Watch This: Trailer for New One-Room Thriller Titled Exam

November 26, 2009
Source: Empire

Exam Trailer

By now, the stuck-in-one-room thriller has almost become a genre of its own. Cube was one of the first to spark up a new batch and then we later got Saw and most recently The Killing Room. Now out of the UK comes another new thriller called Exam about eight people locked in one room who are given one simple question to answer. But what is the question? Empire has debuted a trailer for this and it looks frickin' fantastic. I'm a sucker for these kind of films and this looks like one of the better ones coming up. Plus, I haven't seen Colin Salmon (he's the Invigilator) in a good role in a while and he looks great. And begin.

Watch the first official UK trailer for Stuart Hazeldine's Exam from YouTube:

Eight talented candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation. Entering a windowless room, an Invigilator gives them eighty minutes to answer one simple question. He outlines three rules they must obey or be disqualified. That's all I need to know.

Exam is written and directed by first-time British director Stuart Hazeldine, a screenwriter who co-wrote Alex Proyas' Knowing as well as other a few other in-development projects. The story was also developed by Simon Garrity. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival but doesn't have a US distributor yet. We're not sure when it'll hit US theaters, but I've got a feeling it'll hit other film festivals first. Look good?

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Dang! An original movie. Now there's a novel idea. Hollywood studios take note.

jebb on Nov 26, 2009


its just one of those "i will tell you the whole story in 2 min" trailers: looked interesting at the beginning, but how much are you willing to bet that the guy in the white shirt with the guard next to him pointing the gun at his head infront of the see-through wall at the end is the "winner"? its a "ney" for me I will stick with Cube (, twelve years old and still kicking a** !!!

ureyesonly on Nov 26, 2009


Wow, this reminded me of those creepy-ass Milgram tests

Jaf on Nov 26, 2009


Just got "Frozen" in my inbox, about a group of guys who get stranded in a ski lift.

Scriptshadow on Nov 26, 2009


how far can this story go? by the first day of release,the storyline wouldve been leaked.and unless this offers exceptional cinematography,performances or some other x-factor i'll see the one-room thing as a mere gimmick.

twispious on Nov 26, 2009


Maybe #5 but it looks pretty original to me...

Will on Nov 27, 2009


The trailer looks good, I just hope it hasn't given away the whole story. One room movies can actually be quite interesting, for example 12 Angry Men.

Cindy on Nov 27, 2009


Exactly what I was thinking #2 I feel like they just told me the ending but thought we wouldnt really catch it cause it was a split second shot. It just looks very predictable but maybe itll pull a usual suspects moment and be totally awesome.

Cody on Nov 27, 2009


Some good actors in there and it looks like theres some kick ass tension building - I'm in!

dom on Nov 27, 2009


I've taken SAT tests 3x longer than this "exam", and none of the things in this trailer happened in my classroom. I can't see all that stuff happening in 80 minutes, so this looks like a bunch of BS. Sorry.

The Man With No Name on Nov 27, 2009


"it looks frickin' fantastic" Yep, I watched it before reading your introduction and that's exactly what I thought after watching it. This is the kind of movie I like, one that is very psychological. I'll be checking it out for sure.

Darren on Nov 27, 2009


#10 Yeah because at SAT tests you got a dark room, a guy with a gun and no questions on the sheet. I can see why you think its exactly the same.

Shige on Nov 27, 2009


I think I'll pass (geddit?)

Sleepykid on Nov 27, 2009


I'm with #1, new ideas!!!! Finally something pretty damm interesting. And i guess that moment with the guy in white shirt was just a false clue. Well at least i hope so. I'm Sold

D. on Nov 27, 2009


If you have seen the killing room, you have no need to see this at all, at least i know i dont.

Someone on Nov 27, 2009


funny thing is i just saw the movie "fermat's room".

