Why Jean Claude Van Damme Won't Be in The Expendables

February 9, 2009
Source: Total Film

Jean Claude Van Damme

We already know who's starring in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables - Sly himself, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Mickey Rourke. It's essentially a who's who of cinematic badasses, give or take a few people, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jean Claude Van Damme (or even Chuck Norris). Arnold is no longer shooting films because he's the Governator, but we know that JCVD has been making a comeback, this year in particular. So why isn't he in this, too? Well guess what, JCVD was actually offered a role from Stallone, but he declined. Why, you ask? Thanks to Total Film, we know the real answer.

Van Damme claims that Stallone was just interested in pitching money and action, not story. We've heard that The Expendables will have a lot of action, but as for story, at this point, who cares if it doesn't have an Oscar worthy story? "Stallone gave me a part in his next movie," JCVD told Total Film. "But I ask him about the subject, about the story. He said, 'You're gonna make lots of money.' I don't want to hear that, I want to hear what was my character. He was unable to tell what it's going to be. [Stallone said:] 'You know, uh, well, the fighting will be good.' [So I said:] 'Sly, what is my character?' So I didn’t do the movie."

I gained a lot of respect for Van Damme after watching JCVD last year. It's not a great movie, but I respect him for telling his life story and expressing it in that way. But now I've lost some respect with this. Of course story is very important, but it seems like it was good enough to get all of those other names attached. However, I think JCVD has moved on from doing action movies and now wants something more. It would've been great to see him return for something like this, and I would've gained even more respect to see him do it, but oh well, it's got one hell of a cast anyway even without him. Was JCVD right in his claim?

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I think he was absolutely right in his claim. Way to hold on to the one thing that truly matters in films Jean Claude. Story. I love his answer. He's right. It's not about money and action scenes. It's about the story and the characters. I'm glad he didn't accept like most hacks would. I gained more respect for JCVD after reading this, and lost some for Sly. Too bad.

Steven on Feb 9, 2009


Yeah man, I agree with Steven that i do respect him much more and loss some for sly the only thing that makes me wonder is, then why did JCVD do all of those straight to DVD movies, did those movies have much story to them???

Dave! on Feb 9, 2009


if anything, i have gained more respect for JCVD for not taking this. he shouldnt bother with doing any more crap.

zach s on Feb 9, 2009


ok this coming from a guy who does straight to video movies, this sounds like a big movie that is gonna kick ass! so i think he made a mistake. with him in it and some other guys like arnold and chuck, this movie could be epic!!!!

Lou on Feb 9, 2009


I have to agree, I don't see how you could possibly lose respect for the guy setting himself the simple bar of caring about the roles he's going to take.

Chris on Feb 9, 2009


I agree with you both (Steven and Dave!), yet to divulge on the topic "why did he do all the straight to DVD movie" I believe he has reached a point in career in life where life experience has taught him that money and fame never brought his the amount of happiness he craved. It is obvious as he reflected on his life that he found what was special, which was his love for acting true acting which does require a great story line and character. Instead of just jumping at dollar sign he's stayed true to himself and that requires a great deal of respect! Sorry Sly!

Lizbeth on Feb 9, 2009


#6 said it very well. If this was 5 years ago JCVD would have done this probably. But i have to admit that sly could have pitched the story a little bit better.

Buttons on Feb 9, 2009


this is stupid. obviously JCVD will gain even more respect by doing this.

Trystan on Feb 9, 2009


To kick ass or not to kick ass, that is the question. Whether 'tis better to shuffle off these mortal spoils, in search of character and redemption... Alas...Sly. Not I, Van Damme..... Adieu.

