Top Cow's Aphrodite IX Comic Headed to the Big Screen

February 27, 2009

Aphrodite IX

"This is just the kind of franchise we love: a visually stunning world, amazing effects, a great story and a hot, kick-ass babe in the lead. What could be better?" That's what producer Larry Kasanoff said about this comic book series. What could be better, you ask? How about a good movie, with a good director, and a good actress in the lead. I haven't even read the comic and this already reeks of Aeon Flux or Underworld. Top Cow's comic series Aphrodite IX, about a cyborg assassin who achieves self-awareness and begins searching for her origins, is being adapted for big screen in 3D by a group of big production companies.

Here's the thing - Wanted was originally a Top Cow comic, so the publisher is hoping that more of their titles will achieve the same amount of immense success as that did. But unfortunately I don't think it'll be that easy. Wanted was only good because everything came together perfectly - and by everything, I mean Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, and specifically, director Timur Bekmambetov. But I'm already expecting Aphrodite IX to be one of those glossy, big-budget, half-CGI sci-fi action movies that plays in January to audiences that they can trick into seeing it. Am I so wrong? Is Aphrodite IX better than that?

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If you want to see cyborg's done right read and watch Ghost in the Shell...

RPD on Feb 27, 2009


Are these the same people behind the shittashous Dylan Dog movie? Dylan fansites are all enraged that the British Dylan has been Americanized and dumbed down. Why don't they just make James Bond an American too while they're at it. This is the same producer who turned Constantine from British to American too. You would think he would have learned something from that backlash. They're idiots.

Kiki on Feb 27, 2009


yeah...canceled after ,what?, 4 issues? Pass. Make the Darkness or Witchblade into a movie if Top Cow's gonna try anything. Or coax Michael Turner's company to do let them do Fathom. Or better yet, Rising Stars! It's already been written by J. Michael Straczynski! Get on that! But Aphrodite IX? Yeah Alex, right on the money. An Γ†on Flux ripoff all the way with bits of Ghost in the Shell thrown in. Hell, 1 issue was a pinup gallery. Out of 4 issues, a pinup gallery!

Otacon on Feb 27, 2009


Oh... for some time now I am waiting for this to happen. This is definitely great news. This is not Aeon Flux and definitely not Ghost in the Shell, what are you talking about? It's like comparing James Bond with Jason Bourne, or Yu Yu Hakusho and Ddragon Ball Z, or like between Batgirl and Batwoman .... and I can go on and on all day. They are similar, sure, but also very different. There is no need for shallow generalization, ok? Aphrodite IX has her own issues, and it will be a terrible headache to find a proper actress. My pick for now is Moon Bloodgood. Anyone has better choice?

Nekrosoma on Feb 27, 2009


Isn't this like that new show coming out by Joss Whedon....?

S on Feb 27, 2009


Canceled after 4 issues? Are you being serious Otacon? Wow this is going to suck.

JJ on Feb 27, 2009


Based on a Top Cow comic right? Then I don't know a lot of actresses who could "fit" the role :/ .... innuendo intended

LW on Feb 27, 2009


Heck yeah! Ghost in the Shell is the best and will no doubt, in time, be ruined by Americans. This does sound like some Aeon Flux/Ultraviolet mix. Both were decent for HBO watching, perhaps even on a big screen, but could have been far better.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 27, 2009


I would love to see Rip Claw or The Darkness in a live action movie other than Aphrodite IX.

Fisherr on Feb 27, 2009


Agree with Otacon. I've been waiting for a Fathom movie since a long time ago when Aspen said they were looking into it. I think it's a lot more original, and plus there's sci-fi mixed with fantasy, but a different type of fantasy considering it's all underwater. Or then there's Witchblade and/or Darkness.. although those are more difficult to sell since they can be considered half horror.

Alfredo on Feb 27, 2009


wow has it come down to really this?? just because it has some boobed green haired gal 4 issues shouldnt be enough to have a movie made out off πŸ™ top cow has better titles that should be given a shot waay brefore Aphrodite was even thought of ???? sometimesi really dont understand those who give green light to such projects πŸ™

burak "daequitas" on Mar 2, 2009


....David Finch is the greatest comic artist in the new Millenium. No way a movire will ever pay tribute to his vision in his art or story.

Savage on Mar 2, 2009


Summer Glau can play her.

darkman on Jun 15, 2010

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