Watch This: First Official Trailer for The Karate Kid Remake

December 22, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Karate Kid Trailer

Okay, here we go. Sony has debuted the first official trailer for The Karate Kid remake starring Jaden Smith as the kid and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the Mr. Miyagi like mentor he meets. Yes, technically I think they're using Kung Fu in this and not Karate, so complain all you want about the title, but I think Sony would rather get complaints than lose money at the box office. Let me be the first to say that honestly this doesn't look that bad. I even just watched the original Karate Kid a few days ago and Jaden looks like the same grumpy kid as Ralph Macchio. While it definitely won't top the original, it could be pretty fun. Enjoy?

Watch the official trailer for Harald Zwart's The Karate Kid:

[flv: 598 284]

You can also watch The Karate Kid trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The Karate Kid, directed by Harald Zwart (The Pink Panther 2), stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, and Taraji P. Henson. Smith plays Dre, a skateboarding video game buff who moves to China after his single mother is forced to go there for work. Unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully. Chan plays Mr. Han, a maintenance man who spots his black-eye and offers to teach him both martial arts and Chinese, so he can defend against all the kung-fu students. Sony is bringing The Karate Kid to theaters starting on June 11th, 2010 this summer. Will you be seeing this in theaters next year or not?

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The trailer was actually good but im a little hesistant of the final movie.

Ryan on Dec 22, 2009


Actually doesn't look bad at all. Jackie Chan looks like he gives a good performance.

klaus_komix on Dec 22, 2009


this looks fun. i'll see it. am i first?

douglas on Dec 22, 2009


HA! That was actually pretty cool :] Hell, im up for it

Toucmyinfection on Dec 22, 2009


Let me get this's called The Karate Kid but it takes place in China and he learns Kung Fu? Shouldn't it be The Kung Fu Kid? Karate is Japanese. Mr. Miyagi was Japanese. Jackie Chan is Chinese. Weak!!!

Geoff on Dec 22, 2009


Are you serious? this looks terrible. they replaced wax on wax off with pick up your jacket?

jim on Dec 22, 2009


Jackie looks good and i wasn't completely disgusted by what i saw. I agree it wont top the original but least it wont completely blow.

DoomCanoe on Dec 22, 2009


but Sony needs to change the title to The Kung Kid it does not make sense to call it The Karate Kid if they aint doing Karate and its set in China. anyway the trailer look alright you can see Jaden Smith was training hard for the role.

tazz on Dec 22, 2009


I am actually interested to see this modern take on the old movie. I loved the original and this looks good enough that it won't ruin it.

Jordan on Dec 22, 2009


Looks like "Never Back Down" with 12 year-olds. Wasn't impressed with the soundtrack at all, and less impressed with two younger kids trying to fight Jackie Chan... It can try, but it will never be the original.

Professor Brian O'Bilivion on Dec 22, 2009


Let's just say that this could have been a lot worse. I'm impressed, and may see this simply because of Jackie Chan.

The Man With No Name on Dec 22, 2009


Ya Geoff, because we all know Hollywood sets out to make accurate informative films. LAUGH. Aside from that, the trailer looks pretty promising. I'm certain this will do well.

Dan the Fan on Dec 22, 2009



Scagginsvolley on Dec 22, 2009


#5 Geoff the original The Karate Kid was also wrong cause Ralph Macchio did not do a Karate move he did taekwondo so the movie should of been called The Taekwondo Kid. the kick that Ralph Macchio uses at the end of The Karate Kid is a taekwondo kick. so the movie should of been called The Taekwondo Kid

blaze on Dec 22, 2009



Solo Dolo Polo on Dec 22, 2009


I loved the first karate kid, especially Mr. Miyagi's performance...but I thought it was cheezy. I love the fly joke. I'm thinking this movie might be better overall, although Mr. Miyagi's performance will be not be topped.

tyrascilee on Dec 22, 2009


if this had Jean Claude Van Damme in it I would watch it

Scott McHenry on Dec 22, 2009


Looks entertaining enough. Considering it's the exact same story just told in China. Definitely should have called it The Kung Fu Kid. What's the song?

Brandon on Dec 22, 2009


THIS KID CANNOT ACT!!!!! but not quite as bad as expected

movie mike on Dec 22, 2009


I thought this Remake was going to be called the Kung Fu Kid not the Karate Kid as the original one was Jackie chan as the mr Miyagi now called mr Han charictor is not bad but what can you say about this film its been done and done. * Still up in the air about this one *

Cineprog on Dec 22, 2009


lol i'm with 19 on this one

ray on Dec 22, 2009


Looks good to me. Plus it has Jackie, love that guy.

Tristan on Dec 22, 2009


@#18 Brandon its "Fort Minor - Remember the name" Fort Minor is Mike Shinoda side project with Styles of Beyond

tazz on Dec 22, 2009


i'm pretty sure it's gonna be called The Kung-Fu Kid, internationally. looks fun. definitely the best US Jackie Chan movie in years.

