Vin Diesel Finally Talks About Another Riddick Movie Again

March 10, 2009
Source: GameSpot


It was last August when Vin Diesel promised that we'd see at least two more Chronicles of Riddick movies. We haven't heard too much since then, though in the meantime, in addition to starring in Fast & Furious, Diesel has been helping develop the popular Riddick video game series. Diesel spoke with GameSpot recently about the latest game, Assault on Dark Athena, and gave them a much needed update on the status of another movie. "Maybe we're too tight-lipped about the next Chronicles of Riddick film, and I think circa the release of [Dark Athena] that's probably when you'll start hearing more about [it]."

"It is underway and I almost think it's a coincidence that we haven't heard anything, that there hasn't been a lot of public stuff on the Riddick movie," Diesel says. Maybe that's because Universal wants to keep quiet until they're ready to reveal details? Will it be yet another Hollywood reboot? The 2004 sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, made only a measly $58 million at box office, meaning it was a huge failure for Universal. It obviously makes some sense that they're a bit hesitant to move forward on yet another sequel. But Diesel says David Twohy is finishing up the script and once it's ready, they'll take the next steps.

Although I didn't love Chronicles of Riddick as much as Pitch Black, and although I don't play the video games, this is a sequel I'm actually looking forward to seeing. Maybe it's just because I love the character. And maybe because I know Universal won't make the same mistakes they made with Chronicles of Riddick this time around. David Twohy wrote and directed both Pitch Black and Chronicles, so maybe if they bring in another writer to help polish his script, we'll get a better movie in the end. Based on the response that last August's article has been receiving, it's obvious that fans really do want to see more Riddick. Do you?

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Huge Riddick fan, want more

ocp on Mar 10, 2009


Who can't love "Conan in Space" ? =)

SamIam on Mar 10, 2009


I'm surprised that that another Riddick movie hasn't been out by now! The 1st was ok, the 2nd was great and the 3rd........well I'm still waiting. Come on Universal, get your act together!

ezza on Mar 10, 2009


I absolutely loved "Pitch Black", then "The Chronicles Of Riddick" came out and ruined the series. I don't give a flyin' about the next one. F**k Vin Diesel. He started something cool and then F**ked it up.

Jamie on Mar 10, 2009


Riddick is the only decent character from Diesel...I hope they're adapting the next movie from Assault on Dark Athena...because it looks like it could be as dark as Pitch Black was...a little less Dune than Chronicles was

Christopher M on Mar 10, 2009


I think Riddick is such a cool character that's really used badly. Pitch Black was a great opener and paved the way for a kick ass Riddick movie. The Chronicles really dropped the ball and could've killed the franchise dead. Give Riddick one last shot, don't blow it and the 3rd film could be amazing.

Smiffy1 on Mar 10, 2009


Hope they make another ! Loved Pitch Black and although Chronicles Of Riddick didn't maybe gel the way it should have, its still in my opinion a bloody good movie so bring it on !! 🙂

Smakatac on Mar 10, 2009


Chronicles of Riddick was pretty good, felt the end was a bit weird, but for the most part was good viewing, Pitch Black was good too, I liked the character and it's not a reboot, which is a bonus. Up for more scifi assassin stuff anytime

Crapola on Mar 10, 2009


@7 David Twohy has talked about Chronicles being the first in a Riddick trilogy, excluding Pitch if this next film is successful they'll have another one down the line...which I hope to see Universal greenlight both long as they keep the grittiness fans will enjoy them...they don't exactly "need" to make the films as large scale as Chronicles was

Christopher M on Mar 10, 2009


Thought you might like to know that whilst Chronicles of Riddick wasn't a great earner neither was quite the failure you mention. It made $92M at the box office - your figure of $58M only relates to the US gross.

Darren Albert on Mar 10, 2009


I am ready for more Riddick in addition i played Butcher bay as it was more than awesome, and i really can't wait to play Dark Athena. Vin Diesel is a badass and Riddick is more badass.

Fisherr on Mar 10, 2009


I am looking forward to another Riddick film. I should get off my ass and get Butcher Bay. Alex, check out the unrated version of Chronicles. Much better.

Film-Book dot Com on Mar 10, 2009


i loved Riddick they should make more movies of the character

movieboy1 on Mar 10, 2009


I think Chronicles failed in the first and third act, but the entire middle act on the prison planet was incredible. Twohy just needs to keep the tone more similar to Pitch Black and a little farther away from B-Movie mythology stuff.

