Who Else is in Scott Pilgrim? Could it be Jason Schwartzman?

February 18, 2009
Source: MySpace blog

Who Else is in Scott Pilgrim? Could it be Jason Schwartzman?

We've been running Edgar Wright's behind-the-scenes photos from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for a few weeks now. And before that we ran numerous article on casting for just about everyone who is in the movie, including all of the seven evil ex-boyfriends. Or so we thought! One of them was never identified, that one being the evilest ultimate seventh ex-boyfriend, the toughest one that Scott must defeat in order to date Ramona V. Flowers. It slipped out last week that Jason Schwartzman might be that ex, but it wasn't confirmed. Well, this latest photo, with a big question mark, pretty much puts confirms that rumor.

Thanks to everyone who first pointed this photo out to us. Take a good look and see if you can figure out who that might be hiding behind the curtains in the photo below. Is it you, Schwartzman?!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I hate to jump to conclusions based off of a photo like that, but it really does look a lot like Jason Schwartzman. This comes from Edgar Wright's official MySpace blog where he's been doing some fun photoblogging for the last few weeks. As for Schwartzman, he's playing the evil ex-boyfriend known as Gideon Gordon Graves, who made such a great impression on Ramona, that she can get rid of him. Leave it to Scott Pilgrim to save the day! Or at least, kick him out of the way! If this indeed Schwartzman, then hell, I'm even more excited for this than I was before. Wait, is that even possible? Screw it, who cares!

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this is off the subject, but does anybody else think Schwartzman would be a great Keith Moon if they ever did a bio pic?

wm on Feb 18, 2009


Does anyone else think that all the villians are like 10 years older then Michael and Mary's characters? Now, I never read the comics but were they alot older in there?

The_Phantom on Feb 18, 2009


Phantom, I've noticed the exact same thing. Why are the Exes so OLD looking? Cera and Winstead look like teenagers and Schwartzman and Routh look like 30 yr old statutory rapists. WTF? To top it off, all of the actors playing friend roles to the leads also look like teenagers. It is only the Exes that look so old.

Katie on Feb 18, 2009


Yes Schwartzman was rumored to be in the Keith Moon biopic, but Mike Myers is doing Moon. It's been in production for what seems like 5 years though, it can't be very good once it comes out. To stay on topic, I can't really get excited about this movie until I see a trailer. I would like to see Michael Cera and Schwartzman share some awkward scenes, though.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 18, 2009


You guys skipped the Chris Evans pic.

Fuelbot on Feb 18, 2009


Indeed we did Fuelbot... And oddly enough, I actually like Chris Evans now... Just thought it wasn't worth mentioning. Wasn't going to post anymore, but then THIS popped up! 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 18, 2009


The eyebrow says it all! It has to be Schwartzman. Him, or Davy Jones from the Monkees.

Rosy on Feb 19, 2009


Actually I noticed when Chris Evans was in play for this part was when I started wondering. I know actors can act ten years younger- or more, with make up and everything but it just seems odd picking all the evil-ex's to be alot older/mature then the main characters. That's why I was wonderin cause I never read the comics, just to make sure.

The_Phantom on Feb 19, 2009


That is Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS). He is part of of the movie too.

Cinerd on Feb 19, 2009


It's Eric Bana hiding behind the question mark...that's my best guess. Though I'd like to see Schwartzman too.

peloquin on Feb 19, 2009


Ed Asner. The hairy knuckles give it away.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 19, 2009


he looks like Jim Sturgess a little, though I don't think he has such thick eyebrows and hairy arms... but as #9 points, it could be Brandon Routh...

F.C. on Feb 20, 2009


but Jason Schwartzman looks just like Keith Moon and he drums too, why wont Jason do it?

JohnBoy on Jul 5, 2009

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