Will Paramount Convince Michael Bay to Return for Transformers 3?

June 29, 2009

Michael Bay

That's an interesting question. A year ago, everyone would've instantly said yes, without a doubt. But it's a whole different situation now. I can't actually take credit for that question - it comes from Peter Sciretta at SlashFilm. Here's how he looks at it: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has earned an incredible $200 million in only 5 days at the box office. Sure that means most people saw it, but most hated it, or at least a majority of them did. It holds a steady 20% at Rotten Tomatoes and 6.7 on IMDb. There's no doubt about it - Paramount will finish the trilogy with Transformers 3, probably in 2011. But will Michael Bay return?

Over the last six months or so, two other big Michael Bay projects have surfaced as his probable follow up to Revenge of the Fallen - most recently, the sci-fi story I Am Number Four, but also the bodybuilders comedy Pain & Gain. If you remember, Paramount preemptively announced Transformers 3 for 2011 (with Bay) back in March. But then Bay came out and said: "No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots." A few weeks ago, there was a big internet rumor going around that Bay wouldn't return for the sequel at all. His response: "Hah, love press how they spin. Never said it - just wanted a vacation is more to the point."

We already know that writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci won't be returning to write Transformers 3, for better or worse, but as for Michael Bay, that's still up in the air. But with a $200 million opening weekend, I'm sure Paramount will coax him to return one more time. But who knows if they'll shift it to 2012 or stick with the originally announced 2011 release? Peter thinks that he'll move onto that "small" movie Pain & Gain first before potentially returning to Transfomers. That seems possible - a Christopher Nolan-like break - but then it'll be pushed to 2012. Now the question is if anyone wants Michael Bay back?

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Bay did some great special effects eye candy... Why not film a movie of robots just f-uping up Eath... Much more entertaining than the stupid human story line...

DMAN on Jun 29, 2009


Of course they will. It's all about the loot. He can't say no to that kind of money. Btw, is First Showing going to review Transformers 2 or what?

cat on Jun 29, 2009


for the love of god no, i actually thought the first tranformers was decent and was NOT on the michael bay hate-bandwagon but after seing revenge of the fallen with somewhat mediocre expectations, i'm begging for my money and 3 hours of my life back.

kLuk on Jun 29, 2009


I would love to have Michael Bay back... If he doesn't return, they should get Joseph Kahn to take over his spot. Their styles are almost similar.. just check out Torque even though it was a horrible movie It was nothing but cool camera angles and eye candy

teyhtr on Jun 29, 2009


I dont really understand why people hate it so much its everything the first one was just multiplied and in my opinion the action was some seriously awesome shit. Also I read the fan reviews on fandango and the avg of about 1700 reviews was 4.6 out of 5 soo maybe its just the critics.

Cody on Jun 29, 2009


Well, I have enjoyed both Transformers films thus far and would love for him to come back and do a third.

Dan Geer on Jun 29, 2009


@ Cody #5 they are just haters. the action and the robots were awesome! bring on the third movie baby!

cat on Jun 29, 2009


It's his trilogy. He should finish it. Then let someone else do a different movie.

Cold Cut Combo on Jun 29, 2009


^ Agreed with #8.

solider on Jun 29, 2009


I agree with some of the above posts. Michael Bay has made the Transformers movie franchise what it is, and I love it. I sincerely hope he will return. Lets be honest, his entire career has been successful, at least finacially. Also, his entire career has led him to become the perfect director for this franchise. As far as Alex's comment about everyone hating it, I have to disagree. Yes critics have been harsh, but according to the things I heard people saying after the showings I've seen, just about everyone felt really positve about the movie. Critics need to seriously re-evaluate what they are doing. Their job is to recommend films to the public, if the public enjoys it, and the critics hate it, there is a problem somewhere.

Necrothug on Jun 29, 2009


#7, no they aren't all "just haters." I personally am a Bay hater and proud, but i've heard from a lot of my friends who enjoy some of his flicks that this was by far his worst.

Al on Jun 29, 2009


Maybe they can consider Joe Hah of Linkin Park to direct the movie! Anyway Linkin Park are always connected with Transformers the movie ever seens part one. lolz =)

Ryan on Jun 29, 2009


Michael Bay made two succussful movies financialy, and he should return to finish the trilogy. If he doesn't, the third movie will be completely different from Bay's style. The movie critics get paid to give bad reviews even if they have not seen that movie, so take that into consideration. Also, Linkin Park needs to make another bad ass theme song.

Scott on Jun 29, 2009


13 is right, there is an underground society I am a part of that bribes Mr. Roger Ebert to give negative reviews to robotic hump fests that lack human emotion. It is called "International House of Pancakes" we use this name as a cover, considering there are no explosions in waffle houses to attract the usual blockbuster fans. Anyway, we really like this bad films, but want to see them get bad reviews because we are jealous of dumb ass hicks throwing their money at these films. Scott, how did you figure this out?

