Vin Diesel Says Next Riddick Movie is Already Location Scouting

December 2, 2009
Source: Facebook

Vin Diesel

Every so often we always hear about another Riddick movie from either David Twohy or Vin Diesel. Last time we heard from either was in August, when Twohy explained that he had been developing two ideas, one rated PG-13, the other rated R, but the studio was having a hard time picking either. Now, on Vin Diesel's official Facebook page (via AICN), he reveals that "the Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already… that's exciting." A simple update, but it looks like that's confirmation that Twohy did finally get a greenlight from Universal to start pre-production. Hopefully we get an official update on their plans soon.

Some are saying that because Universal is having some problems getting the next installment of the Bourne franchise back on track, that they're focusing on other franchises like this one instead. Typically, a project only starts scouting locations if they're actually planning to start shooting soon. And if Vin Diesel knows that and is reporting it, too, then that's a very good sign that this will probably start shooting next year. Only questions is, which script are they going to go with? I'm hoping it's the R-rated one. Twohy needs to take this franchise back to its Pitch Black roots to really get the blood pumping with this sequel. Thoughts?

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Love Riddick movies

Dre on Dec 2, 2009


i hope they make a new riddick. kind of cheesy but i love them anyway

samuel j on Dec 2, 2009


I enjoy them as well. Just fun

aecx on Dec 2, 2009


There's an excellent location they should check out, it's called the bargain bin.

1-7 on Dec 2, 2009


AWESOME this is the role Vin Diesel was born for! Please make it R, it just seems right, and New Zealand as the setting? WIN! Just don't put it in 3-D!

xerxex on Dec 2, 2009


Loved both Riddick movies. Bring on a third (or fourth if you count the anime.) 3-D is death to movies.

Hedgehog on Dec 2, 2009


+ another for Riddick

OCP on Dec 2, 2009


i like both riddick movies...and i want to see more!!!!and it better be rated R!!

splinter on Dec 2, 2009


agree with #2. It'll probably be cheesy but fun. One of those movies you enjoy but don't say you do to your pretentious cinephile friends. There's a niche for films like this. Cheesy or not.

Krieg70 on Dec 2, 2009


I agree that they need to rethink their approach on this franchise. Pitch Black showed the potential that Twohy has as a filmmaker but Chronicles was a dismal effort. When the video game is better than the've got problems.

Evo on Dec 2, 2009


I loved both movies, but i can't understand why so many people throw the second one under the bus. Can someone explain to me why everyone thinks the Chronicles of Riddick is so terrible? I've always wanted to know.

PJ on Dec 2, 2009


Love Riddick movies, pumped for more info!

Rolkus on Dec 2, 2009


Chronicles was awesome! Pitch Black was okay.

jake the snake on Dec 2, 2009


I love them both and I'm hoping for an R rated scripts. All of the fans of the originals are aold enough and mature enough for some r rated action.

Lacey on Dec 2, 2009


I agree....Hard R would be nice with some nice Riddick shiv action on the side.

Cody on Dec 2, 2009


Riddick is a badass scifi anti-hero.

Richard on Dec 3, 2009


Riddick is the best, i can't wait for any official news about the movie taking the green light that's for sure. I want Universal to Put Riddick before Bourne just give the Bourne series a break, i really want Riddick. Good to see some news goes into the Shed of light about the character. *W00t*

Fisherr on Dec 3, 2009


its good to here that they are scouting for locations for the Riddock film hope to here more about the film development in the near future. 🙂

Cineprog on Dec 3, 2009


R Rated movie hands down. Sure it might not get as many teens or children into the theatres but it will open the theatres for the old school Riddick kills all fans. Just like Pitch Black.

RZA Fan on Dec 3, 2009


pitch black was great,the chronicles of riddick was very good,looking forward to the next.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 3, 2009


Hard R all the way. Silly rabbit - Trix are for kids... not Riddick.

bozo on Dec 3, 2009


Totally looking forward to another Riddick movie.

Vold on Dec 3, 2009


The Chronicles of Riddick is one of those movies that will become a cult classic. It's an amazing Sci-fi flick, and should be a bankable franchise. I think they should get a big name to star opposite Vin this time around.

TCox on Dec 3, 2009


Lol - Riddick fans - The saddest thing I've ever seen.

SlashBeast on Dec 4, 2009


I think T.C.O.R. was greatly unappreciated the level of production in that film was astounding to say the least. The art direction on the film was gorgeous and there is a scene where Riddick enters New Mecca and the camera pulls into a shot of two guards overlooking a street and the huge Shrine is in the back ground then two ships buzz past. Just look at the detail on that scene and you tell me this film is shit better yet pause it and just look how awesome details it has got. The level of everything was really brought up ten fold if you ask me and lets not forget to mention the creation of a whole new group of bad guys aka the underverse dudes... just brilliant. Just hope it stays R Rated.

werdnafaz on Dec 4, 2009


Riddick fans are still Lol-worthy.

SlashBeast on Dec 14, 2009


Connecticut has that tax credit thing here, film it in Connecticut!!!!!! then universal will see money saved. you have that movie studio place in waterford, it would be nice to have questions answerd from the cronicials of riddick answered!

Courtney on Jan 10, 2010


I agree 100% with #25. The scale and scope of TCOR was vastly superior to Pitch Black. The detail of the ships when seen from the ground was awesome. The way the Necros exited the ships from the air was way cool. Haven't seen anything like it. The fight scene between Riddick and the lord marshall was awesome. The way they did the elemental Aereon was great. Anyone who thinks TCOR was a disappointment missed the boat.

Jose on Feb 11, 2010


Well, I agree with 25 and 28 I actually loved it, the best sci-fi yet. However, I must be the only one in the world that didn't really like Pitch black. Don't get me wrong, it had some great scenes, but, I just think it was ridicules how long we had to endure a billion hungry man eating monsters held at by by one tiny candle. Please, that was poor movie making. Bring on more though, I loved TCOR to bits.

Crusty on Dec 16, 2010


(For number 10) The video game is always better then the movie. You'd have problems if they couldn't get that right. LOL

Crusty on Dec 16, 2010

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