Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer Leaks Early

July 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer

As I was heading out to get some lunch today, I got an email alerting me that IGN had accidentally posted the teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland early. It was an accident, as Disney had alerted us yesterday that the trailer wouldn't be online until tomorrow afternoon in connection with their Facebook promo. Of course, IGN smartened up and removed the trailer, but our friends at TrailerAddict still have it up. So if you're anxious to check this out early, drop off every and watch it below. It looks very magical, very whimsical, and very much a fantastical adventure. Though I'm worried not everyone will like what they see.

Watch the teaser trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:

Leaked trailer removed at the request of Disney. You can now watch the official trailer by clicking here!

Alice in Wonderland is directed by visionary director Tim Burton, of everything from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure to Beetlejuice to Batman to Edward Scissorhands to Mars Attacks to Sleepy Hollow to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Sweeney Todd most recently. The screenplay was written by Disney's own Linda Woolverton, of Beauty and the Beast, Homeward Bound, and The Lion King previously. This is based on Lewis Carroll's beloved series of books that were first published in 1865. Disney is bringing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to both digital 3D and 2D theaters everywhere on March 5th, 2010 early next year.

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Tim Burton ist der Größte =)

Paul on Jul 22, 2009



Dan on Jul 22, 2009


Carrot Top should have been cast as the mad hatter 😉

TediusTed on Jul 22, 2009


ummm... #1 i didn't catch your languaje... but i felt like this is going to be huge after seeing this trailer... xD...

Zandhu on Jul 22, 2009


I guess I had hoped for a bit of "darker" approach, if you catch my drift. Something like a visualization of Tom Waits' "Alice" Album. Judging from that trailer, the film will be nowhere near that sort of thing. Of course, with the talent of Burton, Depp etc. involved, it should be fun anyway, oh well...

captain subtext on Jul 22, 2009


looks like its going to Suck........................ Wow couldn't hold that long this looks so damn good I will be at the front of the line for this Tim Burton Rocks!!

SHANEDAV on Jul 22, 2009


Tim Burton's movies are creepy wierd and like gothic...... i like his movies!!!! Johnny Depp is always in Tim Burtons' films

Said on Jul 22, 2009


Wow. Looks terrible.

whomever on Jul 22, 2009


looking really good! j. depp appears to give his usual brilliant performance.

dan on Jul 22, 2009


I love the Cheshire Cat! I agree with #5- I was hoping for a something a little "darker," but Burton's spin always guarantees a little freaky-ness. It looks really fun, and I can't wait! 😀

lulu on Jul 22, 2009


Part of me wishes this was being directed by somebody who was capable of more imaginative scope like Del Toro, but Burton will do. His style is always visually interesting to say the least, and if he sticks to the original Alice story too much scope would be disturbing because it's a messed up story. I think it's going to be hard for people to separate this version from the bastardized Disney version, which although good, is softened quite a bit because it's a kids film. But people like that cute and silly version and a dark creepy version may turn some people off. The fact that it's being produced by Disney, stars Depp, and is based on a familiar story will be enough to make this a runaway smash. Still a bit curious as to why they chose a spring release, a time that's kind of a dead period for movies....and kind of notorious for releasing bland forgettable films.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jul 22, 2009


Am I one of the proud and the few that thinks this looks TERRIBLE? Tim Burton has made the same movie over and over again since the 80s. I didn't like this movie when he called it Charlie and the Chocolate Factory either. This looks like a ride at Disneyland. The effects are horrid. You cannot legitimately tell me that the shot of the cheshire cat's face looks GOOD. And someone needs to tell Johnny Depp to knock it off. Nice eyebrows, brah. And I have major reservations about the Imax 3D. Depp literally THROWS THINGS AT THE SCREEN and it bursts into a 3D logo. Really inventive stuff, Burton.

MadPizza on Jul 22, 2009


My child at heart just did a fucking back flip of excitement and joy! And I'm going to use a phrase I rarely use: this looks fantastical!

Xerxex on Jul 22, 2009


That looks awesome. Awesome as usual. 🙂

Uwe on Jul 22, 2009


burton has so many tools at his disposal that he has shown us really works, yet he uses CGI in this movie to the point where it looks so bad. he could have chosen to use any other medium including giant paper mache puppets and it would have looked better than this.

jskellington on Jul 22, 2009


burton has so many tools at his disposal that he has shown us really works, yet he uses CGI in this movie to the point where it looks so bad. he could have chosen to use any other medium including giant paper mache puppets and it would have looked better than this. beetlejuice didnt rely on CGI and it looks so much better than this nonsense.

jskellington on Jul 22, 2009


That looks great. No matter what anyone says, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton together rock.