Al on Jun 29, 2009


I think the majority of the "paying audience" loved it. It's the critics and the Michael Bay haters who try and tell everyone that people didn't like it. I've talked to a ton of people and everyone loved it. Among the haters though most hated on the writers so if they aren't going to be back then that problem is solved already. I say bring on the Bayhem! The fight in the forest was the best he should do more of that. Maybe the Autobots get the Decepticons out in the middle of nowhere to protect the humans or something. Full on fight to the finish. Let him finish it.

Moviegimp on Jun 29, 2009


glad to see other people who liked it. It wasnt perfect but i had fun.

Cold Cut Combo on Jun 29, 2009


From what Ive heard is most people have problems with the story, which shouldnt that be the writers fault?

Darknight on Jun 29, 2009


I'm just thinking back to the original teaser to the first movie, with the footage from the Mars Lander and a robot's shadow wrecking it. Then it said: "Michael Bay" "Transformers" I'm an absolute film buff. A Kubrick nut and a Lynch fan. And I think we in the "film" community need to finally fess up and admit what's actually taken place. Plot holes, nonsensical dialogue, self seriousness, all taken into account: Michael Bay. Has finally made... An Unapologetic Work of Conceptual Art.

Django on Jun 29, 2009


This movie can be made with or without Bay.

dom on Jun 29, 2009


#15, if its really the "Bay Haters" who try to make it sound like people didn't like it how come Alex Billington, who seems to be a pretty huge Bay fan, is saying people were dissatisfied.

Al on Jun 29, 2009


Maybe Spielberg can direct the third movie?

SS on Jun 29, 2009


Here's the deal...Micheal Bay has nothing to do with the special effects, thats ILM. All he's gonna actually get to f-ck up or get right is the way he'll shoot the story, which angles will be awesome in his head, what kinda of shit he wants to blow up and how big and how he directs his actors telling them to act cool & sexy on camera and say cheesy lines. I love the first "Transformers" it was a well made action/sci-fi summer movie based on a 80's cartoon based on a Toy line from Hasbro. It was by far a well deserve surprise and I'll still love it 10 years from now. Sure there are still stuff that make no sense in it, but overall the movie is solid. I was disappointed in the Revenge of the fallen and for the first time in my movie going years, a movie failed for me on every aspect (except the musical score, but there was no doubt on that aspect) and never redeemed it self even at the end credits. I was hoping a better woven summer movie, expecting the same shtick from movie1, but with a serious tone overall. I was truly hoping less human subplot and actual scenes of the Transformers not fighting, not transforming just because its cool, but actual characters interacting with each other in a do or die story...Just like the cartoons. The only scene I actually thought was cool as shit...was Optimus jumping out of a carrier plane transforming in mid air, landing and rolling out to a mission. That was it. Not kitchen appliances running amok, not Bumblebee losing his voice AGAIN and acting like benji or lassie on high octane redbull, not seeing nameless autobots in the background, not having the female autobots being more integral to the story arc, not an old Scottish Jetfire, not a lackey Megatron, not a useless Soundwave, not a completly ruined Devastator concept, Not fight scenes going on forever never seeing clearly the action...shall I go on... I don't hate the film...I was let down expecting better from the writers who gave me a Star Trek for all ages as the best one since Wrath of Khan. I really wanted this to be a Transformers summer like last time and talk about it ad vitam eternam of how cool it was. I'm sure I'll buy the DVD when it comes out just for collector purposes, but I wish I had scene a greater summer movie. Now as for a Third and final film...Micheal will return for a larger paycheck, larger budget. The second movie will make I predict an excess of 400+ million worldwide. But the writers should keep their heads in Trek territory for the next 5 years and leave the Transformers alone. New writers equal better or worse story...but atleast not the same as the first two films. Same director with new writers will either be a blessing or a nail in the coffin for the giant robots from the 80's. I truly hope Paramounts listens again to fans for insight on a third film. I think Micheal Bay restrained his insanity in the first film and went Kubrick on a bad day in the second one...The bar that rose the action genre in 2007 went down a few notches in 2009. Simply put...let's end this franchise with a great Unicron Bang and not an X-men:Last stand lame frat party Nuff said for my two cents!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 29, 2009


Anybody can blow stuff up. I loved the first one, but if I were head of Paramount, I'd try to release in 2011 with a new decent director and a great script. I like Bay. Loved The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys II, Transformers 1, but I think he screwed himself over with this past one. The reason it made so much money isn't because of him; it's because everyone loved the first one, so they need to see this one. Here's my problems with Revenge of the Fallen: - The twin robots that have all this surrounding controversy weren't vital to the story, and they weren't even funny at all - The cheesy humor that worked in the first one just didn't in this one - The Decepticon girl... I know they can do holograms but to just be the girl... - I didn't understand the plot - I thought the Decepticons were going to Egypt to find Sam and Optimus but then all of a sudden they're blowing up the sun - That huge devastator gets taken out in a second; it's like where was this rail gun in the first movie? That's the biggest Transformer I have ever seen, and all he does is suck up some sand and get taken out. It's like America pressed the Staples "Easy Button" on him. "That was easy." - I didn't understand what that old transformer was talking about the entire time - This Fallen guy (which I don't get why it's revenge, he wasn't even in the first one) is pathetic. He sits up in space, then comes down for like a minute but gets taken out by Optimus - Why couldn't they hack the satellite Intel anytime in the 2 years prior? They seemed like they did that quickly and easily - The mom getting high at college... Incredibly stupid. And telling the girls about hearing Sam losing his virginity? Are you kidding me? - Everyone talks about Megan Fox being so hot. Ok, we got a stomach shot in the first movie. You'd think they'd have her running around in a bikini, but she had all her clothes on the entire time. Not even a stomach shot Kick Bay out, and those might be fixed.