CL on Dec 22, 2009


Boo, they should have never touched the original, i grew up with them, the ONLY reason i am going to see it is because of Jackie Chan, as of the rest i am hesitant of the story. my 2c

malinK on Dec 22, 2009


They made these movies in the 80's they should have stayed there. Oh those giant Chinese bullies!!!! I love films where they montage a martial art together over the course of a few jacket pickups.

Crapola on Dec 22, 2009


#24 how do you even know that? The film hasn't been released yet.

John Doe on Dec 22, 2009


This looks pretty bad!!! This movie WILL NOT make any money. I don't think kids now a days will like it as much as we did the first Karate Kid.

Yaniv on Dec 22, 2009


whats the point saying complain all you want about the title. if the movie is based on Kung Fu it should be called The Kung Fu Kid. whats next a remake of 3 Ninjas, instead of them doing Ninjutsu they will be doing Kung Fu and its set in China and the 3 Ninjas will be doing Kung Fu but the movie still be called 3 Ninja Kids. does not make sense at all.

dean on Dec 22, 2009


Smith is terrible- talk about getting movies just cuz of who you're related to. Chan actually looks to be on top of his game, though. It's one I can miss.

Antioch on Dec 22, 2009


terrible. you know a movie is bad when they play hip-hop and fort minor during the trailer.

Vincent Cipollone on Dec 22, 2009


This won't top the original! I love Jackie Chan, but I just can't stand the arrogance of that kid from "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Jaden is only in this film because of his old man! "Karate Kid" learning Kung-Fu from a Chinese man to a hip-hop soundtrack???? Some things are just not meant to go together! I'll pass!!!!!

Blue Silver on Dec 22, 2009


Of course my biggest beef is with this Jaden kid. Even if this tournament is for kids between the age of 8-15, Jaden looks like he is 4! The kid is sooo puny whatever damage he causes I won't be able to buy it. Yes I know size doesn't translate directly to strength but COME ON.

Matthew on Dec 22, 2009


I surprisingly didn't hate it. Not sure I would go to the theaters to see it, but I might rent it, or watch it when it comes on TV. Unless of course enough people tell me it's good.

Sabes on Dec 22, 2009


The best part about this will be the inevitable catchphrase that catches on. After the original people were always saying "wax on, wax off", this tops it with "Jacket off". I can't wait until a bunch of kids are running around saying "jacket on, jacket off". Teachers and parents are going to love that catch phrase. Hell, I'm going to start using it now! Come on kids! Jacket on! Jacket off! Haha, Jacket Off!

Joe on Dec 22, 2009


This looks like utter garbage, can you mass media guppies stop supporting lackadasical efforts like this, enough with the remakes, or redos and if you keep giving them your money, these type of movies need to stop being made.

Chase on Dec 22, 2009


Hey, I have an idea - come up with a new idea!

bart on Dec 22, 2009



jaja on Dec 22, 2009


Hey, this is a step up from Jackie's babysitting spy movie

Jaf on Dec 22, 2009


Will smith's son looks sort of annoying

The Goodfella on Dec 22, 2009


this trailer gives new meaning to the word "sucks". just awful.

beavis on Dec 22, 2009


at least its not a total ripoff, it definitely wont top the original but it looks descent enough as a new chapter, better than the one with Hillary Swank.

Richard on Dec 22, 2009


This is gonna make a lot of Money. Jackie Chan looks great in this movie...Not a fan of Wills Kid,,,,yet Haven't seen anything much with him...Though it doesn't look terrible like a lot of nredy kids are saying but they should change the name.

Kris on Dec 22, 2009


Hollywood is fucking insulting. They are just doing this to cash in on The Karate Kid License. Are they implying all Asian culture is the same??? I can see the producers during the discussion for green lighting this film "Nobody will notice that Karate is different than Kung Fu. It's all Oriental" It's like saying Sweden is the same as Swizterland and Puerto Rico is just like the Dominican Republic. Also why does Jackie continue to do these terrible movies for Hollywood. His image is already tarnished enough out here in the West. At least the Shinjuku Incident was watchable and different.

sleepyninja on Dec 22, 2009


trailer doesnt dissappoint but im with #1, not sure about the final product

harrison on Dec 22, 2009


gotta admit that flyswatter joke is good.

J-Love on Dec 22, 2009


@sleepyninja hollywood been doing this for years you get African-American actors playing Africas on film, you get Chinese actors playing Japanese, or Korean playing Japanese.

dean on Dec 22, 2009


Holy chinese Karate, this is so wrong. C'mon, are they serious?

Six! on Dec 22, 2009


The only way I'm watching this is if Jaden Smith gets his ass beat to death at the end. Pass, Pass, Pass!

Magnolia Fan on Dec 22, 2009


Wow...what a way to ruin a classic.

Ryan on Dec 22, 2009


HMM... UM... OK... INTRIGUING... imagine my 10 yr old will be game for it

Dusty on Dec 22, 2009


Who the fuck moves to China? Black people from the Ghetto certainly don't. This looks terrible. Will Smith's kid needs to quit while he's ahead.

