Twilight's New Moon Get's an Official Logo Treatment

February 20, 2009
Source: MTV

The Twilight Saga's New Moon

News about the upcoming sequel to last year's Twilight continues to trickle in as the studio creeps towards a November 2009 release. Today, we have a look at the official title and logo treatment for the follow up, thanks to MTV. Leveraging the $360+ million draw from the original movie and ambitions for tween domination - it is, after all, "one of the most anticipated movies… a worldwide phenomenon" - New Moon gets a commercial-savvy prefix: The Twilight Saga's New Moon. Author Stephanie Meyer often used "Twilight Series" to describe the four-book series, but "saga" sounds so much more important, right?

Of course, I'm not the biggest fan of the original movie, so I can't exactly say my breath is baited in anticipation of the saga's next installment. To this day, it's the only movie in which a fellow critic has walked out. The incessant hocking of everything that is Twilight-related doesn't exactly have me reaching for my wallet, either. I love it that Twilight-director Catherine Hardwicke is releasing her "Director's Notebook" only after the "movie made enough money." I imagine it'll be absent of the juicier detailing of some of her reported strife on set, since that wouldn't sell as well. Too bad, I might've actually bought it if it did.

I will, however, reserve some judgment on The Twilight Saga's New Moon since director Chris Weitz (of About a Boy and The Golden Compass) has since taken over this sequel. Hopefully no one is excited?

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Whoever came up with the term 'Twilight Saga' doesn't know what a saga is. It's just a series. Fan just use the term Saga to look smarter. A clue ? It doesn't work. I'm absolutely not excited and I wish this fad would just go away.

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


comment by my friend: "looks like the McCain logo" and I kinda agree... also, this franchise should go die in the ditch it crawled out of.

dave13 on Feb 20, 2009


Real vampires don't sparkle!! I said it!!

TRAILER- Not BROKEN on Feb 20, 2009


ok i know i've expressed some animosity towards the film, twilight, but don't go hating on the novels. yeah the novels are not the best but they are different from your typical vampire novels. i won't go so far to say they're classics but there's still some endearing and interesting qualities about the characters and book. and the way she explains the powers of the vampires and their origins is very reminiscent of the way origins and powers are explained in comic books/graphic novels. it has has me thinking she's a bit of a genre geek as well going beyond vampires. she makes references to superheroes in the book and has a biology teacher named dr. banner. so hate on the film cuz that looks like utter shit but don't hate on the books unless u've actually read them.

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


hahah FIRSTLY: Vampires have fangs and can turn into a bat he cant do either so he must be a retarded vampire hahah SECONDLY: this poster looks like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster

zach on Feb 20, 2009


Meyerpires are indeed different from vampires because they are not vampires. Vampires do not sparkle. Period. Meyer si not a geek has done absolutely no research on the subject or else she would not have created her vampires that are cuddly little weirdos going around all glittery. I won't go around what qualities the books offer because I have found none in what I have read from the books and from the net (Could not read all the books, it was too bad.). This books are a wet dream that managed to get published because they knew teenages would hail it as their bible. Simple as that. My opinion : The film was bad, the books are worse.

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


Meyerpires are indeed different vampires because they are not vampires. Vampires don't sparkle. Period. Smeyer is not geek and she has not done research on her subject or else she would have created vampires that are cuddly little weirdos that glitters and calls themselves vegetarian when they drink blood. I won't talk about the 'endearing and interesting' qualities of the books because I have found none in the books and what I've read on the net. I could not read all of them, it was way too poorly written. It's simply Smeyer's wet dream that she decided to write and managed to get published. Not because it was any good but because they knew that teenagers would love to read their own fantasm of being sweep off their feet by a cold, stalkerish, possessive, mood-swinging vampire. Yep, every teenager's ideal boyfriend... Not. My opinion : The movie is bad. The books are worse.

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


Sorry, double post.

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


I love it....'Meyerpires' ! πŸ™‚

Kevin Powers on Feb 20, 2009


I think that it looks okay. It's gonna make a lot of money, but hopefully it will be becuase it's better than the first.

