Vincent Chase and His Entourage Headed to the Big Screen?

December 4, 2009


Adrian Grenier has been in the spotlight quite a bit for playing fictional actor Vincent Chase on the HBO series "Entourage," chronicling the life of an actor and his friends and they deal with the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. And while Grenier is no stranger to the big screen, Vincent Chase's exploits have been limited to fictional projects with directors like James Cameron and Martin Scorsese. That may change sooner than later as THR reports that an Entourage movie might be in the cards with producer Mark Wahlberg saying there's probably a good two seasons left for the series to be followed by a feature film.

With regards to the time left for "Entourage" on television, Wahlberg non-chalantly says: "We'll see; there could be more. But then a movie." Sounds like a pretty solid plan. But of course the spokesperson from HBO doesn't make it sounds as definite: "It is not out of the realm of possibility. Right now, the creators are concentrating on the new season." Honestly, I'd be more content seeing one of the fictional films of Vincent Chase on the big screen than to see the increasingly repetitive "Entourage" show make the jump to theaters. I'd love to see James Cameron's Aquaman or Martin Scorsese's contemporary telling of The Great Gatsby. Otherwise, if we're really going to have a TV show jump to film, bring on that Arrested Development movie.

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what for? I'm a big fan and I don't see the need for Entourage to become a feature film.

Xerxex on Dec 4, 2009


The only fun would be a real "fake" movie with Vinnie Chase starring in it.

badeboom on Dec 4, 2009


Sure it'd be cool, but it's just an extra long episode of Entourage. I wouldn't pay it to see it but as an HBO movie or something, ok. Like a HUGE season finale!

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 4, 2009


Theres just no need for this. The show has swears, tits, drugs, stars, big budgets and everything else....what does the big screen offer Entourage that it already doesnt have?!? The movie will likely clock an hour and a half. You're telling me that a movie is more necessary than 3 episodes? BS, a movie is wasted on this franchise. As a fan and a viewer, a movie would rub me the wrong way anmd seems completely unnecessary. If anything, bow out the series with an incredible 2 hour finale and HBO will roll in the DVD-sales dough happily enough.

Voice of Reason on Dec 4, 2009


Yeah. Because James Cameron's gonna make Aquaman after Avatar.

Fuelbot on Dec 4, 2009


They don't even have enough plot to make the series interesting anymore.

captain subtext on Dec 4, 2009


Well said on the Arrested Development movie but I certainly woudnt mind seeing an Entourage movie - although it is very repetitive its always fun to watch thanks to teh great chemistry between the cast

Sumit on Dec 4, 2009


Great, I need this like I need a Hanna Montana movie in 3D, oh wait. Fuck off with this show already, it's a huge parody of itself at this point. Nothing ever gets resolved realistically, none of the characters ever grow, too many loser celebs or real celebs in general show up ruining the inside joke that this series was based on and once made it cool. We need an Ari spin off like yesterday. Fuck this series.

Johnny Neat on Dec 4, 2009


Johnny Neat you're an idiot

shut up on Dec 4, 2009


you guys sound like a bunch of whining bitches. Sex & The City had nudity... cursing yet it still got a movie and that shit did great. I would LOVE to see an entourage movie. The last season had its slow times but overall the show is still doing great. Why not bring it to the big screen to conclude the great show? For everybody saying that nothing ever gets resolved... get real. Every character is having his happy ending... Vince finally got his career back on track, E is getting married, Drama got a television show made just for him, Ari got back at Terrence and now owns his company... there is literally a million directions this show can go... Turtle still needs his transformation... What you guys dont understand is that yes Entourage revolves around vince but its the other characters that make the show. Vince barely has any lines.... he just says shit when he needs to...

DJ Sil3nt on Dec 4, 2009


Why is Johnny Neat an idot, Mr/Ms Shut Up!? Because he merely expressed his opinion? Well, here's mine. First word that came to mind with I read this was "Joy". The TV has run it's course. And if the do this, I hope this fails big time. Mainly because Jeremy Piven is one Hollywood's biggest douchebags. And I don't want that asshole to have anymore success.

No YOU Shut up on Dec 4, 2009


Hug it out bitches...Entourage goin big screen!!!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 4, 2009


i can see why stargate did some straight to DVD releases as well as having better FX budgeting and winding up stories. this show in cinemas? bad joke.

Buggy166 on Dec 4, 2009


The seasons when Vince & Eric try to pitch Escobar story all around Hollywood while Ari schemes and cajoles everybody into getting Vince to star in Aquaman are most entertaining. While the agents are arrogant egotistical jerks, they are still on top of things. OTOH, the actors are mostly shown to be either buffoons (Drama & his actor buddies), or delusional ("Tell me Ari: Am I a good actor?" "I think you are a movie star"). Vince is a good guy, a lucky bastard who looks good on billboard, but he is also a shallow character.

greg on Dec 5, 2009

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