Gang Bang Gary on Dec 22, 2009


this is looks like garbage. the title i dont got a problem with its just the story really in a way doesnt make sense with that kid and in china? come..on.. for that, i rather see any Asian kid in china. not will son.

LC on Dec 22, 2009


for those of you who keep harping "karate and kung fu are two different things" THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. we didn't notice. while that eats away at your soul, i'm going to drink until i can't feel anymore.

thanxcaptainobvious on Dec 22, 2009


@Gang Bang Gary dont know if you dumb but you do sound like it, there is black people in china and japan who moves down there for work. i guess the mother got a job to work in china thats why they are live in china

d-man on Dec 22, 2009


@Gang Bang Gary dont know if you dumb but you do sound like it, there is black people in china and japan who moves down there for work. i guess the mother got a job to work in china thats why they are living in china

d-man on Dec 22, 2009


I love how people say stuff like STOP with the remakes and NO more sequels as if people are actually listening to them lol like directors are in their chairs like well......we are gonna fill our pockets up pretty deep with this remake......but this guy named Chase and some other guy named Bart says we should stop so let's pack it up. Like new ideas are gonna stop you guppies from whining. Come on. Last new idea that was big was District 9 and I bet guys like Chase and Bart were just DYING to put their bags of Cheetos down and throw some pants in to bitch about how its just like some other movie or how it was not convincing. I know this comment will probably only be read by 8 people and it will not stop old ladies like Chase and Fart from pooping all over every single concept that hits the screen but come on guys. Grab your twenty dollar popcorn and drink combos and see what you want! Sure its an opinionated web blog but no one wants to hear the same crap from u kids every day. How bout you try something from your own book......ORIGINALiTY! Peace avatar rules!

SwampDonkey2k9 on Dec 22, 2009


For fucks sake some of u people are4 such piss ants . There is nothing wrong with the preview . It was good plain and simple fucking deal with it . This site has become terrible with whiny bitchs who complain about every fucking preview . Go away dont watch the trailers dont comment . Dont even bother with this site because u bring it down so much . I come here to watch trailers get news and read intelligent comments from real movie fans not people who bitch about every movie or pick one movie they loved (that sucked) and talk it over every other movie . If u dont like it dont watch and dont complain . If u cant tell what agood movie or trailer or acting is dont bother pretending like you do .

Superchyle on Dec 22, 2009


I really don't get a lot of the HATE comments towards this trailer....wait a minute....yes I do, this is a fanboy site..that explains it all. Like all, I am a diehard fan of the original and hated the idea of a remake with Jayden Smith...but this looks to be a VERY entertaining film. It seems like it will be a lot of fun...may have some pretty good fight scenes and the dynamic between Jayden and Jackie could be very well played. I have hope for this one and am looking forward to the finished product

Jay on Dec 22, 2009


hmmm..... maybe just maybe

Madnezz344 on Dec 22, 2009


Wow they really ruined the name "The Karate Kid" The kid actor is about 5 years to young and the movie looks to be kiddied down. A shame as a reboot might of worked if taken a more serious approach instead of a Saturday morning cartoon approach. Oh well. /Fail

moviefan111 on Dec 22, 2009


This looks ok, but i do agree with some comments about the locations. Still Jackie suits the role perfectly and he will do justice to the original Mr. Miyagi

agentX on Dec 22, 2009


@27. this was posted before they address the issues of karate vs. kung-fu. i assume it just makes business sense for the US to keep it as "the karate kid" to build upon the franchise. the rest of the world likely gives a crap about our 80s classic original.

CL on Dec 22, 2009



...(le sigh) on Dec 22, 2009


I can't make myself watch the original anymore so I sure don't want to see this one. Although the fly part made me chuckle so I'm feeling generous right now.

arjones on Dec 22, 2009


Story looks typical but good... Just PLEASE change the title to 'Kung-fu Kid'

A Japanese Guy on Dec 22, 2009


... Just to be clear... I'm Not Racist... but damn... why everything in this days has to be black people and Hip-hop???? I'm ok whit the kid... even when HE CAN'T ACT... but seriously.... HIP HOP? I mean.. i like hip hop but the truth is that is ENOOOUGH... I'm sick of listening to the same songs movie after movie... and most important... I don't understand the insane obsesion of hollywood of screwing up such good classics as The Karate Kid.... it seems like the dream of the person who is directing this movie was to do a remake of LIKE MIKE but somebody denied that pleasure to him and now is just taking of his frustration whit this movie... seriously... stop messing whit the good Classics...

KG on Dec 22, 2009


What a piece of have to be kidding me!!! I just don't know what to say. Hollywood cant even copy something accurately anymore WTF......

trouble on Dec 22, 2009


why dont you haters get a face book page going (with thousands of fans) against this movie and when its released boycott it and others to show hollywood what you mean... only by getting off your asses and being pro active you may sort this crap out like every other remake complaint you have, no one really cares up in here. i saw the original-loved it-but times change and now we have this, for a new sucks to be old and bitter so dont cry on the forum dudes

dealers wheel on Dec 22, 2009


Karate Kid or Kung-Fu Kid the movie is still going to suck. Besides Hollywood has been confused on martial arts ethnic backgrounds since 1985's movie The Last Dragon.