Bryan on Feb 20, 2009


#8 - this is why fanboys get such a bad rap. utterly close-minded and dismissive. u obviously didn't understand the mood-swings and they were not cute and cuddly vampires. they went hunting for grizzly bears and mountain lions. also the glitter was meant to put their prey in a trance so they would be easier to catch. its interesting how she re-imagined the so-called vampire allure. kinda like how they re-imagine different characters in comic books (i.e. the recent re-imagining of brainiac's origins in action comics or dr. light's return in teen titans). us fanboys need to become more open-minded. it's true there are some flaws but there are some good qualities to it. also people aruge that comic books/graphic novels/actions movies are nothing but power trips for us guys who wish we were more than what we currently are. ur making the same arguements against twilight that other ignorant people make about comic books/graphic novels. they just cater to the subconscious wishes and impulses of their targeted demographic. but we all know comics are more than that. that goes for twilight as well. so i hope i've instilled some cognitive dissonance here. lol. touche to the meyerpires though. that was pretty funny.

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


I did not invent Meyerpires πŸ˜‰ It's the term coined by the Anti-Twilight people πŸ˜‰ So because I don't like Twilight, I am a fanboy ? I don't see the link but nevermind, assuming is one of the favourite argument of Twilighters in a debate. Hm. Yes, they were all cute and cuddly, and sparkly. Not once were they actually scary or even threatening. They have nothing on the past incarnation on vampires. OMG, they're hunting lions and bears ?!!! Dracula was hunting humans. Lestat was hunting humans. Edward is hunting a deer. See the discrepancy ? To be quite honest, I'm not against a re-imagining of the vampire myth in a new light but... Glitter ? Smeyer failed. She ruined vampires. They sparkle in the sun, they are emo, they are the good people. And that's only one thing I have a problem with in the book. (Stalker ? Abuse ? Pedophilia ?) And I am open-minded, I have actually no problem with Twilight in itself (self insert romance), it's actually a novel the same level as the Harlequin books. The problem with Twilight is the phenomena, the buzz and the fans. There would not be any problem with Twilight if it wasn't so popular and if the fan weren't saying 'It's the best book EVAR !', 'It's good literature !' 'How could you not like Twilight ?' so on and so fourth. The problem wiht Twilight is that it is hailed as more than the self-fullfiling/crappish novel that it is. There's many a problem with Twilight than one could quote (poorly written, no plot, no character development) but you know what ? If some people did not claim it was soooo good, the rest would not care. And I would let you know that one thing that makes me dislike Twilight even more is that Smeyer had the guts to criticise Wuthering Heights, Melissa Parr, even say she's better than Shakespeare and that her nice little followers are exactly doing the same, even worse. Oh, double standard in fandom, what a surprise !

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


ok, what re you doing here if you are just bagging on the saga?

An on Feb 20, 2009


Because Alex asked : Hopefully no one is excited? And I gave my opinion πŸ˜‰ (And it's not a saga.)

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


@ cain - was i arguing that it was the best ever? no. i repeatedly said that. check the above posts. i realize it isn't the best ever but it doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. talk about selective reading. ok so maybe i mistakenly assumed wrong about the fanboy part. from my perception though it seems like ur acting like an over-zealous vampire expert. i love how you take those interpretations to heart that there is no room for deviation. someone had a good point: if vampires a mythical, FICTIONAL creatures, is there some sort of "ten commandments" that requires vampires to be portrayed as blood-thirsty monsters. i love those blood thirsty portrayals as well and feel there's enough room for this interpretation. also from watching a natural geographic doc one could argue that grizzly bears and mountain lions can be just as dangerous and ferocious as humans. also the deer hunting part was only one instance. that was a quick fix for edward to resist bella. finally i like how you avoided my second part of my response. and why are u even coming back to this if you hate this so much. we all have a choice. just ignore this and you'll be happy instead of ranting and raving on things u don't enjoy. for example, i hate ben affleck so i stay the fuck away from all his movies and any mention of him. it's that simple. lol. i love that i'm egging you on. hehehe

