Watch This: Second and Final 'Saw VI' Trailer Has Arrived

October 2, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Saw VI Trailer

A second, and presumably the last, trailer for Lionsgate's Saw VI has debuted on Yahoo tonight. I'll admit that I've still got a soft spot for the Saw movies; every year when each new one is released I go with my good friend and watch it. I've seen every one and I'll probably continue seeing them as long as they keep making them and putting them out in theaters. I wasn't excited for Saw VI until I saw this trailer - it looks intense and awesome, just like almost every other one previously and I can't wait to see what crazy traps and twists and turns they've cooked up for us this time. At least it's an improvement over the first teaser. Watch below.

Watch the second and final trailer for Saw VI from YouTube:

You can also watch the final trailer for Saw VI in High Definition on Yahoo

Special Agent Strahm is dead, and Detective Hoffman has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he's forced to set a game into motion.

Saw VI is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Kevin Greutert, who edited all five of the previous Saw movies before this and directed a few horror short films. The screenplay was written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who broke out with Feast and subsequently wrote Saw IV and Saw V as well. Lionsgate is bringing this latest installment, Saw VI, to theaters everywhere on October 23rd, a year from the last one.

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I'll end up renting it, because I can't help but watch these movies.

Sabes on Oct 3, 2009


i saw this last night at the Zombieland premiere. It was nice to hear most of the crowd say how they couldn't believe we were going to have to suffer through another Saw.

DoomCanoe on Oct 3, 2009


After wasting my time going to the cinema for Saw 5, I certainly wont waste my time this halloween. Looks dull, unoriginal, and just plain shit.

Marcus on Oct 3, 2009


so we get another saw movie in oct. and have to wait till february for shutter island? damn you hollywood! i haven't watched a saw movie since #3 and won't be seeing this one. it looks like more of the same, tired crap.

beavis on Oct 3, 2009


Cannot wait for this movie hope it is as good as the other Saw franchis.

cineprog on Oct 3, 2009


Complete crap. The first one was decent- the remainders are horrible.

Chev Chelios on Oct 3, 2009


They've yet to give us a real trailer for this movie. This is 50 seconds long, and I would consider it a teaser. And the first one was definitely a teaser as well.

CJ on Oct 3, 2009


The only true Saw movie is the first one. The rest are garbage.

JC on Oct 3, 2009


oh I get it, it will like be the one guy going through a carnival of death traps! Example: The carousel and at 0:16 it looks like it might be a evil-ish dunking booth. Oh soooo clever....lmao

Lolly on Oct 3, 2009


The Worst I ever saw.

Good taste on Oct 3, 2009


yet Trick R Treat goes straight to DVD?

nelson on Oct 3, 2009


While I know that I'll end up seeing this one sooner or later on dvd I'm still pretty pissed that all the good horror films are getting shelved just because of these damn movies. Every other studio seems scared shitless to put any other horror movies out just becuase they would probably get completely destroyed by Saw. Seriously what the hell is still attracting people to these movies when it's the same crap over and over again. I'm not gonna lie that I use to be a huge fan of the series atleast the first two ,but now there killing it.

wrongturn687 on Oct 3, 2009


JC totally agree....the first one was the only one that it was original...the other ones suck tooooo much, suck so much that even while I am drunk right now..I cant describe!.......lets put like this..FAIL!

ADM-86 on Oct 4, 2009


Don't worry Alex... I'm with you. I don't give a flying F**k what these people say. I will stand by the Saw movies for as long as they make them. They are fun and enjoyable. I too have a soft spot for them. I can't wait for this. And to #12 - If a studio was confident enough in a horror movie they made, then they shouldn't be afraid to release it - it should sell itself. No other studio can make a decent horror movie any more; they are all remakes.

Jeff W on Oct 4, 2009


Well that's one thing a lot of people mistake. Everyone compares this movie to a slasher or a true horror movie. Well its not any of those. Its Mystery,Suspense, Drama more so then Horror. I mean we had this discussion at one of the midnight events. Fans of the series know this for sure? I mean if it were a slasher we would be going in expecting far less elaborate story and Deaths. Especially last year when a group of us went to Sawfest 1-5 all in one sitting. Also a lot of the fans i know agree that the third movie was probably our least favorite of the series. Though i agree Alex this may be the last one i see if they ruin them by making them 3D seems like a cheap ploy and I'm not sure i how i feel about that decision.