Baron the Curse on Dec 22, 2009


And #71 I think is a safe bet anyone that says they hate this movie is not going to go see it. They don't need to start a boycott movement. As for no one really cares, actually, your wrong there too, people generally read other peoples posting to get their opinion, which means there is interest in what others are saying. As for new generations, that has nothing to do with anything if the new remakes suck, I will take the original Friday the 13th any day over the crappy remake, and age has nothing to do with it. Sorry if you're the one feeling bitter and old, dude.

Baron the Curse on Dec 22, 2009


can't wait to play the xbox 360 videogame...NOT!

sempai_gilles on Dec 22, 2009


What's the problem with the hip-hop? Ever heard of the Wu-Tang Clan? Ghost Dog? Hip-hop's got roots in martial arts.

ebilflindas on Dec 22, 2009


Eh..looks passable. Watched the original movie as a kid and liked it, but I don't think I'll be seeing this one in cinemas. And to those of you who said Jaden looks 4, I agree. He hasn't struck me as such before, but here he really does look like a snot-nosed pissant.

soul_reaver265 on Dec 22, 2009


normally, i never go to this site. but i happened upon this sweet new trailer. LOL! "the kung fu kid remake of the karate kid" looks good and everyone should go and see it. never mind what YOUR childhood memories of this film are, this is for a whole other generation of film-goers and we should just let the studios stomp all over modern classics, everything original's been done anyway, so let's continue to encourage this behavior by shelling out our hard earned money for this shite... i'm betting it will be as good as the original. please pay $10 to see it – you won't regret it.

a studio plant. on Dec 22, 2009


@73........the problem with it sucks, period!!!

Wiseman on Dec 22, 2009


I love all the sniveling crybabies whining about how "WAAAH they're ruining a classic and desecrating the memory of the original!" It's not like it can possibly be any WORSE than The Karate Kid III or The Next Karate Kid, both of which "butchered the legacy of the original" long, long ago. Your whining is coming about 15 years too late, kids.

D/N on Dec 22, 2009


wow, Jackie is really going down hill. it looks pretty pathetic. even worse than Forbidden Kingdom. it is sad that his best work occurred so early in his career. Jackie doesn't have a clue or doesn't care at this point. I would love for him to abandon his idealistic inflexibility and do something different. after 40 years he has gotten stale. I truelly hope it is better than it looks. so far it seems to be a picture perfect movie of everything that is wrong with the modern film industry. fast food quality film making for the masses. thankfully I do not have to watch it. good remakes or sequels that can stand on their own I enjoy. this is so totaly wrong. just my humble opinion.

karl on Dec 22, 2009


I'd only see it for Jackie Chan.

xerxex on Dec 22, 2009


can't be any worse than "3 Ninja's Knuckle Up" or that movie with Chuck Norris and that horribly overacting kid that looks like a mini Jeff Fayhe (the late jonathan brandis) ..."Sidekicks"?

xan on Dec 22, 2009


--Hip-hop music --Kung-Fu --Chinese Mr. Miyagi --Little kid instead of teenager My childhood has been raped. In the ass. Again. Damn you Hollywood!!!!!!!

Jonathan on Dec 22, 2009


WHOA.... jackie chan is a douche lol 1:00 or at 1:06- 1:07 Looks awesome none the less......

Castro on Dec 22, 2009


holy shit this looks baaaaaddd!!!!! For a start Jaden smith looks about 10 years old! and "Pick up your jacket" is not quite as catchy as " wax on wax off!" This will sink without a trace. Why have they gone so young? 17-18 year old would have been better...then again they kind of nailed that already with Never Back Down......

vegasdanny on Dec 22, 2009


To be honest, it wouldn't really matter how bad the movie looked, I'd still go see it. I grew up with the Karate Kid movies, and I'll watch these too. On the upside, it doesn't look all that bad anyway. 😉

case on Dec 22, 2009


Let me echo what some of you have said...f'ing lame sony! where is the karate? how do you call it karate kid when they are doing kung fu. what give fools!

kung fu kid on Dec 22, 2009


This wold have been better and more realisitic if it happened in the Bronx or Harlem. I highly doubt people bully people like that in China. Their a little more respectable there. Now in the Bronx, I could see a scenario where a smaller kid would be bullied.

JimD on Dec 22, 2009


Lol ok Jackie Chan and the fly swatter...that was great.