CJ on Jun 29, 2009


#23...You just exposed what I was disappointed with in this second movie. I was just too hung up on how let down I was after my rant, to go on pointing things that made the movie suffer... And yes '' The Rock '' is a good is '' Armageddon '' but that was another decade when we weren't harsh on movies or expected anything from them... I just want to be entertained every summer, not point out flaws in movies I don't need to think about. It's summer for god's sake...I got the rest of the year to see movies that make me think and enjoy them!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 29, 2009


they don't need michael bay to shoot next movie. anyone can make a crappy movie like transformers 2, give it to uwe boll. he'll make same stupid movie with lot less money

L1A on Jun 29, 2009


I'm sure Bay WILL return for a third movie. But give the guy a break. He's been working with transforming robots for the past 4 or 5 years. Also, I believe this break will help a lot for the franchise. By the way, Optimus is kicked major ass in TF2!

GTO on Jun 29, 2009


While some of the editing was a mess, a lot of the problems with TF2 are script related, not directorial related. THe movie would have been a much better film and have had some time to breath if it was roughly the same legnth but had cut out the Fembot, the twins, and the parental kidnaping subplot.

AD on Jun 29, 2009


You say most who saw this movie hated it. That is not true and is a clear distortion of the facts. Most critics hated this movie..... not the public at large. You site in your article it's 20% rating given by the critics but you fail to mention the 68% ratings given by the general public who have seen the movie which can be seen here:

Jake on Jun 29, 2009


i hope not. i liked tf1 and very much liked bay doing the 2nd as he did, then i watched the 2nd and want to hit his head with a bat. the action was very good from the start right to the forest fighting then it went downhill from there. soundwave staying in orbit, megatron treated like a little rag doll, the fallen showing no threat to optimus. devestator dying to HUMANS with a shit plot line, tf2 can ruin boyhood dreams!!!!!!!!!!

luke on Jun 29, 2009


SPOILERS (dont read ahead if not seen) didnt expect it to be that retarded. it went from being interesting with undertones of sexy in the first movie to "lets have an RC car dry hump megan fox and give her lines that says she enjoys it". The most stupid script ive ever seen...and the story doesnt make sense... "oh hey Optimus...i have a piece of the spark and now i see glyphs...but im gonna tell you this 1 hour into the movie, not after it happens, because id like you to get killed first" The music...couldnt they come up with anything new? i mean its cool when you hear star wars intro once...or darth vader's sound when he comes into the room..once...but every other 5 minutes in battle its like they had a DJ with no turntables and an Ipod rewind the song and play it over and over whenever Bay qued him....

Buggy166 on Jun 29, 2009


let's not forget blackout's cousin grindor dying easily, including scorponok! with a imdb rating of 6.7 while tf has 7.4 it's hard to argue that bay didn't fuck up!

luke on Jun 29, 2009


How the heck can people have been confused by the story line? Are you mentally impaired?

Hex on Jun 29, 2009


Give it to J J !!!

Vic on Jun 29, 2009


I bet Alex will give this at least a rating of 8 or more. But I wouldnt be surprised if he rated this a 7.5/10. I would rate this 6 mainly for its special effects. If it werent for that I would have rated i lower.

Ken Masters on Jun 29, 2009


#32: Exactly. I seriously don't understand how anyone could have problems following the story.

Necrothug on Jun 29, 2009


Hard to imagine a 400 million dollar grossing film is so badly reviewed!?! YOUR SUPPOSED TO GO TO A MOVIE FOR FUN not stories read a book if you queers want that he has made 250 mill in the first 5 days so by the end of july he will have a guaranteed 400 mill HE HAS ALSO STATED depending on how well he does with this and Transformers 3 he will make a 4th and 5th sequel. 3rd movie is supposed to be darker and take place in space, and somebody will die says shia labeouf HATE TO BREAK IT TO EVERYONE he has ALSO SAID, ITS STILL THE FRONT NEWS STORY ON YAHOO- That he is taking a break from robots and making something with less explosions and fighting, but he will indeed return after that movie MB has made more money in 5 days then anyone on HERE ever will sucks huh? Now.... whose going to whine and argue with me?

zach on Jun 29, 2009


ok why the hell are all of the people in earth blaming bay for the movie???? he just directs the scenes and tell actors what to do!!!! blame the writtrs, the designers plus the movie wasnt that bad, yes, the twins were stupid, and jetfire was too comical, so what, it was good, not bettter the tf 1, but good

FrObOy21 on Jun 29, 2009


I think at this point of time Micheal Bay is overrated to direct transformer. #23 pretty much explains it all and totally agree with your comment. Just one more thing to add, the slow motions is the worst for me... slow running, slow looking at each other, slow music, too many till is annoying. About the storyline probably the viewers are confuse especially fans. To my knowledge i dont recall bout the fallen and 7 primes and i thought no one is above Megatron knowing he is power craze. In short, NO. I dont think so Micheal Bay should direct the 3rd. Steven speilberg will be good.

