Trailer for Adam Green's Stuck-on-a-Ski-Lift Thriller 'Frozen'

December 21, 2009
Source: Apple

Frozen Trailer

Anchor Bay Films has debuted the first official trailer for Adam Green's Frozen, the movie about the three people who get "trapped" on a ski lift. We featured the first poster for Frozen just last week as well, so you might remember hearing about it then. Although I've heard good things about this, as a skier myself, I was a bit worried it would be too cheesy (kind of like how Cliffhanger is all a bunch of BS if you're a rock climber). But this actually looks good, I'm glad they kept them stuck for more than just one day because overnight on a ski lift would be a breeze. I'm looking forward to seeing this at Sundance. What does everyone else think?

Watch the official trailer for Adam Green's Frozen:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Frozen official trailer in High Definition on Apple

Three skiers (Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell) mistakenly end up stranded on a chairlift and are forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.

Frozen is written and directed by Adam Green, a Massachusetts-born filmmaker who also directed Hatchet and Spiral previously. This was shot earlier this year at the Snowbasin ski resort in Utah, although it takes place on the East Coast in the film. This will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January in the Park City at Midnight category. Anchor Bay Films will then bring Frozen to theaters sometime mid-to-late 2010.

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wow...I just saw the whole flippin' movie right there. This trailer just gave away toooooooo much of the plot away, I mean one gets off of the lift and is attacked by wolves...really? PASS.

xerxex on Dec 21, 2009


Looks pretty good. "Will do to skiing what Jaws did to swimming". Well, seeing how I do Ski. I should be fine.

Corey on Dec 21, 2009



OCP on Dec 21, 2009



Corey on Dec 21, 2009


No thanks. I guess because I keep realize not long after being stuck that no one is going to come save you for a week. Use what strength you have then before the cold gets to you or lack of food/water, and climb up and across the line. Might be harder than I'm thinking, but you do whatever to survive.

Sabes on Dec 21, 2009


Wouldn't it be the Jaws equivalent of going on chairlifts at closing?

Murdock on Dec 21, 2009


This puppy just came out of left field and those types of movies are the ones that become cult hits. Guarantee this'll be a cult hit. I'm very intrigued and excited about this lil' film.

Superhaus on Dec 21, 2009


Sabes, they absolutely do everything YOU would do to survive. And it all goes horribly horribly wrong.

Fuelbot on Dec 21, 2009


@Fuelbot, of course...otherwise there would be no movie. lol

Sabes on Dec 21, 2009


looks ok... not bad, but not great

Efrain on Dec 21, 2009


Looks dumb. Hate trailers that give away the entire plot and all of the 'cool' scenes. Then we go see the film and are left seeing and hour and a half of all the shitty in-between dialog and plot-holes. The trailer was enough for me. what #2 and #7 said

iSamurai on Dec 21, 2009


hey # 6 im hispanic, and the only time we come down a mountain is if we see San Diego at the bottom!!!! lol.... let me know if you get it!

jvj590 on Dec 21, 2009


Haha lol. I wonder at which ski resort they filmed this. The idea that a ski resort would be closed for a solid week any time of the winter is laughable. They are open every single day once they can start making snow and usually don't close till the snow starts melting in March.

jb_moskow on Dec 21, 2009


OK, I'm scared to death of skiing as it I don't think I'll ever be going.

Kevin on Dec 21, 2009


This actually happened to me once. Not on a ski lift, but on top of a ski mountain. The snow was thin and I dropped neck-deep into it - no way to lift myself out. I watched the ski patrol do their last run, and despite me yelling, the wind, twilight and heavy snowfall made it so they couldn't hear or see me. I watched them go down and thought, "That's it." It was five hours later when they finally found me, snow now up to my eyes. Haven't been skiing since. Don't plan on doing it ever again. 🙂

Script Shadow on Dec 21, 2009


So, uh. Why did she take her gloves off to hold onto the pole? This looks terrible.

Lauren on Dec 21, 2009


Now that's a story! I like #18's story. Sounds like Deep Water though, lol. Still, this does look weak. I'll watch it on HBO or something but so not worth $8. It's not worth my time at all except on a dull day and I'm flippin' to see what's on. Could be fun, seeing them break their legs, ripping skin off, etc. lol

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 21, 2009


Im ready to be underwhelmed....that really looks very weak. Why would you ever take off your gloves? It was a shot but a miss, so I will pass and I'm sure I will never regret it.

