Warner Brothers Has Put All DC Comics Movies on Hold

January 8, 2009
Source: IESB

DC Comics

An interesting update today regarding Warner Brothers and the DC Comics side of things. While that does include Watchmen, that's not exactly what this is about. IESB recently talked with David S. Goyer, who is credited for coming up with the story in The Dark Knight. When asked about the status of other comic book projects he's involved in (e.g. The Flash), Goyer told them that "a lot of the DC movies right now at Warner Brothers are all on hold while they figure out -- they're going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that -- so everything has just been pressed pause on at the moment."

Before we dissect his statements even further, we'll let Goyer briefly explain why Warner Brothers is in that holding pattern. "It was the double header of both Iron Man and The Dark Knight coming out, so more than ever I think they realized -- I think DC Comics was responsible for 15% of Warner Brothers' revenue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books -- it's become a new genre and it's become one of the most successful genres." Throw in the combination of the hype for Watchmen and legal woes of Watchmen, and I can understand why DC Comics is saturating the minds of the execs there.

So what does this mean? Well, if anything, it means bigger and better movies are on their way. As audience members, we already know how big the comic book movie genre is, but I think Warner Brothers is just now realizing the ultimate potential of the DC Universe. I'm guessing part of this holding pattern also has to do with Marvel stepping out in front with their plans for The Avengers movie. Maybe the execs at Warner Brothers want to finally try and make a real Justice League movie a reality. Meaning they need to coordinate their efforts to now focus on crossovers and so much more. Either way, it's an exciting future ahead!

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While I can join you in speculating that the plans on the Avengers Movie coupled with Marvel Studios building a Cinematic Universe akin to their published one, I can't EVER see a Justice League movie coming to a theatre near me (unless animated). Even if Batman showed up in a Justice League movie after the Nolan-verse version, I would cry SHUMACHER! until I was hoarse.

ScottyR on Jan 8, 2009


I think it's interesting how the studios are just now getting clued in to this notion that the these comic characters come from a bigger universe and that their fans and general movie audience would enjoy to see those universes represented in the movies! People love epic things and what could more epic than a superman/Batman tie in? At any rate. I would just enjoy knowing that the movie version of Batman exist in a world where superman and or flash exist. I do hope that the WB are truly realizing this, cause a JLA movie is not one without Superman and Batman in it in some fashion... Although, as I write this, I am realizing that the notion of Nolan's batman existing in a JLA universe seems a bit unrealistic and might unnatural...what do you guys think?

ERivas on Jan 8, 2009


An animated JL film would be better, fewer headaches.

Joshmc on Jan 8, 2009


If by big movies I hope that we hear something toward Batman 3 soon

Alex on Jan 8, 2009


Nolan's batman can exist in JLA universe. in many of hte JLAs, Batman wasn't always the friendly superhero that say Superman was. He was distant, a bit colder and calculating, and would appear and disappear more regularly than the others. They just have to translate Nolan Batman over properly. Batman didn't found JLA anyways, if I remember correctly. Wasn't it Superman who founded it? Batman could just be dragged in. But it wouldn't be possible without a Batman 3 movie that somehow tied him into the DC universe. that... or be lazy and do animated. thats sure to do well.

dave13 on Jan 8, 2009


At #3 I if you want animated I highly recommend Justice League The New Frontier. I think WB should stick to more DC animated movies, they're really high quality and very enjoyable. Superman Doomsday is what Returns should have been, really who wants to see Superman push a huge rock into space?

Tyler on Jan 8, 2009


WHAT THE BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 8, 2009


Just so I'm fully understanding this. This has nothing to do with delaying Watchmen or anything right?

Dan W on Jan 8, 2009


a JLA film would be nothing short of a miracle. in the comics, Batman and Superman are near equals in fight and presence...coupled with Wonder-Woman, they're called The Trinity. in Nolan's world, and i hate to say this, but his Batman is somewhat a weaker and dumber Batman than that of in the comics because Nolan's Batman is...more realistic. Nolan's Batman no where near commands the presence, fighting skill, and intellect (in detective skills) when compared with the Batman in the comics or even in the Animated Series. i'm not trying to knock Nolan's Batman because what he's done is remarkable. my point being, if a JLA movie were to be made, and Nolan's Batman teams up with Superman...it would just seem weird and comedic. please don't get me wrong. i would so love to see a serious JLA movie, but i think Nolan's Batman is far inferior to Superman and therefore it wouldn't feel like a true JLA movie. primarily, what needs to be changed about Nolan's Batman is that he needs to be a smarter character. Batman is a detective and Nolan's Batman is kind of thick around the brain. the reason why Batman is part of the JLA is because he's the brains of the team. in the comics, he scared the crap out of every team member because he thought up of a contingency plan where he documented each superhero's weakness and it would be used if the superhero turned evil or became mind-controlled. predictably, the file fell into the wrong hands and all the heroes found out and ousted Batman from the JLA for a while. so what i'm saying is that i haven't seen yet the detective-ness in Nolan's Batman that he needs in order to justify his presence on the team. *and Superman, Batman, and Wonder-Woman were indeed responsible for creating the JLA.