Bill Rusnak on Jul 22, 2009


damn it got take off....

JNYCE on Jul 22, 2009


Every 1 video Spawns a thousand

SHANEDAV on Jul 22, 2009


Damn, the video was removed, but I found another site that still has it up. If you are quick, you can catch this fantastic trailer.

Yuna on Jul 22, 2009


I was a bit excited by this, but I wasn't very impressed by the trailer to be truthful. *shrug*

Sabes on Jul 22, 2009


AWESOME! IMAX 3D!!!! I guess this will be in front of G-Force in 3D???

Ryan on Jul 22, 2009


AWESOME! i cant wait only problem with the traile is how much it focuses on The Mad Hatter and how they are making him look like the main character... i hope its only because Depp is playing the part and hope they didnt decided to make the character as important to the story as Alice. He should be more along the lines of the DoDo, A cameo character that shows up only to aid Alice in her trip through Wonderland.

DoomCanoe on Jul 22, 2009


Did I see Crispin Glover's name mentioned in the end credits? Wasn't that the guy from back to the future? He played Marty's Dad right? I thought he was impossible to work with? Also did they find him in a KFC or something? I haven't seen him in anything since. Still looks awesome. Matt Williams part scares me. I can't wait to see Johnny Depps performance he can be eerie under burton's direction. Ed Wood, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd!

link1983 on Jul 22, 2009


too much CGI........ ugh. Where, oh where has the Burton of olde gone?

xianmeltonx on Jul 22, 2009


Mine stops after 5 seconds..

Robbie on Jul 22, 2009


Either going to be amazing or lacklustre. Not sure which, based on this. But the first half was so damn beautiful and reminiscent of the original Disney animated version it was crazy awesome!

Marty on Jul 22, 2009



Corey on Jul 22, 2009


That trailer is utter crap but I still have hopes for the movie. I just think it was put together very poorly and rushed. Visually it looks awesome, I might see it when it comes out.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 22, 2009


Big contender to be the NEXT WATCHMEN from this early footage! Big HYPE pre-release. Big DISAPPOINTMENT release date.

Ken Masters on Jul 22, 2009


Unfortunately (as per Burton of late) the CGI looks poor, hopefully it'll be finished/ improved before release. Otherwise, it looks intriguing.

Explorateur de l'âme on Jul 22, 2009


I think this will actually be pretty cool. For all you disneyland fans out there this looks "Nightastic"

clippers350 on Jul 22, 2009


I think all haters better clamp up & prepare to swallow yer reactionary pride. This movie is gonna RULE. Your Eyeballs' Souls. Twice. And again. 3x Total. For Real.

Django on Jul 22, 2009


HOLY. CRAP. Except it's going to be in 3D. Means gimmicks galore, as it's Disney. Hmph. Oh, well. It's still not G-Force. SQUEE!

DogChasingCars on Jul 22, 2009


just hearing the way Depp worked that voice, got me excited for the movie....he sounds so eccentric

yes on Jul 22, 2009


@26 or my previous comment. I put matt williams. excuse that i meant matt lucas!

link1983 on Jul 22, 2009


Anyone else think this looks terrible? I can draw a better cheshire cat and I'm blind. There's absolutely no spin on this either, how about having some fun instead or regurgitating the chocolate factory again and calling it a new adventure? Depp's shtick as the creepy guy is also tired. At least we get to see that Bonham chick as he true self.

blah on Jul 22, 2009


I hope Depp's accent doesn't suck as bad as it did in Charlie&TCF.

Chris on Jul 22, 2009


strangely enough...I thought Depp was the worst thing about this trailer. He's playin the same damn cooky character he played in "catcf" and "potc" honestly I actually would of preferred carrot top in the role, lmao.

rblitz7 on Jul 22, 2009


im gonna be honest, depp is the worst part

tom on Jul 22, 2009


This is gonna be a lot of fun.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2009


looks awsome

farhana on Jul 22, 2009


Tim = Awesome.

Heidi on Jul 22, 2009


Thee absolute perfect part for Johnny Depp to play 😀 Him and Helena Bonham Carter are always in Tim Burton films together 😀 Her part looks perfect for her too but she does look a wee bit creepy so does Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum :d Cant wait for 2010!!! Best year!! I Graduate!!! Perfect timing! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! ALL TIM BURTON FILMS ARE!!!! <333

Kristina on Jul 22, 2009


Cheshire Cat should looked a bit more like McGee's version, only with fur and meat on those bones.

