Universal Grabs Rashida Jones' Comic Book Frenemy of the State

October 14, 2009

Rashida Jones - Frenemy of the State

As countless graphic novels and comic books are being translated to film, one can't help but notice that there isn't much of a female presence in the pages or on the screen of these adaptations. Most of the stories are written and feature predominantly masculine themes and characters. This may be attributed to the fact that female-driven films like Aeon Flux, Catwoman and Elektra haven't been the strongest performers with critics and box office alike. But Variety reports that both the female written and driven graphic novel series Frenemy of the State from actress Rashida Jones (I Love You, Man) is headed to the big screen.

Brian Grazer (Imagine Entertainment) and Eric Gitter (Closed on Mondays) are producing the story which "revolves around a young wealthy heiress who works undercover for the CIA."  Jones co-wrote the original comic and will co-write the script for the film along with actor Will McCormack (of ABC's "Brothers and Sisters"). While the two also worked on the script Celeste and Jesse Forever, an Overture Films project with Jones set to star, she says that Frenemy was not intended to be a role for her to star in. As she tells Variety:

"It's intended for a girl much younger than me, about age 20, an interesting age for girls as they make that scary jump to adulthood. She has lived a life of privilege, attended the best schools and learned every language, but her obsession with spying on exes gets her into trouble and she is recruited to be a spy in exchange for not going to prison. There is a comic element to it, this girl who is so conscious of social standing and wearing the right shoes, suddenly becoming responsible for these dangerous, life-threatening missions."

Sounds like Disney's "Kim Possible" got into some serious trouble and now has to figure out what outfit to wear and who's ass she's going to kick while wearing it. I'm all for more female-driven action concepts, because let's face it, films like The Dark Knight and Spider-Man are great, but it'd be nice if us guys didn't have to see primarily muscular men in tight spandex and rubber form-fitting suits fighting crime. Agree?

If you're interested, you can find out more about Rashida Jones' comic series Frenemy of the State over on the Nerdage blog. Oni Press just announced this series would be forthcoming back at Comic-Con this year.

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this is cool, i'm really diggin Rashida Jones

Solo Dolo Polo on Oct 14, 2009


I will watch anything involving Rashida Jones - beautiful, smart, funny... AND she writes comic books? I swoon. Plus, maybe this will help her nab that Lois Lane role the next time they get around to rebooting the Superman franchise.

Pete the Geek on Oct 14, 2009


Wow... Ethan, your writing surpasses the usual First showing fare in terms of both skill and blatant sexism. Congrats?

Bobby on Oct 14, 2009


Blatant sexism? About a week or two ago there was a post on what makes a great female role model. Easy there Bobby Rashida is definitely going to make more and more of an impact since I Love You, Man.

Nick Sears on Oct 14, 2009


Pete the Geek - totally called it with her playing Lois Lane. She's perfect!

Nick Sears on Oct 14, 2009


Pete the Geek i doubt she will be casted to be Lois Lane cause the comic book fanboys will go crazy saying Rashida Jones aint fully white. but anyway i think she could play Lois Lane.

dan on Oct 14, 2009


Rashida is also awesome on Parks and Recreation

LW on Oct 14, 2009


I'm with #4, Bobby... Please clarify the blatant sexism in my article that points out the disappointing lack of strong female characters and writers in the abundance of graphic novels and comic books being adapted to screen. I want to see more of them, and it's not just from a typical male stand-point of wanting to see sexy women kick ass. Towards the end of the post my statement about the character finding the right outfit to kick ass in is in direct reference to Rashida's statement, "There is a comic element to it, this girl who is so conscious of social standing and wearing the right shoes, suddenly becoming responsible for these dangerous, life-threatening missions." As for my complaining about the plethora of physically fit male heroes and characters, it's no different than females pointing out the lack of female superheroes. So, please clarify what you mean. Thanks,

Ethan Anderton on Oct 14, 2009


Dan if Jones was casted as Lois Lane I think the fanboys would be okay, she is extremely talented. As for the graphic novel premise, it sounds excellent. Anderton don't worry about Bobby, your article's so far are pretty damn good, but it wouldn't be good journalism if someone didn't bitch about it right?

Xerxex on Oct 14, 2009


Thanks, Xerxex! I appreciate the support, and I'll try to keep up the good work! Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Oct 14, 2009


I like Rashida Jones a lot, but as a fan of comics I'm not so thrilled for this movie. Theres been a trend of non-comics fans particulary celebrities who'll cash in on the comic craze and make a comic solely for the purpose to use as a pitch for a movie. Tyrese Gibson and his Mayhem comic come to mind, his book didn't do well, the guy lashes out on the fandom and makes silly claims like he is innovating web comics like it's a "new idea" plus he out right states he's doing it to generate a vehicle for a movie franchise for himself. Rosario Dawson is doing something similiar although she has a comics background. The Sylar guy, seth Green, William Kat...etc.. People who are not actual fans of the medium are exploiting it for personal gain, I feel when you do that you get a low quality product.

PimpSlapStick on Oct 14, 2009


- Shoots self in face -

SlashBeast on Oct 14, 2009


@Xerxex i know Jones is talented but it has been proven many times when a character been played by someone with a different race fanboys will start going crazy about it. doesnt matter how talented the actor is or not.

dan on Oct 14, 2009


well then I say fuck the fanboys, talent is the only thing that matters and if the fanboys cannot accept a different look then to hell with them. I'm a superman lover and would love to see Jones as Lois Lane, hell she'd beat out Kate Bosworth, but at the same time changing the entire look and feel of a comic is an insult...I just hope they do a good job on Frenemy of the State.

Xerxex on Oct 14, 2009


Rashida as Lois Lane? I can see it, but I've always thought Robin Tunney would make a great Double L.

PimpSlapStick on Oct 14, 2009


ooh yeah Tunney would make a great LL.

Xerxex on Oct 14, 2009


The only bothersome bit about all this is that the comic book hasn't even been published yet. Their making a film based on, so-far, an idea and nothing more. By the way First Showing folk, you should keep your eyes on Rich Johnston's comic book blog Bleeding Cool. He's the comics equivalent of Nikki Finke--

Ivan on Oct 14, 2009


I've always wondered what it's like for girls like Rashida to have a wealthy father and waking up every morning knowing everything is taken care of.

raquelswell on Oct 15, 2009


Rashida Jones would make the best Lois Lane, hands down. I was sold by her performance in the office. As for the race thing, well Margot Kidder isn't exactly the whitest girl in town. I'd say Rashida resembles Margot a lot more than Kate did. Plus, she has the CHARACTER. Another good choice would be Robin Tunney (the lawyer from "Prison Break"), although I don't think she had Rashida's presence or charisma.

TareX on May 22, 2010


rashida jones would be my pick for lois lane. being black doesn't matter. why can't lois lane be black.?? my other choice would be Rebecca Hall.

nafa on Feb 1, 2011

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