Very Short First Teaser for Roman Polanski's The Ghost

August 14, 2009

The Ghost Teaser

You might not know (or forgot), but Polish-French director Roman Polanski has been working on a new film titled The Ghost since last year. We wrote about it a few times while it was casting, but that's about it. Ewan McGregor stars as a ghostwriter hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister played by Pierce Brosnan. This teaser appeared recently on the official website for The Ghost (that I didn't even know existed until now) found at: For a 15-second teaser, it looks fantastic, and I'm definitely very interested in seeing more from this. Glad to have Polanski back again.

Watch the first teaser for Roman Polanski's The Ghost:

[flv: 594 334]

For more information on The Ghost, visit the official site at:

The Ghost is directed by acclaimed Oscar winning Polish-French filmmaker Roman Polanski, of films like When Angels Fall, Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, Frantic, The Ninth Gate, The Pianist, and Oliver Twist most recently. The screenplay was co-written by Polanski and novelist Robert Harris. This is based on Harris' own novel of the same name. Summit Entertainment is planning on bringing The Ghost to theaters sometime in 2010, although a release date has not been set. We'll let you know when they set one.

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well that was stupid... thanks

DoomCanoe on Aug 14, 2009


What the hell? Don't get me wrong, Polanksi is one to watch, but... What's the point here?

Mark on Aug 14, 2009


Polanski is not a French director, he's Polish director - but he live in France. It's a big difference.

Janett on Aug 14, 2009


Stupid? Come on... It was a short teaser. There is no "point" to it, it's just to show you a very, very first look at the film... And I think it looks great, this is more than enough for me!

Alex Billington on Aug 14, 2009


more than enough for me too!! i'm looking forward to it.

dan on Aug 14, 2009


Definitely not enough footage for me to have an opinion....

Chris W on Aug 14, 2009


Well this footage aint a lot, but... The teaser + Roman Polanski + The Cast + The odd storyline = Ill be eager to see this 🙂 Might have another opinion after a longer trailer though.

coswell on Aug 14, 2009


It looked like it was cut off or something.

Nathalie on Aug 14, 2009


Looks pretty balls. Unless it has Patrick Swayze making pottery with Demi Moore I'm out.

Crapola on Aug 14, 2009


Probably crap, Ewan hasn't made a good script choice in years...

haydn on Aug 14, 2009


Just the picture at the top was more a teaser to me. It made me think this had supernatural elements to it, which kinda got me excited. After seeing the short clip I was kinda let down. :/

Zac on Aug 14, 2009


Is this guy still hiding overseas for diddling a little girl? its amazing what u can get away with when u have money. that aside i loved the Ninth Gate , i just wish this guy wouldn't hide and face the music.

subcelsious5g on Aug 14, 2009


If by "diddled" you mean drugged and raped a 13-year old girl when he was 43, then yes, he diddled. Wish people would stop supporting him by buying tickets to his films.

STP on Aug 14, 2009


Oo...People come on!'re really thing he is the only one who did something like that. It's show-business... If she won't this, she would not go there in the night. And where was her mather when this happened? Probably she slept in bed, and when she was not get the role, she called the police and told whats happened..but it's only my opinion.

Janett on Aug 14, 2009


Wow, that was very short.

Felix on Aug 14, 2009



brian ricci on Aug 14, 2009


#14 So by your logic every woman/girl that runs around with a short skirt and tanktop in the summer, and happens to get raped, has to blame no one but themselves, too? Because they kinda ask for it the way they dress? I have no idea HOW the rape happened. But you make it sound like, if a little girl throws herself at a grown man, it's ok for the man to break the law and take advantage of her. Yeah, because kids are totally not impressionable. "It's ok, it's our little secret. And if you tell mommy, she will be veeeery angry at you." And just because "he's not the only one who did something like that", doesn't make it less of a crime. What is wrong with you? Even if she was a 14-year-old with exploding hormones. He was a grown fucking man and should have kept his dick in his pants! As for the teaser... I love Ewan MacGregor, I'm interested.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 14, 2009


you cant base shit on 15 seconds get your credibility back plz

:) on Aug 14, 2009


A teaser at least gives you some insight, this just seemed broken or unfinished. pffft - *brushes this clip away*

Nick Sears on Aug 14, 2009


This is actually the worst teaser I have ever seen.

Marty Martin on Aug 14, 2009


Quit calling it a teaser because it didn't even achieve that.

Luminaire on Aug 14, 2009


this guy is a pedaphile and should be in jail or a mental ward. Unbelievable. You know Ewan and any other actor should decline even working with this guy.

subcelsious5g on Aug 14, 2009


"And I think it looks great, this is more than enough for me!" couldnt suck the studios dicks anymore eh? or maybe you want more of your quotes on tv, sell out

... on Aug 14, 2009


^ Uhhh, what? This has nothing to do with the studio, I just think this looks good, I'm excited to see Polanski directing again and what little we saw has caught my attention.

Alex Billington on Aug 14, 2009


Alex! How the hell does this look anygood? It was the shortest of teaser trailers I have ever seen. I usually agree with you on most things, but this does nothing for me.

last Son on Aug 14, 2009


Polanski looks like he's making another slam run, and Peirce Bronson as Prime Minister, Mhhh.

John Smith on Aug 15, 2009



Movie Fan on Aug 16, 2009


Again, I'd like to reiterate a "what" to this "tease". It's so short I don't think I I'll come here anymore. Thanks, Alex.

Movie Fan on Aug 16, 2009


NICE! It's short and simple. It leaves a little reminder in your head. It counters all the annoying viral bullsh!t-campaigns that make you expect tooo much from movies that offer little...

My Opinion Talking on Aug 18, 2009

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