AD on Jul 22, 2009


"Leaked"... Effin' viral marketing ploy... what isn't "leaked" anymore? As if no one would care unless we weren't supposed to see this. Blahrg.

DIzz on Jul 22, 2009


This movie is going to end up being one of the best movies of 2010, along with iron man 2 and if national treasure 3 comes out in 2010, then that one also!. Can't wait for those movies, 2010 is definately going to rock!=).. And then 2011, will be all about pirates of the caribbea 4, that will be the best movie i've ever seen!, an yes, i ready now that, but, no, i'm not a mind reader or what ever you may call it!.

SAMSUNG FANATIC on Jul 22, 2009


I am a HUGE Depp fan, and usually thoroughly enjoy his Burton work, but I agree with whoever said they're focusing too much on the Mad Hatter. I watched the trailer twice, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I saw Anne Hathaway at all, which I find very strange! I'll definitely go and see it, and I can't say I'm not massively excited, but perhaps Tim's gone a bit OTT with the Johnny thing. I really hope they do Carroll justice.

Raff on Jul 22, 2009


yayaya! I cant wait! Is going to be awesome! I'm going to be front of line at biggest opening I can find. 😀 IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Kris on Jul 22, 2009


I am proud to say that this looks TERRIBLE! It's reminds me of really bad computer games I played in the 90's. There was a time when I liked Burton and Depp....but now, they kind of annoy the hell outa me. :/

Liam on Jul 22, 2009


HELL and NO.

sean on Jul 22, 2009


the hate is hilarious....depp has not played a character like this yet yes he has played many dark characters, but they were all different...they all move different, they all talk different, they all feel different, they all think different....stop being a hater and enjoy one of the greatest actors ever free his imagination

yes on Jul 22, 2009


i can't stand his pre-packaged gothic style. plus alice is too old.

loci on Jul 22, 2009


This movie is perfect! *-*

Luci on Jul 22, 2009


@ 35. You can't twist a classic like this and not expect there to be critics against it. I personally think that they ruined Alice in Wonderland with this. @ 37. Depp seems so 'eccentric' because he's a stinkin' lunatic. He lives in France and has publicly stated that he hates Americans, yet still gets miiiiiiiillions of dollars from us when people like you run to the movie theatres to see him act..the same old stupid style that he always does. @ 54. Tell me has Depp not played a character like this yet? I've only seen bits and pieces of CATCF, but it seems to me that he plays a crazy man in it. And forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't he a psycho in POTC also? They all have accents, too. The same type of accent. Depp needs to get some originality. Hugh Jackman [X-Men] and Hugh Laurie [House] have both taken the time to learn how to drop their accents. I think if Depp's so great, he should too. But wait...he's not so great. So I guess he doesn't have to do anything, does he? 🙂

Sara on Jul 22, 2009


Johnny Depp is perfect and Tim Burton is the only one who could pull this off! I can't wait!!!

Les on Jul 22, 2009


For those of you bitching about how Alice is "too old" and it looks "different from the book"... it's SUPPOSED to be! This isn't Carroll's story. This is Alice, 10 years later, returning to Wonderland, but not remembering she'd already been there. @57. I have no idea what you're talking about, regarding Johnny Depp's 'accent'. He's American. He happens to be in movies where he plays characters that have British accents. So? It annoys the crap out of me when people think their opinions are facts. Get over yourself.

Kay on Jul 22, 2009


I think I had such a squee! 😀 This is going to be AMAZING.

Chrissy on Jul 22, 2009


@57 you just admitted to not watching Chocolate Factory so how can you possibly even speak on it? no, in Pirates of the Carribean he does not play a psycho, he plays one of the greatest pirates we have ever seen on screen...that performance to me was one of the few performances on par with Heath Ledger's Joker none of his characters have the same accents....and if you think so, well that just shows how you only see the superficial things, instead of really paying attention Depp has never said that he hated America, he said many times that he is grateful for the oppurtunity that he has had here, but he prefers the culture of the Europeans because they are not as celebrity-crazy as most people are out here....can you blame him for feeling that way? its the truth!!!

yes on Jul 22, 2009


What a shock. Another childhood classic raped.

Justin on Jul 22, 2009


I love it cant wait FOr those of you who think its not the same as the cartoon well its because its all of the alice adventures books rolled into one and i personally think its going to be awesome and we get to see johnny depp as the HAtter Its going to be great.

