Watchmen Director's Cut Theatrical Re-Release Theater List

July 16, 2009
Source: Official Website

Watchmen Director's Cut

Back in June it was confirmed that the extended Director's Cut of Zack Snyder's Watchmen would still be hitting movie theaters starting on Friday, July 17th, which is tomorrow. Unfortunately, it would only show in four theaters located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York City. For anyone living in those cities, great news, for everyone else, well, the Blu-Ray hits shelves next Tuesday. Here are the theaters (and links to buy tickets) for this weekend: Mann Chinese 6 in Los Angeles, Landmark Sunshine 5 in New York, Carmike Apple Valley 15 in Minneapolis, and Rave Hickory Creek 16 in Dallas. If you live in LA, read on!

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles - I'll be at the 8:00PM showing at the Mann Chinese 6 on Friday night. If anyone wants to meet-up with me to experience this glorious three-hour extravaganza, leave a comment below or shoot me an e-mail. As for everyone else, I hope you take this opportunity to see Watchmen one more time in theaters, especially since word is the Director's Cut is actually a huge improvement over the original cut. I've been dying to see this one more time and I'm quite excited. Plus it's the best way to honor Zack and everything he was able to pull off with this. Otherwise, at least pick up the Blu-Ray on Tuesday!

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i downloaded this version 5days ago and sat through it hoping the music placements would have been re-arranged so i could not entirely hate the movie. But alas every tune was still placed in its same spot. the extra footage just made me wish i was suffering through the original version instead... seeing as how all extra footage was cool, but completely pointless making the movie longer and longer by the second. although i will say for the people who loved The Watchman , this will be a very entertaining treat. and a great second sit through. but for those who hated it (like my self) it will be the exact opposite.

DoomCanoe on Jul 16, 2009


Who cares? The film was one big meh.

pond scum on Jul 16, 2009


What? No love for Chicago?

Marius on Jul 16, 2009


The film was long enough, i would have to be paid to sit through a longer version. i think the reason a director's cut has been made is because it didn't make enough money the first time around.

d1rEct on Jul 16, 2009


The directors cut will come out on dvd right?

d on Jul 16, 2009


never mind

d on Jul 16, 2009


Why the funk can i not find a directors cut release of the DVD here in the UK??? Please tell me they are releasing it here and i'm being stupid. The best i can find over here is a double disc version but no 'directors cut in sight'. Reference i was looking on sites such as and please let me know if you see anything. thanks

Steven on Jul 16, 2009


I wanna go!!!!

Ha1rball on Jul 16, 2009


@Steven I'm in the same boat. I cant find any UK release of the Directors Cut an Im scared that if they do finally release it, they will only release on BluRay.

Marcus on Jul 16, 2009



SHo on Jul 16, 2009


Meh, I have it preordered but I wouldn't mind seeing it in theaters again. Oh well, Blu-ray Watchmen will be here July 23-25. lol

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 16, 2009


watchmen was a mediocre movie and zack snyder was definitely not the right person to do it. all we can really expect from the director's cut is more of the same, really.

Florian on Jul 16, 2009

13 Director's Cut is REGION FREE

David Banner on Jul 16, 2009



m4st4 on Jul 16, 2009


#4 a director's cut has been made is because it didn't make enough money the first time around. No...they did it because, after seeing it, for me - it's obvious: THEY RIPPED SNYDER REAL HARD... ->Akerman is much better ->More Rorscach (all from GN!) ->Hollis Mason death scene easily better than Rorscachs etc etc... Five stars this time and I've seen it twice!

m4st4 on Jul 16, 2009


I did someo websearching, and found on several sites that Watchmen Dir. Cut IS Region Free. seems all Warner Blu-Ray discs are Region Free.... for lists on whats locked and whats Region Free Oh, and is the Watchmen dir. Cut ONLY in 4 cities-in the US? No european showings?

David Banner on Jul 16, 2009


I think this was 10 times better the second time around. It gave me the opportunity to discuss the metaphors and satire with friends while watching which made it feel like one big book discussion. The dialogue is gold in this movie and it may play slowly, but the character development makes up for it. I came out of the theater after the first viewing and felt unimpressed as well, but after a second viewing it's really turned out to be one of my favorites this year.

peloquin on Jul 16, 2009


I was so psyched for Watchmen that I read the graphic novel before seeing the movie and I really liked it. I know, it was kind of twisted from the novel in that Dr. Manhattan is the worldly threat instead of a giant monster, but I thought it fit well given the outcome for the characters was the same in the end. I know the movie also cut out scenes from the novel, but they weren't scenes that greatly effected the movie's main storyline. I wonder what they could add in the director's cut? I just hope it's not all the Black Freighter stuff and conversation on the side-walk with the newstand guy. Those additions seemed more like distractions until the end of the novel. I loved the movie when it came out in theaters and thought it had just enough source material from the novel. People who are out there who didn't like the movie didn't know the story well enough to judge it fairly. It is NOT a superhero movie. Zach Snyder did a great job with it and it deserved more credit and acclaim than it got. Anyone who read the novel first would know that. I hope the director's cut is just as good as the theatrical version and the added scenes do not add anything unnecessary that takes away from the story or distracts you from the important points...

Matt on Jul 16, 2009


Carmike Apple Valley 15 is in Apple Valley not Minneapolis, that's like 20 miles outside of the city.

Peter on Jul 16, 2009


i didn't read the novel so i'm speaking on not knowing the total story. but as someone who saw the movie, i can say the movie SUCKED. it was too long the first time around. to the point i walked out on it. i don't remember his name but the blue dude was really annoying. visually, this movie is STUNNING. i was amazed. as a movie itself, i recommend DOWNLOADING it. don't spend your money on it.