TheClapper on Feb 9, 2009


It would be cool to see Van Damme in the movie... But its his choice. Too bad he didn't think like this before signing on for 'Replicant'... Anyone else see that trash?

nate on Feb 9, 2009


1 and 2 are you freaking serious?!! this guy does poop his whole life and than supposedly turns down a role that could get him more jobs and money and he is respectful now? what the crap. He should have taken it and not act like he is this respected actor who only takes roles that are full of character and story. Movies can still be about just action and money I mean it is entertainment after all without meaning the people who make them are sell outs or dont respect the art aspect of film why not do both. I mean after all look at Clint Eastwood. Wow seriously he is probably losing sleep knowing he turned down a good thing.

Unseen on Feb 9, 2009


It's not that he's moved on from action it's that he doesn't want to do paycheck garbage anymore. How can you lose respect for someone who actually CARES about his character and not just making a ton of money? If anything I've gained a ton of respect for him from this.

Fuelbot on Feb 9, 2009


Truthfully I mean don't get me wrong I am a BIG fan of JCVD and Sly there awesome there both friends and Sly was trying to help him out I doubt Sly said it just like that I am sure theres more to it but I think what really made JCVD not take the role is because he wouldn't be the main star he ALWAYS has to be the star of the movie and theres to many big names in this movie for him to want to do that role. He is also a fool because he has been wanting to become an A list actor again and this movie would of brought him back and he could get whatever roles he wanted now he is going to have to stick to the straight DVD and or make his own films. I really hope he changes his mind and he ends up joining the cast cause it will be epic if he did!

MajinKrillin on Feb 9, 2009


Here's the thing guys - any OTHER movie, I might've said, sure, good for him for skipping on crap. But really, this does NOT look bad! I know people who have read the script and even said it was good! Maybe JCVD's character was not really that fleshed out, but I've heard that this will be good. Look at the rest of the cast - they joined knowing it would be good, too! Come on?!

Alex Billington on Feb 9, 2009


Oh this will be crap. Good action, but solid crap. Alex, you really lack a comprehension on what good is don't you? Are you 14 or something? Anyhow, I never had respect and still don't for Van Damme and anyone that uses "JCVD" He wants to act like he suddenly is going to be some great actor with Oscar roles. That is his goals and good for him but he should probably go get some lessons first. Either take the fun stuff or give it up. That's What Samuel L. Jackson has done. He does what he wants that he knows will be fun. Money and Oscars don't matter. This probably would be a fun set to be on with all those guys. Van Damme is just gotten pathetic.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 9, 2009


Hey Alex, I don't think it was that his character wasn't fleshed out. From that article it sounds like he asked about the character and Stallone was just like "MONEY! ACTION!" And to be fair everyone in that movie, except Statham and Rourke (since Wrestler) are dead celebrities box office wise. I don't want to see a film for nostalgia sake to see old ass action stars kicking ass. Okay, I do. But I want it to be GOOD. You can't hate JCVD for wanting that too.

Fuelbot on Feb 9, 2009


No I know, I said his character WASN'T, but the rest of the characters probably were... Or were enough for the other people to join. If it was JUST JCVD turning down this role, I'd say sure, but come on, there are a LOT of other big names in this! Do all of you hate Stallone and Statham and Li and Lundgren and Rourke and Whitaker because they DID join this?? Of course not!

Alex Billington on Feb 9, 2009


Seriously though with that cast I am looking forward to seeing an action movie more especially after seeing the last half hour of the latest Rambo. Which is what I am hoping the action will be like X10

Cody on Feb 9, 2009


I've always been a huge fan of Van Damme's and of course, Sly's, but I believe that there is more to this story than what we've already read. There are points all around that can easily sway judgment either way, but there is ultimately a big reason why JCVD turned the role down. Perhaps, he's matured to a point where his latest flick, "JCVD" was his turning point to delivering better quality flicks. But then again, "The Expendables" saga is a who's who of massive egos assembled and maybe the flick was already saturated with too many badasses to share the screen with. Having said that, I still believe that we will see Van Damme in the big screen again in a major action flick soon. I can see it. In the mean time, I won't speculate any more into this. I'll just stay tuned and see what happens. 🙂

Spider on Feb 9, 2009


Alex, you're getting way too worked up. I doubt JCVD really passed this up. There's something missing in the story. I'm sure it's more complicated then this.