Sara on Jul 22, 2009


J.Depp never cease to amaze me... He own characters as his own where no one could ever portrayed it better than him... but that's just me... *two thumbs up*

miracle disease on Jul 22, 2009


first of all, i can't even express how super it is that the leaked trailer is still around. i was looking all over and all the videos were removed. thank god for this place! second, i guess i don't know too much about cgi but to everyone who says that the cgi in this trailer look like crap, i think you should take into consideration more than just your visual opinion. the world of wonderland isn't necessarily supposed to be so realistic it knocks your socks off- it's a crazy dreamland! did you ever take the time to consider that perhaps they don't want it to look like perfection? and even if this isn't the case, i still think that they did a fairly good job with what i've seen. also- for those of you who are picking on the story details, how about knowing what you're talking about before criticizing? alice is SUPPOSED to be older. the plot is SUPPOSED to be different from the single book plot in the obviously watered-down children's Alice in Wonderland. like, seriously? say something that's actually worth saying. and about the mad hatter. personally, i don't have much taste for how clownish he's portrayed, but i think that johnny depp could do a great job with this part. it's definitely his sort of character, and i think that if anyone will make the most of what the character has been given, he will. so i think that from this teaser, the movie looks interesting enough to go see in theaters. i know i'll be going. and who knows, i might even be more pleasantly surprised 🙂

Christine on Jul 22, 2009


Some issues I have already. First off it really does look terrible. I don't like the fact that Burton has taken this, because since every Burton film becomes a new icon for the loner, suicidal, gothic, emo kids, that is what this will become, and everyone will love it for that fact. Helena is a hack, I do not like her as an actress, the only film I could actually enjoy her in was Fight Club, other then that, being in every fucking Burton movie is really lame Johnny Depp is starting to lose his thunder, he will be imortalized as Jack Sparrow, so I will always think of him like that. While he is a very talented young man, his shtick of being a nutty, odd quirky character is getting old. I.e Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka. This role has to be so insane it brinks on Serial Killer insanse, and I don't think that will be delivered. In closing, I will see this, but I am not looking forward to it nearly as much as I thought I would.

Movieraider321 on Jul 22, 2009


why bother commenting if you think it looks bad? seriously, why waste your time writing a book about how horrible it is. why didnt you just close the window before the end of the trailer if it makes you that angry? i think it looks amazing, good job Burton and Disney!

Simone on Jul 22, 2009


will they play White Rabbit during the credits at the end?

wm on Jul 22, 2009


Christian Bale is the shez neh

dave on Jul 22, 2009


@50 Anne Hathaway is at :42 i dont know how you didnt see that and @66 I like tim burtons style and im not emo,sad,gothic,scene, or whatever stupid label people have to put onto other people because of something they like. I think this looks really good. Its creepy yet childish at the same time and i think it will work well. but thats just my opinion and someone will read this will think im stupid or dumb or not a real fan or whatever.. It looks good.

erik on Jul 22, 2009


i like the ignorant people who are bashing the movie. jeez go play in traffic. its a MOVIE! it comes out next YEAR! theres still work to be done on this movie as its a TRAILER! Its TIM BURTON for cryin out loud! the guy know's what he's doin. Get over it people!

augirx on Jul 22, 2009


i am extremely excited for this movie because i am a huge alice in wonderland fan. however, i was fairly upset when i saw "johnny depp" plastered across the screen. i do hope that the script isn't worked around him being the star of the movie. i also don't like how he's displayed more clown-like then mad, but that's just my opinion. i was never one for anne hathaway's acting, but i'm fairly excited to see how she may use her creativity in this role as well. i've always really liked tim burton films, and i'm overjoyed he's taken on Alice in Wonderland. I hope he portrays it as the book intended and not in a childish way. overall, i thought the trailor was pretty crappy, but i will be sitting in the front row on opening day.

Molly on Jul 22, 2009


Wow, I am super excited now. I think Tim Burton is one of those artsy fartsy type of people. But I think he is also a perfectionist, not like Kubrick, but in his own way. He has such a weird vision. Oh well, his movies rock.

Bryan on Jul 22, 2009


Gag. Huge CG Cheshire Cat, and Depp doing a bad Robin Williams impression. Is that the best they could come up with? Everything's waaay too safe. Whoever's doing that re-imaging of Where the Wild Things Are should have done Alice.

johnc on Jul 22, 2009


too much CGI..! definitely...! how sad... even Tim Burton is falling in...

jimmy on Jul 22, 2009


This trailer was badly put together. It's hard to judge the movie from it, thus, we'll need a second one soon. :/

LW on Jul 22, 2009


For the first time I can honestly say Depp looks quite ugly! This movie is gonna rock! I'll definately be there opening day.

