Worth Watching - Feb 13: The People vs George Lucas Teaser Trailer

February 13, 2009

The People vs George Lucas Teaser Trailer

Does George mean anything to you? The People vs George Lucas is a documentary that delves into the impassioned feelings and opinions expressed by fans and foes of legendary screen icon George Lucas, and the many debates surrounding his legacy. The film will use a courtroom debate approach combined with fan films related to Lucas to make this the "world's first digitally democratic feature documentary." Although this teaser only shows just talking heads, it looks good and I'm already interested. It's rare I get seriously interested in a documentary but this is one that has me hooked, maybe because I'm a Star Wars fan?

Watch the teaser trailer for The People vs George Lucas:

[flv: 480 270]

For more info, head over to the official website:

The People vs George Lucas is a documentary on George Lucas being directed by documentary filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe, of Chick Flick: The Miracle Mike Story and Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water previously. The film is being produced by Exhibit A Pictures and Quark Films, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. This is a very early teaser trailer, but it's likely that The People vs George Lucas will show at film festivals in the near future, including Toronto, Sundance, or SXSW. Stay tuned for more soon!

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Seems interesting. No other film franchise has so much attention payed to it or causes so much joy and outrage whenever it's talked about. Loved the song about raping the childhood LOL, how many times has that been said here and on other forums. I probably won't get to see it until DVD but I'll look for it. Oh yeah, and possibly first 🙂

Moviegimp on Feb 13, 2009


sorry. If you can't accept the Prequel Trilogy as part of the story of the Star Wars mythos then you were never as big a star wars fan as you thought you were. He got all the rights to the marketing because it was relatively unheard of back then to do it, and if the film failed he wanted to be able to have SOME way of making money, so he got all the licensing..but then the film was a success. I always want more from star wars by George Lucas, and most of what's out there is expanded universe crap that has hardly anything to do with him. I also seriously doubt that he only pursues star wars because it's a business venture. Firstly, look at all the star wars saga..see how many times he's redone them to get them to the perfect position and then do a bit of FUCKING RESEARCH and find all of the themes behind writing them. Jar Jar represents a character type known as The Parasite, who basically is a cowering simpleton fool who gets in the characters way. He's a child like innocent. THATS what jar jar is. GET OVER IT ALREADY. Secondly, he's put his OWN money into the clone wars film and the TV series and it hasn't been that HOW EXACTLY is THAT a business venture? Lucas sure as hell didn't rape MY childhood, and anyone who says that he did..then don't watch anything else, shut your fucking traps and watch the OT and try to pretend that they didn't happen. That said, I want to see this film.

Kingbender on Feb 13, 2009


and when I say "watch the OT and try to pretend that they didn't happen." the "They" I refer to is the PT. GOD, I had not getting all of my clarity down during a rant.. peace.

Kingbender on Feb 13, 2009


George Lucas is a true Hollywood Legend....its just too bad that at this current time he has no talent, makes poor decisions, produces insult after insult to his prior works, and resembles a shadow of his former self which projects the image of a jackass all over the world. Glad for what he's done technologically and in cinema, but I'd be more than happy if he never had a hand in anything else ever EVER again.

Voice of Reason on Feb 13, 2009


Oh my God! Here come the haters. Brace yourself Mr. Lucas.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 13, 2009


When I heard guys say that Lucas "raped" their childhood, I'm embarrassed as a fanboy. Interesting film, though, and I agree 1000% with Kingbender. Create your own damn saga, you lzay bums!!!

Roy on Feb 13, 2009


Star Wars is lame if you are any older then 12. All the acting sucks. The stories are half digested mythology. Maybe lasers were cool in the 70's. Fuck Star Wars.

sumonesumtime on Feb 13, 2009


Lightsabers are cool. I want one as soon as they perfect the technology.

