Uh Oh, Saw VII to Be in 3D - Have They Jumped the Shark?

July 31, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

David Hackl - Saw

I think they've finally jumped the shark this time. I was okay with Lionsgate continuing the Saw franchise for upwards of 10 movies. I was okay with them constantly bringing back Jigsaw from the dead and/or rehashing him with flashbacks. But now they're going 3D? That's not okay! ShockTillYouDrop reports from the premiere of The Collector last night that Saw VII (the next sequel due out in 2010) will be in 3D. Apparently co-writer Marcus Dunstan (who directed The Collector) told them that they've decided to go 3D starting with the seventh Saw movie and have been working in advance to prepare the technical side of it.

Apparently the reason why Saw VII was announced so early (they normally wait until October once the latest movie is out and has made them buckets of money) was because they needed to start preparing to shoot everything in 3D - now we know. Former Saw production designer David Hackl is returning from directing Saw V (but not Saw VI) to direct Saw VII. This franchise is full of gimmicks, I get that, but they really didn't need to go 3D. If anything, this could kill the franchise (no pun intended), and that's no way to go out. They should've stuck with their guns - no need to fix what isn't broken. What gives, Liongsate?!

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3D or not ....Saw sucks

bltzie on Jul 31, 2009


It's Saw VII, and you're only now asking if they've jumped the shark?

Daft on Jul 31, 2009


I noticed this actually when going into the article, all the related articles talk about the Eagle and the Shark lol

Movieraider321 on Jul 31, 2009


It has already jumped like 20 fucking sharks since 4 saws ago.

Yoji on Jul 31, 2009


I just think the picture that was posted looks like he is directing the puppet. Silly man!

Seductive Flamingo on Jul 31, 2009


Wow seriously Al3x, you're saying it's 3D that's going to make it jump the shark, so they shouldn't do it? Hell it's probably the best thing to do with the series now. If people dug My Bloody Valentine for the 3D then this will surely be a hit. Here's a funny opinion from me though, all the Saws have sucked after 1 except for 5. That one was actually good. Shocking but folks should give it a go if they're ever bored and know the overarching story from the previous ones.

Will Dearborn on Jul 31, 2009


wait, didn't they jump the shark after like saw2?

rene russo on Jul 31, 2009


Oh, jesus. I remember the times when Saw was a great, great indie horror flick that took everyone by surprise. Hell, it's one of my favorites, on its own. Now...I don't even want to think about it. Still should see IV and V though...see how bad it got.

ariel on Jul 31, 2009


"jumped the shark."

Xerxex on Jul 31, 2009


they've jumped the shark with the last 3 movies!!!! the only thing left for the "saw" series is for rob zombie to do a remake of seriously, saw 3/4/5 all suck in a huuuuuuuuuge way. i won't even bother putting another "saw" movie on my netflix queue!

dan on Jul 31, 2009


Sounds alright if done well

movie mike on Jul 31, 2009


How is 3-D going to make this movie any worse?

Doug on Jul 31, 2009


Alex Billington - the only blogger who actually cares about the Saw franchise. I know you have bad taste in movies, but really, you're actually upset that Saw 7 will be in 3-D?

Jake on Jul 31, 2009


They jumped the shark in pre-production of Saw 1.

Corey on Jul 31, 2009


I didn't know it was shark week again!

Sancho on Jul 31, 2009


jumped halfway thru the first one, the shits.

bartc3 on Jul 31, 2009


Sharks are coo. But, seriously. Bandwagon. Saw never had any deaths/traps where 3D would really make them cooler. I agree not to go 3D. But, if they were to go back and show what's her name's head get blown off by that collar in 3D. I'll buy that for a dollar. I'm one of them retards that still digs the Saw films. Mostly because they're crazy deaths and good gore. Yum.

Morgan Messersmith on Jul 31, 2009


Granted, I feel like the second one is a let down. I even liked V over that one.

Morgan Messersmith on Jul 31, 2009


Awesome! This is why I'm going to see FD in 3D! Death in 3D, this will be great. Creative death at that! Is there really any other reason to watch these? They're campy fun and anyone actually dissing it like it's some great horror franchise and out to make history (aside from so many sequels so quickly) is simple an idiot. SAW was great, new, and had everything. It's like they threw that away and said, let's kill people, but not just with a machete like those shit slasher films. These guys are awesome!

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 31, 2009


you say tomato i say tomato tomato... tomato! you say jumped the shark i say nuked the fridge jumped the shark... nuked the fridge! fuck Saw

DoomCanoe on Jul 31, 2009



Blue Silver on Jul 31, 2009


I really hope that Lionsgate gets all the negative response from this and decides to forego 3D. IN truth, they should have forgone David Hackl and tried to bring back Daryn Lyn Bousman; he really made Saw a franchise.

Big Red Moose on Aug 1, 2009


3D is crap anyway and has cheapened MANY films throughout the years way back into the 70's. i am not and never will be a fan of 3D or any movie done that way. i still watch the saw series despite all the detractors, but any film done in 3D loses some flair and this fad will pass just like it did before and for the same reason....IT SUCKS!!

thejugfather on Aug 2, 2009


we all say 3d doesn't work, but i am pretty sure james cameron is going to proove us wrong when avatar hits in a couple of months. if they have been preparing this long, the technology side of it, then it can work. because they have the established story telling quality behind them, so it wont be like it will be over-gimicky.

Stuart Mellor on Aug 2, 2009


as long as good writing keeps the film any good, i don't mind 3-d on a side note... i think "jump the shark" is too tvesque, why not "nuke the fridge" as one of firstshowing's writers appropiately pointed out

gallookie on Aug 3, 2009


They jumped the shark, or nuked the fridge at SAW 2....these movies just got shittier and shittier as they went on...

Google the Oct8pus on Aug 5, 2009


The irony is that being stuck in a theater for 2 hours watching a Saw movie is just like being trapped in one of the torture devices Jugsaw would have come up with....

Google the Oct8pus on Aug 5, 2009


Don't put Saw VII in 3D. The Saw movies are all ready Awesome as it is

john on Nov 30, 2009

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