USA Today's Comic-Con Preview: District 9, Iron Man 2 Photos

July 22, 2009
Source: USA Today

Iron Man 2

We know that Comic-Con kicks off today (and we'll be there!) but we've got one more last-minute update from USA Today. The newspaper has two more last-minute sneak peek articles with a few more new photos from two movies: District 9 and Iron Man 2. We've seen a lot of photos from both of these movies recently, but these photos are still pretty damn cool to see, especially if you're getting excited for all that's going down in the next few days (and that's exactly what we are). With that said, I don't think I need to introduce either of these at all, so dive right in and check out the new photos! Click on any below for more.

Iron Man 2Iron Man 2

"This is about the toughest group there is to impress," Robert Downey Jr. says. "They're watching your footage, every one of them waiting to Twitter whether you suck." Oh Downey, you never fail to amuse! "You can't underestimate how powerful this group is," Favreau says of the Comic-Con crowd that will be gathered on Saturday afternoon in the infamous Hall H to see what he's going to show us from Iron Man 2. "It's an unlimited press corps, all of them knowing how to communicate in a digital age. The geeks have inherited the Earth, and that's good news for us." We'll be there with very high hopes. Head to USA Today for more.

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I personally don't like Ironman. yech. Im hyped for Deadpool and Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds.

Scott on Jul 22, 2009


I didnt like Ironman too. I actually fell asleep in the movie theater. Yeah call me weird but I did. It seemed boring to me. But Im sure IM2 will rock my socks off. Same with Transformers. I fell asleep watching the the first movie. And for some strange and odd reason, I actually like, really liked, TF2. I guess Im just a weird guy.

Michael Jackson Forever on Jul 22, 2009


Ironman is cool at times but it is overated.

David C on Jul 22, 2009


To hell with all you guys. Ironman was a f**king cool movie. bring on Ironman 2!!

Last Son on Jul 22, 2009


Will the trailer come soon?

Robbie on Jul 22, 2009


TRON 2 trailer please!!!!!!!!

esophus on Jul 22, 2009


The first Ironman rocked. Both in suit and out of suit Tony Stark rocked. I can't wait for the second one.

Ostilad on Jul 22, 2009


cant be mad at ironman

Trey on Jul 22, 2009


whoo those pics were alrite but im really excited 4 iron man and wats tron never heard of it besides they making a second 1

quez on Jul 22, 2009


If anyone is a comic book nerd and did not like Iron Man, well then you are not a comic nerd. Iron Man is one of the best comic movies to date. Along side with SpiderMan 1 and 2, X-men 1 and 2, Batman Begins and Batman Returns. Iron Man hit everthing you needed to know. It had the right amount of comedy VS action. It told the story and back story with out them rushing it. IM2 will not only be better, it will rock so hard that your head will fall in your lap. Also Transformers 2 was good minus two robots and bad editing.

AllmightyKeim on Jul 22, 2009


anyone that rather watch ryan reynolds play the green lantern is lame. the ironman franchise was well thought out and is keeping it going. ryan reynolds ruined wolverine. he was horrible as deadpool, and is going to be worse as the green lantern

chiefwonton on Jul 22, 2009


RDJ looks beat up. Rourke whooping probably?

Cat on Jul 22, 2009


sorry but iron man was lame, too much posteuring by rdj, the scene where he saved himself/america from the evil terrorists, was when i left. but hey theres another movie that could prove me wrong... tron will be on my list regardless (been waiting years for it)

muggins on Jul 22, 2009


banner picture looks like he was in a race car accident

Rick on Jul 22, 2009


AMEN to # 11 If you want see a prequel to Ryan Renolds portrayal of Deadpool in Wolverine watch Blade III. He's the damn exact person in it. So if you think Green Latern and Deadpool will be cool think again. Doods gonna one line both of them without those quirky jokes (puke!)

chad on Jul 22, 2009


While I agree with you #11, Ryan Reynolds should not be blamed for ruining wolverine....the whole script, and wait everything about the movie ruined wolverine. But on topic that gun is fucking sweet, cant say much about the IM2 shots nothing new. Yeah #2 I know alot of people like that they just didnt understand why people liked it so much and the answer to that is the first ironman was all about character development, it was brilliant. Too many people when they were walking in were expecting an action fest and that just not what it was all about. Plus #13 thats just retarded every superhero has to have that pivotal transformation scene where they turn from average joe to superhero and thats what that was you must hate superhero movies.

