Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Poster Revealed!

January 8, 2009
Source: Yahoo

First Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Poster Revealed!

Revenge is coming! Thought there was nothing else new to see this week? Guess again! Yahoo has debuted the first teaser poster for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the highly anticipated sequel to Michael Bay's explosive giant robots action movie from 2007. Don't forget this is just a teaser, it's meant to show only enough to get you excited. I'm pretty sure this answers those questions about whether "The Fallen" is a character or just part of the title. Could those glowing eyes be from The Fallen, the fiery demonic robot, or could they maybe be from Jetfire, the same SR-71 Blackbird we've mentioned previously?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Poster

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 26th this summer. We'll be there!

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teyhtr on Jan 8, 2009



Daniel on Jan 8, 2009


Looks lame.

Farris on Jan 8, 2009


NO Number 3! but it is really computerish... the first was better so kinda agree number 3

Sean on Jan 8, 2009



D-9 on Jan 8, 2009



james on Jan 8, 2009


God it just pains me to look at the "works" of Michael Bay. Why him, why?????

Itri on Jan 8, 2009


could be megatrons new look, did they announce when we'll get a trailer?

harrison on Jan 8, 2009


grrrrrr... teaser annoyance... red eyes... that is all BOOOOO

Dusty on Jan 8, 2009


boring poster tries to be minimalist and fails

will smith as hancock to the rescue! on Jan 8, 2009



Vegavega Balrog on Jan 8, 2009


@8 I've heard from a few people that we should watch the Superbowl if only just for the Transformers trailer.

Will S. on Jan 8, 2009


And what the hell do you have against the works of Michael Bay? What does he do in movies that you just can't handle? I think he makes great movies, his CGI is top notch. He knows what he's doing and he's one of the few directors that thinks big. But you would probably want this movie done by Roland Emerich huh. It's just a teaser poster, I think it looks pretty sweet but like Alex said it's just supposed to show enough to get you excited. And it does!

The_Phantom on Jan 8, 2009


Itri - I'm sorry, but can you see anyone else doing this justice without toning down the violence or making it cartoony? Haters can suck it. Bay was born to do this. I'll be the first to say the first movie has tons and tons of problems, but that's mostly with the human characters and a shoddy script which I believe Rob & Alex have fixed this time around as they're becoming much better writers. THERE'S 40 CONFIRMED GODDAMNED ROBOTS IN THE NEXT MOVIE! What the hell more do you people want?! Also, Empire confirmed that The Fallen is a separate character in the movie so I'm pretty sure that's him on the poster as Bay also stated that Megatron isn't coming back. The last part could prove to be disinformation on his part, but whatever. I'm down.

Fuelbot on Jan 8, 2009


Good teaser poster. With a movie like this they have the proper idea to make a teaser and it seems like they are running with it. I think the new Transformers movie will be a lot better than the first. I'm down for this popcorn flick!

Conrad on Jan 8, 2009


first one i hated with a passion...but aside from the setting in egypt, i'm now excited for this one. shia labeouf is very talented, i dont give a shyt what everyone else says

LeeMan on Jan 8, 2009


im pretty sure megatrons coming back, but we wont know for certain with bays passion for planting disinformation as for the first movie, its near flawless besides the pisspoor attempts at witty humor, theyre not comedy writers stick to what you know

harrison on Jan 8, 2009

18're a dumbass. who better would you have direct Transformers? who? the only better director for this type of movie could possibly be James Cameron.

Matt Suhu on Jan 8, 2009


Dope - I really dig the subtlety of the Decepticon logo bring it!

Nick Sears on Jan 8, 2009


Look guys, you have got it all soooo wrong. Megatron isin't in this movie at all. He actually fell through a time portal at the bottom of the ocean (end of the 1st movie). He then turned up in 2018. You can see him at the end of the Terminator Salvation trailer looking pissed.

Hercie on Jan 8, 2009


hahaha lol on #20. the poster, it looks good enough to catch your attention. hope megatron comes back. it wouldnt be tranformers without Optimus Prime yelling "MEGATROONN" and Megatron responding "PRIIIME!"} ..loved the first one, Bay fullfilled the expectatives

Galethog on Jan 8, 2009


This looks pretty tight and Farris your lame

Trevor on Jan 8, 2009


HAHAHA...that was great # 20

peloquin on Jan 8, 2009


action film superstar. WOW

Chris on Jan 8, 2009


looks 2 me like a piss off frenzy lol

jono on Jan 8, 2009


LOL hahaha #20!!! that's brilliant! I saw the trailer for Terminator Salvation and I was like, "haha it's Transformers!" anyways, I am excited for the Transfomers 2 movie!! this poster is cool but i don't think it's SO cool that it gets me more excited than i am already.

Susana on Jan 8, 2009


Hold one one energon picken moment. Did you say 40 confirmed robots? If so which ones? I'd love to see Wheeljack in it for some reason...I loved that transformer. I haven't read enough gossip or truth to know whether its The Fallen or Megatron, but i'm damn excited to see it all happen.

Darren on Jan 9, 2009


#27 They're probably not all gonna be named and I'm thinking it will certainly play in the final battle but the producers have stated that there will be around 40 robots.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


The first one "Nuked The Fridge"... I hope this is better. I like the poster!

vic on Jan 9, 2009


nice poster of the fallen i like it i cannot wait for the trailer

alan on Jan 9, 2009


looks like a robotic vagina. lol

darrin on Jan 9, 2009


it's going to be Megatron...I don't understand why people are so puzzled.

Tom v. on Jan 9, 2009


meh...later ones will be better.

scm1000 on Jan 10, 2009


They have enhanced the poster on another site and it looks like anubis the egyptian god, and i hear the final of the film is set at the pyramids is it just me or is there a connection there??

leroy on Jan 12, 2009


who the hell cares bout fallen BS lame ass bitch who cant MEGS have his revenge as his due as sequel? bay dont fuck me, megs is the villain not some obscure guy no one knows MEGS wants revenge, not some fallen puss. also no, the enhanced version does not look like anumbus, but please explain

mr Freeze on Feb 12, 2009

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