Lora on Jul 22, 2009


#76 - The movie's release is eight months away! There's probably tons more work to do on it. And it looks fantastic as it is. I'll be there opening day.

Eric on Jul 22, 2009


From the preview this looks like it focuses way more on the mad hatter than Lewis Carroll's story actually did. It looks interesting in that beautifully creepy Burtonesque way, but if they make this mostly about the mad hatter I'll be disappointed. Especially as awful as the character looks--Carrot Top in powder-white make up; how did that seem like a good idea?

AC on Jul 22, 2009


Most of the trailer looks like the film has some potential, but the Cheshire Cat looks awful. Enough with the over-reliance on CGI, already. I hope the Cat looks much improved when the final product hits the screens next March.

Ray on Jul 22, 2009


#71 "Its TIM BURTON for cryin out loud! the guy know's what he's doin." No, no he doesn't. Not always. But, I have more hope for this than I did for Charlie, which looked awful in its trailers and lived up to those expectations when it was released. As for Alice, we'll see.

Ray on Jul 22, 2009


Alice see a table with a bottle on it that says "drink me" and proceeds to do it... gee she must be the most popular chick at the parties...

Angel Mass on Jul 22, 2009


I don't know what to think.... This looks a lot more interesting than I had imagined but still, something is off. Doesn't feel much like Alice in Wonderland I guess. But I do enjoy most of what Burton does, so I'll be watching this one regardless.

Mark on Jul 22, 2009


Oh and HAHAHAHA @82 🙂

Mark on Jul 22, 2009


@#82, you've made my day!, and made me laugh!. Thank you!. That was very funny!=).

SAMSUNG FANATIC on Jul 22, 2009


Wow, more CGI than i now im wondering how good this is going to be. But that cat looks so good.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 22, 2009


@71: "Its TIM BURTON for cryin out loud! the guy know's what he's doin." Yeah. It's not like he'd ever crank out a duffer or anything... oh wait, Planet Of The Apes sucked big time.

Chris on Jul 22, 2009


Is it just me or does the CG look really bad??

Chrix on Jul 22, 2009


this is what i think, and by putting it up on the net i am proving to myself that it is important. this movie looks like it could go both ways.

jboner on Jul 22, 2009


I can already expect this movie is going to end up coming out to blu ray disc and dvd in either august, september or october of 2010. By then walt disney pictures and jerry bruckheimer films and jerry bruckheimer will be starting with filming pirates of the caribbean 4, which is coming to theaters in 2011, and no, not in 2012 !.

SAMSUNG FANATIC on Jul 22, 2009


When I first heard of a live action AiW movie, done my Burton, I thought we might see a seriously dark version of it, which is what I wanted. Then I heard it was still disney, and I knew it wasn't going to be much different than the cartoon (which I'm not a fan of). I don't like the way this looks. But I can tell it will have a good opening week, idk if it will do too well after that.

Nik on Jul 22, 2009


I was really hoping that Burton would get this right. After viewing the trailer, I am not so sure. Alice in Wonderland was always a dark tale of a young woman traveling through a dark world and growing up in the process. unfortunately for us, this looks to be another Depp-centered film. I am really sad about this. I hope I am wrong.

Angry Chief on Jul 22, 2009


The concept behind this movie looks really refreshing. I'm actually happy to see a different approach to a well known story. Will this be Louis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland?" No, but rather Tom Burton's spin on it. This is not strictly a re-make, and I am really excited to see what this amazing cast can pull off. No doubt it will be huge.

Ashley on Jul 22, 2009


Looks cool, not completely sold on it though.

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Jul 22, 2009


I like many of Burton's concepts. Sleepy Hollow was awesome. But to be completely honest, I have been waiting for the true darkness of the Alice in Wonderland story to be portrayed for a very long time and this I'm pretty sure was supposed to be it. I was all keyed up counting the days until the announcement that American McGee's Alice was coming to the theater and now we get what looks like a live action puppet show the likes of the cinema version of the Wizard of Oz. I will probably see it, but as for whether it will be in the theater on DVD, all bets are off. The word of the day is "deflated".

Rhynn on Jul 22, 2009


I really like the way Alice is woven in, But the cat sucks. Maybe a little less Disney, more darkness. Just my Opinion. I hope he doesn't fuck this up like "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory".

Polite Gangsta on Jul 22, 2009


Its like people forget about OPINION, I think this movies gonna blow hardcore but then im sure people are gonna jump down my throat, like the some of the first few comments "OMG DUDE YOUR WRONG THIS MOVIE GONNA BE THE BEST" its gonna be another dark gothic Burton piece of shit.