Cody on Jul 22, 2009



Xerxex on Jul 22, 2009


Iron Man was freaking awesome, you haters are wrong. I've been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. forever. I've watched the movie 6 times.

zibo fricka on Jul 22, 2009


i havent lost faith in reynolds yet for deadpool, but i do see it as a mistake to have the same actor headlining two superheros within the same timeframe. for instance, everybody had to make a shift with christian bale as batman and the john conner. they should have reynolds work on deadpool and then sign a sam worthinton type for green lantern. and ironman 2 will be fantastic, just as witty, humorous and action packed as the first.

AC on Jul 22, 2009


Ironman had a lot of cool stuff, namely the suit and Downey Jr but it needed to be longer and have a far more original and kickass action scenes.

Payne by name on Jul 22, 2009


I loved iron man, but i'm disapointed in the line up of all the marvel movies for the avengers. Hulk and iron man looked alike. Hulk + enemy was also derived from hulk but then bigger. Iron man small suit, enemy had bigger suit. It kinda broke the good movies for me. What doesn't make me wanna say it sucked. I just hope this time they can do bigger and better. And for now it seems that IM2 will rock.

box3r on Jul 22, 2009


#1 is exactly the reason comic book movies typically suck. The masses don't like well thought out, intricate, and true to the source material comic films. If you poop out some trite film that says its a comic character, and put in Van Wilder thats enough for most...I bet you anything this clown hasnt read an issue of either Deadpool or Green Lantern, he just likes Van Wilder...Go watch your bootlegged copy of Wolverine Origins and take some nyquil, it might make it watchable.

Matthew on Jul 22, 2009


RDJ looks in great shape.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2009



memphistyler on Jul 22, 2009


I liked Iron Man, but it was overrated, it was little more than a standard action film, nothing really inventive, nowhere near as revolutionary as it was being made out to be. The sequel still looks like a mess but I'll hold out.

SlashBeast on Jul 22, 2009


Iron Man was not overrated in the least. Favreau is a genious, and he made a nearly B list superhero completely captivating. Iron Man 2 is one I really looking forward to, and this is from a guy who didn't know who Tony Stark was until Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 years ago. That and the addition of Don Cheadle. Nice.

Mark on Jul 22, 2009

27 guys.. Seriously. Ironman is overrated and dull. It's just that ironman is too overpowered and too much of a rich twat.. he just doesn't get to me. Deadpool and Green Lantern on the other hand are interesting.

Scott on Jul 22, 2009


Isn't anyone gonna question what #13 said? About how it's all about Iron Man saving America from the evil terrorists? Because it wasn't at all about that. In fact had you stayed to the end of the movie, you'd have seen that his own company was arming them, and the real villain was an american (And I suppose capitalism).

Aldonn on Jul 23, 2009


Yeah, Iron Man was overrated.

Governor on Jul 28, 2009


It’s not normally our forte as a fashion/pop culture site, but we interviewed Sharlto Copley from District 9 as our feature today and got some solid stuff. There’s a scene where you’re forced to shoot alien weapons in a test lab. What was that like? It was incredibly intense. The guy playing the doctor was great. You can see he’s actually hitting me in the scene, and he really smacked me around. He was just really good at provoking me. The shooting [of the film] involved me often being tied down, constrained, so just wearing me down—physically and emotionally. That scene was the same thing. What was it like working with the alien arm? It was so helpful to have that prosthetic on me. Not having acted, and going into the movie not knowing how my character was gonna be when this transformation happens—I knew him at the beginning, I didn’t know how he was gonna end—and being able to sit through makeup, zoning out listening to music would really steer me to the character. You just look at yourself and immediately there was a feeling of what that character is. It played a massive role for me in helping steer what the character was going to become. More here:

Marie on Jul 31, 2009


District 9 sucked. It took an hour to get to the point, by which time I was heading to the door. And the geniuses who made the movie could never decide if District 9 was a Monty Python deal or a piece of serious social commentary. And their indecision showed. The ticket should have cost $5 instead of $10 to foreshadow the midpoint walkout by the theatergoer...

daleandersen on Sep 2, 2009

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