Official Extraordinary Measures Trailer with Harrison Ford

November 11, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Extraordinary Measures Trailer

I never in my life wanted to ever see one of my very favorite actors, Harrison Ford, paired up with one of today's worst actors, Brendan Fraser, but Hollywood made it happen. And the result, well, it's not that great. CBS Films has debuted the trailer for Extraordinary Measures today starring Ford and Fraser, as well as Keri Russell, in a heartfelt drama about a father's quest to save the lives of his two children. It looks like a very heartwarming story, but kind of like My Sister's Keeper, I don't really have any interest in seeing it. I'm not even sure why, but if it gets some great reviews, I may end up checking it out. What about you?

Watch the trailer for Tom Vaughan's Extraordinary Measures:

You can also watch the Extraordinary Measures trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Follows the efforts of John and Aileen Crowley to find a researcher who might have a cure for their two children's rare genetic disorder. Based on the true story documented in Geeta Anand's book The Cure.

Extraordinary Measures is directed by Scottish filmmaker Tom Vaughan, of only Starter for 10 and What Happens in Vegas previously. The screenplay was written by Robert Nelson Jacobs (Out to Sea, Dinosaur, Chocolat, The Shipping News, The Water Horse) and is based on Geeta Anand's book titled The Cure. CBS Films is bringing Extraordinary Measures to theaters starting on January 22nd, 2010 early next year.

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O'Connell and Jones... Diggin up trouble...

wHiskey Tango... on Nov 11, 2009


Brendan Fraser is NOT a bad actor, just an actor who doesn't get cast in good roles, mainly because he has been in so many kid friendly/goofy movies that people don't want him in serious movies (both audiences and producers). He knocked it out of the park in The Quiet American. Loved him in that terrific, yet underrated movie.

Vlad M. on Nov 11, 2009


I DO A REALLY GOOD JOB AT YELLING! Well done Harrison Ford. Pass...

Dan the Fan on Nov 11, 2009


Alex how dare you say Fraser is one of todays worst actors. Fraser is just having fun in his life taking on these kid movies roles, the guy can go back into the good acting game at any time, he needs a new manager. As for this it kind of like Lorenzo's O'il and it seems like a good flick, this trailer is not that great but I'll check it out.

Xerxex on Nov 11, 2009


Looks great. I'm a huge fan of "dark" or "badass" movies (although Dark Knight will spawn a crap load of shitty "dark", "badass" movies), but I think Hollywood doesn't make enough good "feel good" movies. They make them, but not GOOD ones. I hope this is one of them.... As a father I already connected with Brendan Fraiser's character through the trailer. And he is a good actor, I like him. He is not afraid to take on different roles.

Trip on Nov 11, 2009


I loved Brendan in Gods and Monsters. It is one of the best movies ever done. I love it when people who have not seen any of his movies maybe other than Mummy have a nerve to trash him. I liked the trailer. I'll probably check it out.

DJLove on Nov 11, 2009


I happen to like Brendan Fraser. *shrug* This looks like one of those movies that will make you cry a little...laugh a little...then cry some more until the good ending. I wouldn't go to the theater to see it, but if I catch it on TV I'll probably end up watching it.

Sabes on Nov 11, 2009


This could be cool! I'm checkin' this out!

Spider on Nov 11, 2009


Great trailer, but music sucks ;s

Tidjay on Nov 11, 2009


I like Brenden Fraser, too... Completely disagree with you, Alex. Movie looks pretty good though - tear jerker. I can't remember, but it might have been you, Alex, who said that you wanted to see if Channing Tatum could really act during that sappy Notebook - wannabe trailer. I think he's had all the chances he deserves.

Howwwe on Nov 11, 2009


Reminds me of Lorenzo's Oil. I'll probably see it...I always see stuff like this.

janet on Nov 11, 2009


nothing about this movie stands out in the trailer. and, the acting seems really "meh". from watching this, i'm not at all anxious/motivated to see the movie.

beavis on Nov 11, 2009


Brendan Fraser sucks at acting and i don't care one bit dieing kid movies.

DoomCanoe on Nov 11, 2009


Finally! Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford get a good script (hopefully!). Two really fine actors who need roles that they can sink their teeth into. Oh, and Keri Russell is always welcome!

kitano0 on Nov 11, 2009


I don't mind Brenden Fraser personally. His children movies are fantastic, for children of course. Besides the 3 Mummies and Inkheart, most of his more well known movies have been child oriented. He was Dudley Do-Right, he was in Journey to the Center of the Earth, George of the Jungle, etc. And I liked those, and now hes back into a good looking film aiming at an older audience and you are already discounting it. I don't know but I don't judge a book, or in this case a movie, by its cover. Harrison Ford is a fantastic actor, Keri Russell is beautiful and talented she always impresses me with her performances, and Fraser may surprise you if you let him. Mummy and The Mummy Returns weren't bad, and his role as Jordan's brother in Scrubs was very good in my opinion--I think he deserves an open mind. But then again I may be in the minority.

