 in 2 years. I just don't know when this story is happening when he goes after Sabertooth and the Weapon X project. Is it between X2 and X3? Maybe. I guess the suits at FOX really want to keep making X-MEN movies, thats why we'll get tons of action, with a great storyline and a legion of mutants....still say Will.I.A.M shouldn't be in this movie and its sad Deadpool wont wear a mask 95% of his screen time. Oh well, the X movies have not been perfect, but fun to talk about and watch....except for X3....that was sooooooooo bad!!!! Make mine Marvel/Fox BuB!!!

Lazarus on Feb 18, 2009


I cringed at a couple of the action scenes set against obvious blue screens. They're pretty bad.

ebbie on Feb 18, 2009


Looks decent, but the helicopter scene does look a bit campy I have a question, are they going to explain how Sabertooth goes from this pretty wicked villian to the bumbling no brain monster from X1?

Jmoney on Feb 18, 2009



NeoSlyfer on Feb 18, 2009


Does anyone else think that it looks like we're going to be seeing a young cyclops? Or was it just the camera angles on him?

nate on Feb 18, 2009


Yeah, I think that was a young cyclops.

the dude on Feb 18, 2009


Man this looks great, I can't wait...I'm prolly gonna be at bootcamp by then though

Trey on Feb 18, 2009


looks stupid

thasaltshaker on Feb 18, 2009


the helicopter scene ruins it for me every time.

Brian Ricci on Feb 18, 2009


Deadpool looks a little more promising.

sumonesumtime on Feb 18, 2009


19 are you serious? It look like they did exactly what I thought they'd do. They gave Ryan Reynolds some swords and pretended he was a mutant. He isn't Deadpool. He is mutant Ryan Reynolds. I bet there will be little if any actual story involving Deadpool.

Stevo on Feb 18, 2009


DEADPOOL: If this movie does well it will show Deadpool's origin and we will get a comedy/action spin off and that would be a delight. It would be nice to get the same writers for iron man for that one, or some good action/comedy writers. They will really have to capture Ryan Reynolds' ability to be cocky/funny, sort of aware of his own asshole humour. THE HELICOPTER SCENE: LAME. I have seen better footage in the movie max payne. BURN. (actually max payne was a good movie if you turn the volume all the way down) GAMBIT: Cool card scenes. Its all like omgzpewpew WOLVERINE: SO... someone killed your wife, big deal, you were going to live longer than her anyways, grow up.

Meatcarnage on Feb 18, 2009


lol @ meatcarnage's wolverine comment! hahahahahaha yeah and about deadpool. we all knewn they weren't gonna hide ryan reynold's pretty boy face and "jacked" arms behind a mask and suit. cmon. this is fox we're talking about. they need all the sex appeal they can get for the ladies even if they have the world's sexiest man in the movie in a "wife beater" the whole movie.

andrew on Feb 18, 2009


oh yeah to add to my comment: world's sexiest man with his flowing, voluminous hairdo!

andrew on Feb 18, 2009


cant wait

rich on Feb 18, 2009


I can't wait OMG!!!!

Samy on Feb 18, 2009


What about that scene in X-men 1 where Wolverine is fighting on the statue of liberty and he gets thrown off but just in the nik of time he extends his blades and catches himself on to the Liberty's crown doing a full 360 back on top of her head. Did you guys think that was far fetch compared to the this helicopter scene?

The_Phantom on Feb 18, 2009


People need to stop complaining about Deadpool. The makers have said that he will be scarred and will be given the mask later on in the film.

Bryan on Feb 18, 2009


My favorite one by far.

Ryan on Feb 18, 2009


Holy crap, it's got a Queen Latifah subplot in it about a mutant who sells beauty products!

Chris on Feb 18, 2009


I feel like i've watched the entire movie by now. The CGI claws at the end looked horrible, see how they move dis coordinated with the hand movement.

Darunia on Feb 18, 2009


incredible, looks great!!!!

s on Feb 18, 2009


I... was that... wait... Was I seeing a young Cyclops in there? Where does he even tie into a Wolverine origin story? I'm confoozered.

CMK on Feb 18, 2009


Im still very excited about it! Even if this 3rd trailer was the worst. Gotta love x-men!

max on Feb 18, 2009


Ryan Reynolds makes Deadpool look like a dork, same with the guy that plays Gambit. After the awful X3, I was hoping for the mutants we (the audience) deserve. Still the film seems interesting. Let's see how they develope the Sabretooth story/character and how did Cyclops get into the mix. Hope it won't suck, I'm crossing my fingers.

Christ on Feb 18, 2009


is this movie supposed to go hand in hand with the xmen movies???? because if it is, wouldnt cyclops be a lot older?

Sean on Feb 18, 2009


ok when the first trailer came out the movie was rated pg-13 and now that they have added new footage they are pending a rating...? anyone care to comment?

jake saunders on Feb 18, 2009


very nice its the best way to start the summer off

alan on Feb 18, 2009


@ #35 wow. epic. i loved the last comment, "hope it doesnt suck" after trashing the movie completely, epic. ANYWAYS, all that aside. I'm gonna talk about deadpool, fox is smart keeping him not scarred, it will allow more character development for his own spinoff. It will also let the superficial retards know he was good looking at one point in time.

C-man on Feb 18, 2009


Deadpool looks a little too similar to Hannibal from Blade, i hope they dont do a spin off cause FOX will jsut do a horribel job

JS on Feb 18, 2009


I hope it will be a good one...so far the x-men movies have been winners. Liev Schneider would make good for wolverines' brother. Like all movies, there's some campiness in there somewhere...especially the comic based movies...

athena on Feb 21, 2009


Ok. Time for a real Deadpool fan to step in. As in Deadpool being the main reason I'm going to see this movie. Well from what i can gather it'll show him going into Weapon X to cure his cancer. At first the treatment works, and it is an artifcial version of wolverines. Then for some unkown reason the healing factor bonds with the inactive cancer cells and thats when his skin starts to look like it got hit with a cheese grater. I think that if they do it as a slow progression and have him in full suit at the end and set it up for his spin off it'll be great. I have always thought that Ryan would be a dead ringer for Wade as they have almost the same exact personality. But you can't say that he doesn't look bad ass whirling those swords around! I laugh every time i see the "manicure" bit.

Eric on Mar 1, 2009


haha wolverine has feathered hair

Silver on Mar 15, 2009

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