What are the Most Demand Sequels for Movies from 2009?

December 23, 2009

The Hangover

I just received an email from with some interesting data that's worth sharing with all of you solely for the sake of discussion. They recently polled over 32,000 people who were purchasing tickets on the website and asked them: "which movie without an existing film franchise they'd like to see turned into a sequel." Essentially, they were asked what movie from 2009 do they want to a sequel for the most. I don't know what all the choices were, but the results will probably shock you. Then again, I have a feeling this is the demographic that sites like this cater to, so maybe it's not so surprising after all. Take a look.

Which 2009 non-franchise film do you most want to see a sequel for?
1. The Hangover (37%)
2. District 9 (27%)
3. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (21%)
4. Watchmen (8%)
5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (7%)

Part of the reason for this list being so weird is that they were only asking about movies that were not part of a franchise beforehand, which cuts out a lot of good movies. However, this list is still atrocious. As much as I loved Watchmen, you have to be an idiot to miss the fact that the movie can't really have a sequel (nor would Zack Snyder let them anyway). And I liked The Hangover, but I'm not that excited for its sequel. We know that Warner Brothers is developing a sequel to The Hangover, so the 12,000 people who voted for it will be happy very soon. But what about Inglourious Basterds? What sequels do you want to see the most?

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Paul Blart Mall cop? seriously??!!

monal on Dec 23, 2009


who the hell voted for a watchmen sequel? if that is ever made it is a big fuck you to alan moore and fans of the graphical novel

Janny on Dec 23, 2009


Sherlock holmes!

theshatz on Dec 23, 2009


Between all those choices, I think I would much rather want to see a sequel for District 9 before The Hangover. I mean, what explanation would they have for being hungover and not remembering again?!?

Mel on Dec 23, 2009


EWW paul blart? ridiculous.

giraffic on Dec 23, 2009


Even though I don't necessarily need a sequel for this, District 9 would have to be my top non-franchise film this year that I'd want a sequel to. And you're right, this list is just weird.

Dan Geer on Dec 23, 2009


Definitely The Hangover and District 9!!! WTF is Paul Blart doing on that list???

Ales on Dec 23, 2009


Well I don't think anyone voted for Inglorious Basterds because (spoiler) the war ended when Hitler and all of them died so people were thinking it's over. And I don't know if a prequel can be considered a sequel can it?

Dan W on Dec 23, 2009


Star Trek??!!! WTF

Adam on Dec 23, 2009



Tyn on Dec 23, 2009


I really don't understand the aversion to a Hangover sequel. Why do people assume that the people have to be hungover again? Why can't we have a movie with the same four characters in a new situation? That's like saying that you could never make an American Pie 2 because they already lost their virginity (bad example but I hope it helps prove my point)

Buzz on Dec 23, 2009


I would personally like to see a sequel to District 9, and also believe it or not, GI Joe. The D9 sequel is self-explanatory, while the GI Joe film to me was simply what it was supposed to be; cheesy, fun action. I'd love to see a second one with Cobra Commander actually doing something besides getting caught. 😉

case on Dec 23, 2009


I agree with Janny on this one. A sequel to Watchmen would ruin what Watchmen is all about. Its not meant to have a sequel, but of course the movie industry loves to ruin a good thing and squeeze out what money they can dont they? And a second G.I Joe is absurd. That movie needs a reboot and someone that actually played with G.I Joes as a kid.

Johnny Crow on Dec 23, 2009


year one kidding, but maybe. the list is terrible, hangover yea, but gi joe? paul blart? god no. havnt seen district 9 yet, probably sometime next week. wouldnt mind an avatar sequel, not sure where they could go with it but im sure james cameron could think of somethin... and star trek is part of a franchise bud

harrison on Dec 23, 2009


forgot to say zombieland

harrison on Dec 23, 2009


District 9, they left us hanging a little bit and it honestly cannot end like it did. And then the hangover...awesome movie. other than that I am not really interested

Nuika on Dec 23, 2009


Please no prequels! They all suck. All of the suspense is gone. I want to see what happens next...

Trip on Dec 23, 2009


A sequel to District 9 would be great. And there has to be an Avatar sequel. #9 - Star Trek is a franchise film. It is disqualified from voting.

EJP on Dec 23, 2009


Avatar! Damn it! Everybody speculates about the sequel...but no....Paul Blart:Mall Cop literally has more people thinking about a sequel for it than Avatar has....ok.