Quanah on Feb 9, 2009


lett us make one thing clear:jcvd can't act and he never could! He is a lifesize actionfigure with to maney pretentions and he made a mistake to turn Stallone's offer down! Maybe is playing king lear good enough for jcvd?

avi on Feb 9, 2009


Van Damme definitley made one huge mistake turning this roll down... so what if it doesnt have charactor, people would pay to see it just to see all the oldies/big names get together and kick some a$$. There is no-way JCVD will gain popularity with the movies he's been dishing out. I bet he will regret it.

Sammy on Feb 10, 2009


How can you not respect the guy for this move? He has done ALL the best action movies at his time, so why continue? He needs to do whats going to make him happy and for once, he is heading into a path where real acting is required. The guy is getting up there in age and can't do what he used to. Besides Stallone sucks and so did Rambo. The guy is a horrible director, and I am sure its going to suck. I do hope the best for JCVD and I hope to see him in good future projects.

Barnaby Barrilla on Feb 10, 2009


Why is everyone assuming the reliability of JCVD's story? Stallone wrote Rocky and co-wrote Rambo (yes I know David Morrell came up with the original character) so why are we suddenly assuming that he has no talent for writing and that JCVD can claim the 'integrity' highground. In reality JCVD probably wasn't offered as much money as he would want, or thinks he's worth.

Payne by name on Feb 10, 2009


Hmm interesting, given that most of JCVD's films from the last decade have next ro no character development! Sounds like he made a BIG mistake - this could have rescued his career in the US.

dom on Feb 10, 2009


Firstly, there are always two sides of the story and Stallone did wrote some good scripts before so there is surely some other things that made JCVD decline the offer. However Sly has not written anything good since the original Rambo and Rocky so JCVD explanation could be true Secondly,to the jackasses disliking JCVD for turning down the role because of the reasons he clams. Get a grip. A guy tries to take the high road for once in his movie carrear and immediately he gets shit for doing that. You want to see lotsa boom, people breaking down, etc go watch Crank, Rambo 5 or whatever. Dont flame a guy not to star in yet another explosionfest. Not saying those a crap flicks (well they are but still entertaining).

Shige on Feb 10, 2009


#26. JCVD's explanation could be true but as you say there are two sides so there is an equal chance it is not.

Payne by name on Feb 10, 2009


Sounds like JCVDs ego didn't like the idea of such shared screen time. This movie will be nothing more than an action version of Oceans 11. Stallone is too old to do anything other than hold a gun, Jet-Li doesn't do martial arts roles any longer and Jason Staham is good for a few lines and lots of posing, throwing in some muted dialogue with Mickey "I still need a good paycheck" Rourke and its complete.

expecting more on Feb 10, 2009


I totally respect JCVD for this. You know, he made a shitload of money from his home video stuff over the years so now he CAN decline a part if he thinks it´s not good, he doesn´t need the money, if he wants to do more intelligent movies, than it´s totally understandable and worth admiring. Actually I LOST a lot of respect for Sly, I don´t blame him for wanting to make lots of money, but dude, was that a way to tell that?? he practically said "f*ck the story, this is all about money" and this is just terrible, we go to movies, we become fans of these profesionals because we think they´re doing well their work because they love what they do, when in fact is all about having a good life no matter how and he just happens to be in movie business and that´s where he found the golden mine. Just sad.

felipe on Feb 10, 2009


Oh yes, even though I realllllly wanted van damme to be in this, I also respect him for what he said, as story is going to be the main aspect of this movie. Imagine going to the cinemas and watching some BS action for no reason what so ever and coming out and thinking y the Fu*k did I waist my ££$$ for this crap. I know Sly could direct, but story will keep the fans on board. The ratings will be like 4-6 or worse, if it hasnt got strong story line. Agreed with #29 and many others backing JCVD. I wonder if Sly will approach Steven Seagal?