Frankie on Dec 21, 2009


Not much of a movie if you don't lie to get on the slope and carry a whistle, flashlight and a knife. Bonus points for a GMRS/FRS radio or an avalanch transponder. I assume they are forgotten because they count noses and lift tickets issued. Where's a tauntaun when you need one (or three).

John on Dec 21, 2009


Ok at nighttime they were realizing they got trapped then I noticed it was day when they were trying to get break your skis off cause of the bindings and climb the rail while you still have heat in your limbs. So they waited all fucking night until they realized o wait no ones coming. Not to mention ski patrols make thorough checks to make sure this doesnt happen. O yea and about 99.9% ski resorts have hotels, restaurants at the bottom of the bsin and they werent even that far up. As a die hard skier myself I could pick this trailer apart all fucking day this is rediculous. ON A SNOWY WEEK IF THE POWDER IS STILL COMING THEY KEEP THE LIFTS GOING THEY WOULDNT OF HAD THE PLACE OPEN LESS IT WAS A SEASON WTF RESORT ONLY OPENS ON THE WEEKENDS!!!

Cody on Dec 21, 2009


Im sorry but this just looks freaking ridiculous!. Whats next? People trapped in a casino with no money, Oh the HORROR!

Matthew on Dec 21, 2009


@21 That was the effing worst parallel I have ever heard. A casino with no money? Please do not procreate. These people would clearly die of hypothermia.. But a casino with no money? Really? ...Really?? The movie looks pretty decent. I might see it if there isn't anything else that is better looking horror.. Maybe the crazies. The crazies looks cool. @21 again: How did you even form that response? Are you ESL or something? Jesus. All joking aside, how the hell did that even seem like a legitimate statement?

Wow. on Dec 22, 2009


lol @ 21 that was a pretty bad call. lol @ 22 you really need to chill dude Movie looks watchable, the acting will have to be spot on to be an effective thriller.

ToidBoiga on Dec 22, 2009


It actually looks better than stupid, which is good. Still looks pretty daft, so the wolves get one guy with the broken leg then? But no aliens, dang...

Crapola on Dec 22, 2009


This looks brilliant - I'm so glad they kept it ultra realistic.. it made it much more intense! Can't wait to see this.

dom on Dec 22, 2009


Is this a joke or something?

WTF on Dec 22, 2009


i think #18 said it best: "i'm ready to be underwhelmed" i figure i'll check this out when it hits dvd (if it isn't direct to dvd) but i'm not expecting much.

beavis on Dec 22, 2009


well i think i just saw a majority of the movie now why should i pay 9 bucks to see an under developed over hyped bland movie?

neonblue120 on Dec 22, 2009


Why have they still got their boards on all the way through that trailer? Mine would've been undone after an hour.

steve on Dec 22, 2009


# 21, Matthew: dude you really gave me stomachache from laughing 😀 in a casino with no money 😀 i still do laugh as i imagine the scene, terrified and lonely 😛 😛 # 15, Script Shadow: dude you are one unlucky...well.. dude? 😀 nose deep in snow 🙁 well at times like these one can always remember the tale of the donkey that fell in a deep hole and the villagers threw dirt on it by the shovels, at first it cried like hell thinking they were burying it alive but as he kicked and screamed it realised that as he kicked the dirt that fell on the bottom made it rise. so he kinda daced its way out stepping on each shovel of dirt as a stepping stone 😀 but thats gotta be a real bad experience. about the concept. well i myself skii too and kinda were in a similar situation stranded on the lift due to a malfunction for almost two hours, in a softly building blizzard. me and my friend got bored and decided to give it a try and had to jump about +/- two stories down and ski our way back to the hotel.. heheh it was really an adventure. maybe it was because our athletic build, active sports life and stupid courage we were back at our hotel and had our dinner by the time they finally got the lift working again 😀 wish we had cameras back then 🙁 about the trailer, i dont really think its an original idea. Open Water was original and i have seen divers forgotten down below in the boat next to us 😀 but on a lift with more than one way to at least make your way back this is really not much of a fright. the only way one can feel terrified in such a situation is panic.and the trailer is not much of a thrill giver. infact i believe i dont need to see the frigging thing after this trailer. i dont know..i will see this but i am not getting my hopes up even a notch. cheers

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 22, 2009


That has to be one of the stupidest movie ideas ever. I think Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was probably way better.

gplongwood on Dec 22, 2009


so i guess the lesson is... always make sure one of your friends has a fully charged cell phone that can work in high altitudes. Now I know.. and knowing is half the battle.... GI Snow......