Cindarr on Jun 29, 2009


And to think that Pearl Habor was a low point in Bay's career! This film comes a close second. I have always liked Bay's movies and the first Transformers film was cool, but this film was like sticking my head in fridge and continously banging the door against my head. I could not wait for the film to be over! People say the action scenes where cool! And In some respect I agree, but with all the action overload I could barely tell what the f**k was going on. The camera was way to close to the action for the most part and Bay's handling of the camera was pathetic! Bay needs to move on from this franchise!

Last Son on Jun 29, 2009


i dont understand what everyone who didn't like this movie is talking about. this one was so much better than the first (which was amazing) the effects, direction, and camera work was outstanding. the writing and acting was not bad. this is the movie that real transformer fans have been waiting for, a movie based around major battles between alien robots.

jmerch on Jun 29, 2009


at #'s 32 and 35. its not that people can't follow the story even though it is very choppy and poorly written. its just that the story is so fucking retarded...

Jim on Jun 29, 2009


#36 is right. all u guys who think the second transformers was bad r either retarted or r into harry potter shit! i mean the comedy was genius the twin robots rlly made the movie funny and laughable. i mean a good movie isnt just going to have ass kicking and stuff. all good movies have a combination of action.. drama.. and comedy.. and SEX!!! i agree a little on how the fallen just came all of the sudden and then got his ass kicked by optimist. tht was about the only part i didnt rlly think was clever. but all in all this movie was kick ass. i wuld lyk the 3rd movie to come out in 2011 tho cuz i dont think any one wants to wait 3 years. i kno i certainly dont. michael bay dont get down on urself with all these JACK ASSES saying ur movie is bad. it is kick ass!!! i cnt wait 2 c wat is instore for us in the third movie. and dont listen to the ppl who think this movie is bad b cuz its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL BAY IS A GODIST FOR MAKING THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MR. L on Jun 29, 2009


who the hell cares what the critics think? forget about all of the critics reviews. people listen to who they like and maybe who they trust. the critics as a group is a bogus thing to look at. Most critics just bash a movie because they are afraid if they say they actually liked or enjoyed it that others will say they are not viable options as critics. It’s total crap. Most blog site writers bash the movies that certain directors or producers make because the reaction will be “your site is amateur if you rate a movie this high” or to that affect. I go by what I like and don’t care about what some idiot “critic” thinks. The movie delivered what I expected and was looking for - sweet action and fucking awesome Transformers!

cat on Jun 29, 2009


also this. y wuldnt he make a 3rd movie? remember at the end when megatron left? he said clearly... "this isn't over yet"

MR. L on Jun 29, 2009


I was a stellar, I mean an absolutely STELLAR summer popcorn flick. Flawless effects and a ton of cool action scenes. I'm as much a critic as anyone, and I doubt anybody reading this would out debate me. But in this case, I'm just not seeing the need to beat up the sloppy editing and by-the-numbers elements. This flick is just big, loud, and must-see-in-IMAX-spectacular. And Alex, not sure where you're getting your "everyone hated it" idea, the exit polls are showing 90% of viewers felt it was "As good or better" than part one, with 67% rating it "excellent". Those can be isolated types of reports by nature, but I'm thinking the critics just hate the way Bay directs like a frantic 12 year old with explosions followed by hot chicks and fart jokes... the problem is, the audience eats it up. On my second viewing of Transformers 2, it got a standing freaking ovation - I have never in my life seen that happen at the movies! Even Skids and Mudflap went over well with a large number of black people in attendance - nobody was offended, just in stitches (I was surprised).

Mark on Jun 29, 2009


Just say no.

JimD on Jun 29, 2009


Michael Bay is something of a double-edged sword. He knows action, he can frame it perfectly, deliver amazing set-pieces, and knows how to use special effects to the greatest advantage. The problem it would seem is that he knows action so well that sometimes people think his movies can rely on pure action alone and he get's stuck with shitty writing. Look at The Rock, arguably one of the best action movies ever made, but, it had a solid story and good characters that you could root for and felt semi-real. He made it work, and it was great. Then you look at something like The Transformer movies. The plots are almost nonsensical, and the characters (the human ones anyway) are annoying as hell and have absolutely no sympathetic qualities to them. I think everyone was blown away by the special effects of the first Transformers that the story didn't really matter that much. By the second one though, people expected more, but they didn't get the story they wanted, and it just fell flat. Again the special effects redeem it somewhat, but they weren't enough for the critics and some people this time around. I guess this is true for any director, if you have a bad story, then its hard to make a good movie out of it. Yet it seems to happen to Bay a bit more though because he has such a reputation for action, that the story becomes second tier. That's the real kicker, because in essence that's what movies are all about: story-telling.