Fearl3ss on Feb 10, 2009


Bull Sh*t , JC always worked for money ! there is rumors of making Universal Soldiers 3 too with Dolph and they will shoot it in Bulgaria . if it is not for money then why they will make US 3 ? I am sure that Stallone gave him a small role and that is why he is mad about it .

Kevin Flame on Feb 10, 2009


#29 - "but dude, was that a way to tell that?? he practically said "f*ck the story, this is all about money" and this is just terrible," Come on guys, seriously. You are making this negative assumption of Stallone from a quote from just one source. If JCVD said he turned it down because Sly dissed his mother would you swallow that as well? Personally, I think it's bad form on JCVD's part to turn something down and then try and slate it in a sneering fashion. He's not displaying a great deal of professionalism in my opinion.

Payne by name on Feb 10, 2009


#32 - I´m sure that JCVD is a good source, it is only one, but one much better than a bunch of insiders we don´t even know who are. I mean, I trust a lot more on JCVD alone than a team of well connected people that can´t tell their names.

felipe on Feb 10, 2009


wooo JCVD, hes real cool since he made that movie. i dont think expendables is gonna be any good though, but just my opinion. it doesnt really matter if its good or not if it has all those names

Allen Sharpe on Feb 10, 2009


@17 Big names and money shouldn't be a reason to do anything and I wholeheartedly respect him for wanting more.

Fuelbot on Feb 10, 2009


#33 - He's a good source because he's the only source. He's hardly likely to comment and say "I was offered less money, I was going to die first, I didn't have any decent lines, I was further down the billing than I thought I should be". Surely some of you would take one sided comments with a pinch of salt?

Payne by name on Feb 10, 2009


#35 - exactly. #36 - Also, he did JCVD, wich is a complete turn on his career, for that you can tell what he´s looking for at the moment. Maybe Sly didn´t even say that, maybe is all drama, but I still trust JCVD for sharing this but untill Sly doesn´t say so for himself we can´t tell. I just figured it should be true and if SLy DID say that that it´s understandable for turning it down. He doesn´t need money and a cast of stars isn´t what should make the difference, he´s evidently looking for something different and despite how the offer was made, I´m on his side, it was about time to start caring about the story, he had his share of blind wish for money and he did it, he´s a millionaire from his home video work over the years, it´s time for a change.

felipe on Feb 10, 2009


Sooooo......... why did Van Damme sign on to do Universal Soldiers: The Next Generation instead? Could that script have the character depth he's looking for?

Colca on Feb 10, 2009


#38 - nobody said nothing about character depth.....maybe he is looking for something like the expendables, only he wanted a bit more care about the story, whatever that is. the only thing we know is that he turned down because of Sly´s lack of interest on content, but we don´t really know what that content is and it doesn´t matter, I respect the guy because he cares.

felipe on Feb 10, 2009


What pisses me off most about this is that Alex completely left out the fact that JCVD has signed on to to do Bloodsport 2 which is so much more awesome and exciting. To quote the man himself: "I believe the other rules of success: to show something real.” JCVD is on a road to reinvigorating his career in a way that would make Mickey Rourke shit his pants. I'll totally follow him.

Fuelbot on Feb 10, 2009


Should do it just for the Fans if doesn't care about the money

Alex on Feb 10, 2009


this movie will be sweet, although they need to add seagal and possibly kurt russell..obviously bruce willis would be money but that might be pipe dreams

jh on Feb 10, 2009


Agreed with nr 6

moif on Feb 10, 2009


Given the quality of ALL of Van Damme's stuff (especially recently) he should have taken the part, revitalized his career and made himself able to "pick & choose" whatever the hell he wants to do.

