Veteran Editors Being Brought in to Save Universal's Wolfman

November 18, 2009
Source: Variety, SlashFilm


Universal has had plenty of frustrating, worrisome and even recent problems with Wolfman and it looks like they're still reeling from them, as new info buried deep in a Variety article (found by SlashFilm) says editors Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch have been brought in to help salvage this monster movie that has really become a monster in itself. While I'm wondering how much involvement director Joe Johnston has in these decisions, and exactly how close this is to resembling the original vision for this film, Goldblatt and Murch will be fresh eyes on the project and their extensive editing work speaks for itself. Read on!

Goldblatt has had quite the experience in the editing chair having put together both of James Cameron's Terminator films, as well as putting together the frantic, abundance of dailies from director Michael Bay's films like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile, Murch has won Acaedmy Awards for sound editing on Apocalypse Now, and film editing for Cold Mountain, in addition to displaying stellar work as editor and sound editor of films like The Conversation and The English Patient. Both are quite talented, as you can see.

And while this might not seem all that urgent, this is quite a big deal to rework an entire film this late in the game (Wolfman is still scheduled for release on February 12th). Hopefully these two can salvage what could be a fantastic movie out of Joe Johnston's dailies (or by rearranging a finished film at this point), but as of now, consider me concerned but eager just for the film to be completely done and released. Thoughts?

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Those are two fine editors, but it is a big worry. As you point out, it does suggest that Johnston has been sidelined and the studio are bringing on their own team, but it could just be two fresh pairs of eyes to sort out some good footage that has got lost in the muddle of meddling producers. Perhaps this is just what the film needs to fulfill its potential? I'm more worried about the hack-like composer they've brought on to replace Danny Elfman's gothic horror score...

Mathieu on Nov 18, 2009


It is concerning...I'm wondering if stylistically it isn't what they hoped for, and they feel it'll come out in the editing. Or, even worse, it's just bad and it needs to be salvaged. Wasn't it suppose to have a February release originally? That isn't always a bad sign, but once upon a time it was really, really bad...We'll see.

Quanah on Nov 18, 2009


Balls. Wolfman's got nards?

Voice of Reason on Nov 18, 2009


gotta wonder what the problem was in the first place. From the trailers i've seen this movie looks awesome. Perhaps it was too dark and they figured it wouldn't sell well. Who knows.

Vold on Nov 18, 2009


So does Variety actually say that they came in to "SALVAGE" this or are you putting words out there as an assumption?

Marty Martin on Nov 18, 2009


@ #5, No it doesn't use those exact words because it's barely a one sentence statement in a long list of recent signings for various jobs in the industry. But given the long list of problems the film has had (check the links above) from re-shoots to hiring a new composer, bringing in new editors on a film of this scale just 3 months before it's supposed to be released is not standard, nor is it good news, because it is evidence of frantic efforts to get a film that the other editors apparently weren't delivering.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 18, 2009


I am confused. The trailers I have seen so far seemed pretty good and unless I completely missed it I don't think I have seen anything on here about troubles with the story up until now. So what is the deal and what is the huge emergency?

Stevo on Nov 18, 2009


Please God, let Captain America be good. I promise to go to church every Sunday.

Captain Rogers on Nov 18, 2009


Yeah. I really liked the trailers so what I'm wondering (and fearing) is if the movie was actually pretty good, but the studio thought it was too dark, or too long, or too whatever, and they're bringing people in to re-work it. But it's not salvaging it it's actually making it more mainstream so as to bring in as much of an audience as possible, but making it crappier (or cheesier, whatever) in the process.

Jambi on Nov 18, 2009


This doesn't bode well for Captain America - they haven't even announced casting even tho it is meant to be out shortly after Thor. I wouldn't be surprised if CapAm was delayed to 2012

Sumit on Nov 18, 2009


Can not imagine this movie being any better or worse than Bram Stoker's Dracula or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.... Not saying it's going to be a bad movie, just any amount of editing won't really change the outcome. How did the topic get switched to Captain America? Try to stay on target.

xan on Nov 18, 2009


Bad sign. I don't like any of Joe Johnston's work as a director. As an art director however, that's a different story. I'm sure this film will be visually appealing... but that doesn't bode well for the story.

Dan the Fan on Nov 18, 2009


This sounds a bit too much like what went on with Bladerunner

Ed on Nov 18, 2009


Editing three months before the release on any film is bad... but on a special effects heavy film, it's even worse. I wouldn't want to be in those editors' shoes.

Mark on Nov 18, 2009


Maybe their not happy with the editing?

tir na nog on Nov 19, 2009


"Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch have been brought in to help salvage..." Really? I would have brought them in if I had a film that would turn out fantastic, but just needed that little extra pizazz that these 2 can bring. Not worried at all and looking forward to a modern day version(albeit set in the right era) of Wolfman.

David Banner on Nov 19, 2009


Wolfman is in London? poor londoners. =( ...considering I used to be one. lol

Eliyse on Nov 19, 2009


Huh? The trailers looked really good. What went wrong? Maybe the test screenings were disastrous.

snickers on Nov 19, 2009


The last trailer sold me after seeing the first ones which were blah, and now this? I hope it stays mature and dark and not some commercially lite bullshit that may or may not bring in the money but may just ruin an otherwise good movie.

Johnny Neat on Nov 20, 2009


It seems a bit late to re-edit from scratch...this isn't a low-budget movie that's all dialogue and no special effects or action. I would guess that the movie drags in parts and these guys were hired to make the movie flow more smoothly... Either way, it's bad news, and these guys are gonna be editing 24/7 for the next 2 months.

Bald Zombie on Nov 20, 2009


i reallly just want iit to come out already.

guh on Nov 23, 2009

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