Trailer for Paul Bettany's Charles Darwin Biopic 'Creation'

June 12, 2009

Creation Trailer

Part ghost story, part psychological thriller, part heart-wrenching love story, Creation is the story of Charles Darwin and the single most explosive idea in history. This is a brand new trailer that I'm very excited to share with you today, as I didn't even realize this had even started shooting and yet it looks incredible. Paul Bettany stars as naturalist Charles Darwin and Jennifer Connelly as his wife Emma Darwin along with Toby Jones. Besides being a fascinating and controversial story, this looks like it has some stunning visuals and great performances. Thanks to the Telegraph for debuting this. Check it out!

Watch the first UK trailer for Jon Amiel's Creation:

For more information on the film, visit the official webiste:

Creation is directed by British filmmaker Jon Amiel, of Queen of Hearts, Sommersby, The Man Who Knew Too Little, Entrapment, and The Core previously. The screenplay was written by John Collee, of Paper Mask, Master and Commander, and Happy Feet previously. The film is based on Randal Keynes' biography about "Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution." This film doesn't currently have a US distributor, although it's very likely it will be picked up very soon. It's set to debut in theaters in the UK in September, which means we might see it at a film festival as well. Stay tuned for updates on Creation as they arrive!

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Oh wicked, that looks great! Such a shame that if it does follow history correctly then just like 'Titanic' and 'The Passion of Christ', then everyone will know the ending. I wont spoil it for anyone who doesnt know but it isnt just as simple as 'he released it'. As I said, I'm now very interested in this!

Marcus on Jun 12, 2009


I am also now interested, and I also hope that the ending is historically correct. It looks as if it will be. I am slightly unhappy at the title if it is not historically correct, creation would suggest a creator (ie. God) but evolution does not. I,(for the record) am a christian and therefore a creationist.

Kaiser on Jun 12, 2009


damn you !!!! Jennifer connelly was Hot !!! . what happened ???? Nooooooooooooooooooooo

PinkSushi on Jun 12, 2009


Will be a long/slow for the most part I'm sure but still looks interesting. Bettany's a very underrated actor.

K on Jun 12, 2009


God killer! Just kidding, Darwin was ahead of his time, still is.

Crapola on Jun 12, 2009


Yay! I don't think it matter if the film is historically correct or not. Film should be watched frame by frame. Each moment should be new and exciting. If you think too much about what might happen you ruin the illusion. Don't we all want to be fooled in the cinema? Anyway this looks great, and im sure that most of the supporters of this film will be liberal nuts.

Boris on Jun 12, 2009


@Boris Sorry, what? Why would most fans be liberal nuts? Just because people believe a theory does not mean that they are 'liberal nuts'.

Marcus on Jun 12, 2009


To think how PC everyone is today, it must have been so incredibly difficult to propose an idea that radical back then. Jennifer Connelly is great and Paul Bettany is a great actor to. Looking forward to see how well this does. Tho I want to see him at Galapagos!

Nick Sears on Jun 12, 2009


This looks fantastic! I've read a lot of Darwin and it's fantastic to see that he will finally be accurately portrayed - conflicted between the results he knows are correct and his own religion. Paul Bettany is amazing, and only makes me want to see this more.

Emma on Jun 12, 2009


helll yeah... been looking for another great film from him ... looks to be a brilliant concept

Dusty on Jun 12, 2009


I am Christian and therefore a Creationist? What a load. I know plenty of Christians who believe in Evolution. It's not hard, here I'll explain it to you. God created everything, including species that evolve, if God created everything, then obviously "he' devised a way to control nature, the fate of species, etc. Easy as pie.

LINKFX on Jun 12, 2009


Remind me of Paul Bettanys role in Master and Commander 😛 Doesnt look that interesting for me at least.

coswell on Jun 12, 2009


Perfect role for Bettany. But it does seem a bit redundant after his role in Master and Commander, which was essentially a fictional nod to Charles Darwin. The author of the book series modeled the character after him. I loved that film though and Bettany's performance especially. So I will give this a try.

Drew on Jun 12, 2009


I'm also a Christian and support Evolution, nothing contradictory about it. Read Genesis, it basically describes everything science now knows. I am continually amazed that so many assume that Christians must be Creationists, or that science and religion exist on opposite spectrums. Oh well, I'll check this movie out, although I have to say it looks a little boring in the trailer.

Scott on Jun 12, 2009


#14 There's a lot of fanaticals out there Scott. :/

LW on Jun 12, 2009


LOL. Umm.. the two guys trying show that they're not Creationists made statements that proved they were. "God created everything"; "Read Genesis". See, you're a Creationist if you think God just popped animals into existence, instead of believing that they evolved. Genesis claims Man was created, poof, evolution contradicts that. But, since most Christians are the "pick and choose" types, then I guess you can believe both.