Koopa on Feb 10, 2009


Once again I disagree with Alex. I've never cared for JCVD's work at all, but this made me gain respect for him.

Zso on Feb 10, 2009


bull shit Stallone needs to be killed...ASAP Statham's cant act worth a damn and is saddly this centery's action icon Li Sold out from the get go and should have stayed in school as a Shaolin Monk Douchbag Lundgren Returns because of Stallone, now we got to should be dead actors on screen Rourke CANT ACT! CANT FIGHT AND JUST ALL AROUND SUCKS UP MOVIES... other then Sin City and Whitaker owns way to much face sounds like pure piss to me way to go JCVD you get mad props for skipping out on this film

RoarSaysAlex on Feb 10, 2009


I am a huge Van Damme fan, and this is another horrible decision reminiscent of his terrible decisions in the mid 1990's that cemented his falling away as the premiere action hero. I think most people can agree, his current acting ability is better than back in the day. However, Van Damme became what he is by kicking ass. He should kick ass in a major Hollywood movie, I am so sick of his second rate European movies with his new first-rate acting. He needs to get America excited for his kicks again, his kicking form became an art-form in the 80's and early 90's, it was like seeing Michael Jordan fly gracefully through the air and then dunk with ferocious power. Van Damme, come back, and come back kicking, brother.

Scott on Feb 10, 2009


van damme needs to be in complete the "all cheeseball line-up".

dan on Feb 10, 2009


JCVD is an idiot. When has he ever cared about what role he is going to play? All those stright to DVD movies speak for themselves. This guy just had a chance to revive a career that never was in acting and turned it down.

Willy on Feb 10, 2009


It's possible that at the time Stallone made his first approach the script wasn't finished. If Stallone just had an early draft, there probably wasn't much he could tell JCVD about the character yet, he was just working on the assumption of getting Van Damme and once he was on board he'd develop it further. Given the amount of geek-excitement over this action icon team-up, I have to say I think Van Damme has missed out here, although you can't resent the fact that the man has finally decided to start putting a bit more thought into the quality of material he signs up for. As for anyone doubting Stallone's age and physical ability, you obviously didn't see that pre-production shot over at AICN. He's in unbelievably good shape for this one, much more so than in the last Rambo...

Mathieu on Feb 10, 2009


Maybe JCVD is not telling us everything that happened over the phone? Stallone's been at the forefront on big projects before like Rocky, and I doubt he'd go shallow on trying to recruit JCVD. Then again, I also doubt Stallone has the "feverish energy" of a Steven Spielberg pitch. It is possible that JCVD was told what his character was but wasn't satisfied with what he heard. He cannot tell us everything because it would be a spoiler for whoever got it (Jet Li?).

SS on Feb 10, 2009


Of course story is very important, but it seems like it was good enough to get all of those other names attached. Are you serious dude? Are you fucking serious? *goes back to ComingSoon*

Justin on Feb 11, 2009


Dear Jean Claude. Your fans and of the fans of the genre wants you to participate in this movie, why wont you!!??

Vcdj on Feb 11, 2009


whaaat? why would Jean Claude care about his character? This just in....THE DUDE CAN'T ACT!!!! His career has become an abomination of straight to video rental for the last 10 years....This cracks me up! I don't think Ol Vandamage is gonna be winning any Oscars anytime soon hahaha

Corey on Feb 11, 2009


Van Damme is a weak actor and his martial arts skills are fake. He should never have done any action films anyway. As for a good story, other than Blood Sport all of his movies were crap and scriptless anyways. The only actor more b rate than Van Damme is Dolph Lundgren (who god help us is gonna be in this movie). Since when has JCVD really been able to pick and choose what he wants to be in. Next thing we know he'll be acting in films with rap stars like most other washed up actors. Won't require much acting anyways. After Dolph you'd probably be the next to die really early in the film. They always kill the losers first. Give it up Jean. Take what you can get.