Mike P on Nov 27, 2009


this = killing room

ocp on Nov 27, 2009


Sounds to me its about single mindness witch they have to work togeather to find the Answer also Eliminateing eatch other one by one. were one can be victorias or is it a wim to keep aritch corprate amused. The film Exam sound very intressting. 🙂

Cineprog on Nov 27, 2009


i like what i'm seeing from this. it's original and the acting looks good. i'll be watching. #17 - while it may have similarities, i don't think it's the same thing. and anyways, all movies share similarities with other movies.

beavis on Nov 27, 2009


Showing the countdown ending on the trailer really pissed me off!!!! Alex, i think you should start a debate on trailers nowadays, an extreme makeover is needed asap! And frankly, my ceptical side prevents me from getting excited about movies with trailers that show us way too much. Seems a little desperate. But the rest was good. I'm really curious to know what kind of job and corporation would that be so they would think they needed to kill each other. Personally, i would just let the clock reach 0 while everybody else freaks out and hope to win by indurance.

Ricardo on Nov 27, 2009


thanks, #16........i just checked out a trailer for "fermats room". it looks great! i'm going to see if netflix has it. hey, #4.....i can't find any info on "frozen" at all.......did you make that up?

beavis on Nov 27, 2009


I would watch this movie based off of this trailer.

whomever on Nov 27, 2009


Im sorry but #10s comment is on top list of not thinking at all before you post really??

Cody on Nov 27, 2009


I'm interested in seeing this. Looks good to me. *shrug*

Sabes on Nov 27, 2009


Batman music in trailer. They've got balls...

manxome on Nov 27, 2009


I woulda just written "to get to the other side" and waited till time ran out. 😀

jason on Nov 27, 2009


what happens if they need to do a turd?

Greasy Tones on Nov 28, 2009


"If you spoil your paper for any reason..." That's probably the challenge, they were all setting papers on fire and such.

Collin on Nov 28, 2009



Fisherr on Nov 28, 2009


Totally @ #29 U could just grab ure pencil and deface all of the other peoples papers and bam! u win. Still, trolling and synicism aside, it could still be ok.

4th begger on Nov 28, 2009


This looks retarded...if it isn't a perfect cookie cutter studio film it must suck and can't be worth watching...It sucks that this probably won't get picked up by any American distributors ....I base this statement solely on the fact that the trailer looked like a film that might actually make you think and is therefore garbage by their standards... Because if most Americans have to think they cause themselves serious pain due to the fact that the muscle they are forced to use has atrophied...

ClerksFan on Nov 28, 2009


Amen! #7-cindy for 12 angry men. Best one room movies ever and one of my faves. This one I think to hopefully catch free on cable at some point in my life not gonna run out to see it or rent it. Also #2 cube was way cool when I seen it.

arjones on Nov 28, 2009


#33 - i agree with "12 angry men" long as you're talking about the original 1957 version. another great "one room" movie: "five fingers". it has very brief flashback moments but 99% of the movie is in one's not a classic like "12 angry men" but it's very good. if anyone reads this and decides to watch "five fingers" - don't give up on it and watch till the end; it's worth it.

beavis on Nov 28, 2009


I met one of the actresses in this movie in the summer and she never mentioned being in it so they must have made it super fast, I suppose the 'one room movie' is a super short shoot to do. Probably could do the whole thing in 3 days. Pollyanna is a good actress so I look forward to watching this.

Crapola on Nov 29, 2009


looks dumb as hell

ramez on Nov 29, 2009


i thought this was a remake of thge spanish movie "El Metodo"... the premises are almost the same. Check the link: "El Metodo" was a good movie, and this looks interesting too, although a bit over the top (with the flashes of people torturing each other...?? how the hell are they going to get to that point? )

shy guy on Nov 29, 2009


Um, the test is just to make them fight each other to prove how cut-throat they can be. LAME.

Joe on Dec 2, 2009


#34 I've only seen the 50's version and it's one of those movies that stick with you for life as great movie. Now that you mention it I recall a remake but I've never seen it.

arjones on Dec 2, 2009


looks pretty good

neonblue120 on Dec 10, 2009


#13...........I don't get it!!!

jeremy on Dec 12, 2009


Little late to the discussion, I suppose, but I just watched the trailer. Or the first half of the trailer, rather. That was all it took to get me interested, and I didn't want the second half giving away more of the story than necessary.

Craig on Feb 22, 2010

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