Wes Craven Talks More Remakes, Including Shocker

February 19, 2009
Source: Arrow in the Head

Wes Craven

A few outlets caught up with Wes Craven recently at a showcase for the his upcoming remake of The Last House on the Left. Craven directed the original back in 1972 and opted for a redo after the studio's 30-year license expired. A similar situation arose with 2006's Hills Have Eyes, which was a solid trip back the 1977 original. It's yet to be seen if the latest remake of a Craven original - Dennis Iliadis is directing this time around - will perform at the same level of Hills, but the father of Freddy Krueger did talk with JoBlo's AITH about other horror remakes in the works, including Shocker and People Under the Stairs.

Craven's Shocker, a 1989 story about a serial killer who turns into electricity upon being put to death in prison, and People Under the Stairs, and a 1991 film surrounding nefarious parents who collect "perfect children" and stash them away in the basement, are up next. As Craven mentions, the idea to bring these stories to life once again is part based on contracts, but also a "why not" mentality. I can't say I disagree with him, but it's important to keep in mind that Craven most likely won't be directing any of these. So his related comment about finding "a talented director and people and see what happens" is critical.

Craven's last seat in the director's chair was with Red Eye in 2005 - an awesome film, by the way - and next will be with the original 25/8 due out later this year. As we mentioned before, 25/8 is more of a thriller than slasher wherein a new "signature villain" turns up 15 years after his execution to murder seven children born on that same night. I'm definitely looking forward to that one, and always enjoy hearing about projects in which Craven is involved, even if they are remakes. The Last House on the Left will be pretty telling, especially in terms of the ability to assemble a solid team for such second-attempts. Will they be good?

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I imagine that completed sentence is "Why not... make a bunch of money out of my old movies?!" If it's going to happen, you can't blame him for wanting to be the one to make sure they're done right and with respect paid to the originals.

Mathieu on Feb 19, 2009


could not agree more with you first point, Mathieu. it's another depressing incident of Hollywood disappearing with some velocity up its own backside. i remember Wes Craven. the originator of Freddy Kreuger and the The Hills Have Eyes, of The Last House on the Left and The People Under the Stairs. i'm confused. surely this is a different Wes Craven? after all, who would so mind-meltingly shallow as to remake all of his own films - as Producer - to rack in a load of cash? yeah, i know, Hollywood is all about the $$$s, baby. does he need a loft conversion that bad? still, nice to know he is still making some original films. and again in 5 years' time.

lumière on Feb 19, 2009


Honestly I didnt even read this article cause it said "more remakes" in it....guess its pointless posting too

Cody on Feb 19, 2009


WTF wes stop with all your crappy ass movies like scream and get back to the HILLS HAVE EYES!!!!!!! I CRAVE A 3RD ONE!!!!!

zach on Feb 19, 2009


Remaking, The People Under the Stairs? That was scary as it is.

The_Phantom on Feb 19, 2009


Shocker? Really? What's next, the Lawnmower Man? I hope its straight to DVD. Maybe Craven should quit worryin gabout remakes and figure out how to do Freddy VS Jason VS Ash. I realize that's been dead for many years, but these remakes suck balls.

UGH on Feb 20, 2009


I think it's safe to say that I don't think I"m the only one who is waiting with bated breath for the eventual remake of Vampire in Brooklyn.

Nick on Feb 20, 2009


Wes Craven movies like SHOCKER and DEADLY FRIEND for that matter, could use a good remake because the original ones SUCKED! But not PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS. That was a jewel the first time around. In fact, it was so good, that just talking about it? I'm going to watch it again tonight! Yeah! That's right! And you can't stop me, FOOL!

Feo Amante on Feb 20, 2009



Ryan on Feb 20, 2009



Ryan on Feb 20, 2009


PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! Well, not really, but it is such a gem that I want to watch it again right now. Funny, horrorific, and funny. I have higher hopes now for LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT seeing that they are having press screenings since horror movies usually don't.

Ryan on Feb 20, 2009


I think that they should remake deadly friend because i saw the original and i like the scene where sam walks into the grouchy old woman's house and throws the basketball at her and all of the "red stuff" starts flying everywhere and I think that Wes Craven is a "cinematic genius" when it comes to horror movies. Keep doing what you're doing Wes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew on Feb 13, 2010

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