Cody on Jul 23, 2009


@57 Johnny Depp has an American accent. His accents are appropriate for the roles he plays. He NEVER said he hated Americans. That is a bold faced red state lie. He lives in France, and the UK, and L.A., and New York, and the Caribbean. He even sometimes lives on his yacht. None of his roles have been the same. Have you seen all his movies? I have. This is his first film done with massive freaky makeup. I love it. This looks nothing like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Its one thing to say you don't like his acting, its a whole other thing to spread lies on the internet.

Charlotte on Jul 23, 2009


“The most brilliant minds are always the most curiously bent...” The trailer looks both charming and picturesque but also eccentric and disturbing – Mr. Burton’s usual film escapade. It seems to me, the trailer has gotten Lewis Carroll’s story spot on thus far. Much like the visuals in the trailer, Alice is merely a girl caught between two worlds – a world of fantasy and dreams which allows her to be herself, and a world spinning in chaotic madness that is ever so darkened by the corrupted principles of society. From what I’ve seen so far, Burton has effectively shown this distinction between the two worlds by re-defining the word “mad” as Carroll did. To those saying Depp is too clown-like and foolish, that is what he is supposed to be: A MAD hatter! Crazy and whimsical, out of the ordinary and awkward, just as Carroll wrote it. For those disappointed by the tone of the film, hoping it would be much more dark and gothic, keep in mind it is a Disney film and although Carroll’s work is thought to be disturbing and perverse at its core, the intended audience for Alice In Wonderland has always been children – we wouldn’t want to kill/ruin a great story now would we? I actually think Depp’s creepy clown-like costume to be as disturbing as it gets anyway (very similar to Mr. Ledger’s interpretation of the Joker). Finally, about the CGI: I think it’s foolish to hate on the film when it’s still in post-production and may very well be adapted and changed since it’s not coming out until next year. However, I don’t believe that the CGI is repulsive or amateur in this trailer either. Remember that Alice is having a dream, hence the nightmarish, unreal imagery. It’s not supposed to look like anything you would see in real life and therefore shouldn’t be compared to anything. It’s as exaggerated as it is meant to look. Everyone knew Burton would take some risks while creating the film, and so far I think he’s pulled them off idiosyncratically well. But of course we’ll have to wait to see what else he’s got up his sleeve. 3.5/5

Francesca on Jul 23, 2009


Gotta agree with #13 to some extent. I think the effects for the cat look sick, but Tim Burton's work is getting to be old hat. He just does the same thing over and over again nowadays.... which means we get people saying "Tim Burton should be directing 'Where the Wild Things Are'" or "Danny Elfman should have done the music for Coraline..." or "Johnny Depp is in this... Did Tim Burton direct it?"... A sign of a true artist is being able to mold your style into narratives... I wish he would try out different things.... I would love another film like 'Big Fish' or 'Ed Wood'. While once a conformist, Burton is, as someone else said, deflated.

Sparky on Jul 23, 2009


no experiments but no big fails as well - well... there could be a little bit of innovation around for my taste =/

missy on Jul 23, 2009


Whoever said that Depp is always in Tim Burton's movies hasn't considered Big Fish. Iron Man 2 will still be the coolest movie coming out in 2010. Wonderland might not be the Watchmen of 2010 as the MPAA hasn't decided how to rate it yet. Watchmen flopped because of it's R rating; the majority of people who wanted to see it were teens. Cinemas around the globe were enforcing the R rating more than usual .

Captain Slow on Jul 23, 2009


But who was cat head?

Crazy McTwelve on Jul 23, 2009


Somehow, when I see that cat, I see a bit of Randall from Monsters Inc in him or her (we don't know what sex it is. Do we?) Does anyone else notice that?

Hamster on Jul 23, 2009


I believe the cat head is played by Stephen Fry. lolol

Rachel on Jul 23, 2009


I was hoping Disney wasn't going to get involved and that this was going to be a very, dark, version of the story. I'm a little disappointed.

Rah on Jul 23, 2009


Agreed with #35 you are all going to be blown away. Tim Burton is the PERFECT director for this sort of thing and I love how its about Alice going BACK to Wonderland after growing up. Going to be nice and dark, or as dark as Disney allows.

space_dementia on Jul 23, 2009


not extremely impressed i have to say. I agree with some of the other posts on here. Del Toro would have been a better choice i think. I'm not expecting anything new or ground breaking with this film either.

darren on Jul 23, 2009


Re: Trailers You don't mess with Disney. If you were in the business, you would know that...

