Watch This: 'Remember Me' Trailer Starring Robert Pattinson

November 19, 2009
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Remember Me Trailer

On the eve of the release of New Moon, Summit has debuted the trailer for Remember Me, starring their money-making hunk Robert Pattinson. But don't write this off so quickly, it also stars Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Emilie de Ravin as the love interest. And honestly, this was looking really good until all of the cheesy lines like: "I'm undecided." "About what?" "Everything…" I think the father-son story will be a lot more interesting than the love story, but you never know, it could be a good movie overall. I'll probably see it anyway, it looks like a good indie, why not give it a a chance? Anyway, watch the official trailer below.

Watch the first trailer for Allen Coulter's Remember Me from YouTube:

A drama centered on two lovers, Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) whose newfound relationship is threatened as they try to cope with their respective family tragedies and their fathers.

Remember Me, aka Memoirs, is directed by Allen Coulter, who last directed Hollywoodland, although he's directed numerous TV show episodes as well, including for "The Sopranos" and "Rome". The screenplay was co-written by first-timer Will Fetters and Jenny Lumet (of Rachel Getting Married). Summit Entertainment is bringing Remember Me to theaters starting on March 12th, 2010 next year. So, planning on seeing it?

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So wait, he can act? Actually looks decent.

Marty Martin on Nov 19, 2009


Its just Hunk teenage twilight shit re wrighten for Robert pattison, he should have done some other type of movie instead of this lovie teenage shit its just type casting.

Cineprog on Nov 19, 2009


meh. i've got to agree with #2........and i'd also add i don't know why this movie was made. it doesn't look terrrible - it's just that it looks very cliche. no interest for me.

beavis on Nov 19, 2009


I'm impressed with what looks like a pretty darn good performance by Pattinson, but I doubt it'll be worth 10 bucks at the theater

Antioch on Nov 19, 2009


#2 got it right. He's just going after a different set of chicas with this one. This, in no way, shows actual acting talent on Mr. Glitteracula's part.

Angry Chief on Nov 19, 2009


It's actually not cliche at all. Have a little faith, guys.

Thomas on Nov 19, 2009


from what ive read about the story line it actually sounds really interesting, its not just about the love of robert pattinson and the other girl.. and robert pattinson performance just in the trailer looks 100% better than in twilight i think.

stephanie on Nov 19, 2009


Quirky girls saves troubled guy - never seen that before.

bart on Nov 19, 2009


I like it seems like it could be a good film.

xerxex on Nov 19, 2009


never seen Twilight, and have ignored much of it on tv, online, etc. This movie looks like a small gem of a movie, with some good acting (even by this guy everyone is bashing) and decent writing. Matinee movie, perhaps.

dave13 on Nov 19, 2009


i thinkyou guys are missing the point. not every actor is yours this works for some people and when it comes to teen love crap this looks prety good

angel on Nov 19, 2009


@12 No, it really doesn't. It's a glorified soap opera. Yelling and fighting and crappy dialogue included. Polished shit is still shit.

Angry Chief on Nov 19, 2009


Internet haters shut up. This doesn't look like your generic offering of the year. Pattinson shows he actually can act unlike Channing Tatum, though Dear John might be the best he's ever looked. (acting-wise) If it's not your type of movie, which people commenting here generally aren't the type who go for this then don't say anything at all. It's not like you know much about anything. And I have to disagree with Alex, that line isn't really cheesy at all. On that note, maybe you should have added it after the trailer, not before it. @13 Good you love your life.

sheesh on Nov 19, 2009


I'm looking forward to it not because of the acting (although it looks strong) but instead because Jenny Lumet wrote one of the best 10 screenplays of the decade in Rachel Getting Married. It's difficult to tell whether or not the full movie will carry the same emotional weight as the trailer but it certainly looks like it has a lot of potential. Pattinson is a heckuva lot more than some vampire from a young adult novel and I think some of the commentors above me should let him prove that before they write him off.

Johnbo on Nov 19, 2009


I know a few rich kids whose parents pay for their every need, but are emotionally screwed up, a bit like the character in this film. Most of the time they get like this character, but eventually they still inherit the cash. It's a rich kids have problems too movie. All the actors are good, it's a tv watch I reckon.

Crapola on Nov 19, 2009


wow it actually looks good. He isn't a jerk in this one. I guess i cant write him off yet

movie mike on Nov 19, 2009


He actually is a good actor, I'm impressed. I've never seen twilight but heard much about it, but this proves me otherwise. I'll look into it. And at this point, I have more respect for him. If you don't see it, you're no more blind than the fan girls that scream Twilight is the best movie ever made.

danielvutran on Nov 19, 2009


He may be good, but #2 won today. He won.

bpo on Nov 19, 2009


For those who read the script, apparently Summit Entertainment get rid of the incredible twist ending. I don't know if that is true (it could be misdirection), but if it is, the movie will be nothing compared to what you read. That ending made the movie. Without it, it probably won't be good at all. And to the haters, if the ending IS kept, you will want to see this film. The twist in the original script is a complete mindfuck, easily rivaling that of the Sixth Sense. Seriously, it's so perfect you do not see it coming. Anyone else who has read it can back me up on that.