James on Jun 29, 2009


Kinda stupid to say the majority of the public hated the film, only from a couple of responses in one blog post. I believe otherwise. I work in a cinema, and every sold out show of 600 IMAX goers exited with great excitement. The critics screwed up big time. I went to see it with all my friends, and they are critical viewers, but they all enjoyed it very much. Everyone falling over story etc. did not get what this movie was about. Ofcourse, it can always be better. Firstshowing fucked up with this post also.

Rickmeister on Jun 30, 2009


48 comments already, wow! I enjoyed the movie. Alot. I actually wanted the movie to end because I didn't think I was going to be able to take much more of the excitement without shouting at the top of my lungs this is the best thing ever made! I need to go and watch something trashy like sex and the city just to strike an equilibrium.

link1983 on Jun 30, 2009


Just one thing Alex, never compare again Michael Bay's work to Christopher Nolan's. Never again should you presume that they are alike. Never.

MajesticXIII on Jun 30, 2009


I think Steven loves Michael Bay. He will convince him to come back for the sequel. That's for sure.

JoeG on Jun 30, 2009


This Billington clown always misses the mark. With $200 mill in 5 days - how do you estimate nearly everyone hated it? Did you poll worldwide audiences?

Fingo on Jun 30, 2009


Well, yes the movie is spectacular and robots lok cool, bur lets face it - it is not MB achievement, its ILM! All we guys like about this movie is great action, which is all done buy ILM, Bay actually screws lot's of ILM's work, with insane zooming and horrible slow mo. Considering that the story, acting and jokes are very lame (stuff that depends mainly on director and screenwriters) but effects are simply great (ILM) you can clearly see, that all is needed for great 3d part is new director and screenwriters. And there's just one perfect man for this job - S.Spielberg! He is in transformers from the beginning, he is able to carry on all the Bay's story etc. And he is able to do it great! Just remember Jaws or JP - groundbreaking ILM effects on shark and dinosaurs together with Spielberg's directing made these movies absolute icons, isn't that what we want transformers to be?

KR on Jun 30, 2009


The problem wasn't bay, it was the script. The script was thin at best, the story itself is absolute shit, and if there's a reason why this piece of turd looks shiny, it's because of Bay. Bay turned Transformers 2 into an watchable action movie.

Darunia on Jun 30, 2009


of course they will they will offer him more money & in return michael will give us more robots,hotter babes & bigger explosions.

zetsu on Jun 30, 2009


This is one franchise where a change in director isn’t going to harm it much. If anything, it’d be an improvement. Bay’s eye for action has always been phenomenal such as in Transformers, it’s everything else in the movie that’s crap. If Bay could invest more time in the script and plot then maybe I'd have more hope. The Transformers franchise Bay created has his signature only in his action which could be replicated, albeit not without difficulty. Everything else in the films is nothing remarkable that couldn’t be managed by another direcor. His Transformers films are not some overly unique entity where changing directors would disturb the overall flow and vision of the franchise. And please don't give the "it's based on toys!" excuse as to why the movie is bad. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was based on a THEME PARK RIDE, and it had a compelling plot and interesting characters. There's no reason that Transformers can't aim above the lowest common denominator. Having another director will not destory the franchise. As I stated before, Bay’s Transformers franchise doesn’t have a unique identity nor does it constitute as a unique cinematic entity apart from the action. Everything else about the film apart from the action can be replicated and even the action can be maintained by another director. Bay’s vision of the franchise is just not unique enough that another director couldn’t easily take over.

SlashBeast on Jun 30, 2009


If Bay returns, thats ok for me, I'm just happy that Kurtzman and Orci are not writing it and they can get someone in there who can write a good script. Bay has that eye for action and can direct very good movies (The Rock, The Island) but it needs to have a script that isn't written by 100 monkeys with typewriters.

Thor on Jun 30, 2009


# 22.....well said my man !

Clover on Jun 30, 2009


I finally saw TF 2 tonight after reading review after review that the movie wasn't all that it was meant to be. I came out of the cinema's pleasantly surprised and really enjoying it. All the characters were in context and I don't believe that the human characters dragged out the story at all. The action scenes were great, there were some really funny parts that had the whole cinema audience laughing. Overall it was a good entertaining movie as it was intended to be. I did not come out disappointed and would give it the thumbs up for people to go and watch. I went in expecting a disaster only to find it to be the contrary. I don't understand those people who have been complaining about this movie or really what they wanted out of it. For it to be darker? More blood and guts? No humor? Please Explain? TF 2 is relative to the first IMO and I look forward to the 3rd in this Trilogy. Keep up the good work Michael Bay.