GK on Jun 12, 2009


Hey PinkSushi, you know, people grow old inevitablely?? The general audience will finally start appreciating how good an actress Jennifer is now that she is not as hot as before. I'm still hot for her nonetheless and will always be!

GTO on Jun 12, 2009


This looks wonderful, I can see the Oscar buzz coming. The subject matter is fascinating, the actors all look wonderful....and Jennifer Connelly is SO beautful! And her British accent was not bad either...

Lori on Jun 12, 2009


Read Genesis, it basically describes everything science now knows. That just shows how narrow minded you are,go share your bs in church or something, we didn't came here to talk about cults or religions based on faith, I mean, just read the definition of faith and you can see how absurd religion is, something doesn't become real just because you want to ....well maybe in your head and thats where your problems starts.

Andrius on Jun 12, 2009


I'm interested. The acting looks great despite that dreadful Jennifer Connelly.

DoomCanoe on Jun 12, 2009


Amazing how a movie trailer can incite people to argue over religion. this is a movie news website guys, no need to get into a debate over evolution/creation. let it be.

Jmoney on Jun 12, 2009


@ Marcus I beleive strongly in evolution (btw: read genesis and you become an atheist if your a thinker) When people go out of their way to defend a film its because they beleive strongly in the message the film gets across. Who I call (affectionately) "liberal nuts" are the people who will say this film is great simply because it has Darwin as its main character, and not because there is clearly a deeper meaning. Its like conservationists that support any hybrid jeep, even if it consumes still more gasoline than a regular compact car. Its people like 19 that bother me. They dont respect the beleifs of individuals, and before even getting to know the person, they begin insulting them.

Boris on Jun 12, 2009


@Andrius: So what does Genesis tell us about micro-organisms (aka the most abundant form of life on this planet and probably the universe)? "No accepted science has ever been based on the Bible. That is not for lack of trying. Up to the nineteenth century, serious scientists tried to accommodate literal readings of the Bible to what they saw in nature. Young-earth creationism failed early on, so scientists tried gap creationism, day-age creationism, and other attempted reconciliations. But purely Bible-based science has always failed. True science is based on reality as expressed in the world (Young 1988)." Validity of Genesis: Other Claims: Things Creationists Hate:

Dark Fist on Jun 12, 2009


@Jmoney: It is just as valid to discuss or argue about the subject matter of this film (and its modern relevance) as any other. There is nothing amazing about the ability of a movie to provoke opinions about the topics it covers.

Dark Fist on Jun 12, 2009


Ever since I saw Bettany in Master and Commander I knew he had the look to play Darwin, Bettany has this ability to convince people that he is that character. I really loved the Toby Jones bit "You've Killed God Sir!" I remeber studying his works and reading of all the controversy he stirred up and how so much was changed...So now I'm complelety intrerested and definetly seeng this!

xerxex on Jun 12, 2009


Yes, the "You've killed God" line definitely stood out, as did the scene with him touching the ape...and I actually teared up at the last shot of them in the bed. Visuals look stunning, performances look skillful... This is now on my must see list.

Demeter on Jun 12, 2009


I am a christian, no i don't go to church every fact i haven't been there in years... when you go down to the very basics we were just bunch of goo that floated in the endless ocean, and a very special and select set of circumstances turned some of that goo into single cell organism. The chances and likeliness is rather small...take for instance for all planets in our known planetary orbit as far as we know...our planet holds so much life while other planets are just rocks or floating bodies of liquid or gas. Then take into account that after all that has happened in earth's violent history that life still exists... we can say gee it is really really really lucky we even exist. or just have just a tiny bit of faith that something gave a bit of nudge to some goo in a vast ocean that later became the life of the planet...and call it god your bashing can now continue I think this is going to be a good movie.

I Wants Big Boom on Jun 12, 2009


@ All who have commented on Religion, Genesis, Liberals, Creationism, and Evolutionists. Isn't this site supposed to be about MOVIES? Hence the comment space to be ABOUT the movie article above all the comments. Not about what you believe or what you should or should not believe. Regaurdless of what you believe, the movie is ONLY telling a story about Charles Darwin. Hello. Biopic. It's not preaching to anyone. It is only teaching history. SOOOO! We should not let a movie fuel the fire of what to believe. Take the movie for what it is(An Art Form) and leave it at that. @ The Actual Movie! I'm a little nervouce...Maybe a few more trailers and I'll be into it. Who knows I'll probably see it because it is a good story to show on film.

Seductive Flamingo on Jun 12, 2009


And yet ANOTHER awesome fall movie trailer premieres. Granted, this is from the UK, but still. Is it just me, or are we getting a lot of fall film trailers earlier than usual? Having been interested in Darwin since I was 10 (23 now), I can't wait to see this.

elessar on Jun 12, 2009


@Seductive Flamingo So when commenting about, say, a documentary, it's improper to discuss the subject matter? Yes, movies are art, but art often carries messages and tells stories which can be brought outside of the medium, absorbed, and/or dissected. Art is not merely artistic.

