Ticket Details Announced for Avatar Day on August 21st!

August 12, 2009
Source: LA Times


Details on how to get tickets to see 16 minutes of footage from James Cameron's Avatar have finally been uncovered thanks to the LA Times. Starting on Monday, August 17th at Noon PST on the official Avatar website - - Fox will be giving away first-come, first-serve tickets for free. There will be two screenings on Friday, August 21st (one at 6:00PM, the other at 6:30PM) in over 100 IMAX 3D theaters around the world. We don't have exact details on which theaters will be involved, but it looks like it'll only be in IMAX, so you better find the nearest one now. These tickets will probably go very fast on Monday.

The Avatar preview on August 21st will be in 3D and include an introduction from James Cameron and 16 minutes of footage, some of which wasn't even shown during Comic-Con. It was originally announced that they would be showing 15 minutes, but that was probably an early estimate. We're guessing that they'll also show the new trailer which hits on the 21st as well (or you'll be able to catch that online or while you're at the theater anyway). So if you don't make it into one of these showings, don't worry, you'll still be able to get a glimpse at Avatar in the trailer. This sounds like it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event - so don't miss it!

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how much 3D are we talking here? don't get why everyone's so in love with 3D anyways, just how much is in Avatar?

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2009


fuck Avatar day, Inglourious Basterds is what the 21st is all about for me.

Al on Aug 12, 2009


Yea, me either. I don't believe 3D will add much to the actual movie itself like story. Yea, it will better represent the visual aspects of the movie but when was the last time you saw a good movie and said to yourself "hmm, you know what? I would love this particular scene much more if it was in 3D."

Allen L. on Aug 12, 2009


My exact feeling Allen L. I'm there for the story not eye popping 3D visual effects. But I'm still totally pumped for this!

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2009


I wonder how long the actual movie will be. Im debating whether to go or not. Im pretty exited for the movie but I dont wanna ruin the final experience of seeign the full lenght by watching 16 minutes of it. Maybe Ill just let the trailer tease me.

Tomi on Aug 12, 2009


I wonder if that music on the Avatar website is the actual theme from the film?

Mathieu on Aug 12, 2009


Haters on the use of James 3D in Avatar? Say it ain't so. James has been sitting on this project for how long now, for one simple reason, he felt the technology wasn't up to par. Now if it is up to par, let's take into account his past history. One thing is evident, this will blow you away. I have yet to read one review that did not account for how sick 3D was, and that it was like NOTHING you've ever seen. One thing I remeber James saying is that nobody has done 3D properly yet, so everyone that comes in with this notion of "Well it's just 3D, big deal." Is clearly what he is out to destroy. Avatar Day will like up to hype, you can put my chips on that.

Matthew on Aug 12, 2009


Matthew I'm not a hater of 3D o Cameron using 3D its just past films that were in 3D have let me down in a huge way, I'm hoping that 3D is just another phase, but perhaps Cameron will help redeem 3D in my eyes.

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2009


Avatar is going to blow people away

zibo fricka on Aug 12, 2009


KINDA PUMPED FOR THIS....... I am guessing they will sale out in seconds IMAX is going t make you pay to see something free that's utter BS........

SHANEDAV on Aug 12, 2009


if this film is going to be as good as lot of people are saying it is then i would rather wait for the full experiance

rowdy on Aug 12, 2009


You people haven't seen ANYTHING for those opinions. Just wait to judge it after you hear all the hype and see a little footage on the 21st. This movie will change everything.

MK-Ultra on Aug 12, 2009


#14, there are also a lot of people out there who think it will be amazing, that haven't seen ANYTHING for their opinions either. It goes with both cases dumb ass.

Al on Aug 12, 2009


What is Avatar? Someone want to describe to me like is it a cartoon or real life..? whats the plot.. is it related to a game or not even close...? Sorry, Im new to this Avatar stuff...

Scott on Aug 12, 2009


I have my tickets from tuesday 🙂 (Palace cinemas theatre in Brno, Czech republic)

xMort on Aug 13, 2009


i think i've seen the list of theaters once in marketsaw but not sure if im correct....ill try to find from other source...

HellBoy on Aug 13, 2009


We all know this is a marketing ploy and when everyone leaves the theatre they will ultimately be annoyed they cant see more, SO...Waiting in a long line —likely over an hour— for JUST 16 minutes of a movie you will eventually pay to see JUST to feed the hype and promote the movie seems like a gigantic waste of time. To me, at least.

Voice of Reason on Aug 13, 2009


LOL - "Avatar Day"?!? Just keep building it up. Keeeep on goin'. Gods gift to film will end up more mediocre than... mediocrity. As it stands, if it doesn't attract more followers than Christianity in fact, I'm going to laugh in all your faces.

bozoconnors on Aug 13, 2009


I love how no IMAX 3d theaters in NYC know anything about this promotion...lolol! I'm still waiting on them to get back to me.

JEFFREY on Aug 13, 2009


The EFX will be just as good as Jaws 3D

LV 426 on Aug 13, 2009


just wrote a mail to the only imax 3d there is here in buenos aires, argentina. and waiting for an answer. i probably will get one. after february 2010...i better go cryonic until its release!!!

What?21st-is-cancelled? on Aug 13, 2009


@15, You'll remember that on the 21st. btw, what other movie has a film company gone to the lengths of declaring an offical "(name of that movie) day" and allowed for 15 minute special screens to the general public? Why would they do that?

MK-Ultra on Aug 13, 2009


25, I am not saying that I think it will suck. I am saying that if you are complaining at people thinking its not gonna be special, without seeing anything, then you don't have a right to say IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING. Its a double standard. You haven't seen any footage, just like I haven't seen any footage.

Al on Aug 13, 2009


well i got in to the avatarmovie site, and when i got to the ticket and information section, it was basically a blank black screen ??? Now the site just times-out, presumably from an inundation of visitors. Anyone get through and see anything, reserve tickes?

scott on Aug 17, 2009


I'm having the same problems.

Thomas on Aug 17, 2009


I have been trying from the first minute and I get the same time-out error. Has anyone had any luck?

Eddy on Aug 17, 2009


i got my tickets!!

casey on Aug 18, 2009

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