Transformers 2 Viral Kicks Off - The Real Effing Deal!

May 23, 2009

The Real Effing Deal

Ah yes, finally some good viral updates! If there is one franchise ripe for good viral marketing (besides Terminator), it's Transformers. Lucky for us, Paramount is putting a small bit of effort into launching what could be a cool viral game for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Those who followed the viral for the first Transformers know that it all began when Michael Bay hid a password in the trailer. And it's no different here. Hidden in the latest full trailer for Transformers 2 was a website on the back of Sam's shirt (see below). That website has now officially launched and there seems to be a lot more going on as well.

Seen below is a screenshot from the scene in the trailer where that website address first appears. It points to, a conspiracy blog run by Leo Spitz who was in Mission City when the final fight in the last movie all took place (hence the blurry photo seen above). Click the photo for a full-size look.

The Real Effing Deal

The Real Effing Deal is a somewhat of a conspiracy blog talking about UFOs, aliens, and plenty more, including giant robots. Spitz also has the hots for G4TV host Olivia Munn, who is mentioned a few times in his posts. His updates date all the way back to May 10th, but we haven't had time yet to go through every one to find out if there's anything hidden in any of them. We're assuming this is going to be the primary website for all big viral updates related to Transformers 2 (especially considering the URL was on the back of Sam's jacket in the trailer). But that's not all - there are a few more giant robot related sites out there.

There's another blog located at that is run by Robo-Warrior (who we believe is John Turturro in the movie). There aren't as many updates, but they do reference Leo Spitz and attempt to refute his giant robot claims. Lastly, the third viral website is located at It hasn't launched yet, but word is that Mendelson is the company that is responsible for covering up the events in Mission City as well as studying the Transformers in order to gain technological advancements. Mendelson is supposedly seen in the latest TV spots when Optimus rolls in and transforms (at the end).

Thanks to our friends over at for helping out with the details. We'll keep you updated on all the latest with this viral. And of course, if you discover anything new while out searching these three sites, be sure to let me know! It wouldn't be a viral if it weren't about everyone discovering new sites and details.

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Hope this is a letdown.

discojellyfish on May 23, 2009


Hope this isn't a letdown.

discojellyfish on May 23, 2009


Disney's UP is going to top this at the box office hands down. You heard it here first. The summer movie box office take will go to UP!

Ken Masters on May 23, 2009


Looks like #3 has gone insane.

CLAW on May 23, 2009


#3 this movie is going to be hands down the #1 in top box office this year. Even with Harry Potter's PG rating, Transformers will still win!

The_Phantom on May 24, 2009


of course tranformers2 will win at the box office. that's because there are more stoopid and shallow people on earth than there are intelligent ones.

G man on May 24, 2009


Learn how to spell stupid before you go calling others names. Sorry you cant enjoy a good popcorn blow shit up movie Mr. intelligence!

Dirk Diggler on May 24, 2009


#6 watch your comments here, you will get ripped apart for bashing transformers and the people that love it so much. Hence why im about to call you a fag. You know that you will be there opening day, dont kid yourself thank, you.

big r on May 24, 2009


Thank you very much for the mention Alex.

Ian @ MovieViral on May 24, 2009


I think #6, G Man... whatever, is implementing irony in his comment. Heh. #7 might as well be doing so, too. Leaning more toward the former. Anyway, this movie's still got potential... to be top hit but it is in the realm of summer blockbuster so the luster of intelligence can be expected to be just acceptable or below. What I mean by that is that the story may be lagging. As for Disney Pixar's Up, I believe this will probably be top hit since Disney and Pixar garner their films to be for a larger audience. Thus, the simple enjoyment and laughs for kids, and adults can enjoy all that and the subtext (and more than likely, innuendos). Welp, I've played my douchebaggery/pretentious card for the day. Can't wait to see the movie, anyway.

Ban Kai on May 24, 2009


what transformer is that in the picture? i don't think I've seen that pic before.

cat on May 24, 2009


oh, its optimus. i couldn't tell.

cat on May 24, 2009


So many people can't enjoy a movie at face value. Everyone wants every film to be so epic that its the next coming of Christ. As a kid, I loved Transformers because all it was is robots blowing each other up. That is what Michael Bay has brought and that is what we will get and what I am looking forward to.

L on May 24, 2009


@ 4, 5, 6 1. Transformers 1 averaged about 50% in critics ratings (but of course its the person who watches the movie has final opinion). 2. Its Micheal Bay. He hasnt made a good movie since The Rock, IMHO. 3. It will not be nearly as likable as UP! And unlike Transformers, UP will be critically acclaimed. 4. Enough said.... UP! (I guaruntee!!!) will take #1 summer box office sales. 5. You can not bash me come end of August when all the summer movies are said and done and UP! is number one in sales. 🙂 End.

