Watch This: Official Trailer for Jeff Bridges Film Crazy Heart

November 16, 2009
Source: Apple

Crazy Heart Trailer

Fox Searchlight has debuted the trailer for Scott Cooper's Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal as well as Colin Farrell and Robert Duvall. This is the indie film that a month ago no one even knew about. Then they screened it for Oscar bloggers, who loved it and proclaimed that Bridges has a shot at winning Oscar, and then Searchlight set it for release on December 11th just in time for the Oscars. Here's the official trailer for the film which, to be quite frank, looks amazing. From this trailer alone, I'd say it looks like Jeff Bridges will win. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm already sold, it looks like the next Wrestler or Once.

Watch the official trailer for Scott Cooper's Crazy Heart:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Crazy Heart trailer in High Definition on Apple

Bad Blake is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can't help but reach for salvation with the help of Jean, a journalist who discovers the real man behind the musician.

Crazy Heart is both written and directed by actor/filmmaker Scott Cooper, who wrote the script for For Sale by Owner and is making his directorial debut with this film. This was shot last year but hasn't shown at any film festivals. Fox Searchlight will be bringing Crazy Heart to limited theaters starting on December 11th.

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An ok trailer for what will be a great film.

movie mike on Nov 16, 2009


I like it, granted I'm not a big fan of country music, but I'm a fan of Bridges.

xerxex on Nov 16, 2009


What is the name of the song they play in the trailer?

Charlie on Nov 16, 2009


why did you remove my post?????

jvj590 on Nov 16, 2009


looks like some ole' bullshit.

jim on Nov 16, 2009


Looks good, though, why does it subtly remind me of The Wrestler?

FancyMonocle on Nov 16, 2009


#5-sounds like some ole' redneck who just wants more Larry the Cable guy movies.

Scotty97 on Nov 16, 2009


I would imagine the song is titled Crazy Heart, but according to a couple other sites the songs are written and performed by lengendary producer/singer/songwriter T Bone Burnett along with Stephen Bruton, Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell.

Scotty97 on Nov 16, 2009


Charlie... That song featured in the trailer is THE WEARY KIND... an Original song by T. Bone Burnett (who has written about 5 songs for the film).

Reub on Nov 16, 2009


Just to add another reason to compare Bridges' character to Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Bruton(who co-wrote several songs on the soundtrack) was a long time collaborator and friend of Kristofferson's, until Bruton passed away earlier this year.

Scotty97 on Nov 16, 2009


I'm sure Bridges performance will be brilliant.

Quanah on Nov 16, 2009


It has promise, for sure. Funny that Colin Farrell's face was in only one shot that I noticed. Probably a good thing, cause he sinks almost everything he appears in...

Mark on Nov 16, 2009


#6 I agree def a lot of similarities which is a good thing, I loved the wrestler. lets see middle aged man, no wife or close family, broke, just goin through the motions of his profession, looking for meaning in his life, etc.

rblitz7 on Nov 16, 2009


Who is actually singing the song in the trailer? I vaguely recognize the voice...

Kris on Nov 16, 2009


Er, Tender Mercies?

Charlie on Nov 16, 2009


jeff bridges + robert duvall = win

risk on Nov 16, 2009


Mark he was great in "In Bruges" it redeemed him.

xerxex on Nov 16, 2009


Agree #15. Don't why people aren't mentioning that movie more (has anyone actually seen it on this site?). Cooper clearly knows it since he cast Duvall as Bridge's dad. Crazy Heart looks like Tender Mercies but with more of a feel good payoff.

David on Nov 16, 2009


What #16 said... Jeff Bridges + Robert Duvall = win

Brad on Nov 16, 2009


looks ok. but it seems too similar to "the wrestler". i'll probably end up watching this on dvd.

beavis on Nov 17, 2009


Die Hard meets The Matrix sweet!

Greasy Tones on Nov 17, 2009


Colin Farrell?! Yeah, I thought that was him in the trailer. Totally unexpected, but I'm a fan of his and you can't go wrong with Jeff Bridges. Not a country music person, but I'll see it for those two aforementioned actors.

Golgo 13 on Nov 17, 2009


oh great! at first the trailer won't play and now my previous comments were removed? what's the meaning of this! LOL as if my comments matters... movie is decent enough...

Name is Required on Nov 17, 2009


i did get a Wrestler feel. The Wrestler, country music style. lol. still, looks really good despite the less than perfect cutting of the trailer.

dave13 on Nov 17, 2009


A thought for those curious about the song in the trailer. Says the music was done by Stephen Bruton & T-Bone Burnett. It isn't T-Bone singing, so maybe it's Bruton?

dELVIS on Nov 17, 2009


After more research, I'm pretty confident in saying that the late Stephen Bruton's singing the song in the trailer. As for the title of it - I'm not sure yet.

dELVIS on Nov 17, 2009


wow. looks amazing, even though i despise country music. just give the man the damn oscar already1

F.C. on Nov 17, 2009


David: I've seen Tender Mercies. Heck, when I first read this film's synopsis, it was the first thing I thought of. xerxex: In Bruges redeemed Farrell in my eyes too. I've also heard good things about his work in Dr Parnassus and Neil Jordan's Ondine. As long as he sticks to indie films like this, he should be fine.

