Watch This: First Teaser Trailer for Fox's Marmaduke Movie

December 21, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Marmaduke Teaser Trailer

This is one of those short teaser trailers that's designed to do nothing more than introduce you to the main character and that's it. We get to see about 10 seconds of actual footage and while the dog looks good, Owen Wilson's voice doesn't sound that great. Fox has debuted the teaser trailer (via Yahoo) for Marmaduke starring an actual, live Great Dane this time (instead of a CGI one). If you saw Marley & Me, this is almost like deja vu, at least until you realize that Owen Wilson is actually voicing Marmaduke and not just helping the pup grow into a dog. Despite all the names attached to this, I'm still interested in it. What about you?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Marmaduke from YouTube:

You can also watch the Marmaduke teaser trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A suburban family moves into a new neighborhood in California with their large yet lovable Great Dane named Marmaduke (actor Owen Wilson), who has a tendency to wreak havoc in his own oblivious way.

Marmaduke is directed by Tom Dey, of Shanghai Noon, Showtime, and Failure to Launch previously. The screenplay was co-written by Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio (both of Christmas Nightmare, License to Wed, and Smother previously). This is also based on the beloved newspaper comic strip written by Brad Anderson and Phil Leeming. Fox will be bringing Marmaduke to theaters on June 4th, 2010 next year.

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I'm interested in seeing this as much as I'm interested in drinking spoiled milk from the hollowed out skull of a dead Ewok.

ceviche on Dec 21, 2009



Crapola on Dec 21, 2009


The reason Marmaduke is so funny is because he's just so darn big. He gets himself into all kinds of trouble, because he's just soooo huge. I nearly pee myself laughing every time I think about how big he is. Surely this will be a film of sheer comedic brilliance; even rivaling masterworks like as Hotel for Dogs or G-Force. I can't wait to see how big Marmaduke will be. Too big for the sofa, I assume. Oh Marmaduke, you slay me.

FancyMonocle on Dec 21, 2009


eh, could be good ill wait for a full trailer, and yea dunno if owen wilson was the right fit or just bad editing

harrison on Dec 21, 2009


What's the first song?

Tidjay on Dec 21, 2009



Gabe the Accuser` on Dec 21, 2009


@ #5 What's the first song? what do You think this is youtube?

paul on Dec 21, 2009


at least this "dog" movie doesn't have jennifer aniston.............that's an improvement right there. i can't imagine wanting to see this in the theatre........BUT, my girlfriend just said this looks "cute"????? soooooooo, i may be seeing it after all.

beavis on Dec 21, 2009


@5 and @6 Phantom Planet - California It became popular as the theme song to the Fox show, The OC.

Internapse on Dec 21, 2009


Oops, I meant #s 5 and 7: Here's a YouTube link:

Internapse on Dec 21, 2009


#8. Leave your girlfriend. She obviously does not love you at all. In fact, she might be pure evil. #1, your eloquent summation of this movie warms my heart in all the right places. On this holiday season where we share warmth and merriment with kith and kin, I would personally like to give everyone associated with this movie a roundhouse kick to the genitalia. Happy holidays!

DLM Entertainment on Dec 21, 2009


I Wonder if the Marmaduke will meet the same fate Marley did.

Dan on Dec 22, 2009


they'd like their boring ass dog back.

The midwest called... on Dec 22, 2009


right now... a film exec is going ... "Alvin and the Chipmunks? Garfield? Marmaduke? Hey... who can get me the rights to Heathcliff?"

duane on Dec 22, 2009


This is gonna suck all kinds of goat ass.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Dec 22, 2009


Finally a real dog for a movie like this! My god. But was Owen Wilson really the right choice? His voice doesn't match that dog.

Lar on Dec 22, 2009


Say it ain't so.

risk on Dec 22, 2009


OMG! My kid is gonna drag me to the show for this. Kids love those damn talking animals don't they? I drew the line with the chipmunks though because I think they would actually cause brain damage. This doesn't seem as bad as that.

arjones on Dec 22, 2009


Does this take place in or have anything to do with California?

Cracker on Dec 22, 2009


LMAO #1, drinking spoiled milk out of the hollowed out skull of a dead ewok,

TWolve on Jan 10, 2010


Rapper KOS sampled that Phanom Planet - california song. well done songs both of them

walsh on Feb 7, 2010

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