Worth Watching - Apr 25: Tom Arnold in The Skeptic Trailer

April 25, 2009

The Skeptic Trailer

What do you believe? IFC Films has finally debuted a trailer for The Skeptic, another horror thriller about a haunted house of sorts, but I'm featuring this one today because it feels a bit different. This is somewhat of an older film, as it was actually shot in late 2005/early 2006 and is just coming out this year. It stars Tom Arnold, Zoe Saldana, Andrea Roth, and most importantly, Tim Daly, who seems to make all the difference. Maybe I'm just being to optimistic, but it looks like Daly is one of the only really great parts of this. Realistically, it's probably a really bad film anyway, but at least it has a good trailer. Check it out below.

Watch the trailer for Tennyson Bardwell's The Skeptic:

[flv: 598 336]

After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a skeptic lawyer dismisses reports that her house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin he cannot explain. And beyond the occurrences there's something about the house which gnaws at him - some strange connection he has with the house's past.

The Skeptic is both written and directed by Tennyson Bardwell, who also wrote and directed Dorian Blues from 2004. This film actually shot in late 2005 and has been in post-production for the last four years or so. IFC Films eventually picked it up and is now putting it out in very limited theaters starting on May 1st.

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lol. Thats all i got

Raj on Apr 25, 2009


straight to video.

goliad on Apr 25, 2009


No, I'll just watch 1408 again.

xerxex on Apr 25, 2009


Certainly has a made-for-TV vibe.

Chris on Apr 25, 2009


WOAH. Kinda classic-horror feel.

WEAPON X on Apr 25, 2009


I'm not sure what to think... some of it looks promising, but alot of it looks like dumb horror stuff..

-Peter- on Apr 25, 2009


He slams his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts...

Dark Helmet on Apr 25, 2009


Seriously Alex? Good trailer? this looks dreadful. i'm surprised it's listed as "worth watching" ughhh

BSP on Apr 25, 2009


yikes looks bad

jh on Apr 25, 2009


looks ok. decent haunted house flicks are seldom seen anymore; so, i'll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

dan on Apr 25, 2009


wow. I'll pass, thanks. Just looks like a really bad indie horror film that I've seen WAY too many of.

Stacia on Apr 25, 2009


I didn't know that Tim Daly was still even acting. This is got made-for-tv written all over it. And what the hell is Tom Arnold even in this for. He always plays comedy parts and he has not been seen in anything for some time now.

Bizzaro on Apr 25, 2009


well i guess my mom will watch this on the lifetime network

Darrin on Apr 25, 2009


This does have a made for TV vibe, but I'm checkin' it out anyway! I'm intrigued.

Blue Silver on Apr 25, 2009


If there's a doll in it, then it's scary enough. Dolls are always scary.

ArtistBilly on Apr 26, 2009


I do love Zoe but this one is bad!!!

tankmaster on Apr 26, 2009


The trailer made it look like a VHS video on a video tape from the late 80's.I'll pass.

Fisherr on Apr 26, 2009


"I don't know how to escape out of this movie- auhh I mean house!!"

Nick Sears on Apr 26, 2009


Its almost like they were trying to make this as campy and cheesy as possible. Also there was nothing different about that trailer dont know what the fuck your talking about Alex.

Cody on Apr 26, 2009


Piss poor ABC Movie of the Week from 1976.

tommyturner on Apr 26, 2009


ABC Movie of the Week from 1976.

tommyturner on Apr 26, 2009


Looks like an NBC Mystery Movie from the 70's. Who's in this McCloud or Columbo?

tommyturner on Apr 26, 2009


Maybe this is for new ppl, who haven't seen a haunted house movie, or old people who forgot they saw it.

Orangutang on Apr 27, 2009


a ridiculous excuse for a film.

geneguru on Apr 27, 2009


Get it awaaay! Yes, those dolls can be quite dangerous... I would say the movie looks as 'scary' as its title...

cine_phil on Apr 27, 2009


Is this supposed to be funny? I register an 8 out of 10 on the unintentional comedy scale if not...

Fatal Error on Apr 27, 2009


smells like poop (I put as much effort into my comment as they did in this "movie")

Dano on May 3, 2009


Great film! Saw it in NYC last weekend at the IFC Center Theatre. It is being released in theaters and opens in LA this Friday. Then will be available OnDemand via IFC Films OnDemand. It was suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Tim Daly does an outstanding job, as does Tom Arnold and Zoe Saldana. I especially like it because it allows you to think. It is not one of those stupid teenage horror flicks. It is an adult thriller.

John Rizzo on May 12, 2009


Ughhhhh. Another film propagating misinformation about the skeptic subculture, belief and disbelief, and what's real in the world. Skepticism is a good thing, and there are no haunted houses.

Kristin on Jun 11, 2009

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