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Jul 23, 2009


Found it here

Cameron on Jul 23, 2009


I love how people are whining that Del Toro would have been a better choice for this when he's already working on Lord of the Rings and Tim Burton chose this himself. He's the perfect choice! Because he chose it himSELF! HAHAHA ~ I'm becoming as Mad as a Hatter just reading these posts!

Django on Jul 23, 2009


Btw - I think the Chesire Cat looks fantastic! It's like hallucinating when looking at a real cat. Quite well done, I must say!

Django on Jul 23, 2009


@98 actually he did freaky make up for Edward Scissor Hands. and @111 nobodies whining, we're making obversations based on our opinions. Del toro's version would have been darker and edgier and something different where as Burton, good director that he is, isn't really bringing anything knew to film. You don't even need to know who's directing this film to know that Burton is directly involved from the look and style of it. I'm not saying that movie is going to be bad, i'm sure it will be enjoyable but that i'd rather see a very dark interpretation of Alice in Wonderland which i don't see this film as being

darren on Jul 23, 2009


but then, Disney is the producer and they'd never let a dark film about Alice come out. It's a Shame.

darren on Jul 23, 2009


How much in the U.S do you guys predict Tim Burtons's Wonderland will make in it's entire run? Afterall it is released in a less competitive enviroment (March 2010) than the Summer Blockbust period and the christmas holiday season.

Hamster on Jul 23, 2009


Trailer is still up at

BigTimeBoxOffice on Jul 23, 2009


I never really liked Tim Burton movies. He always makes even sweet or funny stories kinda weird and creepy (Willy Wonka), or makes everything retardedly colorful (Batman anyone? Ugh!). Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd seem to be the exceptions here. That's probably why I like those movies. Well, I guess with Alice in Wonderland he finally found a story where he can't possibly do anything wrong. Alice creeped me out as a kid, and it is undoubtedly a really fucking trippy story. Which is were his love for colors, weird creatures and distorted perspectives comes into play. I think it looks visually amazing, and I actually really wanna see it. *gasp* The Mad Hatter freaks me out, tho. <..>

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 23, 2009


My thinking with this is that Alice in Wonderland is such a whacked story to begin with it only makes sense to make it look whacked. Whacked equals wonderful! I'm excited to see it! I like when movies take bold risks like this, venturing out of the visual norms.

Lolly on Jul 23, 2009


I think everything looks amazing except for the Mad Hatter. They made Depp unnecessarily freaky and a bigger part than he is supposed to be since, well, he is Johnny Depp. I love how Cheshire looks!

F.C. on Jul 23, 2009


Never pass up a chance to watch Johnny Depp act like a complete nut-job for two hours, I say. Seriously.

lalalalendra on Jul 23, 2009


Tim Burton is a very imagintative director.That said he isnt in my imagination,and the last good movie has done was Beetlejuice.Burtons other movies do not hold up,trust me watch Ed Scissorhands again and tell me its good.John stick to Hunter S. Thompson adaptives because you rocked in Fear and Loathing.

Jeret on Jul 23, 2009


@70 Thanks XD

Raff on Jul 24, 2009


Disney have been quite dark in recent years. Their most sucessful movie moneywise is also one of their darkest; Dead Man's Chest. If anything Wonderland is looking just as dark as the Pirates sequels if not darker.

Stig on Jul 24, 2009


@122 dark but in still a childish way. Dead Man's chest was still watchable by kids.

darren on Jul 24, 2009


Christian bale should have been cast as alice

David C on Jul 24, 2009


You're all fools if you think it will "suck" develop an imagination... You need to artistically understand a mind like Burton. AND also understand not every damn movie needs to have something being blown up every 5 minutes! Thats all people care about... focus on the plot for once, not an exploding object! We're all becoming idiots because people don't want to think when they watch a film. It's quite sad.

db on Jul 24, 2009


Whoever said this, I agree: Depp was the worst part. I felt like I was supposed to get excited at seeing him smiling at the screen, but I didn't. I felt like I was supposed to find his walking over the table and talking to Alice as quirky and comical, but I didn't. It seemed too forced. Some of the visuals were impressive, though. But Burton usually delivers movies that never live up to what I hope. Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Bettlejuice, Edward Sciccorhands, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory...all of them ended up being "ok" with some good visuals and occasionally funny/cool parts, but not great.

Moi on Aug 1, 2009


Can't Wait!

MeMe on Aug 2, 2009


Alice is way too old (see Diana Ross in the Wiz, ruined it) and every Burton film looks exactly the same as every other Burton film. I'll pass.