12916studios on Nov 19, 2009


Fine. Then I'll see it based on the fact that it is written well. Until Twilight kid goes into a real movie that isn't about teen angst, I'll write him off as much as I want. The kid has something there, yeah. We have not seen it yet, though. This movie is not and will not be that movie.

Angry Chief on Nov 19, 2009


Robert Pattinson might actually be an actor and Emilie de Ravin is the hottest girl alive.

DoomCanoe on Nov 19, 2009


An Englishman, an Aussie, and an Irishman all pretending to be NewYorkers...

GloriousBastard on Nov 20, 2009


same bull shit same gay ass actor just not sparkels the vampire in this one 😛

Madnezz344 on Nov 20, 2009


don't any of you guys watch Harry Potter? Of course Cedric Diggory can act! and this looks really good.

crumb on Nov 20, 2009


Pattinson does well IMO, but i'm not really feeling pierce brosnan NY accent

Brandon on Nov 20, 2009


he is pretty handsome

Brian Ricci on Nov 20, 2009


Mixed feelings about this one.

Robbie on Nov 20, 2009


I'm so confused and angsty! ARGH! #2 said it best.

Syphous on Nov 20, 2009


You know.. I respect Pattinson for breaking out of the Twilight Factory machine. Even though technically an angst ridden irish american may not be that far from an angst ridden vampire. So I say go for it Rob... plot your course dude. Also gotta say im feelin' Brosnan in this. And btw... what's with all these Irish/Australian/English actors doing American roles? Just found out Aaron "Kick-ass" Johnson was a Brit and that shite blew my mind. Cheers!

Duane on Nov 20, 2009


I don't hate Robert Pattinson and I'll pretty much watch anything with Chris Cooper in it. Doesn't look that bad.

Rops on Nov 20, 2009


Looks good.

Barnaby Barrilla on Nov 20, 2009


#20 Summit didn't completely get rid of the twist. It's still there but doesn't have the same jaw drop effect but yoy will still be surprised. Rob has amazing untapped raw talent. He seems like the type of actor willing to put himself out there for a character. Honestly he reminds me a of a less polished Johnny D./Marlon B./James D. Give time and a chance, i think he will surprise everyone.

Joanna on Nov 20, 2009


Title and trailer suggest the guy dies in the end.

Jill on Nov 20, 2009


Seriously.. why would Pierce Brosnan AND Chris Cooper be in a movie that was doomed? I think the fact those two are in it should say something for the overall script. And while i agree that some of the lines are incredibly cheesy, like the Gandhi line for one, don't forget this is a trailer.. they'll only show the things they think will draw in a large audience, and unfortunately right now Rob Pattinson is hot in romances because of those crappy Twilight Saga films. Sad really....

Crystal on Nov 20, 2009


It looks like a really good movie despite Pattinson's role. I look forward to watching it.

Efrain on Nov 21, 2009


What is up with all that shit on her back? lol (minute 2:19)

J Rod on Nov 22, 2009


Robert is an excellent actor in his other indie films. He looks to be really good in this as well. I'm not even going to comment on the twilight movies because I didn't care for the books either. Chris Cooper is great in whatever he's in that I've seen so I think this is going to be a good one.

arjones on Nov 25, 2009


First to the idiots who keep talking about twists, STOP! Learn how to review or talk about a film and it's major themes without giving important points away. Jeesh. There are a lot of people who worked hard on this film so try and remember that. Second, to everyone who says this trailer looks like cheesy disalogue and a predictable storyline, I suggest you do some research. This script was on the 2008 Blacklist and a lot of people wanted in on it including Cooper, Brosnan, Lena Olin and Martha Plimpton to name just a few. It was a hot property that Jenny Lumet worked on along with Fetters which makes two of the most sought after writers in Hollywood right now. And to people who think this is some sissy love story, it's not. AT. ALL. The love story is a simple sub-plot built around an intensely character-driven family drama. Is there some humor? Yes, pretty dark at that. This is also NOT some coming of age story...It is more about how a family copes with life and losses and a young man struggling with finding an anchor in his own life -- it's a very simple, random story about intertwined families and relationships told in an extremely poignant way that will have people walking out of the theater asking themselves questions and thinking about the people in their own lives - friends and parents, etc. It's got an awesome cast and the script is absolutely wonderful and not TYPICAL at all. I think this movie will end up a sleeper hit next year, honestly. People will be talking about it and Pattinson is going to surprise a lot of naysayers who think he's a one-trick pony. I hope people will support it when it's released in March because the themes of the movie alone are worth seeing it for and any movie that makes you think about things other than yourself is a step in the right direction for Hollywood in my book. Plus, early screenings have been received VERY well this past month. Coulter has made a really good little film.

Coopergirl on Nov 27, 2009


that was pretty good. yeah, maybe the studio is just making money out of him [business] BUT his aura there is really great. he rocks the character! very good. something to look forward to.

ana on Dec 1, 2009


Really looking forward to seeing this. I think Twilight was just showing the surface of Robert Pattinson’s acting skills, can’t wait to see him in a role with more depth. Other signs that this movie is going to be good: 1 – it has Chris Cooper. He’s always great. 2 – great songs in the trailer, especially “Asleep” by The Album Leaf (the one that plays about halfway through). That song is just about as dreamy as Robert himself!

darci on Dec 12, 2009

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