JPCaetano on Dec 23, 2009


star trek, avatar, district 9, better terminator, No sequels for transformers and wolverine please!

chad on Dec 23, 2009


1. Avatar (more awesome creatures, beutiful scenery) 2. Ninja Assassion (more blood, awesome fight scenes, more ninjas) 3. G.I. Joe (with a better script and director, more Snake Eyes) 4. Transformers (better story, less robots, more but less clothed Megan Fox) 5. Hangover (will they get drunk again?) 6. District 9 (come back to earth, save that guy) 7. Twilight (everyone dies)

Ronald on Dec 23, 2009


Dear God, enough of "The Hangover"! That film and concept were both mediocre at best. Even if you loved it, just think about it for a second. It'll just be the same thing all over again. But in a different city (or country). Why not just leave well enough alone. Of that list, only "District 9" and "Watchmen" could have a sequel or prequel that could possibly work. But add to that list, another "Star Trek" or two (like a few have mentioned here), another "Zombieland" (which has been greenlighted) and of course, more "X-Men" films!

Film Fan on Dec 23, 2009


#22... I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with almost everything you just said. For one, The hangover is already set up for a sequel in the context of the first one... its obvious, Phil and Allan go back to Vegas to try and take down the first casino they see, while Stew tries to get back with his stripper wife, along with other things they had forgotten about in their first night in Vegas coming into play. Second... please... PLEASE stop mentioning any form of sequel/prequel to "Watchmen"... its just not fair to try and have this idea become a reality. Anyone creating controversy over the idea is just showing Warner Brothers and other companies that some interest still exists and they may start something... PLEASE STOP. Pay attention to the message of the story and stop naively branding Watchmen as a franchise movie.. its just not made for that. I agree on "District 9"... a happy ending is much needed for the main character. I also agree on "Zombieland"... they need to show somehow that the characters will survive, or show them die... either way, I believe a conclusion should be presented instead of an ominous future. Two "X-men" films are in the works, as well as at least two "Star Trek"'s, I think this list was for less obvious sequel possibilities though.

Ravek016 on Dec 23, 2009


this is subjective, but sequels i'd want are: star trek (new timeline has potential for great, new stories) zombieland (does killing zombies EVER get old?) terminator movie (just focus on the actual war with the machines - that part of salvation was awesome) trick r treat (i'm not sure it came out in 2009- but i want another one with all new stories) district 9

beavis on Dec 23, 2009


GI Joe and Paul Blart shock me.

JimD on Dec 23, 2009


Sequel to Iron Man. Prequel to Inglorious Basterds. Sequel to GI Joe...yeah it was crap...that's why I'm hoping they can pull a 'Star Trek 2' out of it: and if it fails...maybe Fox will go out of business...hehehe...either way I'd win.

tyrascilee on Dec 23, 2009


hmm let me see, of all the films in this list the ones you should not touch are: The Hangover The Watchmen those two should definietely be let alone...they are perfect as they ended. there is no open door for a sequel...PLEASEEE NOOOOOOOOOO but the following two can have sequels. District 9 has hinted a sequel( and it was a very good movie all on its own), district 10 and would be not bad to explore more on to the aliens homeworld, to gt more insight and maybe a third movie to free the aliens on earth but sequels have also very high chance of messing up the beauty of the origin. GI Joe has written a seqyel to its name 😀 and they will definetely do it. but they gotta pay more respect to the orignal tv cartoon and try to keep it more close to the source. it will be more succesfull. cheers and happy new year everyone 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 24, 2009


Zombieland sequel, please!

SowYau on Dec 24, 2009


I actually wouldn't mind a sequel to "The Princess and the Frog," provided that it would be at least on the same level as "Aladdin and the King of Thieves." That's one of the few good Disney sequels. Ideally, a "Princess" sequel would be on the level of "The Rescuers Down Under" or "Toy Story 2." I think the "Princess" characters are too good to not see again.

James on Dec 24, 2009


The only movie on that list I want to see a sequel to is District 9 because the ending left it open for a District 10. Watchmen should never get a sequel. I love the movie but as was stated it would be a huge middle finger to anyone who calls themselves a fan of the graphic novel (which is the majority of the movie's fan base judging by how badly it dropped off the charts after the first weekend). Another movie that should never see a sequel that was mentioned is Avatar. The movie was amazing and absolutely spectacular. It is unlike anything I've ever seen before. And for that reason I don't want a sequel. Remember what happened to The Matrix? The first movie was amazing as well...then the following two movies tarnished it. If a sequel of Avatar was made, I feel it would do the same thing. Leave Avatar a standalone movie. Not to mention the story of Avatar is very much over when the credits roll...

Elgo on Dec 24, 2009


#30, yes, the Matrix had it rough, but remember Star Wars.... would you be upset about the original trilogy being made?

Ravek016 on Dec 24, 2009


#31: Star Wars is a good trilogy but its end was not all wrapped up. Darth Vader had spun out into oblivion. He wasn't dead. There was something left unresolved, which leads to Empire Strikes Back (which IMO is the best of the trilogy) . I don't see where the story of Avatar can go next. Only thing I can see is a return of the company in another attempt to obtain Unobtainium which to me is a complete cop out. One that won't put me in the seat for a second Avatar.

