Watch This: Stunning Samurai Sci-Fi Trailer 'The Cup of Tears'

October 26, 2009
Source: Vimeo

The Cup of Tears Trailer

I don't exactly know what's going on in this, but I must thank Quiet Earth for finding this beautiful trailer and sending it my way. Tonight I'm featuring the trailer for Gary Shore's The Cup of Tears, a gorgeous CGI hybrid samurai sci-fi movie being made in Ireland. This was shot on the Red camera in Slovenia and is simply referred to as a "visually rich modern fairytale." That's all you really need to know before watching this, just let the visuals take you in from there. It looks kind of like a stunning combination of Sin City, an anime, and Speed Racer, in a way I suppose. Really, I don't know what else to say, so just check this out!

Watch the official trailer for Gary Shore's The Cup of Tears from YouTube:

Follows a scorned geisha who creates a magical cup made of tears that causes any man who drinks from it to fall into a permanent sleep. One night the cup is stolen, setting off a chain of events that threatens war amongst the clans. Taro, a gifted samurai, sets out to find the cup and one who can break the spell.

The Cup of Tears is being directed by Irish filmmaker Gary Shore, of only a film called The Draft previously, but also of quite a few commercials and other work (visit his website: This is being finished in Ireland and is not an Asian feature, despite being very heavily influenced by that style. As far as we know, this doesn't have a distributor yet, so stay tuned for updates. I'll be following this closely since it looks great!

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wow. very creative !!!

PinkSushit on Oct 26, 2009


Sin City + Crouching Tiger + Matrix...Im in

OCP on Oct 26, 2009


.............Samurai Jack?

psentes on Oct 26, 2009


a bit confusing. I'm thinking with visuals like that they could have given us more of the story instead of being so enigmatic. Sin City meets Blade Runner meets every Zack Snyder film ever made.

esophus on Oct 26, 2009



Michael N. on Oct 26, 2009


hmmm. looks interesting. i like some of the shots, but am a bit put off by the video game cinematic type trailer... also, this is better than Ultraviolet if for no other reason than the soundtrack is not trying (and failing) to copy the genius of Danny Elfman.

dave13 on Oct 26, 2009


This movie looks like someone to pull a George Lucas with cgi locations. Then used a little Sin City imagery to try and cover their shame To sum up it looks like crap

borgiborg on Oct 26, 2009


wait, what? ninjas and spaceships, and a buncha what?

Hmmm... on Oct 26, 2009


"One word: ULTRAVIOLET Michael N. on Oct 26, 2009" :O You take that word back you horrible person!!!

el on Oct 26, 2009


no... just no

sean on Oct 26, 2009


Looks like 300 turned Bushido style. I'm in...

GR8 on Oct 26, 2009



Verno on Oct 26, 2009


Too much white face.

whomever on Oct 26, 2009


pretty badass

Nick Sears on Oct 26, 2009


Um . . . the cinematography is great and all . . . and I am curious enough to want to know more . . . but, uh, I feel like I just watched a long Gillette razor commercial? What's the story again?

JP on Oct 26, 2009


I dunno....The trailer confuses me visually. Makes my brain go WTF is going on? I read the synopsis so that helped. I wish they'd make the american version of deathnote. Maybe they could get Michael Bay to do it..................Just kidding. I heard he's booked up to do transformers 3-15.

arjones on Oct 26, 2009


yep i agree with #3 Samurai Jack???

Kerad on Oct 26, 2009


Jesus Christo...if this is what people are gonna want as the future of film, I should just quit film school now and kill myself. This looks like complete shit. Mix Grindhouse with the Spirit and then toss in every TV show bump that Spike TV has to offer and you pretty much got the style down.

Angry Chief on Oct 26, 2009


1 word: GIMMICK

teyhtr on Oct 26, 2009


i'm sold~ great visuals! i hope the story's not too bad.

Major Kusanagi on Oct 26, 2009


looks pretty badass but is there no dialogue throughout the whole movie?

jake the snake on Oct 26, 2009


300 the samurai version

Frank Booth on Oct 26, 2009


Hummmmm....what a pleasant surprise...great style choice...nice set esthetics...if the music used for the trailer is a taste of things to come in the movie's soundtrack I'll be happy...what a nice little jewel of a film you found there Alex! Thanks!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Oct 26, 2009


How come it's always the white kid that survives the samurai armageddon? And somehow he manages to return with even greater skills than an army of lifelong trained masters of the arts? Visually I like the style, but pretty much American ninja movie I watched as a kid in the 80's had that storyline.

Crapola on Oct 26, 2009


I am confused and intrigued both at the same time.