Colca on Mar 10, 2009


SPOILER: I wonder if Riddick is still going to be the king of the Necros...that would kind of ruin the loner quality he initially had in Pitch Black which was what drew us to the character to begin with. Perhaps a prequel would work pretty well, showing how he got captured and put on the ship for transport which eventually crashes.

peloquin on Mar 10, 2009


I'd just love to see the badass they come up with that was actually able to capture Riddick.

peloquin on Mar 10, 2009


His career is done, don't blame him for wanting the paycheck but clearly can't demand what he could for the first movie. He can't act and lost all his appeal so his career is over.

Craig on Mar 10, 2009


Craig...his career is far from done. Vin Diesel is one talented and devoted guy. Read up about him sometime and you'll see how far he's come and how many times he's had to start over after being told he wasn't good enough. When he first started he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Multi-Facial which he made himself for $3000; not an easy feat. The film received major buzz at Cannes and got him the role in Saving Private Ryan which jump started his career. He accomplished what all struggling film makers dream of in spite of growing up in a broken home and being told he wouldn't amount to anything. He's not the typical eye candy that the studios market him as and with his extensive background in theater along with passion to pursue his artistic vision no matter the sacrifice he'll always be an A list star in my mind. He worked hard to get where he is, and it upsets me to see uninsightful criticism being tossed his way. If you have a specific critiique in an area where you'd like to see him improve than please share, but until you get a call from Steven Speilberg please keep your insults and judgement to yourself.

peloquin on Mar 10, 2009


They need more brutal action, chronicles editing it was like you never actually see him slice someone open. Thats what made the games good in part was the knife play. Hope IF they make it then they slap an R rating on it.

Cody on Mar 10, 2009


Vin Diesel is ripped

bart on Mar 10, 2009


Vin Diesel would make a great Panthro.....who's with me????

bart on Mar 10, 2009


Vin Diesel would make a great Panthro........who's with me??

bart on Mar 10, 2009


Vin Diesel would make a great Panthro.....who's with me???

bart on Mar 10, 2009


I'm with posts 21-23!! 🙂 On a side note. If you're going to do this, they need to bring it. Pitch black was awesome because it was a suprise, chronicles was weak because it never lived up to the hype. If they could put something on the screen of Serenity quality (NOT INFLUENCE), i'd be a happy camper.

Mr j Money on Mar 10, 2009


i think the only viable option for Panthro is Sam Jackson...or possibly Aretha Franklin.

zac on Mar 10, 2009


This is so cool!

FoxyBingo on Mar 10, 2009


Chronicles was excellent. The design was incredible as were the little details on the necromonger ship technology etc. It was a badass movie in my mind and I'm looking forward to a sequel.

david on Mar 10, 2009


I LOVE Riddick, the character is so great, he was awesome in Pitch Black, which is actually just another Chronicle of Riddick in and of itself, Chronicles was amazing, I loved it, the directors cut was bad ass, the guys a Furyan and has bad ass powers that he cant control, and the rage of a civilization to back him up, how bad ass is that? I cant wait to see him go into the Underverse and kick some more ass. To me this has to be one of the most underrated sci-fi franchises in history, look at the fanbase, you cant deny that, I personally blame Universal for not marketing it like they do other stuff thats much shittier, they need to pump this up, advertise and popele will go see it, I mean cmon if they go and see Fast and the Furious, they will go see Chronicles even if it is a sci-fi.

Richard on Mar 10, 2009


I don't see how any pitch black or sci-fi fan for that matter could think that Chronicles wasn't fucking bad ass, honestly I cant. They basically gave Riddick an origin, gave him a cool superhuman quality that he hasn't yet tapped into all the way and set him up for future ass kicking, WHILE breaking out of an impenetrable face melting awesome prison/planet, saving a planet from annihilation and solely taking down the crazy leader of a super massive, semi-evil world destroying empire, WTF ppl.

Richard on Mar 10, 2009


the ultimate face of anti-hero in modern cinema: Riddick 😀 he just frigging rules and the pitch black is one hellova movie great concept great atmoshere great action and so frigging cool characters way up in the charisma department 😀 althoug chronicles of R was not as good as pitch black i really look forward to see another installment in the franchise. but tehy gotta be very carefull. this character is so cool they better not fu.k it up 🙁

burak "D'aequitas" on Mar 10, 2009


Can't actualy remeber too much about Pitch Black cuz its been so long but i'm actualy surprised that its viewed as so much better than Chronicles...! I think they were different but both great! I thought Chronicles had an epic quality to it that realy broadened the Riddick story beyond what Pitch Black presented. Anyway, loved em both! Bring onnnn the sequels!