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


I did not say you did. I did say that the reason why people are so riled up about Twilight, it's because of the undeserving attention it gets. There are far much better books and authors out there that don't get as much spotlight as Twilight. I understand it can be understand to a certain part of the population, even though I can't see what's entertaining in it myself. The problem I have with Twilight is that people are starting to think it's a reference in literature when it's not. Teenage girls are looking for a boyfriend like Edward, they're attacking people for daring to dislike Twilight. I'm not a vampire expert but even I know that Meyerpires are not vampires. Ask anyone (not anti, not fan) and tell them about Meyerpires, especially the SPARKLES, and you'll see the reaction. It's not because it's fictional that there are not some characteristics to the myth that you have to follow. Vampires are blood-thirsty vampires and usually represents something bad. They are not the good guys, all cuddly and glittery like the Cullens. Interpretation and modifications can be done, Smeyer failed because she did no research. It's not about being ferocious or dangerous, it's about the morality. Dracula/Lestat are more dangerous than Eddiekins because they won't hesitate to kill a human to feed. That's the point I was trying to make. I avoided you second part ? I don't how exactly how I avoid it ? The part about the comics/actions ? The difference with Twilight is that 1) while actions/comics attracts girls and guys, Twilight's readership is mainly female. 2) Twilight promotes bad things and teenage girls believe that what happens in the book is good. But if you want to like it, that's fine. (even if weird IMO) Just do go around saying it's 'TEH BEST BUUUK EVAR' (and once again, I'm talking about the fans, not you :D) Did I answer your second part or not ? I'm really asking πŸ™‚ I'm not ranting or raving, I'm simply debating with you. It's rare with a Twilighter πŸ˜‰ (And you know, it's hard to stay away from Twilight since it's pretty much everywhere...) I think in the end, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


@cain - yeah i'll agree to disagree. that's cool. and dude u replied to the post rather quickly. lol also did u c "let the right one in?" all i hear is good things and i'm anxious to c it whenever it hits dvd/blu-ray. will it come out on blu-ray? hopefully. anyways good talking and yeah i do understand the over-reaction so. at least the youngsters are reading again no?

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


i replied quite quickly too lol

andrew on Feb 20, 2009


I did not have the chance to see 'Let the Right One In', it did not play near my town sadly. (That what I get for living in a country with shitty distribution). But from all the people I know who've seen it, I only heard good things πŸ˜‰ I'll give it a try when I can. I used to think any book that makes youngsters read was good. But with Twilight, when I see how fans are reacting, bashing people for not liking it, bashing other books and authors because Smeyer does it, having a spelling and a grammar horrible and asking why it's important for them to write correctly... not forgetting the bashing Stephen King receive after daring to give his opinion, I think it's conditioning them in liking only on Twilight and lowering their books standards. But not all of them, fortunately. Sane Twilighters do exist πŸ˜‰

Cain on Feb 20, 2009


the script that shows twilight for what it really is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! while you're on the site check out the script for WANTED. ALSO REALLY REALLY FUNNY POSSIBLY THE FUNNIEST THINK YOU MIGHT READ IN THE INTERNET. IF THERE IS ANYTHING FUNNIER SEND ME THE LINK.

mike on Feb 20, 2009


Fans refer to it as the Twilight Series but it was the publisher, Little Brown, that started calling it the Twilight Saga when it was picking up momentum a couple years ago. I hate the saga part and I wish they had just gone with new moon. I do like that they changed the color from blue to yellow/orange. I have high hopes for weitz and I think he has a great opportunity to improve on the franchise with new moon as twilight definitely had its problems.

