Will Danny McBride Pull in DC Comics Villains for Hench?

May 29, 2009

DC Comics Villains

Last night we announced that Danny McBride would star in a comedy project called Hench, where he would play the henchman of a supervillain. The script is being adapted from an AiT/Planet Lar graphic novel and was picked up by Warner Brothers. CHUD talked with McBride earlier today at a press event for Land of the Lost and got an interesting tidbit out of him. Since Warner Brothers owns DC Comics, McBride is "trying to get the studio to let him play with their vast collection of DC comic book supervillains." Essentially, it's a comedic version of the Supermax movie that is in development at the studio as well.

I don't know much about the Hench comic, but I've got a feeling it doesn't involve any actual DC supervillains. But I like this idea and I like where McBride is going with it. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it'll happen, nor do I feel like this is the right time for Warner Brothers to explore this possibility. What I mean is that, as much as I like McBride, he just doesn't feel like the kind of guy to really handle some big comic book characters, villains or not. As cool as it might be to see some of these villains in a movie like this, I wouldn't want any of them ruined. What do you think? What DC villains would work for this?

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I would like to see the "neglected" villains... the ones who appear in DC's "Group-B" like Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, Trickster, and the Mirror Master. The guys who "never quite made it to Group A"

SS on May 29, 2009


Sure. Lex Luthor was a joke in the last Superman movie anyway, why not make a whole movie with him in it funny? He's got the best hair-brained schemes anyways.

MJ on May 29, 2009


i get tired of people ripping on luthor. all you who do have no fucking clue what your talking about. he's one of the most unique, compelling, and threatening villains to come out of comic book lore. because the movies type-cast him as a maniacal business man without any of his scientific pedigree, most people only see him as someone with "hair-brained schemes." go read a great superman story to really see the true greatness of the character. one example of his cool factor comes from a storyline where he excavates an ancient kryptonian battle cruiser that can morph from being a aeronautical ship to being a mechanized robot which he uses in an epic battle with Supes. ok enough with the rant. sorry. lol.

andrew on May 29, 2009



Jordan on May 29, 2009



jiop on May 30, 2009


I didn't think Luthor was a joke in the last movie. He was funny but he was also hella sinister. As for the Hench movie, I think pulling an actual DC villain or two isn't a bad idea as long as they are taken seriously as a character and McBride is the one being hilarious.

Da Man on May 30, 2009


Lex Luthor was a joke in the last movie, just as he has been in every movie. Part of the reason everyone thinks Superman is so lame is that he has such a lame arch-villain. Q: "What kind of a hero has trouble defeating that goofy loser over and over again?" A: "A very sad-sack kind of hero." Movie Lex is exactly the kind of comedic foil that Hench seems to be looking for.

Pete on May 30, 2009


This movie has kind of already been done. There is a movie out called Sidekick which is about, well a sidekick. It's low budget and I have no idea if it's any good but it's out there. I think the problem with Lex Luthor in the movies goes back to Gene Hackman's portrayal of him. That was one of the worse casting choices ever. Hackman is a great actor but he is not Lex. They have never done him well in the movies. On Smallville he was done right, for a while at least.

Moviegimp on May 30, 2009


I wrote this in 2005, thought not based on the comic, but it was the same idea. it was henchman not hench anyway.

dan on May 30, 2009


Danny Mcbride would be a brilliant henchman, i can imagine a mockumentary style pic where McBride is channels his characters from Pineapple Express and Footfist Way into being a 'thinks he's badass because his boss is evil' henchman who fails at terrorizing people and gets killed in 1 punch at the end of the movie during the heros assualt on his hq.

chrisUK on May 30, 2009


He should play a henchman for The Monarch from Venture Bros.

Johnny G on May 30, 2009

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