Dan Walimaa on Feb 13, 2009


If they really want to bitch to Lucas about something, how about they talk about the piece of shit film he put me in last year?!!! Honestly, 19 years of waiting and you put me in that fucking mess of a movie?!! You can blame Spielberg all you want (there were times when I even did), but the fact is George created me!!!He was in charge of putting me in a story, but a good story damn it!!!!!!! Oh, and one more thing George, from now on don't put that fucking Transformers Disney kid in anymore of my movies. I was packing them in the theaters before that little fucker was shittin in a toilet! You're lucky I don't whip the shit out of you for put aliens in my fucking movie! ALIENS!!!!!!!!! Well fanboys, he may raped your childhood, but he was absolutely fucking brutal when it came to raping me. Don't believe me? Watch 'South Park'.

Henry Jones Jr. on Feb 13, 2009


Watch your language, junior.

Henry Jones Sr. on Feb 13, 2009


All people can say is that he made their childhoods a lot better. Which is exactly what the new movies did for many kids today as well as driving them to discover the older and superior originals. I was very disappointed with the new Star Wars and Indy 4, however I am not going to obsess over it nor am I going to detract from the gift to cinema that the originals were. Lucas has made incredible contributions on the tech side. Some would say more than anyone. Industrial Light and Magic is kind of a big deal. As was said before, people need to get over it.

T on Feb 13, 2009


well...hes the richest self made man in Hollywood...and that too with some clever business dealings for a movie eveyone thought would be a him or hate him,you just cant ignore him..

shyam on Feb 13, 2009


#2, obviously you only watched the movies. George Lucas is an idiot for ignoring the storyline that was created for so many years after the original trilogy. He just tossed aside so many great works of comics and books. Heck, even all those others interacted with each other to keep the story straight. Chewbacca's death came out as a comic before it did in the New Jedi Order. Ki-Adi-Mundi was the first Jedi Knight on the council, not Anakin. Lucas knew that and totaly skipped. There was no reason too other than he wanted to piss on his territory. Sorry man, you lost it when you kept the prequel in reserves, or so it goes. You #2 have no right to claim yourself as a true Star Wars fan. Just someone that watches movies.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Feb 13, 2009


Lucas has ALWAYS maintained that the Expanded Universe Novels / Comics / Games had NOTHING to do with his own works, citing it as a parallel or alternate universe to his Star Wars. I recall an interview (I'll find it later and post it here) where he said there were 3 factions, he compared it thus to th Holy Trinity. There's the father, Him, which is the original creator and all of his works accordingly. Next is the son, that's the fans and the other fiction writers / creators of the expanded universe and this includes fanfilms etc. I can't quite remember what the third one was right now, hence I'll find it later. and BTW, I have been a fan of the movies since I was a little kid (I was born in 87) and was only further fueled by the Special Editions and the Prequel Trilogy. I was fucking 12 when the phantom menace hit theatres and have spent a long LONG time as a Fan of numerous things star wars, INCLUDING expanded universe novels that seem WORTH my time, the recent series of Jacen Solo becoming a sith was fantastic, I'm rereading Tempest right now. I've embraced EVERY aspect of star wars. THAT. IS. A. FAN. George Lucas has been an inspiration to me sense I first found out what it takes to do what he does, and hope to do the same thing myself some day. The books don't have a DAMN thing to do with George Lucas unless they're the Novelized versions of his films. Only a few things that he hasn't done himself have gone into official Star Wars Canon, that's Shadows of the Empire, The Force Unleashed and a few books that take place after Return of the Jedi, I believe one of them was called The Truce at Bakura. I find it a GREAT big joke that people can't look past themselves and think about the fucking story that Lucas has been trying to tell and accuse him of Raping your Childhood. If you can't accept that the Prequel Trilogy happened, the OT's and shut the hell up. But to say that because he went back and completed his Skywalker Saga...that the Prequel Trilogy somehow destroys your experience of the Original Trilogy..then you're weak.