JimD on Dec 22, 2009


Looks better than the original.

meatcarnage on Dec 22, 2009


I like Chakie Chan... since i was little I dont want to see the movie though, they took out "wax on wax off" and placed "pick up your jacket" kinda the same story only with smaller kids that last scene was funny though 🙂

Said on Dec 22, 2009


this looks great, but why the use of the token term "karate" in the title? The story happens in China, the martial arts there are called WUSHU (or Kung Fu in the west). I know is to reference the original movie, but did the name need to be the same? wasn't it enough to copy the whole plot? anyway, nice to see lots of wushu moves on the silver screen. on Dec 23, 2009


Will Smith and his son will be laughing their asses all the way to the bank...cause you know parents are gonna go with their kids to this pile of....... Nuff said!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 23, 2009


Looks good. Could be a fun movie for older kids.

Razor on Dec 23, 2009


I hate all movies with Jaden Smith. He is only in the Movie business because of his dad and they are trying to create the next movie superstar. Those lame jokes make the movie even worse but let me guess something, kids will love it and the hole strategy will pay off.

Hater on Dec 23, 2009


91 & 93... I could not have said it better myself.... ...CRAP......CRAP......CRAP......CRAP......CRAP......CRAP......CRAP......CRAP...

Triston on Dec 23, 2009


What was that movie.... I thin it was a movie with Samo Hung that spawned a sequel.... I think it had something to do with a karate competition against rival schools. What was the name of that movie??? Anyway.... I wanna see that movie. This one.... yea, maybe. Doesnt look to shabby.

mrmr on Dec 23, 2009


Bad or good it generated a lot of comments---------which means people are watching! Lots of people dont like or understand how hollywood works. Jet Li or Jackie Chan---sign to make a certain number of pictures--------and many dont seem to fit the actor. Its called something like paying your dues to Hollywood if you want to go big time. All actors go through this. Jackie Chan paid his dues many years ago with lots of Asian movies---many of which are pretty amazing to watch since he did most of his own stunts. Hollywood always wants to cash in--------using various means to draw people in--hence the Karate Kid---versus the Kung Fu Kid. Another thing----size doesnt mean that much if one has the skills , speed and knows where to strike. My karate instructor in 1964 weighed about 140 pounds--------was fast as lightning and very good, until he met Mike Stone in a tournament. Stone weighed about 220-----and was equally fast and good---------so you know what happened there. I will most likely see the film to see how this one comes out. I wont compare it to the first film because it is vastly different. I like Jackie Chan so its always interesting to see if Hollywood lets him do anything that he is capable of doing in a martial arts sense. The kid-------well I dont have anything against any young actor so I think it has as much promise as any other movie these days. He looks fit enough and has that determined look at times. Still---the jacket on and jacket off -----------may get to be a classic for various reasons. Buy the ticket, the popcorn and relax. randall

randall on Dec 23, 2009


looks like crap.

Christ on Dec 23, 2009


yuk. looks like shit. looks only good 4 the occasional funny dialgoue parts. theres gonna b cgi and wire crap in this film somewere .like some body else commented . its just a young boys version of never back down . and that was crap. hate these urban rap crap sound tracks. this is just gonna b technical martial arts fim. unconvincing . christ even the original simple techniques were more convincing

keith on Dec 23, 2009


I actually registered over a year ago. I didn't do anything about it because I thought smith dropped the project. Too bad i was wrong. The trailer looked cool but seroiusly.... how can you replace larusso, dutch, kreese, and MIYAGI? Are you kidding me? Sigh... people need to know when NOT to touch something. Next think you know someone will remake THE GODFATHER. Btw, my friend brought up a good point. If they WERE going got redo Karate Kid, it should be done in comedy. Here's the Cast - Larusso - Ben Stiller - Kreese - Will Ferrell - Dutch- Brad Pitt - Ali, with an I- Bring back Elizabeth Shue? - Johnny- Owen Wilson - Miyagi - Pat's Dad. My friends dad is a carbon copy of pat morrita.

Mark on Dec 23, 2009


Despite my apprehension for this being a remake, I still think this looks terrible. I am also having a lot of trouble finding an interest in a story about the cultural displacement of kid whose balls haven't dropped yet. PASS

Marc on Dec 23, 2009


Awww hell no first, even if he knew Kung Fu is not strong enough to knock out the chinese kid. Second cant act just like his father. third should wait till he turns at least 17 for the next FRESH PRINCE

drunkimus on Dec 23, 2009


I have to admit, it looks pretty good. I didn't expect it to be, even, descent.

Brian on Dec 23, 2009


Ok maybe not the epic shitstorm i was expecting, but honestly... take off / put on your jacket? Thats the best the could come up with? I still don't think I'll see this in theaters.