Sabes on Oct 26, 2009


So creator clearly liked 300...

Jay on Oct 26, 2009


Must watch this film on the big screen!!!!

Brandon on Oct 26, 2009


I agree #24!!!!!

atg2040 on Oct 26, 2009


if they dont talk the whole film, thats pretty cool in a way! but it can play in any country too because they will not have to translate much except credits and title....

LuckyLoser on Oct 26, 2009


300 Knock-Off! White Samurai? Ehh.... Dont get me wrong. Im not racist its just doesnt fit. Its just like making a Black Jesus. Should never happen. Straight to DVD/BluRay imho.

GP Productions on Oct 26, 2009


looks like a good movie to see on drugs...

Florian on Oct 26, 2009


An Inuyasha Movie would soooooo be awesome with this style...or Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin...

zeldaprimed on Oct 26, 2009


Visually looks cool but then again...

JimD on Oct 26, 2009


straght 2 theatre, man thats the 1 i'm talking about, looks like everythings in there .

ishteaque on Oct 26, 2009


And then I gizzed in my pants!

LINKFX on Oct 26, 2009


Looks good. Different. Enjoyable... Don't know why so many people are being negative... How many movies have you guys made? Hmmm... Thought so.

nate on Oct 26, 2009


This film is like the prettiest girl in class, all looks and no substance.

Davis on Oct 27, 2009


I gotta say, this looks pretty awesome.

Robbie on Oct 27, 2009


Looks beatiful! Hope the storyline is interesting enough.

coswell on Oct 27, 2009


its Afro Samurai without the Afro LOL but this trailer looks interesting

tazz on Oct 27, 2009


#29 your a joke you say you not racist but you mention what race should play a certain character LOL. Black Jesus already happen Madonna had him in a music video plus we already seen God played by black man too. how you know the Samurai is white you cant even tell from the trailer

d-man on Oct 27, 2009


i didn't like the trailer, it looks like a video game

hater on Oct 27, 2009


I've been a lurker on this site for a while, and I'm starting to seriously question it when I see "watch this" or "must watch" - is film just becoming a huge copycat industry?

Mattyc on Oct 27, 2009


heres a interview with Gary Shore talking about "The Cup of Tears" check it out

tazz on Oct 27, 2009


That was amazing. I also jizzed in my pants a little. It kinda looks like Samurai Jack mets Bladerunner with a little ghost in a shell. I will be going to see this movie when it comes out.

TheSaint on Oct 27, 2009


well, it looks like they couldn't decide what kind of titles to use, what kind of cinematography to use, what kind of shots to use, what kind of 3D effects to use, no dialogue to use, and which movie they wanted to rip off more. If you have a trailer with no dialogue and complete visuals with music and SFX you don't have a good movie. There is something you are hiding. This looks like Japanese straight to DVD. This reminded me a lot of Casshern. Which isn't a good movie but the visuals keep you interested. These visuals however make me think that movies like this will soon be a dime a dozen.

WO0t on Oct 27, 2009


I re-watched the trailer this morning and checked out the you tube interview (thankyou #44) and I have to say that i hope it's not like Crouching Tiger Hidden Cables. Which I did like the story but the tree top stuff? Not so much. I think they're getting a little out of hand with the whole "300" look and "matrix" moves in movies. I guess it's better than the whole bat on a string look from the 30's.

arjones on Oct 27, 2009


I liked it better when they called it 300.

Frank on Oct 27, 2009


@37 Yeah but you would still bang her =P

Ty on Oct 27, 2009


Holy Crap!!!

Cameron on Oct 27, 2009


It would work better as an anime.

Tom on Oct 27, 2009


I agree with Alex Billington it's a strange mix of Anime and 300/Sin City to give it that period touch, i just hope that there plenty of Hack and Slashing and agood mixture of Blood like a good chinese/jap martial Arts film should be.

Cineprog on Oct 27, 2009


They shot on there own look good, however there is no defining style or order to any of it. Looks pretty bad to me.

shadow on Oct 27, 2009


Wait wuuut, mindfuck over here.... First they show some great footage of a sorta combined asian art with real life action movie and everything seems to be set in like, Dark Age of China, ish. But then in the end there's modern buildings and then finally SPACE SHIPS?! Looks like a good movie though