Kingbender on Feb 13, 2009


Sounds like a very stupid movie. George Lucas is the devil.. YEAH, OK. I never was a big Star Wars fan, even if i did have some SW toys and merchandise when i was young. I dont get it how its bad to make money with something you can make money with. I do appreciate people who dont sell their "souls" for money, but cmon, we all want to have money anyways. So what. No point in this movie really in my opinion.

max on Feb 13, 2009


I think this has to do with the different generations of Star Wars fans. I was born in 1990 and I watched Star Wars growing up and watched the OT in theaters when they re-released them. I saw The Phantom Menace when I was 9 years old and the rest of the PT when I was fairly young. I completely understand the criticism levied toward Lucas but I have sort of an attachment to the PT as well as the OT because of how young I was when I watched them all. George Lucas was right when he said these movies are made for kids. The PT changed my life just as the OT did for kids 30 years ago.

Farris on Feb 13, 2009


Well either way Lucas wrote them and it is his to fuck with, either accept them or stop talking about it.

xerxerxex on Feb 13, 2009


Last year we talked about Roman Polanski... This year George Lucas....

BahHumbug on Feb 13, 2009


Are they going to get into why he always re-releases the Stars Wars trilogy. Numerous versions of the same film. Do "fans" really ask for these? Just curious. He always seems to "forget" something with each version he releases, causing huge uproars. Or maybe it's the other way around, he thinks he's doing good with the re-releases, but the fans are always demanding more. Either way, I still own the original VHS and will continue staying happy.

wm on Feb 13, 2009


The PT just seemed so forced (no pun intended) compared to the OT. All of a sudden Qui Gon Jin was Obi Wan's master even though Ben himself said in ep. 5 that Yoda had trained him. Next Anakin is created by immaculate conception, now that is just lazy script writing there. Hell, why even have that conversation at all? It would have been far better if Anakin's mother had been evasive to the question because not answering would have created more drama as opposed to saying "I just woke up pregnant one day." Now, I was born in 1973 so maybe I had the same childlike perspective for the OT that the guys who were born in the 80's - 90's had for Phantom Menace but it just seemed that so many elements that made the originals good were missing. Here's a list of some other things off the top of my head that made me suspended my belief while watching the PT: Younglings. Padme' complaining about democracy dying to the sound of applause but neither she or Organa objected. "I will never join you Dooko." Droids being the bad guys and the bad guys saying "roger, roger". Jango Fett raising his own clone as his kid. Eww. The fact that there can only be 2 sith at any time really sucked. Anakin being called Ani as a nick name. I mean come on. The lack of space battles in a series called Star Wars. In my opinion Lucas was so determined to show that this was his universe and no one else's that he threw away the ideas that had been surrounding the prequels for 20 years and started from scratch. However, because he is the head of a billion dollar franchise, none of his employees were willing to tell him that alot of these ideas were horrible.

Jim on Feb 13, 2009


I think it's a profoundly different experience for those of us who were born in the late 80's and early 90's. I had seen Star Wars SEVERAL times, I remember watching them back to back when NBC was doing their run of the trilogy sometime in 93 or 94, I think. It was amazing and breathtaking, and I was SO hyper when the Special Edition came to theatres in 97 (when I turned 10) and was immediately hooked..and only a year and a half later The Phantom Menace hit theaters, it was such an interesting time to be a kid. Nothing about the prequel trilogy stopped me in my tracks or made me feel cheated. I love the entire saga..that includes The Clone Wars film and TV series, and I look forward to the live action series coming in a few years that details the civil war between ROTS and ANH. @ Jim (#18). I get where you're coming from. I was confused on the subject of Yoda training Obi-Wan as well...until you realize that Obi-Wan was once a youngling...TRAINED BY YODA, and then became Qui-Gon's Padawan. The story is centered around Anakin, and while I do wish that there was more of his training involved in the series it wasn't his training that was the story, it was his emotional and psychological downfall that was to be told..and I thought it was handled superbly. We see how Anakin was a loving child, a furious young man, and then his downfall. What's wrong with that?

Kingbender on Feb 13, 2009


Lucas should never of written the prequal trilogies by himself. If you take a look at the best Star Wars film "Empire", it's screenplay was wrriten by Lawrence Kasdan. He should not of directed any of them either. "Empire" was directed by Kershner. Lucas has a wonderful imagination, and the first star wars film back in '77 was good, but it was no "Empire". He should have just stayed with the story aspect and let a better writer write the sreenplays, and he also should of had better filmmakers directing them while assisting them with the outline to the trilogy. The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones are really bad movies. I waited in line for the midnight screening of Menace and I just remember feeling like a kid again, until I watched the final product and leaving the theatre thinking that I was stuck in a nightmare.