Lighting Toronto on Dec 23, 2009


Without seeing the movie yet, I sincerely hope they (Sony) draw the title from misnomer that the Kid doesn't know a lick and somehow "THINKS" he's gonna learn Karate, but rather kung fu. The finished product doesnt look "terrible" ...I just have trouble wrapping my mind around the justification for the title.

wHiskey Tango... on Dec 23, 2009


Oh and i will LOSE it if they somehow slip in a hip-hop remake of "youre the best" during a montage.... THAT'd be movie SACRELIGE.

wHiskey Tango... on Dec 23, 2009


I'm actually excited for this movie, can't wait. Love Jackie Chan, I am very pleased the plot is more developed than I initially anticipated...or rather more believable...don't even know but i cannot wait

Nuika on Dec 23, 2009


pleasantly surprised. i thought this was going to be horrible but the trailer has me reconsidering it. that said, as an ardent kung fu practitioner i object to the name karate kid for the film lol

sanjay on Dec 23, 2009


lil bow wow got ripped

elyk1887 on Dec 23, 2009


the only problem with your ENTIRE ARGUMENT is that they aren't making a sequel (like KK3 or TNKK)... they're re-booting the series. surely, even someone with a mind as simple as yours can distinguish the difference between the two. if this were a sequel, then fine – the argument wouldn't be about messing with a classic. it would be a simple question of "why?" but this is a reboot of the original – WHICH DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMADE! any self respecting movie fan wouldn't acknowledge the existence of the sequels, and shouldn't concern his/herself with the question of why this movie is being made in the first place.

D/N = douchenozzle. on Dec 23, 2009


Love Jackie Chan but do not like this kid in most movies. But I think this role fits him and he is more grown up now. Was not sure what to think of this movie, but the trailer looks good.

Jeff C. on Dec 24, 2009


idk fresh prince's son looks awful i mean his thin as a tooth pick and i bet he got this role just cuz will is producing it

shizz on Dec 24, 2009


#52 wow you're a fucking idiot. yes, China = Kung Fu Japan = Karate HOWEVER, just because he's in china doesnt mean he cant study japanese karate, did anyone here in the states say "Karate? but this is America, its gotta be the WESTERN BOXING KID!"? stupid. I saw the original when it came out in theaters, so stop calling it "A CLASSIC" its no "Gone with the wind"!! and for all of you bitching about butchering a classic, HAVE YOU RESEEN THE DAMN MOVIE? I suggest you do before you keep crying... this looks interesting and better than the original and Smith Jr looks pretty good, better form than Machio ever had so why all the bitching? YOU'RE THE BEST A-ROUND! NO ONES EVER GONNA BRING YOU DOWN!

Lando on Dec 24, 2009


the fly swatter are you freaking kidding me? This has EPIC FAIL written all over it. However, it will probably be a hit because most people are idiots and will watch anything Hollywood puts out, especially horrible revisions and remakes.

ralph macchio on Dec 24, 2009


i think i just died a little.

Brian Ricci on Dec 24, 2009


Well what do ya know. I kinda felt that trailer. BUT-- one thing. Drop the hip-hop soundtrack bullshit and make it as memorable as Joe Esposito's Best Around. Nothing gets the blood pumping like that song. I think this will please more people than it upsets. And fuck the title.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 24, 2009


I think its hillarious that people are bitching and moaning about the hip hop in this movie! Remember the 80's when EVERY MOVIE and TV SHOW had glam rock or hair metal INCLUDING THE KARATE KID!!!!?????!?!?!?!? I mean WTF? music in movies especially Mainstream movies, is always based on pop and squeezing that almighty dollar! remember that rap metal gap commercial that was the matrix? Rap metal anyone? top selling music of the time right??!?! Now Im no hip hop head, but you have to realize its the same formula here that they used back then and if bad hair metal were still in, this movie would be up to its wig in bad tunes!

Lando on Dec 24, 2009


of course they would have to use that fuck-awful Fort Minor song

ian melton on Dec 24, 2009


some of you guys need to watch the original Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi said Karate come from China. if you read more about Mr. Miyagi Karate style on it might make sense for them to keep the title The Karate Kid for the remake. Mr. Miyagi descended Shinpo Miyagi returned to Okinawa with his wife and two kids, and the knowledge of Kung-Fu which he then formed into Miyagi-Do karate. this remake could have Jackie Chan character teaching his version of Karate since the original Karate Kid karate style was ment to be a version of Kung Fu

tony_d on Dec 25, 2009


If the kid wasn't black he could play Aang!

Robbie on Dec 27, 2009


When I first heard about this a while back on, I felt then that this was a horrible idea. It seems to me that nothing is sacred anymore. The original KK came out in the 80's. It hasn't been that long, and with a movie so timeless as that one, it just seems incredibly un-necessary to remake it. Now that I've seen the trailer, I even more feel like this is a HUGE waste of time and money. One of the most quoted lines from a movie is "Wax On, Wax Off." It's amazing how they replaced that with, "pick up your jacket." I also found the kids to be too young, especially to be fighting Jackie Chan. Also with the location change, it just seems that this couldn't be anymore a disgrace to the Karate Kid legacy if they tried. Bad call on this one.

Scott_Logan on Dec 27, 2009


Jesus what an insult to Pat Morita.

d1rEct on Dec 27, 2009


I"ll still watch it, too many haters out there,i liked the original but who care,get over it. Jakie is the man n the kids got some skills

jim76 on Dec 28, 2009


Can't say Jade is the best for the part. After all he's too built to be someone picked on. Someone else should play Jade's part i mean really, Look at the real Karate Kid movie, He wasn't built Even though he was actually a lot older than he looked in all three film's and had a flat chest. He was the perfect person for it. So get someone with a smaller build or no build. Not chunky but a flat chest and a decent actor. and Make sure to add that funny attitude Danny had.

