Watchmen Director's Cut Will Be Back in Theaters in July?!

February 19, 2009
Source: VH1


This is a very big IF right now, but as long as everything goes incredibly well on March 6th, it may happen! The music gurus over at VH1 confirmed some quotes from Zack Snyder today about the Watchmen "director's cut," which runs around 3 hours and 10 minutes at the moment. "[It] comes out in July," Snyder told VH1, and it's "considerably more violent than this … and sexier." And apparently if Watchmen does well in March, the director's cut could get a theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York in July. Hot damn! If I were you, I'd make sure you're seeing Watchmen in a few weeks, because I want this happen!

Snyder also talks about the details on the DVD and Blu-Ray, which will be double-dipped with an initial release and a combined secondary release later in the fall, which will contain the Tales of the Black Freighter animated movie spliced into the live-action movie. But considering we're all about theatrical releases, this is very exciting news to hear. I'm kind of amazed that Zack got Warner Brothers to approve this, but if it ends up being as big of a hit as everyone is expecting, then why not? Plus, they need to make up some of their lost costs due to the deal they were forced to make with Fox in January. Make it happen!

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swisschez on Feb 19, 2009


more sexiness and violence is always appreciated.... i wonder how many DVD packages will be released before the directors cut w/black freighter will be released

Janny on Feb 19, 2009


sounds awesome

-Peter- on Feb 19, 2009


I'm SO there. .... and then I'm SO there AGAIN!

Jimbo Slims on Feb 19, 2009


Sounds good...for people in NY and LA. Are they aware that people also watch movies in other cities? Jeez... I'm looking forward to the director's cut, but I wish they could just release that cut the first time. I understand Warner's position, but it looks like the director's cut is only about 25 minutes longer. It doesn't make that much of a difference.

DinoChow on Feb 19, 2009


Fuck Yes! This is awesome. I can't wait to see both versions.

Bryan on Feb 19, 2009


They should release the director's cut on DVD the Tuesday after they release it in theaters if it's only going to be in LA and NY.

Zso on Feb 19, 2009


great to hear, but id like a directors cut to be playing a lot closer to home.

Al on Feb 19, 2009


So we get on the DVD - the theatrical release and the extended 3hour release - plus all the mini-webisodes, making-of docos and the animated movie. FUCK YEAH!

Trey on Feb 19, 2009


I just got a boner. Oh my!

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 19, 2009


there is a video interview with a critic who saw watchmen on . it is about how will watchmen do at the boxoffice. they say there is a possiblility that it might not do well. im not kidding, they actually have good reasons.

darrin on Feb 19, 2009


again, does money at the box office make it a great movie. Who fucking cares about how well it does.....

wm on Feb 19, 2009


Oh man, i cant wait to see the Directors Cut on Blu-Ray....ohhhhh man...

Nikhil Hariharan on Feb 19, 2009


I'll be there in NY if the directors cut comes out

Dan W on Feb 20, 2009


First let me just say I'm a big fan of Firstshowing. Here you can get a more common opion on movies, not just the 'film experts' who only likes artsy black and white movies where all the actors are long dead. But is there any way to get Firstshowing minus Watchmen, cause this is getting ridiculous. Before the movie I had never heard of the 'graphic novel' or any of its characters. Granted I had never heard of X-men before those movies, and I like the first two. But the clips I've been seeing from Watchmen doesn't account for this hype. I know. I know... Scrolling past these news can't be that hard right. But I've been doing so annoyingly for the past weeks, and today I've had enough. Some background info for those of you wondering if I was raised in a cave ('never heard of Watchmen or X-men!! crazy!!!!'): I'm not into comics and I live in Sweden, so the only superheroes I had heard of as a child were Batman, Superman and to a lesser extent Spiderman. Oh, and yeah, I didn't like 300 either so maybe I'm biased in the way I don't think Zack Snyder is a genius... Sorry for my rant, just had to get it out...

Robin on Feb 20, 2009


let the jizzbomb bedwetting commence... Fanboy implosion

Crapola on Feb 20, 2009


this is great news! sooo excited!

????? on Feb 20, 2009


I jus read the comic and found it super boring. Rather wait for wolverine which by the way looks kickass. I was first exposed to the char thanks to x3.then i saw x2 and xmen, which i found just ok,may be x3 raised the bar.well, watchmen not worth it

Boring on Feb 20, 2009


#18 you best be trolling with comments like X3 raised the bar......and watchmen not being worth it. And you were exposed to the character........because of X3 obviously you are not a comic book fan

Movieraider321 on Feb 20, 2009


Na who cares. The movie seems like a batman xmen ripoff. Rather watch twilight instead on dvd

Jewhunter on Feb 20, 2009


Hey, i found X3 Interesting. Atleast they had characters. Xmen 2 was fun. Xmen was super boring. The watchmen trailer was nice, but we have seen this kinda stuff before. Darkknight anyone.and why did they change from the yellow color costume for wolverin?

#19 on Feb 20, 2009


And oh i'm not a comic book fan?i know more about comics than you. I have seen spiderman all 3, superman returns, batman trilogy, alien vs predator, lordoftherings... Dude they are great comic book adaptations.

#19 on Feb 20, 2009


This guy is on crack or what. LOTR is a comic book adaptation ? WTF. And X3. Hope FOX is paying you well to say all these. God help us all:-)

Hydro on Feb 20, 2009


let's all fucking hope it's got that big fucking alien squid pod thing ending that would be fucking awesome,anyone know if bubastis features in it that would be so fucking cool, 2-3 weeks left can't fucking wait.

zetsu on Feb 20, 2009


Only NY and LA? How much money will that make? Extra $100,000 if that?!

Ryan on Feb 20, 2009


Cool article. Check out the article I just wrote up: Why Watchmen Is Doomed To Disappoint: Do you guys agree?

Jordan Raup on Feb 20, 2009


in July eh? sounds like a pull for Comic-Con

Otacon on Feb 20, 2009

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