Fethalion on Oct 27, 2009


matrix+300+samuraix+kilbill+mk..... and lol at 00:14 = 2012

Mero on Oct 27, 2009


This trailer reminds me a lot of Goemon, the visual style at least. Goemon was visually fun to watch, but the plot and acting was horrible. So cliche typical Japanese shit tossed out there. And the 100% CGI visuals with real actors got REALLY tiring on the eyes after a while, especially cuz they were all the same locations over and over again. So hopefully this movie wont be JUST like that, but it sure does look a lot like Goemon...nice trailer, bad film. So I'll rent this if it ever gets that far along in life...maybe. Oh, and yes, I agree number 51, this would be better as an anime. It would look better for sure. Ok after actually finishing the looks too much like Goemon for me to give it a chance. Goemon was seriously one of the worst 2 hr and 10 dollars I spent in Japan EVER! hahah

Stacia on Oct 27, 2009


that looks fucking brill,can't fucking wait.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Oct 27, 2009


I see some Casshern in there too - if it's visually as good, I'm in

tms on Oct 27, 2009


damn, this is the future of cinema. some may lik it, some may not, but we WILL be seeing more and more films like this within the next 6 years or so. The next step? Well, I think filmmakers will be taking advantage of the new tools at their disposal, and they will try to do some aternative things. The level of reality and beauty of the new movies will challenge our capacity of wonder.

leinergroove on Oct 27, 2009


I have absolutely nothing to contribute! and same goes for this movie.....what a waste!

Jarno on Oct 27, 2009


Looks great, i'm a fan of these crazy CGI movies in general. Casshern, Goemon, Storm Riders (sequel on the way!), A Man Called Hero, Zu: Legend of Zu etc etc I just hope it's better than The Spirit.

ChrisUK on Oct 27, 2009


@ #41: Aw C'mon D-man! Did you ever watch American Ninja movies? Very rarely was the lead actor Asian, obviously because an American audience (as a mass) wouldn't buy a movie with an Asian lead, the same way they won't watch a subtitled foreign film. I'm not racist you muppet, I'm a self loathing person of colour as someone once beautifully put it before, of course Jesus was a blackman, click on my name and see little baby Jesus in his full glory. Remember also this film seems to be produced in Ireland, not Japan, where I'm sure they would have a picked a western looking Asian dude anyway, but that's not their fault that's just a left over influence from having 2 atomic bombs dropped on your country and feeling completely powerless and weak. Pick a most manga/anime that deal with a post-apocalyptic world and the underlying theme is atomic destruction. I think in those films it always has to be a white guy because, the history and culture just isn't the same without a white face in it, it's like it's 'foreign' or something! You probably liked Last Samurai too.

Crapola on Oct 27, 2009


NOT EVERYBODY'S CUP OF TEA(RS) THEN? OUCH Apart from the over-exposures, looks nothing like any of the films everybody says it looks like. I mean Samurai's and Spaceships really does remind me of the Matrix and 300, NOT!!!!! , what are you guys banging on about?

Barry North on Oct 27, 2009


looks like jurassic park with ninjas!

Rachel Replicant on Oct 27, 2009


i think it looks awesome. but it doesn't even come close to Goemon and #64...hahaha!!!

DoomCanoe on Oct 27, 2009


it seems to me like samurai jack + 300 + hero + wtf! spaceships!!!!!!

Godius333 on Oct 27, 2009


yawn! next!

toonfed on Oct 27, 2009


Thanks to Gary Shore for making this film. A fantastic looking film. Beautiful visuals. Great story. I hope this movie will be a success everywhere. I would love to see this type of film made with a story about Norse vikings.

Phill on Oct 28, 2009


@#62 Crapola i agree American Ninja etc they never cast a Asian person to play the lead its because Hollywood has a bad attitude towards Asians in general they like to take Asian culture and never cast a Asian males as the lead. i know the film is been produced in Ireland but in the UK and Ireland cast of race is not major issue cause they cast people of that race and culture to play that role i.e. "East is East" played by asian actors in london. American film sudios dont do that cause they dont find asian actors dont bring in the money but they like to cast asian females as some fetish on film and i found that wrong. i did like Last Samurai to extent when they tried to change the culture and etc to me the film easy for the American audience.

d-man on Oct 28, 2009


I thought Samurai Jack too ha! Woo Ireland! Finally something decent film-wise out of here!

Ken on Oct 28, 2009


Hey d-man, Movies from Japan have Japanese actors. Indian movies have indian actors. Films from Hong Kong have Chinese actors. Mexican films have Mexican actors. Iranian actors star in Iranian films. South Korean films have Korean actors. Films from the USA have had European-American leads because that has been the majority population. The director of The Cup of Tears is Irish, so that probably had an influence on the ethnic makeup of the boy. So what. Go tell the Bollywood directors that their lead actors should be Nigerian. See how that works out.