Ezza on Jun 30, 2009


Bay is great at directing action and as far as editing, CG and directing goes, Transformers 2 was great. The problem was the thin story and the silly new robots. While the animation and modeling was a lot more detailed, as an alien race and as characters, the transformers felt less believable as something that 'might' exist. The first movie was good because it is a movie about a regular guy who gets a car that turns out to be an alien robot. Fighting robots and explosions have to come second, a great and engaging story, first.

Andreas Climent on Jun 30, 2009


Honestly for all u haters out there what were u expecting. The movie was freakin amazing in every way possible. For goodness sakes the movie is based off of a cartoon quit crying. I expect the majority of the retards out there were expecting some type of drama movie. Look if thats what u want go rent the damn notebook. As for transformers the movie was great and the majority of the world thought so as well.

HostleNCombat on Jun 30, 2009


Honestly, this is a live action TRANSFORMERS movie. What more do people expect than explosions and giant robots fighting each other? Michael Bay is the perfect choice for a movie like this.

TheManWithNoName on Jun 30, 2009


The movie was extremely overindulgent and amateurishly structured. I would see one more on Blu-ray but the soon it ends the better. Hasbro should be ashamed.

Johnny Neat on Jun 30, 2009


Michael Bay did them Justice, I don't see anyone else taking the mantle and doing it justice like BAY did. For all intents and purposes. He is the only Director who could do Transformers and make it look cool. Transformers require BAYHEM, total and utter destruction of the highest order. Seriously the camera angles he uses are second to none, just makes you scream OH SNAP!! . If Bay doesn't do Transformers 3 I will be surely disappointed.

NeoSlyfer on Jun 30, 2009


ROTF Was cool, i think it felt rushed. all of Shias lines were him stuttering. I would have liked to see this mor along the lines of the first one. It just seemed like all the shots and each scene was so rushed. If you compare the first one to this one the first moves a bit slower but even forthe fighting scenes i would have loved for the to slow it down a bit. The definatlly need to get better writters in here and get a serious story going, what about crossing over and getting someone who writes dramas to write a story but use transformers intead of people!!!!!! that probably could work.

THERBLIG on Jun 30, 2009


I REALLY hope Bay is back for the third one.

Pete on Jun 30, 2009


Revenge kicked major ass and was a blast from start to finish. The Plot did make sence if you had watched almost all of the original episodes when it was on and if you had read at least a few of the comics that were out when the original was on TV. Optimus showed in a brutal way why he is the most bad ass Prime ever. And as far as the dialoge is concerned it is supposed to be funny. Now on to the so called "sterotype" that is the twins. Um......who really gives a crap if they sounded black? Oh no the put in the vernacular of the Hip Hop/Rap world. I mean honestly look at how that way of speach has permeated our language. Plus if you will recall from the first move(where everyone complained because Jazz sounding black, I mean come on JAZZ? Did you really expect him to sound anything but black?) the transformers learned to talk by accessing the Internet and analizing the writing and speech they found there. And seeing as how the Hip Hop and rap world seems to be all the rage these days it would make sence that they would pick up the lingo and demeanour. So everyone that wants to make an issue of it can just stop. As for Shia LaBeouf's acting as Sam. Well, lets see, he gets his brain scrambled as ALEIN INFORMATION is INSTANTIOUSLY transfered to his brain. Hmmm that would make me studder a bit as I tried to explain what was going on in my head. I think that he did an excellent job and I hope he keeps it up. Megan Fox was alright but I don't think she's ever wowed me but she hasn't ever bored me either. The plot. Seriously? You expected Drama and Reveting Storytelling out of a franchise that is based off of a cartoon that was made to sell toys? Well thats just......dumb. Did you never watch the actual cartoons? Or did you just watch one or two and get a toy and figure you knew all there was to know about the subject? Or did you read any of the comics? Well in case you didn't here let me give you a break down of most of the plot lines: The Decepticons are doing something "evil" that will hurt humans/Earth. The autobots find out. Optimus Prime says "Autobots, transform and roll out" and then for the rest of the episode there are explosions and gun battles and witty remarks flying back and forth from both sides Now what does this mean in terms of the new movie? I can pretty much tell you the episodes from which most of the plot points from the movie were in the cartoon. True the writer took some liberties with some of the material but all and all they got most of the main points. The movie was awesome and the action was flawless. I plan on seeing it again next weekend. Mr. Bay keep on doing what you're doing and I hope to see you again with transformers 3.

TheSaint on Jun 30, 2009


he better make a tf3 cuz the 2nd one wuz beast

caleb cameron on Jun 30, 2009


To all the bay-bashing hippies around here that keep saying ILM owned the movie and not Bay... People, please get a basic understanding of how movies are made. Yes ILM did an amazing job. Yes ILM is the best out there for these kind of jobs. But f*ck no, ILM did not made this movie for what it is. It's a Directors vision and guidiance that lead them here. It is partly a directors decision with whom he surrounds himself. I believe that Michael Bay has a very solid vision in his head, and is really good with the technical side of it. I mean, Michael Bay is no god, en certainly not the best out there. But I do feel that I have to compensate strongly with my opinion against all this negativity.

