Warner Bros Moving Forward on a Sherlock Holmes Sequel

September 21, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

This is not too uncommon, especially for Warner Brothers, but it's still exciting news nonetheless. Warner Brothers has already decided to move forward on the development on a sequel to Guy Ritchie's Sherock Holmes. The movie won't hit theaters until Christmas Day, three months from now, but WB has hired writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney to start drafting a script for the sequel. The THR article claims that "Brad Pitt has had discussions with producers to star as Holmes' nemesis Moriarty" though is no deal in place there yet. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are expected to return as Holmes and Dr. Watson as well.

The Mulroney's broke out with their indie superhero script Paper Man and apparently were the lead writers on Justice League: Mortal, which is no longer in active development. As for Sherlock Holmes, the upcoming movie was co-written by Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Peckham (Five Days to Midnight, Invictus), and Simon Kinberg (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, X-Men: The Last Stand, Jumper), based on an idea first developed by Lionel Wigram. This is either great news or just a hasty early decision, but from what I've seen so far, this is definitely a good sign. I'm looking forward to see the first one before getting excited about a sequel. You?

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A bit early. O.o I want to see the first one before I decide.

Sabes on Sep 21, 2009


Alvin and Chipmunks 2 will make more money than Sherlock Holmes and will probably beat it opening weekend. Sad but it will happen.

JoJo on Sep 21, 2009


I will be there Christmas Day, along with the rest of my family. I don't anticipate anything going wrong when you've got Robert, Jude, and Rachel thrown together. I hope the Brad Pitt news is bogus....he's not needed for this. Perhaps a Gary Oldman-type...but not Brad.

sheryl on Sep 21, 2009


# 3 its supposed to be a cameo type deal like Les Grossman, something like that but smaller, it is a rumor that the tabloids attempted to expose but in the ned we wil lall have to go and see Sherlock Holmes.

Xerxex on Sep 21, 2009


This sounds eerily familiar to Terminator 5 news. Remember that? When Terminator: Salvation hadn't even come out and they announced they were pushing forward with Terminator 5. Besides other problems; when Terminator: Salvation tanked it seems they shelved the idea all together. Well, they are only working on a script. We have to see how well the first one does before even decide whether we would want to see a sequel.

Ron on Sep 21, 2009


Well, did anyone NOT think that Sherlock Holmes would be a franchise?

SlashBeast on Sep 21, 2009


Seems a bit early to me. Besides, what with Holmes and Watson being homosexual in this, I don't expect the first will do well enough to warrant a sequel.

Joshua m on Sep 21, 2009


i cant wait to see Sherlock Holmes from the trailers it looks freaking amazing

yes on Sep 21, 2009


# 7 what? That was claim was busted.

Xerxex on Sep 21, 2009


Uhm, It has Robert in it, it's gonna make a lot of money and will make even more money on the 2nd one if Brad Pit does end up in it, well it he is kinda of a goofy guy in it like Burn After reading, it wasn't a great movie but Pitt was pretty funny in it.

Kris on Sep 21, 2009


#6 is right. Everything is a franchise these days. I was hoping this would be a oe hit wonder, like before everything was a 3 part series.

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 22, 2009


The books themselves were a franchise. There's tons of stories to be explored with Sherlock Holmes.

Governor on Sep 22, 2009


#12: But this does not resemble Sherlock Holmes in the slightest, it's an action fix.

Movie Fan on Sep 22, 2009


This movie doesn't resemble the books whatsoever. The original boxes were slow and methodical. Intellegent and sophisticated. This movie looks like a popcorn flick.

Vold on Sep 22, 2009


#7 and #9: I personally think if they WERE homosexuals it would make the film even better. Who wants to see a Jude Law / Downey Jr. sex scene? ME! purely because it would get my girl hot. BWAHAHA, my plan is underway! On a serious note: Sequels announced when the first isn't even out makes me curious. Me no likie. T__T

Jared H on Sep 22, 2009


It doesn't matter if it resembles the books or not. Sherlock Holmes was, and always will be, a franchise. There's no way it's NOT going to be.

Governor on Sep 22, 2009


Brad Pitt with a sinister english accent.... Cant see it

mandarin on Sep 22, 2009


What are you talking about mandarin, Brad Pitt does an AMAZING accent. Just look at his work in Seven Years in Tibet. His babbling in that film wasn't distracting at all and just blended seamlessly with the environment. "Ow long ave I been talking about the HIM-i-LIE-ASS? THE HIM-i-LIE-ASS!" but seriously... all this means is WB is aware that there is a large enough fan base to start with which will guarantee a return on their dollar. They have campaigns and marketing tools with 500 members strong to number crunch and work the statistics. This does not mean that it will be any good, keep in mind. I hope it will be, but... We all don't have to be reminded of the Transformers franchise.

Dan the Fan on Sep 22, 2009

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