Elgo on Dec 24, 2009


Wow. Without any crazed speculation or hardcore analyzing, I'll just say sequels are very hard to do... right, that is. And if anything, I think District 9 is the only one that could be done correct. Come on. I KNOW the Hangover is funny. I know. But WHY make a sequel?? Are we THAT desperate for laughs that we want the same crew, same actors and more story to make us laugh... the American raunch-comedy addicts who have found a sure-thing and are afraid to let it go? What a really, really dumb thing a Hangover sequel would be. Money. Fuck.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 24, 2009


yes pls let's leave the Smurfs as a one time shot, NEXT! regarding Hangover, please it's a classic all to itself.....leave it alone as well

blue & orange ny on Dec 24, 2009


I got a horrible Idea for a sequel!!...Inglorious Basterds two ...the bastards hunt down nazi war criminals...and find and kill dr mengele hahhhahahah

Aaron on Dec 24, 2009


District 9 & Zombieland both have places to go, stories still to be told, i might add Avatar to the list but i've not seen it yet

el on Dec 24, 2009


uhhhh D9 is the only thing that belongs up there wtf.

Cody on Dec 24, 2009


For those saying that Avatar won't have a sequel, you are insane. It is making a shitload of money, and Cameron has said that he has ideas for sequels. Why establish an enormous planet with so many moons, exotic animals, plants, and language for one movie. He spent over a decade on this idea. There WILL be more.

Roronoa3000 on Dec 24, 2009


Bring on District 10 maybe Hangover 2 just maybe it has to top off the 1st if it does get done. Avatar should be left as is. The other ones are just plain nonsense. If anything I'd like to see another Batman movie, but seems kinda out done since the Joker lives and unfortunately Heath is gone :(.

Madnezz344 on Dec 25, 2009


ok i see that the opinions have branched out to other films that are not on this list and out off those: I kinda have mixed feelings regarding to an Avatar sequel. Cameron has stated he has ideas so its likely to come true. but IMO we should definetely see the prequel, the earth in need of other sources, their first meeting with the Pandora and its inhabitants Na'vi. how humans tried to commerce, trade, educate get in touch with the natives, their discovery of the mineral cores etc. form the basis of the relation more deeply only to hit us in the third film with the all out war between species. turn it to something else than the classic Pocahantas story. maybe then it could be ok. even if its not will i see a sequel hell yes 😀 the visuals alone would be enough pay off 😀 Inglorious Basterds please guys whats the point two have a sequel... its like asking for a sequel to Pulp Fiction... each story can be extended for a sequel but some should be left alone and i believe I.B. is one of those Zombieland was a nice one, funny as hell especially Bill Murray's death was hilarious 😀 i can live with a just as good sequel. But i would prefer rewatching Shaun of the dead wich was a better zombie flick than most out there and was more funny than comedies 😀 The Matrix has done what Avatar did last friday 10+ years ago 😀 it was fabolous fantastic. the sequels were not as strong as the first, they had their moments but couldnot live up to the name The Matrix that much. The Animatrix was waayyy better than two sequels summed. Star Trek. They have realunched the previous merchandise and in a very solid way, and destined to have sequles. but they have a hard one to beat even for Star Trek 😀 if done in the same tradition of the recent ST i can live with it and even more, enjoy it. But than again we can only name just a few sequels better than the firsts if not equally good. (T2, Aliens, X2, Spiderman 2, Star wars Empire Strikes Back (btw is by far the best of the 6 :D) to name a few etc ) oh one last could you see an open door for a sequel for Wathcmen 😀 the only thing that could be done under that name is to shoot a Live Action "Tales of The Black Freighter" 😀 and which they shouldnt 😀 the list may go on for pages, and i dont want to take more of your time for my petty pennies for thoughts 😛 and i gotta work some is the other reason behind my leave 😛 cheers guys may the new year grant us with tons of good hours of good screenings 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 25, 2009


Can people please explain the hate for Paul Blart? I thought it was refreshing to see some comedy that wasn't entirely based around sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Aaron on Dec 25, 2009


Watchmen DICK-riders should eat shit. Ill cum in their mouth, fucking loser fanboys.

Movietweeter on Dec 25, 2009


District 9 Avatar

rotorman on Dec 26, 2009


Apart from District 9 (Haven't seen it yet) making a sequel for The Hangover would ruin the originals reputation, Watchment sequel would be another waste of time and money, Paul Blart (seriously?) oh and GI Joe? well I guess Dennis Qaiud needs work.

d1rEct on Dec 27, 2009


I'd love sequels to Zombieland and Transformers. I don't see how there could be a sequel to Watchmen..

David on Dec 30, 2009



not lil' wayne on Jan 1, 2010



slim shady on Jan 1, 2010

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