Watch This: Impressive New World Series Avatar TV Spot!

November 5, 2009
Source: YouTube

Avatar TV Spot

Fox debuted this brand new 30-second TV spot for James Cameron's Avatar during the World Series game just last night. Thanks to our friends at TheMovieBox it's been added online for your viewing pleasure. They obviously cut this as a much more manly trailer for the sports crowd, without all the lovey dovey stuff in it, just a bunch of guns and badass action. I also love that they keep the machine noise going throughout the whole thing. I doubt this TV spot alone will change the minds of those who still thinks it looks terrible, but it is pretty impressive for a TV spot, so check it out! And let us know if you're still excited for Avatar?

Watch the World Series TV spot for James Cameron's Avatar:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/avatar-worldseries-tvspot-v2.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/avatar-worldseries-tvspot-v2.jpg 540 304]

Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine on the planet Pandora who, as an Avatar - a human mind in an alien body - finds himself in a desperate fight for his survival and that of the indigenous beings called Na'vi.

Avatar is both written and directed by Oscar winning visionary filmmaker James Cameron, of Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic previously. He has been developing the technology to make this movie for the last 10 years. 20th Century Fox is bringing James Cameron's Avatar to both IMAX and regular theaters in 3D around the world on December 18th.

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Looks great.

Will Dearborn on Nov 5, 2009


hmm... um... well .. yep.. seen it.... Excited for the film either way... but guess I need my lovy-dovy stuff in the longer ones.. haha

Dusty on Nov 5, 2009



Necrothug on Nov 5, 2009



jelipe on Nov 5, 2009


I've never been to Kansas.

Crapola on Nov 5, 2009


I would rather have stayed in Kansas...

zeldaprimed on Nov 5, 2009


looks good for a tv trailer. fast and flashy.

Buggy166 on Nov 5, 2009


Ok that we are all different and we must respect everyone's else opinions and bla bla...let's be good...bla... To all the people out there who say things like "CGI is crap...looks bad...not excited", let me tell you this, from the bottom of my heart: "Get the f@@@ a@@@ from here you losers!". Oh...fell better now...sorry, didn't mean to be nasty.

Ambient on Nov 5, 2009


Yeah, they definitely dodged the love story part. Even going as far as to leave Titanic off of the list of Cameron's credits popping up on the screen.

floppytall on Nov 5, 2009


Hm. Don't like. Prefer a tiny bit of story. I mean come on, guys! You can't sell James Cameron as if it was Michael Bay!?

Felix on Nov 5, 2009


"You're not in Kansas anymore." Probably the most cliched quote ever (especially in corny action movies for whatever reason). I'm still not all that pumped for this movie, but I'm curious and I'll probably see it.

FancyMonocle on Nov 5, 2009


I just can't get excited for this.. :/ I love almost every movie even the ones people complain and b*tch about. This just doesn't seem interesting to me at all. Mabye because it has a colourfull fairyish vibe about it. My biggest reason to watch this right now is because it had Sam Worthington in it. I'll probably watch in anyway but not in cinema's, more like a rental.

gabs on Nov 5, 2009


@13 What are you talking about!? this movie, as has been documented for some time now, was MADE to be seen in the theaters as a movie-going experience. Why wait for something that you know will be an eye popping, sprawling action flick, made for the big screen (and 3D no less), and watch it at home? For someone that claims to like everything anyway, why would you forgo what could be an amazing theater going experience? Let's not forget, people thought Titanic would be shit too due to all the hype and money put into it and what happened? Highest grossing movie of all time...?

David on Nov 5, 2009


did they just jack the T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park? David, Ambient, and Shero...can people not have an opinion on a film without being attacked? I'm going to see this but I'm not caught up in the hype storm.

xerxex on Nov 5, 2009


the more footage isee the more i love avatar

pupu on Nov 5, 2009


oh hell yeah, it's the KANSAS LINE again! SAY IT AGAIN!!!

dRailer on Nov 5, 2009


I'm on Avatar lockdown...must...resist....watching.....trailer... one more month

peloquin on Nov 5, 2009


Shero I'm not looking for a fight, I put you in the category of "If you don't like what I like then you are stupid!" and that's my bad, The majority of the complaints are that Avatar does not look as amazing as it sounds. The future of the gimmicky 3D is at stake here, and I want 3D to die, but I want Cameron to succeed, and the CGI for the most part looks pretty crappy, but I'm willing to wait until its released, the other complaints are the story, which seems pretty bland, but I'm gonna wait to judge. People are gonna complain its what we do best, adn sorry for calling you out.

xerxex on Nov 5, 2009


can we have a moratorium on 'not in kansas anymore' please.

manxome on Nov 5, 2009


im pretty sure that they have stolen t-rex roar from jurassic park!!!!wtf??? i cant wait to see this,but i dont think it will be epic or "changing the making of movies"...im sceptic...but i have faith....

splinter on Nov 5, 2009


T-rex roar is lame, it isn't even synced to the creature's mouth properly.

shadow on Nov 5, 2009


Could anyone actually name a movie that used the "not in kansas anymore" line? I thought it was a pretty cool line and its actually delivered well.

rblitz7 on Nov 5, 2009


I only know who won...well who was even in the World Series via Facebook. I'm not even watching. I'm sick of the same old stuff and judging from the comments, it's more stolen and unoriginal than I figured...

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 5, 2009


I don't get it. If this movie is set way in the future when we supposedly have much better technology than we do now, why are the humans engaging in direct combat? Futuristic movies never get this aspect right in my opinion, but I'm sure it's for the sake of entertainment.

Bobby on Nov 5, 2009


For those who've never been to Kansas, you're not missing anything. It's like Nebraska, only further south.

Rusty on Nov 6, 2009


Let me get this straight. With this spot they're trying to sell the film to the kids. With the other spot (https://www.firstshowing.net/2009/11/05/watch-this-impressive-new-world-series-avatar-tv-spot) they're trying to sell the film to the Michael Bay crowd. And I -- being neither of those two target groups -- am expected to pay money to go see a film sitting between a kid and a Michael Bay afficionado? Ehm -- I absolutely don't think so. What I'm saying is: bad marketing. Absolutely sorry for the film, though. It's probably not even bad. Or is it?

Felix on Nov 9, 2009


Sorry -- wrong thread 🙁

Felix on Nov 9, 2009


hands down best film i have ever seen; if you haven't seen it, go see it.

sam c on Dec 18, 2009


they did steal the trex roar, and the horse things made the same sound as the velociraptors all from jurrasic park. those cheaters....

tdawg on Jan 3, 2010

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