Wait, Was That Cyclops in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?!

February 13, 2009
Source: TheMovieBox.net


Of all the various X-Men I was expecting to see show up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I wasn't expecting Cyclops! Remember that promo Fox is doing next week involving three separate 60-second TV spots that they're showing starting on Sunday? Well, Fox aired a 12-second promo for the promo, and at first glance, it wasn't even worth mentioning. Nothing new to see, right? Wait a second, was that Cyclops?! I've never seen James Marsden mentioned anywhere or even heard that Cyclops would show up, but there he is, right there in the promo! Did they just show his cameo or is Cyclops actually in this a lot more?

After doing some quick research, I found out that it was confirmed last May that Australian actor Tim Pocock would be playing Scott Summers aka Cyclops in the movie. So indeed, he is in it, and that's our first glimpse of him. Of course, tune in on Sunday to see the first of the three 60-second segments.

Watch the promo footage from X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/wolverine-fox-promo-spot.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/wolverine-fox-promo-spot.jpg 480 212]

Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters everywhere on May 1st.

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Sabretooth is to small and Wolverine is to big and Deadpool is played by a weenie and wheres all the good lookin poon?

sumonesumtime on Feb 13, 2009


guys its a cameo. Its a little kid version of cyclops. you would know this if you went to other news sights

mark on Feb 13, 2009


Deadpool is played by the best guy who could possibly play him. Noone could pull off Deadpool like Ryan Reynolds could. In one of his comics he even says he looks like a f*cked up Ryan Reynolds. He showed that he can pull off the goofy bad ass when he played Hannibal in Blade Trinity.

imaraypeyermom on Feb 13, 2009


I'm hoping this movie doesn't turn out horribly.

????? on Feb 13, 2009


I have faith in Hugh jackman

Bo on Feb 13, 2009


Is it me, or does it always seem like Fox does too much cross-promotion with its films and TV shows?

Dan on Feb 13, 2009


It's called target demographics yo!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 13, 2009


best part of the the xmen movies was when they killed off cyclops

harrison on Feb 13, 2009


Yeah read this in Empires piece a few months ago. Seems its just a cameo though and he is seen as a child with bandages over his eyes (sure theres a pic in Empire) so maybe just him as a child? or both really.

David on Feb 13, 2009


Wouldent scott remember wolverine then?

djw on Feb 13, 2009


I will be front and center for this one. With or without all the cameos. I am a tad worried about Sabertooth though.

Movie Review on Feb 13, 2009


Who cares? Cyclops sucks. Ryan Reynolds can pull off Deadpool? In what world. Ray Park could.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 13, 2009


Ryan Renolds is Dead Pool, have you ever seen him act or read Deadpool? Wtf are you talking about? I think Gambit looks the worst cast one. I wish Sabertooth didn't have huge fake looking hands.

Richard on Feb 13, 2009


Ryan,Tyler and Sabertooth will pull off the roles well.Let's just hope the movie to be an epic Marvel story.

Fisherr on Feb 13, 2009


This could be cool. I believe that this flick WILL kick ass!! I have the utmost faith in Hugh Jackman!

Spider on Feb 13, 2009



Darrin on Feb 13, 2009


any fan knows that cyclops kicks wolverine's ass on a regular basis. cyclops is one of the most powerful mutants and is a just as bad ass as wolverine. now on to the movie. why is cyclops in the movie? don't they have enough mutants? and i thought this occurred before wolverine met any of the x-men? too many mutants for the sake of it. just have gambit and deadpool and develop their backstories along with creed's and logan's and that's enough. damn. i'm still looking forward to it b/c i love all things x-men but have extreme reservations. here's to hoping they get the second one right!

andrew on Feb 13, 2009


Cyclops is a simple cameo, that's all

Movieraider321 on Feb 13, 2009


i really want this film to be fucking cool,but with all the heroes & villains cameo apperences (blob,cyclops,gambit,deadpool,sabertooth,white queen & silver fox,i've heard a rumor that banshee & captain america cameo as well.)could well fall into the spider-man 3 trap & be ruined,i say leave in deadpool,sabertooth & silver fox and special apperence by the hulk,job done.

zetsu on Feb 13, 2009


Fox is dumb, Cyclops is just a filler for the ad.

Jaydoc on Feb 13, 2009


"I have the utmost faith in Hugh Jackman!" Australia?