Jamie on Feb 13, 2009


Jim and Jamie totally say it best! I am wanting to see this movie tho...

Ken on Feb 14, 2009


So all of your ignorance says if Lucas had NEVER, EVER done anything involving the Cinema, all of your lives would be fullfilled. In retrospect none of the advances in film would have never happened. Nothing Mr. Lucas even invented or was inspiration to be developed would not exsist. And all of your hateful pathetic lives would now have meaning? What an obtuse and deranged exsistance you may have now. This is actually what your saying? And you would have never tossed of to Princess Leia in the slave garb with the chains. You never would have gone trick or treating as Darh Vader, and your favorite Christmas toy was not Boba Fett's Slave One. And to top it all off, Binks would have never started the War. YOU ALL ARE BRILLIANT! HOW I WISH I WERE YOU!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Feb 15, 2009


Well said 24.

D-9 on Feb 15, 2009


Gotta agree with 24.

Kingbender on Feb 15, 2009


I was born in 69 and watched Star Wars - A New Hope, roughly 100 times when it arrived in theatres. Same for the Empire Strikes Back. Both are amazing films, especially considering the effects for that time. As soon as Lucas realized he had a franchise goldmine, he chucked story, acting and direction for quick bucks. It started with the piece of shit called Return of the Jedi, which aside from the final battle between Luke and Vader, is unwatchable with furry little fuckers and cute little jokes about them. Yes, an Ewok can knock out a Stormtrooper (who are actually all the children of Jango Fett in George's new bullshit universe) with a freakin' rock. Chapters 1-3 are inconsistent crap and take advantage of the fans that actually paid attention to the story. Lucas then slams together the logic for the inconsistencies with even more bullshit. Vader/Annakin was born outside of his momma's Jedi womb by the power of the metachlorians?? Let's not forget Jar Jar, the annoying little Ani flying around into droid starships, or even the pathetic finale of Vader breaking out of his shackles like Frankenstein and screaming. The list goes on. Lucas is a dick who threw away something special by selling out like a bitch. BTW - The Clone Wars sucks big time!

Joey the Metachlorian on Feb 26, 2009


All i can say is that my last experience with a George Lucas production was Indy 4.....and that was easily the worst film of 2008 and the biggest fuck up of a franchise ive ever seen! Apart from the fact that Harrison ford still looked believable in the role...there were no redeeming qualities! At least 'The Phantom Menace' had an awesome lightsaber battle at the end of the film and created another iconic character for the Star Wars universe in Darth Maul....also john Williams score for the new films was breathtaking! We can forgive but not forget his worst judgements.....he needs to step back and help some new talent develop with all the money and power his has gained over the last 30 years.

vegasdanny on Mar 1, 2009


@ #7 sumonesumtime George Lucas- Self-made billionaire living on a ranch. You- Lying on the sofa at your mom's house, broker than an AIG client, posting "Fuck Star Wars", while your jerk sock dries.

SwolN PekR on May 20, 2009


Hi there! I’m a member of the production team for ‘The People vs. George Lucas’. I hope you don't mind me saying but firstly, thanks to all of you who left positive comments about our film, and secondly kudos to all who speak so passionately either positively or negatively about Star Wars & Lucas in general. Hopefully many of you would be very keen on seeing our film; subsequently we’d love to get the film to as many of you as possible; so if you haven’t done so already, please visit our main site and demand a screening in your local area through the 'Screenings' tab. While this isn't a guarantee we can get to you, with enough of you behind us and your continued greatly appreciated support we’ll be able to show distributors just where you are and so do our upmost to reach as many of you as possible. Thanks to all; and remember, if you didn't know already, this movie, truly, is by and for you!

Phil Parker on Nov 18, 2010

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