Dark Fist on Jun 12, 2009


Hmm, looks pretty interesting, I like Paul Bettany and think he needs more roles, but I'm not sure whether this will be actually good or just formulaic. I'm always rather surprised and offended by the way atheists post about any movie having to do with religion or science and just reject any possibility of religion with contempt and viciousness. We CAN have a reasonable discussion about these things you know. The vast vast vast majority of people in all of history have believed in the supernatural. It's only been in the last 300 years that atheism has even become a real school of thought. That suggests that believing in religion does not make you insane or an idiot. Personally, I am a Christian who believes in evolution. A Creationist very specifically believes that evolution is not true, or at least the accepted version of evolution is not real. I believe God created the universe through a process that lasted for billions of years, but he could have created it instantaneously if he wanted to. Science cannot really prove or disprove the existence of God, though it can address certain specific beliefs. Atheists can be just as dogmatic about things they can't know for sure as Christians can.

scm1000 on Jun 12, 2009


Jennifer Connelly is hot... a little older sure, but still hot.

Jeff on Jun 12, 2009


looks excellent in every way possible. it's a "must see"!!

dan on Jun 13, 2009


Yah. I love Paul Bettany, but I also love the man with the best name in showbusiness. Benedict Cumberbatch!! He played Stephen Hawking in a fabulous mini-series. Anyway, looks fantastic. I hope it isn't too long before it makes it's way to Australia.

Barb on Jun 13, 2009


Dark Fist this isn't a documentary, it's a biopic about CHARLES DARWIN, it's not about religion vs. evolution. you keep saying people are talking about the subject matter of the movie, but they aren't, the movie is about Charles Darwin's life. this is almost comical, because the biggest issue of his life is people attaching religious/anti-religious sentiment to his theory. it's been a few years since I read Origin of Species, but I'm pretty sure the book has nothing to do with the creation of life. It's just a scientific theory about variation in different species, nothing more.

Jmoney on Jun 13, 2009


I for one welcome this Master and Commander spin-off.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 13, 2009


He didn't kill god, he proved we don't understand why we are here.

N on Jun 13, 2009


@ 35 Thank You!

Seductive Flamingo on Jun 13, 2009


Looks interesting. I will def watch out for this.

Nothanks on Jun 14, 2009


its so funny that people say that EVOLUTIONISTS are the ones that think everything just cam from nothing, when in fact it is the other way around. creationism says one day there was nothing nothing and god created it. so in essence "nothing to something." evolution actually says species have been recreating themselves for millions of yrs through adaptation of enviornment. which "theory" sounds more logical and, whcih theory sounds like somebody made something up because they had no idea how we got here? and people still have the nerve to discredit darwin, yet say nothing about the absolutely ridiculous claims of the bible.

c good on Jun 14, 2009


@#35 youre right but you cant say that the theory doesnt dispute many claims in the bible.

c good on Jun 14, 2009


There is one curious thing in the Bible in Genisis . Not that the writers got it right, which clearly they didn't, but the fact of how they order the creation of animals. There is no mention of bacteria of course, since at that time they had no way of knowing bacteria existed. What I find curious is that they mention the creation of fish and creatures of the sea first which, besides the fact that micro-organisms came first, is accurate. What I find remarkable is that they mention birds second. I don't find this remarkable because I think bird followed sea creatures in the evolutionary time line but because dinosaurs have just recently been shown by scientists as being more akin to birds then to lizards. I suspect that ancient people came across dinosaur bones and being that they looked so old may have thought them as big birds and that's where they got the idea that birds came so early. It's probably the same reason that they got the idea of giants and titans. The Bible is just an honest attempt of early man to bring some order to their life and explain what they saw and experienced, regardless of accuracy. I personally find a much more spiritual uplifting and humbling experience of that singularity some like to call God at a Hayden Planetarium show about the universe then I have ever experienced in a church. But even if you believe in religion you have to ask the question . Why would an entity with an infinite timeline take only 7 days to form creation? Sounds pretty boring to me.

Joseph on Jun 15, 2009


Darwin didn't kill God. The concept of God is immaterial. You can't kill anything that is immaterial. N has it right.

Joseph on Jun 15, 2009


I'm sure this movie will have a good story and good performances. I'm just afraid, after watching this trailer, that the production values won't be up to snuff with rest of the film. It has a very "cheap" look to it, along the lines of a History Channel retelling.

dqniel on Jun 15, 2009


almost fell asleep during the trailer, even though i think this is a very interesting subject it just looked sssoooooo bad

neonblue120 on Jun 16, 2009


Must be very good to open TIFF. I am really anxious to see it!

dishy on Jul 19, 2009

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