Watchmen Director's Cut Will Hit Theaters on July 17th

June 24, 2009
Source: Collider


This isn't an official announcement (I don't know why Warner Brothers hasn't made one yet), but our good friend Frosty over at Collider talked with Zack Snyder himself today and got re-confirmation that the extended Director's Cut of Watchmen will indeed be officially hitting theaters on July 17th, the weekend before Comic-Con. He confirmed that it will only show for one weekend in one theater in only Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York City. So if you live in one of those four cities, you'll want to make sure you buy your tickets in advance for this re-release. I know I'm already planning to be there!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to see this movie again. Over the last few months I've been getting a nagging desire to see Watchmen again in theaters, maybe because over time I've started to think about it so much more. And thankfully not only will I have that opportunity, but I'll get to see the extended Director's Cut, which I'm genuinely excited to see. Zack said that they've made an extra poster to promote this re-release and will even be advertising it. As has been reported previously, there is at least an extra 25 minutes of footage, though I'm sure we'll get exact numbers closer to July 17th. See you in theaters!

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While I don't regret moving out of LA/CA, it's things like this that bite me in the ass.

Mark on Jun 24, 2009


Why even bother posting this? I mean I love the fact this is coming out, but it is nowhere near me! Ahhh!!!!! AS LONG as the directors cut is released with the D.V.D!

xerxex on Jun 24, 2009


why would they run it in theaters again? it was weak.

cat on Jun 24, 2009


I live in St. Paul (across the river from Minneapolis...) but I'm out of town!!! Poo! #2- Same; as long as it's buyable in 3 months I'm good.

Tom V on Jun 24, 2009


probably the best movie to hit all year people will respect this movie more when they get drek like Wolverine TS TF:ROTF Land Of The Lost Year One

nelson on Jun 24, 2009


I get LA, I get NYC, I get Dallas, but Minneapolis? Oh come on! Maybe Phoenix is too close to LA but it still deserves it more than some Minnesota city. Maybe part of it was based on numbers

Rorschach90 on Jun 24, 2009


the watchmen was my favorite film this year(better than wolverine & i enjoyed more than transformers 2)but i was hopeing that the directors cut would feature on the blu-ray disc.

zetsu on Jun 24, 2009


#7 - It will also be on the Blu-Ray as well... It's just getting a theatrical re-release one week (or so) before it comes out on DVD. Sort of as a way to build buzz and a last chance to see it in theaters once more.

Alex Billington on Jun 24, 2009


*Sigh* Poor me living in Canada. I guess I'll have to just wait for the Blu-Ray of the Direct'rs Cut on the 21st...

Andrew on Jun 24, 2009


What they don't know is that, out of the extra 25 minutes, 24 1/2 of them are just more scenes with Dr Manhattan's Mighty Blue Radioactive Dong on them.

Luis M on Jun 24, 2009


Always about the Dong!... Anyways, I'm real pumped about the Directors cut and just wish that they would rerelease it over here in the UK. I would love to know the individual box office numbers.

Marcus on Jun 24, 2009


Watchmen was one of the most weak movies made. The graphic novel was amazing and written to be unfilmable...leave it to someone as lame as Zack Snyder to "film the unfilmable." There was no real plot and it ranted on for three hours. Who in their right mind wants to watch MORE lame action sequences and even more lame sex scenes that had NOTHING to do with the plot (at least in the movie). I mean the rap scene and shooting the pregnant lady had nothing to do with story in the movie adaptation and it was over the top for people to watch. Terrible movie, 3hrs of life I can never get back.

one on Jun 24, 2009


# 12 why even comment? I respect your opinion, but so far everybody here loves Watchmen so why did you even comment, you wasted minutes of your life typing about something that makes you angry. Not very theraputic, to me.

Xerxex on Jun 24, 2009


I liked Watchmen but I felt it was a disappointment. That said, I'll have to reserve my true judgement until I see the full film with the director's cut. A lot of the film had to be taken out to reduce the runtime and I'm curious to see how different it is with all of the editted footage in place. The same can be said for Terminator Salvation, I'll wait for the director's cut before I fully judge the film.

SlashBeast on Jun 24, 2009


25 extra minutes? Bring the grand total time to 14 hours and 25 minutes. I'd see it again if the Directors cut took off 2 hours.

D on Jun 24, 2009


Didn't really enjoyed the film, while the novel I think is great, some casting is horrible compared to other (Matthew Goode vs. Jackie Earle Haley), some scenes were painful for me too watch, uninteresting, not coherent with anything else, CGI on Mars was lame, let me say mostly in design, not in execution, but the major let down for me was an almost complete lack of humor. Which I found in galore in the novel. In practically every cell there is wit that makes me laugh and/or think intensely. I was very disappointed with the movie.

Bo on Jun 24, 2009


that movie needs less footage not more SUCK!

DoomCanoe on Jun 24, 2009


...thats exactly what this movie needs.. longer runtime. *sighhhhh*

Meatcarnage on Jun 24, 2009


Sorry to ask this.... but why come in to this post and bitch. If you didn't like the film first time around, don't plan on seeing it in the extended format why would you even waste your time reading the Post. I thought the movie was great. It did it's best to capture a lot of the feel of the graphic novel and to say it had no humour... Did you not get the reference in the lobby where there was a musac version of "tears for fears" as Veidt walked through about to have the assassination attempt... Gold. It feels like to many people went in looking for a comic book movie with "WHAM" and "ZAPPP" in it.