Rickmeister on Jun 30, 2009


I say give him time dont change directors cause when directors change it isnt as good, and bring back the same actors cause it wouldnt be the same with different actors. Go Autobots

James Williams on Jun 30, 2009


Yes, the credits are smashing bay and the movie but without bay Transformers would not be what it is now. Not having bay, will most likely result in not having Shia back. He even said it himself, that if there is no Bay, hes not coming

JG on Jun 30, 2009


# 24 "I thought the Decepticons were going to Egypt to find Sam and Optimus but then all of a sudden they're blowing up the sun " Yes they were going to Egypt to find Sam and Optimus, but also to blow up the sun as under the Pyramids in Egypt was their machine. They needed the Matrix of Leadership to star the machine, Sam was the only one who knew where that was as it was his destiny to get it according to the Primes that hid it from The Fallen in 17,000BC. Plus they wanted to stop Sam from getting to Optimus with the Matrix, as the only Transformer strong enough to kill The Fallen is another Prime, which Optimus is the last decedent (in this movie at least). So that is a key part of the plot of this movie. I loved this movie and have seen it 3 times in IMAX and may see it again in the theatres

BB on Jul 1, 2009


He will be back,

Fisherr on Jul 1, 2009


If you thought transformers 2 wasn't good then YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL!! For real.. It has everything you can ask for. Hellacious action scenes that make you want to bust in your pants. The plot was super awesome. If you couldn't follow it then maybe you should not be old so you can keep up lol.

Methonius on Jul 1, 2009


I dont know why everyone is talking so much crap about transformers 2, i think it was better than the first. If you was expecting an award winning movie from shia and megan, then you were aiming too high. Way too high. I loved the fight scenes and the action. The special effects were top notch. and micheal bay stayed true to characters in the cartoon. the only thing i didnt like was how he brought jetfire into the story. He was one of my favorite in the 80s, i also had the toy. he stayed true to the fact that he was a decepticon turned autobot but making him an old geezer was retarded. jetfire was a bad mofo back in the day, feared by both decepticon and autobots. he shouldve been a more stronger character. instead he was just comic relief, although i did like how optimus combined with him. so stop whining about how terrible the movie was. it was great and i would love to watch it again.

Dre on Jul 1, 2009


That's taking a HUGE leap to say that most or the majority of viewers "hated" Transformers 2. You guys need to take into consideration that that's only the people who were willing to go online and vote it down... which, i'm gonna assume, is only the nerd/geek/movie buff crowd. EVERY time slot in two theaters here was sold out from thursday to Sunday. And I liked the movie, and it sounded to me like most of the people in the theater did too. So, please just watch your generalizations. Plus.. it's frigging Transformers.. it's not Slumdog. It's not art. It's fucking giant alien robots fighting eachother. Plot holes or not.. it's still pretty bad ass.

Frank on Jul 1, 2009


I agree 76. In the theatres everyone was cheering as they did with the first movie. But most of what i read online, is negative. coming from fans or critics or other review websites such as this one. I thought it was a great movie and i consider myself a transformers geek since i grew up with them in the 80s. I hope MB comes back for the third and hopefully it will involve unicron.

Dre on Jul 1, 2009


Someone give JJ Abrams a call...that dude can fix the entire thing. Bottom line is this: Transformers 2 is an action junkies dream, and at the same time a serious let down in the plot/storyline dept. I loved it for what it was, i enjoyed it with my kids had a few laughs and got excited with the fight scenes. But at the same time, i kept wondering to myself... Can it really be THIS hard to have a somewhat decent and easy to follow storyline? I also disagree with people who say we shouldn't expect a great storyline or plot...i don't believe anyone is asking for a Clint Eastwood type storyline, but come on there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a basic plot that is easy and fun to follow. It is a sad day in movie history when there are people defending the notion and idea that it is OK for any film maker to NOT HAVE a plot or storyline simply for the sake of CGI animation. What exactly is wrong with wanting a good plot to follow? One that makes sense, and doesn't just go off on tangents and random ideas? That's like a family cheering on their child who is graduating high school but can't still can't read, write or do basic math.

Nicc on Jul 1, 2009


A BIG HUGE ASS FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armand on Jul 2, 2009


P.S If Paramount decides to can Bay, that would be the best news Hollywood could ever give me...

