Wesley Snipes and Abel Ferrera Will Play a Game of Death

October 7, 2009

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes might be the only actor to make the jump from vampire hunting to tax evasion.  While Snipes has certainly had his fair share of great performances, his spotlight gradually faded.  Let's face it, an actor has a real problem when there's an entire section on his Wikipedia page dedicated to "legal problems." But everyone loves a comeback, and Snipes is attempting to make the leap from straight-to-DVD releases back to theatrically released films as Variety reports he's teaming with director Abel Ferrera (who last worked with Snipes on the 1990 cult film King of New York) for the action-thriller Game of Death.

This particular game follows "a politician's bodyguard [Snipes] who must fend off five of the world's top assassins." Sounds like it would be more successful as a video game, but it'll probably have lots of good action. The script is the first to be produced from writer James Agnew and is currently shooting in Detroit.

Hopefully Wesley Snipes won't turn out to be box office poison for this flick, but the only success he's had in the past decade has been because of the Blade series which unfortunately (in my opinion) fizzled out with the third installment. The 90's were definitely Snipes' Golden Age as he had some great roles in films like White Men Can't Jump, U.S. Marshals and even some non-sensical action fun in Demolition Man. We'll see what he can bring to the table with this film. Personally, I just want to see him kill Robert Pattinson and the rest of those emo-sissy Twilight vampires (see this photo). Anyone in for a Wesley Snipes comeback?

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Sure. I enjoyed him in the under-rated Chaos and isn't Brooklyn's Finest meant to be rather brilliant? Also the Blade movies are kick-ass, so yeah I'm happy to see him make a comeback. I have to ask though, reading the plot out-line how can you not say this is a straight-to-dvd film? It screams straight-to-dvd from the rooftops!

Ben on Oct 7, 2009


Too bad he didn't get to be in The Expendables!!!

REAL6 on Oct 8, 2009


I wouldn't mind seeing him come back.

Sabes on Oct 8, 2009


Wesley Snipes does a good action movie. Hell, even a drama. And Yes Blade Trinity killed the blade series. But that aside, I still want him to entertain me. Welcome back, Wesley.

Ostilad on Oct 8, 2009


How come this article doesn't mention that this "new" Game of Death sounds like a remake of Bruce Lee's Game of Death? Five assassins... umm... the FIVE story pagoda that Bruce Lee ascends to fight FIVE different martial arts styles. I love me some Wesley though and hope he does indeed make a comeback.

Golgo 13 on Oct 8, 2009


The legal problems are highly overrated -- my impression has been that Snipes has kept a low profile over the last few years. Fact of the matter is, he's a talented actor and a VERY competent martial artist. Snipes can work pretty much whenever he pleases.

Devon Shaw on Oct 8, 2009


hold on is this a remake of Bruce Lee's Game of Death. U.S. Marshals was not that great of a movie im surprise i did not mention New Jack City or Passenger 57 or even To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar just kidding LMAO im glad Wesley Snipes is back i wish for Wesley Snipes and Michael Jai White do a movie together that would be epic.

tazz on Oct 8, 2009


welcome back snipes.... no one did mediocrity the way he did it (a compliment). there's to many epic fails out there nowadays.

Jordan on Oct 8, 2009


That was a sweet ass picture. Too bad he didn't have his blade out.

clippers350 on Oct 8, 2009


id love to see snipes on the screen again. i was just thinking the other day about what happened to this guy along with val kilmer. every week they have something new out at lackluster. i strongley agree with #3 on The Expendables

dan on Oct 8, 2009


"Sounds like it would be more successful as a video game...", that's hilarious! I just think he needs to take a step back and maybe do some comedies, like back in the day. Get people to like him again and then jump back into these action flicks.

Alexander Forza on Oct 8, 2009


HAHAHAHA, Exactly! Fuck those "emosissy Twilight Vampires" Wesley better murder them and their stupid ass Twilight franchise!

Tony on Oct 8, 2009


Reimagined version of Bruce Lee's Game Of Death?

SS on Oct 8, 2009


Ok so i rarely post anything up but one thing I think in regards to Wesley Snipes comeback is this: He is antiquated and b/c of that its not a good idea to all of the sudden try to make a comeback by starring in a movie or else ... it will go straight to DVD. I think he should start off by taking a back up role, for example ... he could be the villian and Travolta could be the good guy and if he does it right and correctly ... he could create a vuz and a little demand ... THEN i think he could star in a film. I'm not an expert but i think its just smart that after a long absence he should try to make a lil bit of a demand to a good scripted movie ... then deliver like the Wesley Snipes of old. I think its great that he's starting a comeback tho

Max on Oct 8, 2009


HAHAHA i been sayin that same thing about twilight and blade to my sisters since the movie came out.

JOE on Oct 8, 2009


Hell yeah! its about time!

Ray on Oct 9, 2009


Yes !! JOE you right !

Taken on Oct 11, 2009


"Always bet on black" Welcome back Wesley!

nktwrk on Oct 11, 2009


that's what am talking abt ! welcome bac Wesley !

gk on Nov 8, 2009

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