t on Nov 11, 2009


#1 lol well done

jh on Nov 11, 2009


His partr in Scrubs was great and the episode where he was dead...oh wow. I loved Blast from the Past. It was so awesomely cheesy and of course Walken was great! I loved the Mummy and Mummy Returns is a fun watch but not too often. Journey was good and so was Inkheart and George. Dudley was pointless as I used to watch the cartoon but a movie, meh. I was too old as well by then.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 11, 2009


Scrubs proves that Brendan is a fantastic actor. I really don't know your taste Alex because you go out and support some movies like "New York I Love You" with horrible actors and good actors acting horribly and then you berate Fraser, who even in crappy, no-acting-needed kid movies brings the heat. The only resemblance this has to "My Sister's Keeper" is that the children are terminally ill and the parents want them to be healthy. Other than that it's another movie that looks good and gives Harrison a chance to alleviate his acting chops, because God knows Indian Jones tried to bury his career. Brendan knows that he is good, but probably goes for where the money is at, kids flicks

Dee on Nov 12, 2009


I sorry but this film Depressers the hell out of me Harrison Ford and Brendon Fraser would have been better Making another Indiana jones picture instead, fraser would have been better as the son in indy 4 instead of Shia la Bouf.

Cineprog on Nov 12, 2009


Its good to see Brenden back in movies, he is such a likable guy, its weird i was just watching Airheads last night lol and after it i was thinking you never see Brenden that often anymore and then today i see this??????? spooky. H Ford looks really good in the movie aswell i think he should stick to movies like this now days instead of the indie movies because S Berg and Locus is wrecking the great movies they made. Looks amazing, wont watch in Cinema but def DVD.

Dan on Nov 12, 2009


Brendan Frasers face makes me want to kill him. The trailer at least seems to be a bit over dramatic etc. Hate movies like that.

coswell on Nov 12, 2009


#20 OVER DRAMATIC - I think it would be in realife if a kid was dieing and couldnt be cured These days if the movie hasnt got white face paint with red smuged across his face ( Dark Night ) nobody wants to know : (

Dan on Nov 12, 2009


brandon fraser is a better actor than 90 percent of your faves you dumbnut!!!

yojoe on Nov 12, 2009


I agree Brendan is a great actor and wish he would make mroe movies.

ben on Nov 12, 2009


I'm glad that someone else brought up in his role in Scrubs which was one of the best cameos that show had in its history. He's got some acting chops, he just seldom gets the chance to show them off. This may be one of those opportunities for him. I'll be checking this movie out.

Dan on Nov 12, 2009


CBS films? Harrison buddy... new agent.

bozo on Nov 12, 2009


So kind of a more upbeat Lorenzo's Oil? Maybe a DVD rental.

Marc on Nov 12, 2009


#26, thats exactly what I was thinking. Looks like a happier Lorenzo's Oil. Man that movie was depressing (really good though). Ford looks great as always in this, but Fraser... he looks like a fat faced idiot. DVD or tv movie I think.

dave13 on Nov 12, 2009


Edward Scissorhands meets The Green Mile sweet!

Greasy Tones on Nov 12, 2009


"Worst actor" and "Brendan Fraser" should never be in the same sentence together. I haven't seen Fraser in a movie I didn't like. I'll admit the movies weren't great, but they were good. I think the real reason Alex isn't keen on this movie is he can't get over his dislike of Fraser long enough to give this movie a chance. As for Harrison Ford...he's made his share of lemons as well (Six Days Seven Nights anyone)...guess people have forgotten that.

Jeep-Fu on Nov 12, 2009


Brendan Frasier sucks. The Mummy 2, Blast from the Past, the monkey movie, Journey to Center of Universe...terrible. He was decent in the Scout and Encino Man (where he had to act like a cave man, realy tough) and was pretty good in his guest appearances in Scrubs.

branden on Nov 12, 2009


Harrison Ford is the most overrated actor of all time.

jason on Nov 12, 2009


Reminds me of Lorenzo's Oil as well 😀

Eman on Nov 12, 2009


CANCER! Why'd it have to be Cancer?!!

Nick Sears on Nov 12, 2009


Keri Russell can't act her way out of a paper bag.

Jon the Rob-ot on Nov 12, 2009


Can't remember the last time Harrison Ford took second billing to anyone, nevermind Brendan Fraser.. His options must be slimmer than I thought they were..

Mike on Nov 13, 2009


this screams made for tv

neonblue120 on Nov 16, 2009


Brendon Frasier isn't the worst actor all by himself. Have to put Vince Vaughn and Will Farrell in that grouping. I agree, have no real inkling to want to see this film. Watching a movie about Cancer research when drug companies are holding back on cancer patients, isn't sadding, it's maddening. I use to like Ford in his earlier days, but the roles he has taken in the last 10 years have not been in his best interest. Watched part of The Mummy as I was flipping through the channels, and geez, Frasier sucks. Probably didn't help that the movie wasn't great either.

Ugotabekiddin on Jan 20, 2010

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