Armand on Jul 2, 2009


I hope they make a third transformers film cause the last two were awsome. I think it would also be realy cool if they added the dinobots and some other combineables like superion,defensor,menaso,bruticus,onslaught,and predaking . I would all so like to see galvatron,omega supreme,fortress maximus,hotrod,rodimus prime,scattershot,astrotrain,insecticons,ultra magnus,sky lynx,and wreck gar. I am a huge fan of transformers I haver seen transformers 1 four times and seen the revenge of the fallen three times it would be so awsome to see some of these transformers in the third movie I'll give the revenge of the fallen a two thumbs up or five out of five stars

optimus prime on Jul 2, 2009


Are you kidding me????????????????!!!!!!!!!! Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen is the best movie I've ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!! And yes, I'm a twilight fanatic, but it was better than twilight!!!!!!!!!!!It was great!!! For me it had everything: More action, more romance, and it was a lot of fun on some scenes. I love Transformers, I always talk about it with the guys from my class and I'm the only girl talking about it with them and I'm not ashamed. I live in London and on the English newspapers they gave them bad reviews and it kinda put me off. But don't listen to any of them!!!!!!!! Everyone thats watched the movie (except the critics) loved it so its not all "just haters". It was definitely better than the first. I think Michael Bay should return, the movie just wouldn't be the same without him. He pushes the actors for the movie to be great and makes amazing CGI nad special effects. I think he should continue with the franchise. As for the release date of Transformers 3 I'd prefer it if it came out 2011, if I had to wait until 2012 I'd probably die! But if releasing it in 2012 is the only way to make Mihael come back then it will be worth it!!! And people, don't listen to critics the moie is amazing and it will blow your mind!!!!!!! TRANSFORMERS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone aree with me????????????????

Ainara on Jul 8, 2009


YEA!!! Transformers was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they bring back the ghetto-bots with the golden teeth! and also the lazy mexican-bots and some stupid polish-bots and pot smoking cocaine snorting colombian-bots! yea! mindless fun is awesome!

el rey on Jul 10, 2009


Bottom line. who gives a damn about critics? why trust someone who is under public scrutiny and who's income depends on saying the "right thing" about movies. Why do you think the justices of the supreme court have life terms. It is because they are payed to rule with there true feelings and they don't have to give a damn about what anyone thinks because they cant be penalized for there thoughts like critics can. Oh and how can a director like George Lucas never win a movie award with a concept spanning 3 decades. Boy the critics blew that one. I guess it doesn't matter what concept the people like enough to keep alive. that is what I think about cridics. And as far as transformers 2 I went to see robots blowing the shit out of each other and I saw it. If you go to a movie and see what you expect to see then what is the problem. I hope the same crew, and cast (absent the writers) does it because it really changes the continuity of a trilogy without the style of the people who began it. If you all created, or directed a movie do you really believe that your ideas of a good concept are synonymous with 7 billion people. Not likely.

Timothius on Jul 16, 2009


Transformers 2 was so bad, the worst movie of the year. A great grinding garbage disposal of a movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen isn't so much a narrative film as a cacophonous series of explosions intermittently interrupted by needless dialogue. Call me old fashioned, but I like a little side story and character to go along with my order of big, loud special effects.

George on Aug 22, 2009


Seriously you people are so fucking stupid. How in the hell do you not know the plot line. The Decipticons are the bad guys, are u following so far morons, the autobots are the good guys. Well then the bad guys, AKA Decepticons, are going to blow up the earth because they need energon to keep their race alive. The autobots want to save the earth. There was even sub-plots with Sam relationship with his woman and his parents. Its a movie. Jesus Christ you people wouldn't fucking know a good movie if it smacked you in the face. The movie was awesome, the story line was fine but not great. Seriously sweet movie keep it up the rest of you retards go back to star trek and criticize that. This was a childrens cartoon for Gods sake.

Brian on Oct 22, 2009


FOR ALL FANS! Whether its was the ACTION (sometimes too fast & choppy) DIALOGUE (not so clever or edgy), PLOT (not original or traditional), or the CHARACTERS/ACTORS (having talent or not) we can all agree that things seemed to deteriorate from movie to movie, therefore... It all comes down to basics. Since it is TOO EARLY for the movie franchise to post a Sequel Trailer of any kind or an Info-Trailer on various TRAILER websites, in keeping those of us UPDATED as to the future of Transformers... How will the Tranformers CONTINUE to live on Earth without an energy source to live off of? (Energon Cubes?) Backstory: In TF Part 2 we learned that JetFire, after becoming very old, hence, he couldn't be or have continued to be the powerful robot he once was relative to those younger Autobots/Decepticons created after him, without some type of energy source. Other than using Unicron (Planet Destroyer) and other robots (Dinobots, etc) as the backstory (or even in the story)... it will be pretty difficult for Bay & Spielberg to come up with something Historic & Original. Many of you believe, stories related to the Comics and Cartoons may seem TOO OLD, while others may believe the stories that are ORIGINAL and NEW may NOT seem TRADITIONAL. Either way, they can't make everyone happy at once. It will take several creative ideas to come together that will touch all generations. RELEASED on, is a script (suggestingly written by Ehren Kruger) who has been given the nod to write (by Paramount Pictures) the sequel to TF:ROTF. I HAVE READ THIS SCRIPT! AND SO CAN YOU! This script takes a tremendous & surprising turn! I will NOT spoil the surprise, but it is a MUST READ! Whether if it IS or ISN'T written by THE Ehren Kruger, it is a GOOD script, not TOO MUCH, not TOO LITTLE, and is very different from what, I think, anyone has imagined. I seriously suggest that you, AS A FAN, take a gander at this script, you will be surprised.

Sylentwolf on Jan 10, 2010

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