Ken on Mar 10, 2009


Forget sequels, I want a damn tv series!

Troy on Mar 11, 2009


I -loved- the Chronicals of Riddick universe, and can't wait for the next chapter in this epic story!

Susan on Mar 18, 2009


I thought Pitch Black was a good movie, but I think "Riddick" was awesome! My kids and I are patiently waiting for the next Chronicles of Riddick release........ This character and story is original and Vin is perfect in the role! I still cannot figure out how/why Riddick is/was considered a flop/bad movie, it deserves to be held in much higher regard!

Dave on Mar 23, 2009


I am not to picky about seeing movies, even if they aren't "rated" that "good." In the case of this franchise, I think the lacking movies sales, et al, had to do with marketing of the franchise and ultimately, that the reviewers did not rate the movie "well," meaning, screw their reviews. I voted with my dollar. Anyway, I thought both movies ROCKED, watching both many times over. Vin rocks, the concept rocks and as some others have indicated, there is so much to go on here and to extreme depth. If handled correctly, I see this franchise lasting many years. That's my two cents.

Matt on Apr 2, 2009


how did riddick got to see in the darck

jonathan on Apr 7, 2009


Pitch Black was such a fresh idea, just mindblowing at the time. I like Vin Diesel, he can do only action movies of course, but he has what it takes. so yeah, looking forward to seeing another Riddick movie. Jackie

Jackie on Aug 2, 2009


I'm pretty fussy about my movies and dont know what people were complaining about with Chronicles. The Underverse was a spectacularly creepy cult, its leader horrifying. Thandy Newton and her bf were a bit on the campy side, but the invasions and the mood were great. I like Chronicles better than Pitch Black personally, although I loved the planetary aspect of Pitch more. Otherwise, it was a much lower budget suspense thriller with 3D monsters. Chronicles had some flaws in the Crematorium section, though the Underverse's lieutenant burning himself up over guilt was so poignant - "the things that I have done...". It was a cool movie, and the ending was fantastic - you see the hero win, but how often do you see him take the reigns of the opposing enemy (which can happen in a cult like that). Sci-fi is a tricky budgetary bet sometimes (I liked Red Planet as well), but the movies can have a long shelf life. WIth the success of FastFurious4, Diesel may get what he wants again, and why not? More SCIFI!!!

Esol Esek on Sep 1, 2009


Serenity was a bug that was squashed by the Underverse's landing ship...PUHLEASE - Serenity was a horrible movie...

Esol Esek on Sep 1, 2009


Yeah we do. I actually liked the Chronicles. I don't think one can compare the two films, they are different but good in their own right. Pitch is horror and the Chronicles more of a fantasy. I loved the games too, the character of Riddick is just too cool to bury, should really be developed, just uber cool. 🙂

Ahamayoisac on Dec 9, 2009


SOME of U ppl are freaking retarded,,,,pitch black started it and than Vin plays another hero in Chronicales of riddick,,,,,,,You gotta watch the extended version,(cut too much out 4 the dvd version),,,,OMG can't wait 4 the 3rd installment,,,,Vin is the man in these films,,,,,He could make an Empire with these movies,,,,,He's gotta stop doing retard movies like fast and furious and start thinking about a George Lucas type franchise,,,,,,GO VIN

Jake on Jan 19, 2010


I have to say I am VERY excited about these two movies I have heard about being made. I liked Pitch Black but I absolutely LOVED Chronicles of Riddick, I'm actually watching it now as I'm typing this. I have played and beat both games, each done in one sitting so as not to miss out on any of the action. I love Vin Diesel in any movie he plays in, I hope I can meet him some day. Bottom line, I KNOW these movies are going to rock and I am definitely going to pay the money to see them in theaters!

Jonathan on Jan 21, 2010


I love the Riddick movies but i am sad that Keira died. I think they should make another and like it could be about Riddick having to go on along journey and risking his life to find a person that can somehow revive her that would be cool and Keira would be alive again.

Juliana on Feb 28, 2010


I am a fan of these movies and would love to see it. But i think they need to go into greater detail on "Riddick"s past.

Free4ever848 on May 17, 2012

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