Matt Suhu on Jan 8, 2009


#9 - You brought up some good, interesting points! I agree with your analysis of the Batman from Nolan's Movies. It just makes me a little more hesitant to be excited at the prospects of a JLA movie that would include Batman. But, man do I still want one. I am taking a big guess here, but I think that Nolan would see some of those points, batman and Superman together would be a bit too comedic and unnatural together, and they might lose him if this is indeed one of the WBs plans. And since christian Bale has gone on record to say that he would stay on board as Batman as long as Nolan's involved, it would make a JLA movie with the "Trinity" very difficult..I would never say impossible because Money and good scripts, but mostly Money seems to be a good motivator and mind changer.... Good stuff man..thanks!

ERivas on Jan 8, 2009


I'm a bit skeptical about all of this. Are we saying DC can't afford to build and support its own studios? Are they that financially challenged? If so I understand but let's be realistic a JLA movie coming out of the blue makes no sense if you can't build some type of story from bottom to a crescendo just like the Avengers scenario. Only the Dark Knight so far in recent memory has been the shining light. The last Superman movie sucked. Flash is on hold. No wonder woman movie yet. At least if DC can develop those two movies and have the lesser name heroes show up at diff points that could build for a more interesting storyline than just throwing out a JLA movie for the sake of it. But that's just me.

Titanfan on Jan 8, 2009


DC is greedy and has no patience. Just like they started to make the JL film and then canned it. How can anyone want to see a film that has only introduced like 2 of there leads. How can you expect to be taken seriously in this day and age with that mentallity, Oh because were DC, FUCK OFF!!! Marvel has the idea and thats the way too do it. DC is setting them selves up for just one JL film and thats it. Yeah and thats why all the other films that they made went so well. Only one i can think of was a sucess. Marvel can do 3 or 5 of each with the way they set this up. and yeah they may crap after the 3rd but the point is they see a existance and DC cant see there way through the cover art.

THERBLIG on Jan 8, 2009


Although I do agree that the fact WB finally wrapped their heads around the success of comic book movies means better movies with more money thrown at them... it also means we can expect to soon see an oversaturated market. I really hope comic book movies don't become passe quickly cuz I want to see some good epic ones. Oh and JLA needs to happen. They HAVE to figure out a way to make it realistic and mind-boggling at the same time and not fall on the slippery slope of cheesiness. Hard work, but that's why those people have all the money and all we have is a computer to hate on them with =)

Alfredo on Jan 8, 2009


as long as Sandra Bullock movie are released, we should be ok, right? We wouldn't want to waste any money.

wm on Jan 8, 2009


#9-Your comment was right on. That is a very good point and I have to agree with you. Also, it's not often I read a comment that is clearly thought out and well written. Thank you.

Johnny Crow on Jan 8, 2009


thank you. i am really tired of comic book films. they are basically the same story over and over. some dude makes a suit to figt crime (iron man and batman), some dude parents die or one of them die (spiderman and batman).

Darrin on Jan 9, 2009


Wouldn't it be interesting if movie companies made good movies and comic book companies focused on making good comic books again?

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


Wouldn't it be interesting if my scrotum tasted like my fingers smelt after I scratched them?

Sqiuggay on Jan 9, 2009


I dunno dude, why don't you taste them for us?

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


Don't know if anyone said this, but IRON MAN is MARVEL, not DC, and I don't think it was put out by Warner Bros.