Jimmy on Oct 4, 2009


I saw so much better than this franchise.

Good taste on Oct 4, 2009


I came I "saw" I conquered. Saw blows.

Saw the sign on Oct 4, 2009


To#14 - And why do you think there are mostly sequels and remakes coming out ? It's becuase these movies make so much money that studios don't feel like general audeinces want any original movies coming out. Saw is a HUGE contribute to this trend because Hollywood believes they can live off these movies for a long time until they start fading out. I'm not gonna lie that theres a piece of me that wants this to bomb just to get more creative, derserving horror movies like Paranormal Activity and Zombieland into Theatres. I'm still waiting for PA to be released by me and hope they don't chicken out becuase of another Saw movie.

wrongturn687 on Oct 4, 2009


this movie is just plain SAD... Stupid And Dumb!

Cindarr on Oct 4, 2009


i will be seeing this. i like the fact they gave a shitty teaser and not giving out much. why are people complaining? if you don't like it, don't comment and create more buzz. your conversation helps make some people gather interest in the saw series. i've already met at least 6 people who didn't catch saw until saw V. why, because of its buzz.

JL on Oct 4, 2009


if you keep repeating a thing over and over then people, eventually, fall in to it. Saw's buzz. Doesn't mean that's good, just a amusing crap...

D. on Oct 5, 2009


do these people actually watch these films? I have the same opinions that studios seem out of touch with the general opinions, and i tire of the fact that things aren't so original in Hollywood anymore, but thats exactly why I love the Saw films. They aren't dumb torture porn, they aren't soulless, and they aren't without thought. The whole idea of sequels actually piecing together like a puzzle is something that Hollywood hasn't ever tapped into before, and the usual twists are just icing on the cake. Sure the first Saw was, and probably will always be the best, but as far as the series goes i say, keep it going, the results aren't amazing, but its a fun guilty pleasure.

Al on Oct 5, 2009


Kind of surprised to read that a movie journalist actually likes what is being done to the Saw each his own I guess. This franchise started out amazing, and then was raped by Hollywood so bad. They really bent it over and just let it rot. It's truly sad, it could've been something.

Mike Pasq. on Oct 6, 2009


For all of you people who are hating on Saw, listen to this: Saw is one of the best series in horror/thriller history. If you would watch and actually think about what's going on in the movies there is no repetition. 5 movies now, never the same trap. Three different "jigsaws" and possibly a 4th to come in VI. I guarantee all of you people hating on this movie are into horror movies that have porn and tons of blood. **NEWS FLASH** THOSE ARE NOT GOOD SCARY MOVIES** They may entertain you and give you a boner to go play with, but scary movies aren't scary unless you think about it afterwards. Saw is a psychological thriller. It makes you think. About your life, actions, and what would you do to stay alive. I am so tired of hearing from people like the kid that said "I've only seen the first 3, but their all the same". Saw has become a giant puzzle and clearly you without the intellectual capability won't like it because it's something your feeble minds can't comprehend. So before you go hating on Saw, sit down and watch them through. Use your brain for once when watching a movie. When you open your mind to it, one of the best series of this genre ever. And to people like Chev Chelios, the first Saw was groundbreaking and it gets more and more intricate with every film. Quit touching yourself with crap movies like Halloween and watch a true thriller, Saw.

Scuba on Oct 8, 2009


#11, trick r treat kinda sucked! I was really wanting more and had waited for it to come out. Once it did, i was pissed. Could have been better!

jvj the agnostic on Oct 10, 2009


Not saying the movie sucks. But why the fuck does it look so cheap? Like direct to DVD? These movies make money every year. And while I may not be a fan (I stopped watching after 3) the ones I have seen trailers for after 3 are really cheap looking. WTF? And that trailer doesn't entice anyone who is a non Saw fan to cross over and see it.

sfantu on Oct 22, 2009


Saw the movie today. Death scenes total suck. The script was a masterpiece. The story line and the ending was fantastic. There will be a 7th Saw but the way they took this story it could make comming movies very interesting. In my opinion, this script might have breathed new life into a dying franchise.

Ryan on Oct 24, 2009

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