Janet on Feb 20, 2009


To Cain... Wow, you are being really pathetic. If you dislike Twilight so much, why do you spend so much time debating the topic with others? Get a life. Why do you enjoy trying to ruin the book for people who love it? To some people, Twilight brings great joy and excitement and it seems like you're just trying to take that joy and excitement away from them by trying to convince them how bad the movie and books really are. Honestly, would a decent human being do something like that? Sorry to put it so harshly but your comments have really angered me because they're narrow minded and don't convey much truth. So please spend your time in finding good aspects of things and not the bad. If you do, you'll live a much happier life and you wouldn't be such a sour person. (and btw, there's no such thing as vampires, especially not in the way that people have made them out to be, i.e Dracula. therefore Stephenie Meyer's version of vampires cannot be incorrect, just different.)

Roxanne on Feb 21, 2009


#23 Whoa. Pathetic ? 'not a decent humain being' ? 'Sour Person' ? Did you need to insult me to get your point across ? A simple 'I disagree with you point of view and I'm going to tell you why' would have been enough. The little debate had been nice and police, why did you have to go and insult me ? I'm not trying to ruin the book for people who loved it, like critics aren't trying to ruin a book/movie when they criticise it. Neither am I trying to convince them that the books are bad. (Even though they are, and a part of the fans do recognise that it is bad.) What is it with Twilight that you can't criticise it or else you don't have a life, you're a freak or you're mean and plenty of others nice assumptions. I just don't understand. Why is it so bad to give your opinion on Twilight ? Or it's only okay when you say good things about it ? Yes, because I dare to criticise Twilight, I'm narrow-minded. I know the song, thank you. I heard it enough. I'm not a sour person because I'm able to find good and bad aspects of things. And I would prefer if you would not assume I'd live a happier live if I were a little brainless follower. Being able to criticise what you like is a good thing. I've read books and seen movies that were sometimes awful, poorly-written. And I know it, and I can talk about it. I don't see what's wrong in it. (No really ? There's no such thing as a vampire ? Thank you so much, without you I wouldn't have know ! Seriously, if you don't want to see that Meyerpires aren't vampires, that's your prerogative but don't take me for a fool.)

Cain on Feb 21, 2009


This argument about what is a true vampire seems so asinine to me and there is no part of me that can understand this debate. Books and movies have used aliens for years and nobody ever says, "well that's not a real alien because the first time aliens were ever used they were like that's how they are". In Van Helsing weren't there flying vampire women who had wings and were blue and they flew around in the daylight? So were they not vampires either? Did people have this same debate when that movie came out. It seems so juvenile to say that a mythical being can only be one way and no one is allowed to reinvent that. Sorry but come on this argument is so silly...

Janet on Feb 21, 2009


Twilight is probably the most dangerous movie ever made. Those sparkling vegetarian "vampires" will reduce the vampire lore to a swamp tasting antipasto, without the main course (I think I'll throw up). Tween girls around the world, dreaming of an ubermench, will not accept a decent guy with all natural flaws. Worst of all. The mormon double moral standards will escalate. I feel sick. Were can I find a decent vampire story that takes place in our own society, our own reality, with a real bloodsucking creature, driven by thirst of fresh human blood, who seduces and/or kills real believable characters. Were? I'm longing for that story so much.

Backfire on Feb 21, 2009


@ #26 -- Have you seen 'Let the Right One In' ? Brilliant film

kevin on Feb 22, 2009


I think it's funny how some people say "the vampires in the twilight series aren't like real vampires."Guys have you ever thought that vampires aren't real? So Stephenie Meyer can make them however she wants.And as Janet says Books and movies have used aliens for years and nobody ever says, "well that's not a real alien because the first time aliens were ever used they were like this…so that's how they are". So why are people suddenly now saying "vampires dont sparkle and they aren't really like they are in twlight" It seems stupid to me and doesnt make much sense.

Me on Mar 9, 2009


The term is "bated breath" not "baited". *rolls eyes*

Laurelei on Apr 24, 2009


I love Twight and I cna not wait tio see the movie the new moon

Baleigh on May 10, 2009


Have you guys checked out the new trailer?? Man it looks awesome!!! The wolf transformation is wicked!

One Piece on Jun 5, 2009

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