Watch This: First Official Shrek Forever After Teaser Trailer

December 17, 2009
Source: Apple

Shrek Forever After Teaser

DreamWorks Animation has debuted the first teaser trailer for Shrek Forever After on Apple. With the highly anticipated opening of Avatar this weekend, every studio is releasing every last trailer they've got, especially for any 3D movies. The premise in this one asks what would Far Far Away be like if Shrek never existed? It looks okay, but I'm tired of this franchise. The huge voice cast for Shrek Forever After includes Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, Amy Poehler, John Lithgow, Maya Rudolph, Amy Sedaris, Eric Idle, Larry King, and Regis Philbin. Watch and tell us what you think?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Shrek Forever After:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the teaser trailer for Shrek Forever After in High Definition on Apple

The further adventures of the green ogre Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) living in the land of Far Far Away.

Shrek Forever After is directed by Mike Mitchell, of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Surviving Christmas, and Sky High previously. The screenplay was written by Josh Klausner (Shrek the Third, upcoming Date Night) and Darren Lemke (Flashpoint, Lost). This is DreamWorks Animation's 20th feature film since opening in 1994. Paramount is bringing Shrek Forever After to theaters everywhere on May 21st, 2010 next summer.

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First. Oh no.

Wes on Dec 17, 2009


second this looks good

mike on Dec 17, 2009



guh on Dec 17, 2009


geeeez... is this going straight to DVD?

tremolan on Dec 17, 2009


Shrek is awesome!

Robbie on Dec 17, 2009


hope they end with a bang fat puss in boots was pretty awesome tho

lego on Dec 17, 2009


Hmmm.... did they really need to make another movie?

N on Dec 17, 2009


The first Shrek is a classic. All that followed were utterly terrible.

FancyMonocle on Dec 17, 2009


"Please eat my face last, and send my hoofs to my mama!" - Eddie Murphy, you've done it again!

The Man With No Name on Dec 17, 2009


I am somewhat excited. Mostly because they say "final chapter" TWICE in the trailer...

André on Dec 17, 2009


@10 You know what would make it better? if They said it THREE times in the next one.

Paul on Dec 17, 2009


Personally, I think this one might be trying too hard with little to show for it. I would need another trailer to convince me otherwise

Frankie on Dec 17, 2009


I can admit the first Shrek movie was funny, but I think they're all horrible movies. I don't think they break any ground in story telling or in animation, and I'm a stickler when it comes to kids movies and these films have waaay too much adult humor for my taste in what is supposed to be a "kids film." (and no I don't have kids). Since the first film they've gotten progressively worse, and this just looks kinda dumb. The humor was kinda dumb to begin with, but now that it's been rehashed over and over again I'm not sure there's anything left to serve.

ImaginaryVisionary on Dec 17, 2009


gonna skip it in theaters but gonna rent it or watch it at someones place. looks decent though.

Buggy166 on Dec 17, 2009


one word. NO.

Seductive Flamingo on Dec 17, 2009


What's sad is that was the first time I laughed at a Shrek movie since the first. Given it was only when he said, "I'll get him later." Still, this idea, I know I won't care for it.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 17, 2009


No #13 the first one was a perfect mix of adult satire and goodness for the kiddies but the rest that followed are just utter trash just like this. Please hollywood just stop with the bullshit sequels.

Cody on Dec 17, 2009


This is like the animated section of hell.

Nyce on Dec 17, 2009


Shouldn't Puss in Boots be eating lasagna....and that doesn't sound like Bill Murray. Oh wait.....

Tyrow on Dec 17, 2009


I really loved the first movie! And then they seemed to go downhill from there. But I still love the characters, so I will probably see it.

Eliza on Dec 17, 2009


Puts gun to temple. Boom. Brains hit floor/wall. Body slumps to ground. Life drains away. - That would be better than watching that pile of donkey excremento.

Crapola on Dec 18, 2009


I thought the last shrek was sooo not funny and thought that was the end of shrek. I awoke today totally shocked to see they made another one. Maybe I'm still sleeping and it's a nightmare I'm experiencing. It has to be, because they said it was in 3D too. What's next? A live action Shrek where he's cursed and turns human?

arjones on Dec 18, 2009


Looks cool. I like that it's the last one.

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Dec 18, 2009


Looks Awsome đŸ™‚

Cineprog on Dec 18, 2009


I hope this makes up for the very weak 3rd film. It's just a teaser but I think it did it's job. I'm interested On to other news, I'm so glad they have decided to make another one...AFTER I bought the Shrek Trilogy DVD set (well actually I got it as a gift, but still). Curse you packaging/advertising companies!! It's just like wanting to buy a 007 or Pixar "Complete Set" where buying one is futile because it truly will never be complete.

Marc on Dec 18, 2009


I honestly can't remember what happened in Shrek 2 and 3, so I must not have enjoyed either very much. But.. from the looks of things, this could be as enjoyable as the first one was the first time you watched it.

JL on Dec 18, 2009


@21: It's funny cause you said Donkey excremento and Donkey is in the movie XD

Joe Ho on Dec 19, 2009


It's going to be a fantastic movie for sure! Can't wait to see it. Shrek Forever After wallpapers (amazing!!!) @

Maria on May 16, 2010

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