Ryderup on Feb 13, 2009


BS dude. Australia was da bomb.

Cogsworth on Feb 13, 2009


Ray Park would suck as Deadpool. He's not funny at all. All Ray Park does is do cool tricks, which is why he's Snake Eyes. And I agree with Harrison up there, the best part was when they killed Cyclops...he's such a pussy.

imarapyeyermom on Feb 13, 2009


These cameos are fucking stupid, especially Cyclops. Except Deadpool.

Rai on Feb 13, 2009


Ray Park already played in an X-men movie.

Quanah on Feb 13, 2009


Why does everyone expect Sabertooth to look wild a hairy and bad ass like in the comics? Seriously, in this movie, he just came out of the military. Now, agreeably, he should be bulkier, but other than that i think they thought his image through very well.

Eric Lankford on Feb 13, 2009


I like the look of Sabertooth better in this though, Liev Schreiber pulls it off pretty good. Honestly the representation of him in X-men was shit...

Rai on Feb 13, 2009


@ Harrison You sir are an idiot. There is nothing wrong with Cyclops. There is something wrong with the writers who failed to write him correctly and then gave up and killed him.

Aldonn on Feb 13, 2009


I know this may not be the place to pose this question BUT: Will Deadpool break the fourth wall in the film at any point in time? For any reader of the comic, you know he does it frequently. I would expect maybe a quick glance and a nod at some point in the film, but what do you all think?

Andy Adair on Feb 14, 2009


Andy, there has been rumor of a select couple of lines where he distinctly looks at the audience, as well as during an intense scene between Deadpool and Wolverine where Wolverine asks "What do you want?!" and in frustration Deadpool yells back "MY OWN MOVIE!" these are just rumors but I'm sure at some point in the film he will

Movieraider321 on Feb 14, 2009


imarapyeyermom, Cyclops is not a pussy if you know anything about the Marvel U or the comics, its the other way around with Wolverine becoming a soft pussy compared to what he was in the 70s and 80s. It's Fox's shitty script that made Cyclops useless in the movies - they should of made him the strict leader and given him some manlihood

Rob on Feb 14, 2009


no, cyclops has always been a pussy. he may have had his strong moments in the comics, but overall he's a pussy. ask anyone.

imarapyeyermom on Feb 14, 2009


all u dumbasses dont know what ur talking about if u think cyclops is a pussy. u guys only watch those damn stupid fox cartoons in the 90's and only got into xmen due to the movies. but i think this movie is going to be shit i would have to agree that Sabertooth is too small and Wolverine is way too big and Deadpool looks like shit. FOX should not make any xmen movies.

JS Chan on Feb 14, 2009


I would shit myself if i saw banshee in the movie (someone up there said it was a rumor) him and Cannonball are prolly the two coolest, lesser-famous guys in the comics. I dont understand why they cant be in the movie and yet Beak can.

KG(Kilogram) on Feb 15, 2009


Read some god damn Astonishing X-Men, Cyclops is a fucking savage.

Allen on Feb 16, 2009


imarapyeyermom sounds like a total douche. Obviously hasn't read any X-Men comics. The three films screwed Cyclops over because Singer was having his love affair with Wolverine and Ratner's a hack. Read Astonishing X-Men, Dark Pheonix Saga or Messiah Complex and then call Cyclops a pussy you tard.

imarapyeyermom is a tool on Feb 18, 2009


Cyclops is apparently a captive along with Stryker's son. From the amount of optic blasts in the TV spot last night... he has upgraded his status to a slightly larger cameo than was first thought. I hope they use that as a launching pad to X-Men Origins: First Class. I can not say too much about Wolverine yet... looks kinda lame. I am not a BIG fan of Wolverine, Sabretooth looks like a joke. I am a fan of Shreiber... but watching him run on all fours makes me laugh. The amount of cameos in the movie that make no sense just shows how Fox has decided to squeeze as many characters into a movie no matter if it works or not. Gambit looks great! Too bad he seems to be too old... kinda out of place, should have been in one of the previous X-Men films or one down the road. Think about Gambit's age versus Cyclops. I wonder if the timeline of the movie will address that kind of thing. Not sure if Cyke and Wolverine will be in a scene together or not, but if so... they prob should have remembered each other in the X-Men films. BTW... I am a Cyclops fan. Cyclops is not a pu ssy... he just seems to always be the one who gets put through the wringer. I think Jean has died now about 5 times. He is the definitive team leader and has one heck of a tragic power. Give him some respect... unlike the writers of the X-Men films. I hope First Class comes soon and it is made how it should be, with: Cyke, Jean, Ice-Man, Beast and Angel. That does not make much sense as far as movie continuity... but they obviously don't care anyway. I would rather see that movie than Wolverine... *yawn*

LoYD on Feb 18, 2009


They said that a young Cyclops would be in the film a long time a go.