Corran Horn on Nov 17, 2009


four time's nominated and never won! he is long overdue.... although i would love to see him win for true grit in two years time.

indyjack86 on Nov 17, 2009


I hated Colin Farrell until "In Bruges". Great performance, GREAT film!! Why wasn't Farrell's name mentioned at the end of this trailer? Anyway, this film looks good too.

Film Fan on Nov 17, 2009


This looks the bingo! I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit Rock n Roll. I quite liked the look of Maggie Gyllenhaal in this, all the other folks looked great too.

Crapola on Nov 17, 2009


Seems to be Ryan Bingham singing

Olo on Nov 17, 2009


I'd have to assume Duvall was cast here as a nod to his role in Tender Mercies. A beautiful movie in its own right. Voice in this trailer sounds like Ryan Bingham. Anyone else think so? RIP Horton Foote.

footenote on Nov 17, 2009


I always see 'the dude' when I watch anything with Bridges in it. This movie looks like it will be really good.

Toad on Nov 17, 2009


Just found out it is in fact Ryan Bingham singing in the trailer.

Kris on Nov 17, 2009


basically the wrestler with a guitar instead of a ram jam technique. looks good though.

Sgt. Pepper on Nov 17, 2009


Boring trailer, but I bet the movie itself will be good. Jeff Bridges is the man.

dqniel on Nov 18, 2009


I just loooove watching HD trailers on a non HD screen. Missing a 3rd of the screen makes for such a rewarding viewing experience! That being said, looks like a slam dunk Best Actor nod for Jeff Bridges, a true workhorse of an actor. Should be a good'n. It does scream "The Wrestler", but that is by no means a bad thing.

DLM Entertainment on Nov 18, 2009


can someone post the name of the song being played on the trailer artist and song please

G-men on Nov 18, 2009


And the Oscar goes to...!! FINALLY!!! If any who has not seen the film, Wild Bill...A true unseen gem with Jeff Bridges.

Lordofcinema on Nov 18, 2009


Song in trailer is called "The Weary Kind." Written by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett, and sung by Ryan Bingham.

Kris on Nov 19, 2009


I had a chance to see this movie about a month ago for free. A friend and I were out to see another movie when we were approached by media promotions people who offered us a chance to screen this film and rate it afterward. We filled out several forms gathering demographic information and were let in to see this movie. It was awful. We walked out after the first 25 minutes. It was that bad.

Chris on Nov 19, 2009



Dgeet on Nov 19, 2009


Thanks for the info on the song. He sounds a *lot* like Steve Earle.

Jerry T on Nov 21, 2009


mind if I do a J?

pillowy_mounds on Nov 24, 2009


It might be ok... Jeff Bridges is great... but it looks like I've seen it before... "has-been guy gets one more chance." Right when I started thinking about "Tender Mercies" -- there's Robert Duvall with a cameo! More cliches, too: The wraparound is an interview with a wide-eyed girl who wants to learn his life story, at first he's reluctant, blah, blah, blah... anyway, maybe the film will overcome the genre cliches.

Chuck on Dec 1, 2009


If any of you dumb dumbs are looking for the artist fo the song, it's Ryan Bingham. Ya big doofuss'

DP on Dec 2, 2009


It is Ryan Bingham singing the song on the Trailer!!!

CP on Dec 28, 2009


i never was a big fan of jeff bridges but after I saw crazy heart i am in love with him. i hope he wins the academy award. my favorite movie was walk the line until i saw crazy heart. i been going to the movies since 1947 and i never saw a movie like this before. jeff is AWESOME. i never cared for country western until i saw jeff perform. i bought the cd sound track its great. i seen the movie for the fifth time and it gets better each time. i love jeff bridges. OH and colin farrell was a big surprise. i almost fell off my seat, i did spill my popcorn and didn't care. BIG FAN!!!!

peggy on Feb 21, 2010


#42 wow -- if what you say is true, then you just saved me about fifty bucks. so i thank you. but it does look good. and what i've seen and read -- up until your comment, looks good as well. i had planned on going to see this tonight, but now i think i shall move down my list to another pick. i do wonder though, why yours is the first, and only negative thing i have heard about this film. any idea? is this not a movie that you personally have no interest in? the music not your style? because if that is the issue, then i might give it a chance. everyone has their own idea of what makes for a good or bad movie. but an open mind is one thing that you must have if you are to 'critique' a film for a broad audience. so, for the masses, what do you say? is it really a bad movie? or is it just bad for you? thanks.

soul on Feb 26, 2010


Congrats on winning best song ? That's 3 in a row for Fox Searchlight in this category. Colin was visibly moved when he actually introduced fellow countryman Glen who sang and composed Falling Slowly and won two Oscars ago. Funny how it goes to see him singing the winning song two years later ? ? Does anyone have the clip of Colin actually singing this like we saw at The Oscars? ? PLEASE I can't find it anywhere.

Tuigim on Mar 7, 2010


This film is the measure of a man, the many times you got up after falling down... Jeff Bridges is the real thing here. on Apr 13, 2012

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