BigoZ on Jun 24, 2009


This movie sucked balls. It was not great nor was it weak as I sound it out to be. Just a disappointment to most people. Only FANBOYs will give this movie the thumbs up. @5 Nelson You didnt mention "UP" or "Star Trek" the two highest averaged reviewed films of the year floating around 97-98ish% positive raiting for both. They blow Wtachmen out of the water, or I should say the Universe. They say this was not filmable. It was filmable, but not to a high standard that everyone expected. Hands down this is a fanboy praised movie.

Ken Masters on Jun 24, 2009


Quite possibly the worst movie of the year. Zack Snyder has quite a knack for taking an existing property, stripping it of any depth or meaning, adding gratuitous slow motion shots and throwing it front of an unsuspecting audience. Biggest piece of junk I've seen in a long time.

Eric on Jun 24, 2009


I swear why waste time writing a negative comment about a film you didn't like? It seems like a fucking waste of valuable time!

Oblong on Jun 24, 2009


at #21. Really? Biggest piece of junk in a long time? Dude, have you not been watching movies this year? There's been quite a few turds, and this at the very worst lands somewhere in the middle.

Alfredo on Jun 24, 2009


i will be there...NYC represent.

esophus on Jun 24, 2009


How i wish i was in LA.damn!

dexter on Jun 24, 2009


humm, i live near LA, maybe ill go watch it.

Dude on Jun 24, 2009


I guess the Blu-Ray will have to do... I guess I COULD head into the city but... even Watchmen isn't worth THAT much effort.

-Peter- on Jun 24, 2009


This movie is fucking amazing.

danielvutran on Jun 24, 2009


i comment on movies i hate to add some balance to the world. no rain no rainbow get it?

DoomCanoe on Jun 24, 2009


Why would they bother?? The film sucked.

d1rEct on Jun 24, 2009


29, did you just quote a god damn cell phone commercial? yes....yes you did. Anyway Watchmen was pretty good, I think if Snyder could sell a 5 hour film, it would be the exact graphic novel. What people unfamiliar with source material realize, is that added time gives us so much depth it becomes amazing. time is really needed for the story to get better.

Al on Jun 24, 2009


Is there a directors cut version of the film coming out on DVD here in the UK?

StevenP on Jun 25, 2009


Another reason I'm pissed I no longer live in L.A.. Miami gets no entertainment respect. Freaking banana Republic down here I swear. Anyhow when are we getting everything and the kitchen sink on Blu-Ray!? I want it all finalized with Black Freighter scenes inserted as the book on Blu already Zack!

Johnny Neat on Jun 25, 2009


A fantastic movie that I hope will get more respect as time goes by. It wasn't a perfect adaptation by any means, but did capture the tone of the GN extremely well. Too bad we don't have more intelligently crafted super hero films. Really, not much there other than Dark Knight. Everything else has been 'fun' but not especially thought-provoking.

Scott Reed on Jun 25, 2009


Holy shit I live in Minneapolis and this kind of stuff never happens! DEFINITELY going to see this again (saw it in the IMAX first time around). Hell yeah!

Tyler Hayes on Jun 25, 2009


@31 my father has told me that almost weekly since i was born. Its like his life motto. yes it was used in a recent cell phone commercial, but i thought ya know... maybe people will be a little smart and realize I'm quoting something as common as "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". yet... of course you only connect it to a recent TV add *sigh*. You're pretty good proof on the theory that Technology is making the general population of the world stupider.

DoomCanoe on Jun 25, 2009


Are you fucking serious? Worst movie ever! well at least this year. Were they doing blow when they decided it deserved a director's cut? Still waiting for Zack to top or at least equal 'Dawn of the Dead'.

Bob on Jun 28, 2009


First off, Why do people waste there time with all of the negative comments. Just because you could not intellectually understand the film doesn't make it bad. I was personally surprised that the re release is playing in Minneapolis. It is a large city but there are definitely larger ones. This on the other hand makes me very happy seeing as I live in the surrounding area. Also does anyone know the specifics of the theater version, like which theaters will have it, ticket prices, or where to buy tickets.

Quinn on Jun 29, 2009


Great Film I had never read the graphic novel when I saw the movie...but I still enjoyed the movie and ordered the graphic novel the day after the movies release. And loved the graphic novel 2. Im 2 hrs away from NY might go see it again. If not I will get the DVD Director's Cut I dont understand why the fuck people keep saying they dont like the film. We get it your all bunch of fucking impatient idiots that coulndt comprehend a goddam thing about the film. Stop posting comments about the film not being good. If you didn't like the film then you didn't like it. Stop BITCHING!

Ab on Jul 9, 2009


Once again, Canada is forgotten... I'll just wait for the DVD. Still one of the best I've ever seen, although paying for the IMAX screening was a bit of a rip.

Big Red Moose on Jul 12, 2009

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