Djwill on Feb 20, 2009


hey guys.i can't wait to see the movie so i can see cyclops.i really want to see the movie just for him.i don't care about wolverine.cyclops is the coolest x-man.he repeatedly beat wolverine in the comics and also the other x-men.some idiots think of him as being a softy, but u have to read the comics and forget about the stupid movies, because his character wasn't interpreted wright and he turned out to be a smaller than wolverine man with a lame mutant power, very little to say and no leadership skill at all.i'm not saying that james marsden is a bad actor i'm saying that he isn't the wright person to play him and the directors and script writers who made the 3 x-men movies are complete idiots and don't know anything about the characters.i hope that x-men first class and the future x-men movies will do him justice and also be made by a director who truly knows how to make an x-men movie.

gameru_cold on Feb 22, 2009


I agree with Harrison about Cyclops, the writers didnt respect him, they probably never watch an episode of x-men, how could someone kill the leader of the x-men, but i now know he is back, on this new x-men wolverine movie,the next one, first class, and hopefully on the next sequel for the last stand. Let's make cyclops the protagonist of the next x-men triology, and give Gambit a spin off.

ricardo on Feb 25, 2009


I feel disappointed about the fact that some characters of the x universe appear in this flick, 1st is a young cyclops, as I know, this never happens, because scott summers was an orphan and never go to a public school, at some moment he was tkae to the xavier institute and Professor x made the special ruby quartz glasses to control his optical beams this was when he was 15 years, and at that time formed the original xmen, then I saw a supposed Emma Frost ina mutant detention facility, at some point of the trailer we can se that she turns her skin into diamnod, that is wrong, because she develop this ability, in the future, when her mutant powers get evolved her 1st manisfestation of this only was the telepathic and mental powers, Other thing that I don't like it it's the portray of maverick, the chacarcter it's supposed to be a caucasian male, with blond hair and he vene know logan, because all of them (included, sabertooth, silver fox, krestel, mastodon) where team X. I think they could used the professor character insted of stryker, the professor was a most rich character if you have read Weapon X and Wolverine 1st volume, Stryker was a good one for the God Loves Man Kill story. So I still wait to the movie premiere to see the old canuckle head figthing 4 good

tomas orrego on Apr 22, 2009


TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS CYCLOPS IS WEAK: READ THE """"CURRENT"""" issues of X-men! He's A LOT MORE GRITTIER! He made wolverine leader of a black ops killing team "x force". """CURRENTLY"""", the writers have made Cyclops more gritty. He's shot people with a gun when he lost his powers, he's more vicious, darker, more violent, more aggressive and A LOT MORE of a NO NONESENSE leader than ever! He Even told Professor X off once or twice! I was like DAAAAAAMN! and there was this one scene where he tricked aliens torturing him making them think he didn't have his powers and when he got the info he needed. SMIRKED and EVERYTHING WENT RED from his blast! All the xmen were in awe and he said "TO ME MY X-MEN". THAT WAS SOOOOOOOO DAMN COOL Cyclops is A WHOOOOOOLE LOT different than before. ALL THE X-MEN report to him! EVEN WOLVERINE respects his more grittier attitude now! I love the scenes when wolvering reports to him about X-Force's progress! Cyclops is like this General that everyone follows! Total bad ass now!

No Name on May 11, 2009


Cyclops cameo in X-Men Origins Wolverine is short but it's one of the most EPIC SCENES in X-men Origins Wolverine. People in the theaters screamed when they saw Cyclops firing his optic beams. For me that was an unforgetabble experience.

Cyke Fan on May 26, 2009


no scott woudnt remember logan b/c he is was wereing a blindfold and he found the way to xaivier b/c professor x is a telecanises guy so no he dosent remember

matt on Dec 31, 2009

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