scm1000 on Jan 10, 2009


# 16, Don't forget Superman's parents died too. Re: a JLA Movie- I said this before on another JLA movie thread and everybody got mad,so I'll say it a little nicer this time: Some of the fans who are going nuts over the proposed Avengers movie totally diss the idea of a JLA movie. This strikes me--I can't help it--as "excessive Marvel enthusiasm" (not resurgent Marvel zombieism). Yes, Marvel is trying to put forth the idea that many super-characters exist in the same universe.This was a big deal right from the start- The Fantastic Four met the Hulk in FF#12, 1 year into the Marvel Age of Comics, as Stan liked to ballyhoo it. One thing cool about Marvel, as opposed to DC--who got there a loooong time before Marvel, in fact inspiring the creation of FF by publishing the Justice League--is that Marvel had its heroes fight when they first meet, as opposed to forming a team right away. DC can have a group movie just like Marvel can. I truly don't believe any set of characters are "cooler" just because they belong to one company or another. i know that's not shared by many in the comic book community. It's how they are written and drawn (or filmed) that makes the difference. In many cases these days, the same creators work for both companies. Also, each character does not not have to have an origin movie. They could do an Avengers movie and just throw in a 5-7 minute Ant-Man origin. Same thing for JLA and "J'onn J'onzz." I just don't get this "Yay for an Avengers movie!" but "Oh God, a JLA movie will eat sh*t!" Remember everybody, the much-lauded, super-heavy box office grossing, Oscar-baiting The Dark Knight was released by Warner Brothers (DC' corporate parent) and is about a DC character. It's all comic book stuff, people--Go see 'em all (except-yuk-The Spirit) and they'll keep making them.

zubzwank on Jan 11, 2009


@21 zubzwank as i said before, i'd love to see a serious JLA movie. but i think what hasn't been mentioned is that we've already seen Marvel characters in team-type movies such as X-Men (if you can call that a team movie) and FF (which was a waste of time), and therefore trying to imagine an Avengers movie being created isn't that too difficult. however, if i'm not mistaken, there has been no DC superhero team movie made yet...am i correct? so i'm thinking that that may be a negative factor in fans trying to imagine a DC teamup film. also, you mention the Dark Knight being made by DC...true...but it was really Chris Nolan's baby. i'm not sure if Chris Nolan, or someone of his caliber, would be willing to film such a story...and please don't say Brian Singer who ruined Superman Returns. my point being simply...it may be easier for fans to imagine a team movie because there are already two out there, but it may be difficult for fans to imagine a DC team movie because there has been none made...yet.

Matt Suhu on Jan 11, 2009


Matt-You make some good points. One major consideration and historical perspective (I guess) is that both FF and X-Men were conceived of and presented as teams from the beginning, whereas both JLA and the Avengers were amalgamations of already-active solo heroes. Re: The Singer Superman flick: Some WB exec said something like they felt that the movie did not "re-position the character as they were hoping." I wonder what that means. Knowing, of course, that "re-positioning" for a corporation means placing a property in a higher sales (and profit) profile, I guess they were hoping for a franchise of (increasingly deteriorating) sequels--that is what usually happens, TDK not withstanding--and increased marketing. We may get it yet. I read somewhere that, though the box office receipts for Superman Returns were disappointing, licensed products sold through the roof, justifying another movie on that basis. I am a believer that super hero movie "franchises" should end at the 2nd movie. They ALWAYS got down hill by the 3rd: Superman 3, Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3 (I didn't think it was as bad as many said), Batman Forever... Super hero/comic book aficionados--as opposed to (strictly) Marvel fans--should welcome and support both JLA and Avengers movies as long as they are well done. Of course, "well done" means many things.

zubzwank on Jan 13, 2009



LENYO on Feb 11, 2009


Marvel seems to think that having heroes who whine all the time (see spiderman, xmen) makes them "real world"!!!!! Superheroes, by their nature, are Right-wing nut jobs, but are written by Left-wing pansies. Bat Begins & Dark Knight are the exception. They are the best superhero movies I've ever seen.

alex on May 30, 2009


I think Marvel studios are doing it the right way, first introducing some heroes in their own movies, and now slowly moving towards the Avengers movie. Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man are good examples of well-made superhero movies that also serve as good introductions for the characters in regard of The Avengers. What DC and WB are lacking is just that: not enough characters properly introduced to the big screen yet. Justice League may be a lot about Superman and Batman, but even these two are not ready for a JL movie. First, we need another good Batman movie to see the character evolve some more and deal with the situation that The Dark Knight has left him in... Then we'd need a sequel to Superman Returns, which in my opinion wasn't a really bad movie, just kind of a simple one, a re-introduction of the character. If I remember well, B. Singer indeed had plans for a sequel where Superman would face more challenge and a greater enemy, and Singer promised to go all ''Wrath of Khan'' on that one. So who knows, maybe if these movies get made first, then we could see more DC characters appear and eventually a JL movie can take place. But rushing things and trying to do a JL movie right now just to try and catch up with the Avengers project would not only be unrealistic, it would be plain stupid... and could even ruin the possibility of future movies being made about these DC heroes.

Selenite on May 30, 2009

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