Two More Actors Join the Cast of Kenneth Branagh's Thor

September 23, 2009

Jaimie Alexander and Colm Feore

The last we heard about Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Marvel's Thor was the official casting of the always beautiful and talented Natalie Portman as love interest Jane Foster. Since then, the casting couch has been relatively quiet (as far as we know) until today's announcement from THR adding Colm Feore (seen in Season 7 of "24") and Jaimie Alexander (seen in ABC Family's "Kyle XY") to the cast. They join the already cast Chris Hemsworth (as Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (as the villain Loki), but as with all of Marvel's productions, not even the hammer of Thor can get us anymore than a tidbit of info on these characters.

The beautiful Jaimie Alexander will take on the role of Sif, an Asgardian warrior who also shares Thor's love interest, but whose strength should not be underestimated by any man. Feore's role is being kept under tight wraps (apparently actors aren't even being sent an entire script), but the word on the street is that his role is a villainous one. The story follows the Norse god Thor, whose cocky, arrogant attitude sparks an ancient war causing him to be cast to Earth as punishment. Only when the most dangerous villain of Thor's world sends the dark forces of Asgard to invade Earth does Thor realize what it takes to step up and be a real hero.

It's not my intention to rag on this film even before cameras have started rolling, but I'd be lying if I said I was excited about this film at all.  Honestly, Thor isn't all that interesting of a character to me, and while the choice of Kenneth Branagh as director certainly caught my attention, it's going to take one hell of a trailer for me to put my full support behind this as a moviegoer. Do you think Thor can bring the thunder?

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Difficult to say... I think as a comic book character it's obvious that Thor is well established and has a loyal fan base. But in the movie system it's always about $$$ and much too often the sytem bastardises what it was that made something successful in the first place. I like what marvel is doing with the whole individual set up for the Avengers and I hope it works because the movie system not only needs to find some integrity but has to realise that not everything is a cash cow, but that's just my 2 cents. Bottom line is every now and then we are served a decent franchise for us not to lose too much faith: Star Wars / Indy / Lord of the rings / Harry Potter / Batman (Nolan's vision).

bobby on Sep 23, 2009


Thor could make for possibly the best Marvel movie in my opinion. I think it's a movie that could be fun and filled with real moral issues, balancing the two better than Iron Man did, which was more fun oriented. The movie is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, possibly the most critically acclaimed director to take on a superhero movie.

samir on Sep 23, 2009


the cast is coming along quite nicely,they need to cast the enchantress that would be fucking awesome.i don't know about anyone else but i can't fucking wait for this fucking see thor vs the hulk in this film or the avengers is going to be fuck me great.

zetsu on Sep 23, 2009


Outside of DC's Sgt. Rock and Flash, Thor is really the only other favourite left that I've always wanted to see turned into a movie. It has all the potential to become a huge hit for Marvel and I'm really looking forward to it.

Brian on Sep 23, 2009


Thor could easil b great but a god superhero that isn't superman is a tough sell, I mean I know superman isn't a god but essentially he is. Thors hair and helmet is really going to be the toughest sell, at it's most basic level Thor feels antquated, fortunately they have a great director who knows how to get great character acting that isn't i don't think Thor will suck, however, I liked chronicles of riddick but it wasn't bcause of macbethian Colm feore, that guy really hammed it up. Dunno abot the girl...the movie is going to be a tough money personality involved, marketing will be hard, nEed to express the classic fun side of the narrative, seperate this from all of the terrible nordic viking movies, you don't want anyone comparing this to outlander of pathfinder

Linkfx on Sep 23, 2009


Linkx I have to disagree with your view that Thor's hair and helmet will be a tough sell. Have you forgotten about that little trilogy called Lord of the Rings? Nothing but hair and helmets!

Sanka on Sep 23, 2009


I guess they made this movie in lieu of the upcoming "Avengers" movie, Iron man and Incredible hulk were already out and Captain America is next and together with Thor.

Chase on Sep 23, 2009


I'm absolutely excited for this movie. I think the problem some people have with Thor is that they're trying to look at him as just another "Superhero" character. And that's totally the wrong attitude. Thor is an epic fantasy story, it just exists in the Marvel universe. If and when Thor joins the Avengers [movie], THEN you can look at it as a superhero tale. But by then you should already appreciate Thor as a mythical figure, and seeing him together with the mortal heroes of Earth should create all kinds of new experiences and team dynamics. What makes Thor interesting as an Avenger is that he's really NOT on the same level as them, but he partners up with them out of a respect for honor, courage, and Justice. ---

DRM on Sep 23, 2009


I really have no care for this. Thor is not a "superhero"...he's a god. Marvel terribly screwed up a mythological story for the sake of nothing. They didn't have a Superman, so this is the best they could come up with, something unoriginal. I love Marvel, this character is just quite pointless. But speaking of Thor, it reminded me of Captain Universe. That could be a cool movie if Marvel ever got the rights back for all the characters.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 23, 2009


Thor will be awesome leading up to The Avengers.

MCat on Sep 23, 2009


i think if it is done well, then it wont be difficult to sell. Even though im not much of a fan im interested in this movie cause it has the superhero and fantasy aspect in it. i can't wait to see how Kenneth Branagh brings the two worlds together. There has been other cheap movies based on thor the god of ligthing before but they are all based on the fantasy part of it. so im pretty excited to see how it turns out. can't wait until the trailer comes out.

eric estrada on Sep 23, 2009


I cannot wait for THOR. I believe it has the ability to be better than the rest. It will not be cartoonish, but will have realism. Loki is badass and was always one of my favorite characters. I have seen him take the form of a muscled beast and that of the slippery tongue antagonist. Cannot wait, I am curious to see who the stylize the filming? Gritty with flares? Dark almost 300 style? Crisp clean with dark undertones? Cant wait!!!

Seth on Sep 23, 2009


Marvel Studios haven't steered me wrong yet. I love how they're making movies no other major studio would make AND making movies that no one has ever seen before. they're going into unchartted territories. a Norse god movie, a WW2 superhero movie and a crossover superhero movie. Marvel knows what they're doing.

CL on Sep 23, 2009


The mythology could be little much for people, and maybe even me, but Thor sounds like the most difficult character to bring to the big screen. I say the people behind this have their work cut out for them. But still I would love to see Thor on the big scree.

Efrain on Sep 23, 2009


I still think the casting of Thor himself is horrible. Chris Hemsworth? He looks nothing like how I'd picture a Norse god. I seriously thought Alexander Skarsgard had it. A shame. A real shame.

bebop on Sep 23, 2009


I'm in agreement with Ethan here...not excited at all...this has one prayer of working and that is if they keep all this Norse gods BS in its own world...but bring it here to our time and it is just another gay comic book...surely there must be some valid scripts out there to put this money to good use on...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Sep 23, 2009

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