JL on Jul 16, 2009


Eh..think i've seen watchmen like...10 times? ye..10 times...and last week i've seen the director's cut blueray edition. And yes the extra footage was cool..but, it didn't contain Tales under the hood if i remember corectly from the book. Corect me if i'm wrong please...i really want to see that

JohnDoe on Jul 16, 2009


@ 7 it's ok you can say fuck on the internet your mother isnt reading them

hihi on Jul 16, 2009


I lost count how many times i have seen the theatrical and directors cut of this film. Seriously, the directors cut makes the film 100x better, more scenes from graphic novel, Hollis Mason's scene (easily one of the best scenes from the film), and it does Silk Spectres' character so much justice. But i would recommend all you Watchmen fans to wait till November/December when the Extended cut comes out with the Black Freighter scenes cut in.

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 16, 2009


If you don't like the movie, okay your opinion, but do the people who like the movie a solid: STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT, STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T EVEN LIKE, GO ON TO SOMETHING YOU DID LIKE, ITS SEEMS LIKE THAT WOULD BE BETTER FOR YOUR TIME. thank you.

Oblong on Jul 16, 2009


saw the director's cut about 2 weeks ago, it makes great watchmen movie even better

L1A on Jul 16, 2009


I know someone already asked this but I didn't see an answer. I am seeing that the directors cut is coming out on blu-ray but I don't see anything for dvd. So a directors cut for dvd does exist right?

CLZ on Jul 16, 2009


i would have seen it but im stuck in portland till the winter : (

erik on Jul 16, 2009


for those who think this was only made to get more money, a directors cut was always planned before the film was released.

Al on Jul 16, 2009


@21 The Tales of the Black Freighter will be intercut with the movie when it's released again in December on dvd

Rorschach90 on Jul 16, 2009


They say people who read the gn loved the movie and those that didn't disliked it if not hated it. OK, well then, as a fan of the graphic novel (or, as I prefer, comic book), I thought Snyder did an incredible job bringing it to life on the screen. Casting, action, sets, narrative, etc. were amazing. To the gn fans who did not like it, may I ask what you wanted that you didn't get besides the squid? What was it about the film that you thought was so bad? Snyder got just about everything in and in a stylistically appropriate way for an Alan Moore story. To others, comic fans or not-why did you so dislike it? The length (like TDN), unfamiliar characters (like Ripley, Luke S and Terminator once were), violence (right!), penis? Watchmen will eventually be considered one of the greatest superheroes movies, much like Blade Runner gained its reputation over time. For those of us that wanted chance-taking, adult superhero films--and I'm not talking about the way-overrated The Dark Knight--the mediocre box office for Watchmen put a nail in the coffin of those hopes. Bring on the Spideys-Gee, maybe Nick Fury will put in an appearance! I saw him in Iron Man, or was that Hulk? Oh goody, there's Captain America in the ice! You know, I love these characters too, but comic fans should have better supported WM. You're only cutting off your own noses to spite your faces. The current superhero cycle won't last long enough to get in all those Avengers movies you want.

zubzwank on Jul 16, 2009


Figures, I used to live 5 minutes away from the one in Minnesota. Like #19 said it is way outside the city. An odd choice really. I don't remember anything special about that theater.

Moviegimp on Jul 16, 2009


I never read the novel and honestly I fucking loved it, it was just mesmerizing, from beginning to end I was just sucked into the world and when it ended it was like snapping out of a dream. Not to mention the bonus of Snyder's awesome action directing style. I just don't understand how you couldn't be intrigued by the world that was created its like nothing Ive ever seen before. Cheers to Snyder hes def on my top list of directors after this. I wish they were showing it somewhere in the Midwest like say Colorado. Also I did hear about the ending/squid thing and honestly I wish he had chosen that one over the one they showed....think I might just read the novel and see how well Snyder did when it comes down to adaptation.

Cody on Jul 16, 2009


@ #29 thanks, will be getting the december copy aswell then 🙂 @ #26 it's out on dvd, bot the original and the director's cut. I've seen the tales of the black freighter and it was cool, Gerard Butler's is the voice of the captain. really dark, creepy story. when i read the novel, i skipped over this story, and tales under the hood aswell...wish i didn't.

JohnDoe on Jul 16, 2009


I can't imagine sitting through a longer version of terrible acting; I think Attack of the Clones had better acting and that is not saying much. The movie had so much promise, but they hired the wrong director. They needed a character director, not a action flick guy.

Dan on Jul 17, 2009


i want a five hour watchmen

john vanderslice on Jul 17, 2009


I just saw the Director's Cut tonight and it is a HUGE improvement. There really are a LOT of changes, both big and small, and all of those add up to a substantially better movie. I really thought it couldn't even get that much better, but it did. And the Hollis Mason death sequence is just phenomenal. I would say seek this out, but at least pick up the Blu-Ray next week which contains the Director's Cut!

Alex Billington on Jul 18, 2009


Director's Cut is on both DVD and Blu-Ray. I doubt the DVD contains the features like “Maximum Movie Mode” that are on the Blu-Ray. Check out on amazon to see what "Maximum Movie Mode" is all about: For an excellent review of the Watchmen Director's Cut Blu-Ray(REGION FREE) check out this site: or direct link: Now....we wait for the 'Ultimate Edition' or whatever they will call it, containing The Tales of the Black Freighter(pluss some more surprises?) cut into the movie. Out for X-mass. Gahhhh....

David Banner on Jul 19, 2009

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