Jerry on Feb 11, 2009


too right, he should've gone for it... who wouldnt see a movie with that kind of cast, regardless of plot. who cares about the story - this would be pure entertainment no brainer action. its their specialty and I give them respect for doing so, as they know they're making it for the above reasons.

ek on Feb 12, 2009


Perhaps Sly hadn't finished writing the script yet and was trying to see if Van Damme was interested so he could write a part especially for him. I think Van Damme has made a mistake. "The Expendables" has a once-in-a-lifetime cast and he's turned down an invitation to the big party. Van Damme isn't Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale. He kicks guys heads in. That's it. Action is all he needs to know.

Bertie Bassett on Feb 18, 2009


Jean Claude and Dolph Lundgren should star in this film together and kill each other.....for real. Washed up loser has beens

Jon Mofro on Mar 4, 2009


Hey #46 - YOU CAN'T SPELL! GET AN EDUCATION. Once you take a course on proper grammar, maybe we'll all give a little credence to your ' critiques'. At the end of the day though, all of these guys have made VERY successful careers in the action genre, so get a life.

rebecca on Mar 9, 2009


Oh my God, I cannot believe what I have been reading... some of these comments. Ha ha ha ha Washed up, has beens, losers... What about yourselves? I'd like to know what you have achieved in your life, if any... apart from criticizing people! Yeah it would have been nice to see Van Damme in this film but it aint happening, so... BUILD A BRIDGE & GET OVER IT. And analyze your own backyard! In my view the rubbish I watch today can never be anything worth watching a second time around. People like JCVD and Stallone are legends!!!

Samantha Anne on Mar 9, 2009


Im tired of people saying well sly did rocky dude that movie came out in the 70's or 80's I have more respect for JCVD he smelled a movie that was gonna be made fun of a lot of people saying that this is an old man movie lundren sly come on you cant hate on JCVD for doing what he wants we all have our opinion but hes the dude out there were just typing in our computers but he makes the hard decision

John on Apr 27, 2009


First Of all, Van Damme Knows the Expandables is gonna be panned by critics and these not want somebody to mention his name that he had a bad role. Van Damme Is Making 4 new good movies 2 of which are gonna be in theaters us 3 and and Weapon with vinnie jones

rudi on May 22, 2009


If it's true ( Van Damme claims that Stallone was just interested in pitching money and action, not story. ) . then what the fuck Vandamme is doing for the last 10 years ? if it is not for money ,then where is the fucking story in his movies!

Ivan Dimitrov on Jun 2, 2009


When someone mentions Jean Claude Van Damme, you don't see Oscar worthy performances, you see explosions, gunfire and hordes of henchmen. Refusing roles? Who does he think he is Daniel Day Lewis? he needs to be true to himself, The Expendables would be perfect for the conclusion of his action packed career career, after that, do what you want - find those dramatic, layered roles, but a sudden U-Turn to so-called creditable performances won't garner him respect, only alienate his fans.

Jack Casey on Jul 25, 2009


I don't think Jean Claude really gets it. He may be looking for some kind of avant-guarde, thespo piece but he should realize that Stallone is smarter than people give him credit for.He has managed to write and star in some fairly character driven films in a genre that can be just about brainless action, fun, testosterone etc. If it is about ego and wanting to be numero uno, that is just silly as many top actors take supporting roles. He should join the crew even if he has to be edited in as some Belgian ballerina-come-mercinary who is airdropped into the action.