Phill on Oct 28, 2009


I think it would be cool for a Bollywood Film to have Nigerian lead. Yep D-man, also the only thing I got from The Last Samurai was that becoming good at sword fighting and living your life by a strict set of rules doesn't matter, because any idiot with a gun can come and shoot you. A metaphor for modernisation really, just let the mechanics work for you.

Crapola on Oct 28, 2009


So.... Samurai jack, meets ultra violet, meets afro samurai, meets Aeon Flux, meets photos shop..... ALL filmed like sin city.

wHiskey Tango... on Oct 28, 2009


Looks great! I'm there! And from what I understand, can't possibly be as bad as The Spirit.

Woodge on Oct 28, 2009


#71 Phill first before you attacking me read what me and Crapola been talking about right above the page. i never attacked The Cup of Tears Phill i gave the trailer some praise. i know there is loads of European-American in film but me and Crapola talking about having white actor playing asian on film seems crazy. i agree with Crapola it would be cool for a Bollywood Film to have Nigerian lead. in Japan they have Jero aka Jerome Charles White Jr is a Japanese singer who is American born of African-American and Japanese descent. his a black man been casted in a Japanese film called "Donju".

d-man on Oct 28, 2009


ANY movie set in the future needs to have a large blend of ethnicity throughout to where its no longer a point. This movie looks like a movie that uses computers to show its imagination, that would be the only similarity I see with ANY OF THE MOVIES MENTIONED ABOVE!!!

replicant on Oct 28, 2009


I would have prefered an asian lead, but this film does look good. This is something more like Afro Samurai. Everyone dreams about being a samurai, no matter their race.

Hemipowered on Oct 28, 2009


@ d-man Go back to grammar school buddy. Your grammar fucking sucks ass.

GP Productions on Oct 28, 2009


#78 your right Hemipowered everyone dreams about being a samurai. #79 here comes the grammar police

d-man on Oct 29, 2009


Good for you # 36.....IRELAND!!!

Clover on Oct 29, 2009


Zack Snyder meets Akira Kurosawa meets Robert Rodriguez, they go and have a beer, while some scientist/filmmaker take samples of their hair and skin, he goes, combine the genetic information of the three and in the process, some radioactive spider sneezes over the sample. This is the result.

leinergroove on Oct 29, 2009


@ d-man And rightfully so. I wouldn't have said anything if it was just a simple mistake, but I saw it all over your post. I'm actually doing you a favor and keeping you in check buddy. As for the film, a blend of most recent sci-fi/fantasy films. Only time will tell if this boat will float.

GP Productions on Oct 29, 2009


Coming from Ireland. Looks like a martial arts film with a touch of science fiction, very nifty. This looks very imaginative and visually stunning. Of course the noob haters love to say stupid crap like: Matrix + 300 + Zack Snyder. Noob haters are like eunuchs and sportswriters: they know how a movie is made...they just can't do it themselves.

zibo fricka on Oct 30, 2009


Looks awesome! No dialog though?

Dan J on Oct 30, 2009


From swords and old things to... spaceships? And this is a video game or what? It started well, but... it turned up really bad. Awful!

me on Oct 31, 2009


it looks like that sky captain and the world of tommorow, just its with ninjas.

sjc on Nov 1, 2009


Did Alex not say at the beginning of this post that the film still hasn't got a distributor and the film still has to be finished- this is clearly a trailer that’s been made to show case the talent and potential of the director, ITS NOT THE ACTUAL THEATRE FILM TRAILER! Negative idiots! It looks amazing and I personally can’t wait to see what the film has to offer if a 2 min trailer is so visually delightful.

wiese on Nov 3, 2009


ninja assassin looks better than this. but they are typical though.. i'll see it on blu-ray.

Deekam on Nov 5, 2009


looks like shit

neonblue120 on Nov 5, 2009


Yeah, looks bad to me. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think there were some glimmers of really horrible martial arts. Hard to tell under all the CGI though.

Joe on Nov 12, 2009


looks different thats good reminds me of 300 or the spirit

sam on Dec 1, 2009


Wah wah wah Im bitching. Wah wah wah

Jay on Dec 3, 2009


Intereresting, really really interesting! hope i does good so maybe more similair films can be made again in Ireland in the future.

geneguru on Dec 5, 2009


Looks very pretty, but like with most of these Asian-themed movies I have no idea what the hell is going on. They're always so crazy-random.

Pøh on Dec 7, 2009


umm win it come out bro

drct66 on Jun 30, 2010


looks like blade runner with a touch of low budget syfy channel movie. i'll pass

lordcanyon on Aug 1, 2012

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