Wachowski Brothers Superman Rumor Debunked!

February 18, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Superman - Busted

Remember that rumor we ran the other day about the Wachowski Brothers directing a Superman trilogy for Warner Brothers? It was both completely ridiculous and incredibly exciting at the same time, right? Well, sadly, it has been debunked. According to SlashFilm, it was all just a big hoax to begin with. "The Wachowski Brothers have definitely never had any talks with DC or Warner Bros to helm a Superman film. This is confirmed." While I had a gut feeling that it wasn't true to begin with, I was wishing that, by some stroke of luck, it might've ended up being true, just because I love the Wachowski Brothers movies!

See, this is the problem with movie sites these days. They get some e-mail sent to them and that they think is real and they run it as headline news. Basically some kid gets his socks knocked off when some crap he made up hits every major news outlet on the web. Who knows if there really was a TV show in Germany with James McTeigue, although I highly doubt there was. It was all a rumor to begin with and to be honest, I mentioned it because I love presenting rumors purely for the sake of discussion - a "what if" kind of thing. Would've it have been really cool if the Wachowskis did get to direct a Superman trilogy? Yes it would.

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I just want to see a badass superman movie, and I love trilogies.

Mike McRorey on Feb 18, 2009


Superman needs to be rebooted with a totally new start to overcome the hash of the last film. The Wachowskis seemed like they could pull that off. At least visually it would LOOK like a Superman film. Them writing the script seemed to be the cause of most people's hesitation. It's beyond time to do away with Donner and casting inferior Reeve lookalikes. The reboot is going to need a very strong director.

Cindy on Feb 18, 2009


Superman: I never loved, as a character. Probably cause he's involnurable with being human. Which is exactly like why he is important: he's trying to be human. I've never had much faith him being supermanl I do think a darker side of him will re-establish the character. Perhaps bring in Doomsday.

The_Phantom on Feb 19, 2009


The Wochawoski Bros were going to make a great Superman movie if they agreed.

Fisherr on Feb 19, 2009



TRAILER- Not BROKEN on Feb 19, 2009


Yeah, I gotta say I'm more relieved. I know there would be badass action scenes coming from the W Bros, but I think I need something more.

Nick Sears on Feb 19, 2009


Doomsday would be a bad idea. HE is so one dimensional and the director would never be able to make a foil to him of superman. THink the villians in a movie are pretty much what the hero has to fight with in him self.

movieguy on Feb 19, 2009


Warner Brothers and DC Comics will not be moving forward with any Superman movie project until the lawsuit brought by Jerry Seigel's heirs is settled. It is complicated and it is going to be costly as the Seigels(rightfully) already have been granted 50 percent ownership of Superman with the ownership of Superboy still not settled. There is also the upcoming lawsuit from Joe Shuster's heir coming in 2013. If the Seigels win both the Superman and Superboy lawsuits, then there is a very real possibility that Joe Shuster's heir will win the other 50 percent and Warner Brothers and DC comics will be completely out of the Superman business unless they can negotiate new deals with the Seigels and Shuster's heir. Unitl all of this is settled, all of these stories about a new superman Movie, reboot or sequel are simply not true!

Clark El on Feb 19, 2009


to Clark El - I've long suspected that was the case. The trial dates keep getting moved around. If the Siegels win the judgment in March, TW, DC, WB etc will all be considered one company. Right now the Siegels and DC split the movie licensing fee 50/50. If DC and WB are judged to be the same company, then the Siegels could be owed 50% of ALL DOMESTIC BOXOFFICE. No Superman movie will be greenlighted with half the boxoffice taken out of WB's pocket right off the top! And in 2013, the Shusters are likely to get the other 50%, leaving WB/DC with nothing. 100% of Domestic boxoffice would be due the heirs. It is only limited to domestic because the heirs haven't started lawsuits in other territories. If they do, they might win the right to some foreign territories too. If they get the right to foreign territories, then you can bet you'll be seeing the new Superman franchise coming from Sony, Paramount or Dreamworks. Every studio in town would LOVE to get their hands on Superman.

Jojo on Feb 19, 2009


See, this is the problem with movie sites these days. They get some e-mail sent to them and that they think is real and they run it as headline news. Basically some kid gets his socks knocked off when some crap he made up hits every major news outlet on the web Alex, a friendly point. You cant have it both ways. the same level playing field that makes it possible for anyone with a website to become a movie critic is the same equality that allows anyone to post an email as fact. This has been the argument about internet "journalism" since the inception. the poster doesn't HAVE to check his facts and very often there is little that can be done if their sources are wrong whereas the mainstream media have to print retractions etc. Didnt a russian\chinese newspaper print an onion article as fact a few years ago?

goliad on Feb 19, 2009


Jojo, you are exactly right! Every studio would love to get their hands on the Superman franchise. For now it is wait and see. If the first decision is any indication of future court decisions, the Seigels will own 50 percent of all domestic box office related to Superman and then it is just a matter of four years and Joe Shuster's heir will get the other half. I hate to sound redundant but unitl all of this is settled, all of these stories about a new superman Movie, reboot or sequel are simply not true!

Clark El on Feb 19, 2009


I wanted that to be true too. Dang.

Timothy on Feb 19, 2009


Consider this a bullet dodged. I'm not sure why anybody thought there was truth to this rumor. The "W Bros" just completely dropped the ball with Speed Racer there is no way WB would give them Superman. Singer was pretty much given free reign on Superman Returns, the W Bros were locked away in Germany with out WB overseeing anything. Pretty similar situations. Why would WB take the same route twice?

Mcfly on Feb 19, 2009



D-9 on Feb 19, 2009


FUCK YOU THE GUY WHO JUST FUCKED UP MY DREAM... well that's not the entire truthit was knowing that santais my dad... but... FUCK YOU who ever said that the Wachowski brothers' going to make a Superman Trilogy...

Zandhu on Feb 19, 2009


You know what. everyone is complaining about how the "W" BRos would have bombed this film, Why? when you consider all the good superman films from before. The only ones that were good were Superman 1 and 2, then The superman returns was cool visually but it was all a bunch of the other films combined. Superman saved lois in part one when her Helicopter was crashing and now from a plane IN RETURNS. So seeing that if t he "W" BROS. were considerd i dont think it would be bad. There FAN BOYS and thats what it takes. You guys are just mad cause now everyone thinks Comic book films should be made now like the dark night. Every one wants a retelling of the story for superman and i think thats garbage. I grew up with superman and saw the films when they first came out at the theatre so yeah im a dinosour but They need to just start the film no origins story or and pick ups where the films left off. I think thats what pissed off everyone with J.S. when he did Returns. If they just start it say with Superman on a mission or out in space and he encounters a entity or even some other race trying to enslave us, but have his powers then that would make for somethign cool. Or even have him go to another galaxy and get enslaved and him try and get back to earth, Man something.

THERBLIG on Feb 19, 2009


If there is a Superman trilogy I really hope Mark Millar is behind it.

sumonesumtime on Feb 19, 2009


Oh darn. Too bad.

bladerunnerF1 on Feb 19, 2009

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