Ken Masters on May 24, 2009


Im sorry mister Street Fighter but I dont think Up will top Transformers . Yes Pixar movies do awesome and no one will deny that , but Trasnformers is now part of a franchise and sequels often have bigger following then one off movies .Especialy recently . I have no doughts the Transformers will be THE top movie at the end of the year with Up being another profitable Pixar/Disney colab . Besides its not often that kid movies top the box office for an entire year . Also dont forget Transfomers has 25 years worth of folowers . Up has none .

Superchyle on May 24, 2009


Just started exploring the site, the Real Effing Deal, but this is funniest thing ever LOL what the hell, love it! How that has anything to do with Transformers I don't know but it's hilarious.

Moviegimp on May 24, 2009


@ L I agree. Enjoy it for what it is instead of picking it apart.

Cat on May 24, 2009


Haven't really found much on that site but some of the links lead to pretty awesome stuff, check out the fire breathing giant baby robot. In the one article called PROOF!!!! EXCLUSIVE IMAGE EXPOSES THE LIES OF MISSION CITY!!!! Two of the talkbackers describe the plot and a scene from the first Transformers as if it happened to them. S7 2 says: 05.19.2009 at 1:56 pm Hello, I will not let my identity be known but I can explain few details on the incident. I use to work with a government group that would track down theses NBE’s, like the one in the photo, but the operation was closed down. Before it was closed down, we captured two people that had contact to these NBE’s, and they gave us full detail but only few I can remember. They said that NBE’s are a robotic alien race the has to factions, these two robot factions are having a war on have chosen are planet as the battlefield. If I remember they said one faction is here to protect and the other is to destroy, but they are both looking for this magic cube object that has great power in it. That is all I can remember, but what I know for sure is, THIS AIN’T OVER, until the fat lady sings. A terrified Victim says: 05.20.2009 at 11:47 am I was there in Mission city the day this was taken. But the Alien I saw was different then this one. He had a few soldiers pinned down in a building just a few feet away from me. I would’ve gotten a picture, but I almost got run over by some Chick driving a tow-truck dragging a yellow robot with guns blazing.. I got the heck out of there.. Other than this and a couple of other references not much so far. One person uses Bumblebee as their icon and and it leads to a blog. There is a link to a Transformers podcast site too. Haven't found anything hidden though about new movie.

Moviegimp on May 24, 2009


Wait, spoke to soon, found something. yoboy says: 05.21.2009 at 3:10 pm Fake.. Come on guys, its 21st century, having a bad camera is not an excuse! clearly shopped.. Links to here it's a Transformers/ Terminator mashup using the new movies including Bale's rant at the lighting guy.

Moviegimp on May 24, 2009


Ok, so it turns out that is in a fight with I would love to know exactly what Kittens have to do with the intergalactic war between aliens and humans? Robo-warrior only posts the REAL EFFING DEAL - you have the most misleading name ever!! and you call me a loser?!? Kittens and Music videos and skanks with lightsabers?? That’s not truth, that’s not evidence. I only post the facts. The truth. The real. I won’t waste my readers time with anything but that. You keep pushing your filler, punks. 3 Comments on this article 1. Argent Zephyr says: May 19, 2009 at 12:28 pm But everyone loves kittens. Especially robotic kittens. 😉 2. Emkay says: May 19, 2009 at 1:38 pm =O I love robot space kitties! 3. Zez says: May 20, 2009 at 3:13 pm Yeah, no one believe those hoaxes! Robo Warrior speaks from his gut, that’s the real truth! This stuff is gold. Thanks Alex.

Moviegimp on May 24, 2009


This person is on both sites. The one who has the Bumblebee icon. Argent Zephyr says: May 19, 2009 at 12:05 pm Aliens didn’t build the pyramids– thye pyramids are actually alien spaceships. Trust me on that. 😉 I think each of these posts are the clues or are just out right telling us what is in the movie.

Moviegimp on May 24, 2009


Hey people say UFO's, Bigfoot, and aliens and stuff dont exist... but they do!! I've seen them! I live in a little back door shit hole town in the midwest and when I was out in the chicken coop cheating on my wife with a pig, I looked up and seen a UFO!! And you know who was flying the ship?? It was Bigfoot!! Bigfoot is an alien!! It all makes sense now!! At first I thought my mental condition was due to a drunken rape by my friend Troy, but it turns out he was just a Bigfoot inbred sent here to mate with human females, and he thought I was a female just because I am an incredible pussy!! Man!! This is really awesome and stuff!! To prevent that rape I should have faked a knee injury like I did to get out of going to Iraq and someone else had to go in my place!

Keith Lilly on May 25, 2009


I've checked the site and anybody who's into UFO's and real robots should be pleased. Some of the stuff is silly. but some of it is really cool too. You can't deny some of those UFO vids. Hmm, interesting.

I have anxiety on May 28, 2009


i went on the website, and besides everything on there being clearly photshopped i really liked it. it was funny. ima have to watch the film again tonight and take a look at a few things that were said. i never noticed the hidded URL to be honest. FTJ BABY!!!

awesome on Dec 27, 2009

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