duane on Dec 22, 2009


hahaha umm why dont they just jump off the lift?!?! they do realize they have snowboards and skis and theres snow all around them, lmao. Would of made more sense if they got stuck in a gondola really high up or something.

rblitz7 on Dec 22, 2009


wheres bear grylls when you need him

twispious on Dec 22, 2009


@15 make your own movie 😀 apparently a plot like that can last 90 minutes

Welbanks on Dec 22, 2009


Hey this stuff about being trapped is real. I was once trapped in the woods alone until these cute little Christmas Critters found me and took me to their cave where they tried to implant the unborn fetus of the son of the devil in my body to take over the world until these little cougar cubs performed an abortion on me through my butt and killed the evil seed.

Alec Baldwin on Dec 22, 2009


This is bascially "Deep Water" on a ski lift. No thanks.

Huh?-Man on Dec 22, 2009


Theres no real scope for the material, it looks shit to me. 🙁

Cineprog on Dec 22, 2009


Wow, its Open Water, only with snow instead of water and wolves instead of sharks. This should not have been compared to Jaws in any way. That being said I will probably still see if only for the wolf attack, should be gory.

Matt on Dec 22, 2009


@16 Everything here happens out of story. She doesn't take her glove off. There's a reason she loses it. There's a reason she's holding the pole. There's nothing where you go, "Oh fuck. That wouldnt happen."

Fuelbot on Dec 22, 2009


Shawn Ashmore needs a new agent. The Ruins? Smallville? (after the first good seasons) Now this? Yikes. Hopefully he gets cast in the new X-Men: First Class movie as the baby version of himself. I'm sure by then he'll be bald and they'll have perfected the digital age reversal technology anyway. PS - There are so many good comments on this post that I would love to respond to, but watching everyone else flame each other is much more fun than bringing it down on myself. Maybe someone could just give me one flame, for old time's sake?

Tyler Hayes on Dec 22, 2009


I'll probably see this at some point in my life for free. That being said, what I don't agree with is the reference to Jaws. What an insult to Jaws. I was scared of swimming in our lake because of that movie. This my friend is no Jaws.

arjones on Dec 22, 2009


Adam Green needs to stick to music.

Me on Dec 22, 2009


ummmmm..... yeaah i dont know

Said on Dec 22, 2009


this movie looks f*n gay. thanks but no thanks.

mikey on Dec 23, 2009


gay gay gay gay just fall off the stupid chair lift and dont die, theres snow at the bottom plus lifts close at what 4 IN THE AFTERNOON unless there is all damn night long skiing and if you've ever been night skiing on an open lift, its colder than all hell if you go watch this movie your a retard

austin on Dec 23, 2009


@41 that was actually his twin brother in smallville, but whatever. looks so dumb.

giraffic on Dec 23, 2009



Robbie on Dec 27, 2009


yup have to agree seriously????????????? ok ok in very small rural towns they do close lifts in certain times of year for a few days but agree with points above 1) ski patrol and lifties check lines and lifts 2) if caught on lift for what is going to be days scream like hell, drop poles ect at good times and hope the zoned cat drivers and other attendees who work there after hours and during closed days hear you 3) worst case tie your jacket to wrist and james bond it a few chairs to the next pole where they always have a ladder to climb down and FOR GODS SAKE DO THIS BEFORE THE WOLVES COME!!!!!!!!!!! cause well - there are ALWAYS wolves looting around busy ski resorts hoping against a millionth of chance there will be stupid people in the chair first getting stupid slow and gloveless before jumping off the lift , breaking their legs and flopping aroung bloody and ready for mouths of the pack - hellooooooo..... look what we have done to the wolves!!! Now they are all pavlovian - hanging around ski lifts like seagulls - shame shame shame

ski in snow on Dec 28, 2009


OPEN WATER OPEN WATER 2 FROZEN Cant WAIT til the make a movie about the plane that can't land, wait... they already did that, and the gunner just drew them a cartoon wheel so they could land... Nevermind Can't WAIT til they make one where a guy is in a desert, and his car breaks donw and he runs out of water, will he survive the night? But the can't make it an arctic desert because then they will have to call it Frozen, and that has already been done... MAN OH MAN It must be TOUGH being a Hollywood PRODUCER THESE DAYS......

jason k on Dec 30, 2009


Cant wait till they make a movie of a couple who go into the grand canyon after they were warned not too and their guide dies....oh wait they did make that. I can't wait to get money for a movie where a white couples car breaks down in harlem and they have to make it back to the villiage....wait...harlem is white now...uggg

jdl on Jan 3, 2010


This is just class, brilliant, I will watch it purely for the comedy value. I cant even imagine how they squeezed 90 minutes "entertainment" out of this. I have an idea for a film, its not as good as the Casino with no money theme, but theres this bloke who goes to the Gents (bathroom,toilet, whatever you want to call it) he does the biggest poop, and then discovers theres no paper, he's stuck for days as its last thing before Christmas holidays........the rats come out and try to bite his behind, he is found in a hallway with pants at half-mast after New Year......half starved to death and stinking like a drain.......I think it has potential, I'll call it "Sh1t house shocker" or something...