Tommy on Dec 29, 2009


see thats why Jade's perfect for this..he's small...picked on..makes me want to see this movie...and go back to karate class again...:)

tm on Dec 29, 2009


Yeah everyone should go the the official website instead of bitching why it's called "The Karate Kid". It explains there. Basically Dre (Jaden) knows a little Karate and gets bullied by the Chinese Kung Fu kids... so he is known to them as "The Karate Kid". Still, the movie looks like a steaming pile of shit. COBRA KAI.... NEVER DIES!!!

Mark on Dec 30, 2009


this is going to be a good movie the thing is i just dont want to see a black kid getting beat up by white kids but this is going to be great jaden smith is going to be like his father

micah on Dec 30, 2009


whats the 1st song NOt fort minor the very 1st one

rada on Dec 30, 2009


Wax on Wax off.. "Jack it off" wtf they should of caught that during filming.... hahaha movie looks horrible. They are ruining The Warriors as well by putting them in LA...

checkmate on Dec 30, 2009


I like the fact that they are using a black child in China. China is facing a lot of racial issue with black people lately. A half-black woman in China recently one a beauty pagent, only to have people comment online that she should leave China for not being Chinese. The director didn't pick a black person for this role by mistake!

Andrew on Jan 1, 2010


what's the name of the first song on the trailer , not Front Minor - Remember the name, the first one? pls anybody tell me

Donnie Freakyy on Jan 5, 2010


This film will make 80 to over 100 million period probably alot more cause kids film. Jackie got paid, Will"s Son contuning his acting career, win win situation. Studio will bank on film, no matter good or bad. I'm sure in American karate schools across nation will pick up business after this film. You know kids. As far as whole race thing, Nobody is shocked, that Jackie Chan is a movie with black co-Star.... Come On... he banks on it! Rush Hour 1,2,3. Done alot better than his white co-star films... Shang. Noon, sum other films, i can't even recall now. He still films action movies in Hong Kong, he comes to USA to make money films.

James on Jan 5, 2010


THIS MOVIE BLOWS idc who u are critic or not this is a comment box for my thoughts.if ur gonna call a movie an try an base it of a older movie yeah spice it up with better effects cause we dont live in the 80's anymore, an STICK TO THE STORY OF ORIGINAL. but dont change everything about the movie THIS movie is garbage FIRST a black kid that is not a good actor, an looks like he's 8 an its in china WOW im done u go waste ur money on this peice of shit u call it good i call it gay. u call this movie diffrent an fun i call it a rip off an a bad idea. u can say there getting paid, they just LOST RESPECt, FUCK THIS Movie CAN i tell someone something, would it be better if they redid "friday" with WHITE people no I DONT THINK SO so why a black kid in this movie...these are my thoughts not urs My name is nick



LOL on the Flies trick, the kids on the original movie were more grown ups, this one should be named the karate kinder!

MALANDRU on Jan 9, 2010


#132 (nick) that was a bit racist dont you think? although i agree with everything else, these kids suck and they look way to young to be fighting over a girl they should have stinkin to the original story!

Said on Jan 10, 2010


People and their big and bad full of hate comments kill me. Its a movie. U sittin there gettin all cought up on the details can't see the movie for what it is. Smh. Take the youngins to see the movie and call it a day. Shit!

ms.mone on Jan 10, 2010


hate to tell all you adults but when they made this movie they didn't have you in mind exactly. They were focusing on that 6-12 year old age range, but knew that they parents would take their kids because it is a franchise we love and trust as entertainment for our kids. They know that parents hold the money but we are also looking for clean flims we can take our children to and them come out with a positive message, smart choice on the studio's part.

sarah on Jan 12, 2010


a good film and sometimes there is some bad news for them

HC on Jan 13, 2010


looks like a train wreck retelling of a good movie and now it's gonna suck balls and be lucky if it makes enough money to cover the cost of making it! worthless..IF i watch it will be when it hits cable and there is NOTHING else on but snow on the other channels.

thejugfather on Jan 15, 2010


moved to china at insistance of chinese backers. mr myagi becomes mr han.. looks okay actually.. as long as u see it for what it is..a story of right and wrong and the bushido code.. honour, respect, honesty, loyalty, courage, benevolence and rectitude... with a bit of humour!! As a sensei I will be taking the class along - regardless of the difference in arts as the message will be the same!

spencer on Jan 15, 2010


looks good, hope it it will we be better from the first one

affilrev on Jan 16, 2010


I wouldn't call this a remake, just a new film which happens to have the same name as an old classic!