Johnny Lamb on Jul 29, 2009


C'mon guys, what the hell are you talking about JCVD getting more respect 'cause he cares about the character and the story.... you all know that's B.S.; don't give me that... this is about Action Flicks, and we all know what they are about: Kicking-ass action, action packed scenes, Beating the crap out of the bad guys, explosions, lots of FXs, and really cool fighting choreography!. Sounds like you want JCVD to miss the "Dream Team" of action heroes; this is a really bad advise, you are encourage him to do what he must not, especially after watching the last 5 films he has done, and the ones he's committed to; whatever story Sly and the rest of the fellas have, whatever character they give him was going to be COOL, and he just needed to do he's best, like if he wanted an Oscar for it!. This is not about girly movies with heart-pounding stories, drama symphonies with lots of crying and face twiching... this is about 'Movies for Guys'... this is going to be "The Mother of All Action Flicks"

Rafael Carvajal on Aug 24, 2009


This is an action movie. This is a movie made for a MAN. Look at the cast, even the cameos are superstar badasses. Jean Claude wouldn't be selling his soul if he took the part, and theres NO WAY he would lose anyone's respect. If anything, this could skyrocket him back into stardom. As for Jerry talking about JCVD not being a martial artist, he is in fact, a martial artist. He has background to back it up too. Back to the point. A MANS MOVIE. Stallone, Jason Stathom, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Stone Cold Steve Austin, even Arnold and Bruce Willis are making a showing. What else do you need?! Fighting, shooting, blood, adrenaline soaked thrill ride. You want more than that, you go to the next theater over and watch the romantic comedy which everyone tears up at the end.

Steven on Jan 28, 2010


Okay, I just seen Universal Soldier: Regeneration. And WOW it was bad. I was really hoping for a Van Damme and Lundgren epic dialog moment, but no. It was just awful. The STORY was awful. So him saying, what's my character and what's the story is malarkey. I say he should of just done it. Sigh, I like Van Damm. But why does he have to disappoint me so much? They should of just used Rob Van Damme for the Expendables lolololololol

David Spock on Jan 31, 2010


Who cares about making a lot of money or not... we all know that is exactly what happens... However would it be so good to see them all there... Really... people is going to see the movie anyways.... But JCVD will be missed in this one... that is for sure!! I love everything about him.... Waaa!! next time men go for it...

kyzbel on Aug 15, 2010


I just saw the movie and it was a great buddy movie. I think JCVD made a mistake. Yes, Sly could have pitched it better, but those are the details you work out when you get the script and base a decision on the content. Acting is more than the roles, but the choices. Even Laurence Olivier did Clash of the Titans and the Betsy and brought a bit of class to those productions. The movie was great and the characters of Jet Li, Strathom, Rourke and Sly were great!! I enjoyed the action, but I was very moved by Rourkes character's monologue about that lifestyle costing one their humanity. This movie was a great statement on the action genre itself. Heck I even felt for Lungren's character. Great fun and some good content contrary to the reviews the critics are putting out there!

Vernon on Aug 15, 2010


I think Van Damme had a good point not to do the movie but it would still have been great to see him in it. Yes, the movie didnt really have any background story for any of the characters. All that you hear is little side comments through out the movie of past movies that a character had done in the past or current. However, in order to even know what they meant you had to of seen some of the characters movies in the past. So people who havent seen them before dont understand it all because there really is no background story to any of the characters for the purpose of this movie. All you know is there is a mission for which they get hired to do out of the blue. To be honest it would have been nice if there was a background story to the characters it would have added a little more. There is almost no real story to the movie,but as far as action, yeah it was good.

JD on Aug 22, 2010


I'm afraid you may have jumped the gun big time with saying the movie has a "who's who of cinematic badasses" because Off the top of my head I don't know who Jason Statham, or Randy Couture are, and Mickey Rourke, well really? No Chuck Norris, no Steven Seagal. I haven't lost an ounce of respect for JCVD for turning this movie down, as a matter of fact I have gained some. The movie sounds kind of like a cheap gimmick to me, and a serious letdown really. I don't plan to watch it.

Rachel on Aug 23, 2010


Ok here is what really(i know the real story do to parts of my job). what happened is that JCVD wanted the lead (Sly's part) Sly said no end of story.

UnKnOwN on Nov 26, 2010

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