RDK on Jan 5, 2010


Guys, help me! I'm in a supermarket, AND IT'S CLOSING IN TWO HOURS! HEEELP!

Felix on Jan 26, 2010


Ha. Okay. This looks incredibly dumb. They obviously aren't in Colorado... They would not have mad it alive in a chair over night here. It's supposed to be like a week. lol. Um, not. If they just got lost maybe. But not on the lift in the wind and snow overnight. And why would the girl have put her hands on the lift with no gloves. And most of the giant poles that hold the lift up have latters and they're like every 50 feet. Ha, there are WAY too many holes in this plot. But that would suck and be super scary. #52 Nice story idea. lol. #42 I agree #32 Haha and Nice #32. Yeah. I live in Colorado and at least one person's cell phone seems to work in almost every area we've been in. I rarely have trouble getting service from Verizon anywhere. #13 And good point. They would never close for a week. Even around Christmas. And if it were May/June, near the end of ski season, pretty much anywhere in the USA it wouldn't be that cold in that way.

Tarayn on Jan 26, 2010


Reasons why this would probably never happen: One: find me a resort that closes for a whole week during Peak Snow Season and I'll show you a resort that won't be there (Or at least under new management) next season. Two: Even when the resort is CLOSED Ski Patrol is still out and about making sure no idiots are getting dead on mountain.. Three: Lift line operators know how long it takes for the line to run a full cycle and they run it for one full cycle after they stop letting people on, so theres no way you're going to get stuck half way up. Four: There are operators at every lift station along the lift line. At least TWO people would either A: be skiing down the mountain after closing the lift down, or B: actually riding the lift down from their stations. So anyone on the chair would have been spotted. And I'm not even going to mention theres a chance your cellphone would probably work anyways in the odd, lottery-like, perfect storm of total fail happened that actually allowed you to get stuck on a lift line (And again, it would be over night. Not a week). As a skiier, I'm more worried about a brown recluse moving into my boots in the off season....

Angry Yanee on Feb 24, 2010


Just because ski resorts have procedures, doesn't mean the staff running the ski lifts follow them. If i'm remembering this correctly, the first guy that was working the lift put the red flag up before the skiers actually got on the lift. So, it is possible that it could happen. I do, however agree that most ski resorts are open 7 days a week during peak season. During the movie they mentioned numerous times that they kept their cell phones in the locker. I thought this was a great movie, full of suspense and it made me really think about what I would do if it happened to me. At first I didn't like the acting but once they were stuck in the ski lift, it got much better.

Wishyouwerehere987 on Jan 26, 2011


WOW this movie was amazing scary. It could so happen there have been people stuck in lifts B4 and almost died. They picked a bad resort so leason to be learned dont be cheap on anything that has any danger in it. Rock climbing ,skiing, sky diving, and so on or else. Dont have money stay home

zed on Oct 16, 2010


Just saw this movie and i think it's perfectly plausible --except for the wolves. Being stuck in the ski lift would have been bad enough. So many people die out of stupidity! I didn't think the movie was boring either. It was good entertainment. Jaws was a lot more absurd and people got scared still.

Cristina on Nov 7, 2010


I have never been to ski before. it is first time to watch Frozen but can't bear to watch any futher after a guy jump and land himself weck!! I am so happy that my man turn that movie off and carry on other free movies. The only thing the girl said "it is closed sunday night and it will open until friday." I got choking from food and cough so bad, oh is terrible movie and I am too sentive to watch any further. so I ask people about the movie and tell me what happen. oh the girl got away. But I find it all so disturbing that they didn't listen to the guy who works for the seat machine, he said 'it is not allowed at night and the weather is going to be storm." I can't believe those three begged him. If I am there, I will go home for sure. I don't like at night.

sunshine on Feb 28, 2011


good movie but i was gettin pussy so i didnt see all of it

deadlydonald22 on Mar 27, 2011

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