PuffY on Jan 18, 2010


seriously what is the deal with hating the remake???, lols some people are just way to stuck in the 80s. I think its great they went with the same storyline as it teaches the same lessons and also appeal to the kids of today. Also if you're a real Karate Kid Fan, Mr. Miyagi mentions that his style of Karate came straight from China, i'm almost certain that the writers would somehow make that connection and would have a good reason to stick to the name. I grew up watching all the Karate Kid films and enjoy it, I saw the trailer for this and i think its a good twist the old movie. Im sure the kids of this generation will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the classic Karate Kid.

effn awesome on Jan 21, 2010


Yeeeah, that black kid going after a chinese girl. we all know how good the relations between black and asians are. this is a gonna be a disgrace compared to the original.

channy on Jan 22, 2010


i think this movie sucks. don't try and remake a movie that doesn't need to be re-done. the kid is like 2 years old & he sucks at acting. same with the hilary swank one, she sucks. dude, the only good karate kids were the ones with ralph macchio.

this movie sucks. on Jan 27, 2010


weeeaaaakkkkk!!!!! the original karate kid is way way way better then this false remake why didnt they just give it a different name??? its going to be nothing like the original. i hope there is not going to be any remakes.

rave on Jan 27, 2010



CHAOS on Jan 28, 2010


Nah not sold on it.. only good part to look forward to is jackie chan being in the movie. It would have been a much richer storyline if it were in japan and he actually learnt karate. Would go well with him not settling in as the japanese is known for frowning down upon outsiders (geishin- foreign devils). If your going to do a remake of a movie at least try to show some respect to the original and not use its title as a cheap trick to sucker people into watching a movie that has nothing to do with what they first fell in love with In my opinion, the remake of the karate kid was already remade through the movie never back down, just my opinion

mav on Feb 2, 2010


The reason it's called "The Karate Kid" is twofold: the name is REALLY recognizable, so it's easy to get a lot of press (good and bad). The other reason is that, according to the official movie synopsis, the character Dre learned a little bit of karate before he and his mother moved, and after getting beat up by the bullies, they mock him, calling him "the karate kid." I don't see why they NEEDED a remake/re-imagining, as i liked the originals just fine (just like everybody else here), but i am definitely glad to see an all POC cast (i'm tired of white heroes), and it looks like it'll be fun to watch.

Marcus on Feb 16, 2010


Looks like the movie will be fine. Original was cheese this is the same kind of cheese. BUT CHANGE THE TITLE. This just as offensive as memoirs of a Geisha cast nearly all Chinese actors because hollywood execs think "they're all the same."

ScottSF on Feb 19, 2010



Joe on Feb 23, 2010


this looks absolutely terrible. maybe one day hollywood will stop churning out formulaic remakes of classic movies. NOT! (c) Borat

kung fu masta on Feb 24, 2010


Guys! What's the problem? I think it looks great! We all have our own opinions and that's fine. People, come on, if you don't like it, don't go see it. I never cared for the original, so this one looks good to me! By the way, what was the music in the background from? Not the hip-hop stuff, the other music. It sounded kinda like Hans Zimmer, was it??

Marie on Mar 27, 2010


Guys! What's the problem? I think of looks great! We all have own opinions and that's fine. People, come on, if you don't like it, don't go see it. I never cared for the original, so this one looks good to me! By the way, what was the music in the background from? Not the hip-hop stuff, the other music. It sounded kinda like Hans Zimmer, was it?? (Please reply to this one, not the one above, I put the wrong email address on the one above, thanks!)

Marie on Mar 27, 2010



Marie on Mar 27, 2010


I think to say the truth the movie is going to be a great movie.but its also true that people are not always the same so they have their own opinions and for me i will go watch that movie !!! =D

lessly on May 6, 2010


It looks horrible. This Smith kid is the worst person to play this role. I grewup with karate kid movies. It is so upsetting to see they ruined it...

originalkaratekid on May 18, 2010


what is the name of the first song! not remember the name but the VERY fist song when the trailer begins!? please someone tell me!! (: thankss

missy on May 30, 2010



debby on Jun 4, 2010



debby on Jun 4, 2010


That would be "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor

april on Jun 10, 2010


So its kung fu not karate which means the motions will be different. it will still be a good show. so stop complaining.

Dathan on Jun 22, 2010


don't think it should be with 12 year old kids, so they'd start attacking a 40 year old? doubt it haha quite like how it said "a teacher he never expected" well maybe when it was morita, but not jackie chan, it was the fact that noone would expect morita to be able to do kung fu so well that added to it.

Jake on Jun 22, 2010


don't think it should be with 12 year old kids, so they'd start attacking a 40 year old? doubt it haha quite like how it said "a teacher he never expected" well maybe when it was morita, but not jackie chan, it was the fact that noone would expect morita to be able to do kung fu so well that added to it.

Jake on Jun 22, 2010


why do the Chinese ppl start hitting him cause of a girl and he is new to the country haven't they ever heard of showing respect i mean come on and by the way love the movie its sad its action packed and its fun and enjoyable i think its better then avatar and i like the song never say never when jb and j smith sing

arooba on Jul 4, 2010

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