Universal's Bruno Gets an R Rating from the MPAA

April 17, 2009

Bruno - Rated R

We last reported that the outrageous and soon-to-be controversial comedy Bruno had received an NC-17 rating from the MPAA on its first pass. Of course, Universal was going to edit the film and submit it again, so that news wasn't a statement that they would try to release it as is. On the other hand, we mentioned it as a way of saying that Bruno would indeed be as completely crazy as we're all hoping. Universal has confirmed as of yesterday that Bruno now has an official R rating this time around, for "pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language." Sounds like we're in for some more blurred body parts.

We already all saw the trailer for Bruno a few weeks ago, so we know some of what we're in for, but I'm sure there's a whole more that we don't know about yet. I can't wait to see the backlash this is going to receive and the lawsuits that will be filed once it hits. I know there are going to be plenty of pissed off people and it should be a fun summer just to watch how all of that plays out. I've heard from some early test screenings (including one last night) that there are scenes with full-frontal nudity, and like the naked fight scene in Borat, I'm assuming they had to blur out some of that to get the R rating. We'll find out on July 10th!

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The MPAA blows. More reasons to wait & rent the inevitably unrated/unedited version.

Voice of Reason on Apr 17, 2009


Ha ha, bruno will be good no matter what. I'm not that bothered about seeing his wanger.

Crapola on Apr 17, 2009


I can't wait for the unrated DVD.

Widescreen Wonderland on Apr 17, 2009


"Sounds like we're in for some more blurred body parts." You call this shit journalism?

anonymous on Apr 17, 2009


Remember the steam bath fight scene in Eastern Promises? I don't think they blurred anything. It was just well filmed.

zubzwank on Apr 17, 2009


The Eastern Promises scene wasn't blurred.

Sam on Apr 17, 2009


cant wait for this, you can see more bruno stuff at well funny

BOB on Apr 18, 2009


Looks like another film feauring redundant, disgusting male genital exposure. Has Hollywood gone completely gay ???? Enough of all this male frontal nudity. It is time to start seeing equal amounts of female frontal nudity too.

Tim1974 on Jun 2, 2009


We shouldnt see any of it...that is disgusting and it's destroying the morality of America!

Sam on Jun 25, 2009


Why are endless amounts of nude women allowed to be shown and given an R rating, yet showing penis gets NC-17 and they have to blurr out parts to get it down to R. Total inequality. It's time for equal rights.

Laura on Jun 26, 2009


For every nude female regardless if it is breasts or vag, there should be a completely nude male. No dark shadows or covering up of goods. Or they need to get rid of nudity all together in film and leave it for the porn industry. Women have had to deal with the unfairness forever, it's about time they start showing some dick.

Lynn on Jun 26, 2009


Lynn- Your comments are so much crap. Get the facts, do some research. First, showing breasts does not equal showing a penis. Only showing a vagina is equal to showing a penis. Second, there has been much more male frontal nudity than female frontal nudity. What it is time for is equality nudity and stop this double standard towards males. It is time to see as much vagina as they show penis.

Tim1974 on Jun 28, 2009


Can anyone name a single, recent mainstream film in which female GENITALIA is filmed. Pubic hair does not count. Heck, we barely see women's butts these days -- just breasts.

Str8Dude on Jul 6, 2009


what kind of female nudity is in the movie?

tds on Jul 8, 2009


# 12 Tim 1974-In Short Cuts (1993), you get a pretty good look at Julianne Moore's lady place.

zubzwank on Jul 9, 2009


I just saw Bruno. There is no way it should be rated R. I expected the same amount of nudity.simulated sex as Borat. I was surprised. This should be rated NC 17 if not X. That doesn't mean I wouldn't see it, but R is a ridiculous rating.

dani on Jul 10, 2009


I lost faith in the MPAA a looong time ago.

edge on Jul 22, 2009


This sick crap film needs NC-17 rating, hands down or X. THIS IS NOT AN R FILM. How can we complain about this? im not kidding. Many of the adults i know are very offended, and do not think this is a proper R rated film. DO NOT ALLOW FILMS LIKE THIS TO BE RATED R

Gold on Oct 10, 2009

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