What Should John Woo Direct Next: Marco Polo or Le Samourai?

October 7, 2009
Source: Movieline

John Woo

I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of Chinese filmmaker John Woo. I've written about my disdain for him many times before, but I'm starting to warm up to him again with every poster and trailer I see for Red Cliff. Earlier this week, Quentin Tarantino revealed that he's got a few projects on his slate to choose from. Much like Tarantino, John Woo has a few projects to choose from as well. Movieline recently interviewed the director (for Red Cliff's US release) and discovered that he's got another ancient epic about Marco Polo in the works as well as a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai. So which one should he direct next?

"I still have two projects that I like very much," Woo said. "One is trying to remake a French classic called Le Samouraï." That news may surprise Woo fans, since the director already mounted a near-remake of Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1967 crime drama with his Chow Yun-Fat starrer The Killer. However, twenty years have passed since the release of The Killer, and as Woo explained, "I want to make it into a modern film."

As for the second project, it has something in common with Red Cliff, said Woo. "The other is also a historical period film: Marco Polo." He laughed as he revealed that while the ancient Chinese story of the Battle of Red Cliff has long dominated his thoughts, he’s been just as interested in the tales of explorer Marco Polo and his relationship with Kublai Khan. "It's one of my favorite stories," he said.

So which of those two projects would you want to see Woo direct next? Let's not forget that a few years back he decided to up and leave Hollywood and move back to China, to continue making movies there for a few years (out of the studio system). Earlier this year he mentioned he had a "Romeo and Juliet love story" in the works; then he got attached to Flying Tiger Heroes back in July. And he's got that Hard Boiled prequel that's been talked about, although he already said he's not directing that one. So, really, Woo has a lot to choose from, even though he only mentioned two projects to Movieline. Which would you want to see?

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marco polo story would be interesting but I'm not sure the story necessarily fits John Woo's style of film making

monal on Oct 7, 2009


he needs to get chow yun fat and do hardboiled 2

lego on Oct 7, 2009


Le Samourai did what the Coen Brothers completely failed at with Old Country. Create and interesting story and keep it entertaining even though barely anything at all is happening. I doubt John Woo can do that. If he spices it up and adds more action like he typically does, it could have a chance. But I don't think he could pull it off if it keeps the same slow speed.

D on Oct 7, 2009


Rainbow Six

William on Oct 8, 2009


Good call lego, Hard Boiled 2 should be his next movie. Give me another shot of Tequila! Alex how can you not like his early work like Bullet in the Head or The Killer? His movies inspired a host of film makers from Tony Scott to Quniten Tarantino.

Android on Oct 8, 2009



Ramez on Oct 8, 2009


Le Samourai would be a great movie for Woo to modernize! (although it is somewhat close to the killer in some SLIGHT sense, but not enough to being the same movie). Marco Polo could also be interesting but not as action packed (Woos charm) or creative as Samourai... I for one am glad he got out of here (USA), his movies suffered much since arriving and I would be glad to see him return to his form with his continually developing skill. PS Bullet in the head, The Killer, Hard Boiled, ALL movies that inspired american action cinema from the 90's and on!!! (look at "True Lies" "Natural Born Killers" "True Romance" - ALL came out after the popularity of Hong Kong cinema was blowing up, NONE Of those movies would exist as is without the influence of Woo!)

Lando on Oct 9, 2009


Maybe he can make a female version of Le Samourai with Michelle Yeoh.

Sun on Oct 12, 2009

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