FredM on Aug 2, 2009


As Burton is directing I would much rather have seen him take on the IP of American McGee's Alice story (Which I believe is owned by Sarah Michelle Gellar). This just reeks of Burton trying to once again 'spooky up' a storyline which already holds up under the weight of it's own malevolence. As for Depp, the Mad Hatter is NOT a central character to the story of Alice in Wonderland, if Burton is re-tooling the story so that Depp can swish it up as another eccentric, well, count me out. Burton is a one-trick pony and it worked for a while, but I for one have finally grown tired of it.

Christian on Aug 3, 2009


Still Helena Bonham Carter's character is more of a believable villain than Billy Zane's Carl Hockley from Titanic, which Wonderland has a big chance of overtaking due to being released in a less competitive enviroment.

Stig on Aug 7, 2009


db's got it all wrong. The people responding to how they think the movie will suck are saying so BECAUSE they're thinking and want to be intellectually stimulated. Burton's movies ARE getting predictable, especially when he puts his minions in them. It's like Wes Anderson. We expect more from people who "use their imaginations" to make films. Change it up a bit! Depp was the predictable choice for the Mad Hatter, and it looks like he's just rehashing his recent characters.

Elizabeth on Aug 8, 2009


Movie will be awesome! Only grips I have are: Why, in the trailer, do they focus so much on J-Depp? He is a good actor, yes, but he isnt what will make this movie at all. "As for Depp, the Mad Hatter is NOT a central character to the story of Alice in Wonderland, if Burton is re-tooling the story so that Depp can swish it up as another eccentric, well, count me out." could not agree more. Also this movie will be fail, for those of us who have red and understood AIW, if they stray AT ALL from the book. You cannot add or take away from Alice.

Slightly_Amused on Aug 9, 2009


tim burton reimagines things so no doubt he will stray from the book, but that is not always a bad thing. The story will be the same overall. The dark gothic artwork of his films really add to and eccentuate the fact that Alice's Wonderland is in fact a nightmare, like the original eccentuated the fact that alice's wonderland was a dream. Its just a twist on a modern tale and it looks like it will defi nitely be a wild ride. I'm gonna see it, just probably not in theaters.

james on Aug 16, 2009


I love Tim Burton's work (4/5 times) and I've always loved the Alice in Wonderland story (wether it be book or movie). I'm interested to see how this will turn out since its supposed to be closer to the book than the disney version was. So far the only thing I'm hesitant about is Jhonny Depp's make-up job (however its pretty interesting so I'll let it pass), the computer animation mixed in (not a big fan of computer animation mized in with live action but who knows? I'll give it a chance), and the cheshire cat (my main favorite character since I was little, however Tim Burton's version looks like a little kitten. And I did prefer the more colorful cat). I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I may be surprised ^_^

MJ on Aug 17, 2009


It looks really good and I love tim and god knows i love mr. depp but my only problem is that the whole trailer revolved around the mad hatter (j. depp). I could have sworn that the movie was called "alice in wonderland" not "the mad hatters wonderland" idk. it's just kind of annoying story-wise to me. it's great publicity and marketing on their part but I would like to see more than johnny running around. maybe it's just me and please dont eat me johnny fans.

MissWitch on Aug 22, 2009


Is it just me or is there a bit of Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc in that cat i.e re appearing act, chemelon etc.? Still the whole story looks a bit too girly for my liking. I'm sure this will only be popular with women or girls. Men and boys would probably want to see something a bit more testosterone laiden like The Expendables.

Jezza on Aug 24, 2009


This movie looks freaking sick. I will be the first peron to see it since I am his biggest fan and he is my step dad! I love you dad. I am very excited to see you and this movie. I am alos excited to go with you everyday and watch the production happen

Samantha on Oct 12, 2009


I wanted to say thanks step-dad, for all you have done. I apprectiate all the work you have done just to say I love you. I also want to tank you for taking me to watch you and your production! Ill see you at lunch tommorow. bye bye

Alice on Oct 12, 2009


WAY TO MUCH CGI! IT looks fake! I used to be a huge burton fan but after charlie and the chocolate factory i lost interest. He ruined that story and will probably ruin this. I think maybe guillermo del toro or maybe spike jonze or someone would be able to visually make this story come to life. I SAY WE START A PETITION AGAINST ALL THE CGI!!!! he needs to chill

otxoa on Nov 14, 2009


---Over-produced, over-processed, under-inspired, 'whimsical inspiration' from the once genuinely promising Burton. BTW ---about 80% of these posts sound like they came from the studio promotional department. Sad is true. Sadder still if not. AMEN

gill 12 on Feb 1, 2010

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