Worth Watching - Feb 27: Trailer for Matt Aselton's Gigantic

February 27, 2009
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Gigantic Trailer

Gigantic is one of those quirky indie films with a concept that only really works in the indie marketplace and at film festivals. In it, Paul Dano plays a mattress salesman who, on his own, decides to adopt an Asian baby, but before he gets approved, he meets the quirky and fun odd daughter, played by Zooey Deschanel, of a very rich and lazy man, played by John Goodman. Oh and he's also chased around New York City by a homeless guy who likes beating him up, and that's not a joke. Sadly it's not that great of a film, or at least, when I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival, it was one of my very least favorite films of that entire fest.

Watch the trailer for Matt Aselton's Gigantic:

[flv: 598 248]

For more info, head over to the official website:

Mattress salesman Brian Weathersby finds his plan to adopt a Chinese baby interrupted by the arrival Happy, who comes into his work, falls asleep on one of the beds, and changes his life upon waking up.

Gigantic is directed by newcomer Matt Aselton, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Adam Nagata. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was bought by US distributor First Independent Pictures after its debut there. Gigantic will arrive in very limited theaters starting on April 3rd.

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100 days of summer II. With special appearance by Zach Galifanakiss.

sumonesumtime on Feb 27, 2009


#1 Well its a romantic movie with Zooey in it.. I dont think that makes it 500 Days of Summer II. Looks really nice. Starting to like Zooey more and more x)! All the other cast look great too. Really looking forward to this one too.

max on Feb 27, 2009


this looks really promising. it sucks to hear you didn't like it when you saw it in Toronto.. But it has a bunch of my favorite actors, so I can't wait to see it.

-Peter- on Feb 27, 2009


i agree, i think this looks good. its nice to see john goodman, in a rolll that really seems to fit. I'll give it a chance.

troy on Feb 27, 2009


I will be watching this for sure. I wish you would give an actual reason for not liking this movie.

Butters on Feb 27, 2009


I look back at the films I saw at TIFF with you, and contrary to Alex, I have a fondness for this pic. It is "indie" but not restricted to a specific audience....I think the mainstream indie crowd who loved Juno might coozy up to this.... Matt has a distinct voice and a style. I thought it was a rewarding watch because it's characters (Dano, Zooey, Goodman) don't come from previous molds and those couple of instances (select sequences) as mentioned above by Alex that seem out there....but those are their to get in the mindset of the protag....I saw them as Donnie Darko moments. Along with Goodbye Solo, Hunger and Treeless Mountain, this is one of the better offerings this Spring.....and a great way to get ready for more Zooey down the line.

Eric on Feb 27, 2009


enough said

Butters is Gay on Feb 27, 2009


I can always use me some more Zoey.:)

Unseen on Feb 27, 2009


Looks good. I'm in. Soundtrack sounds like Little Miss Sunshine....

Nick Sears on Feb 27, 2009


I love everything Zooey Deschanel and quirky and indie, and Paul Dano is one of my new favorite actos, sooo I'll definitely be seeing this!

F.C. on Feb 27, 2009


Looks alright.

Ryan on Feb 27, 2009


@6 Mainstream indie crowd? Isnt that a complete contradiction of itself?

Johnny Crow on Feb 27, 2009


E to Crow: it all depends on how you define the term "indie". Essentially a film like Juno and Gigantic first started off in the same manner with a script that is solid enough to sign talent. The big difference is Mandate services Fox Searchlight in an output deal, and Gigantic goes directly to market. If Fox likes Juno enough, they pump millions in P&H.....multiplexs and big media campaign mash-up. So both films have similar structures and mechanisms - but one casts a net nation wide and can actually be seen in a place like Kalamazoo or Minnesota, while the other, in this case Gigantic, finds a small theatrical release window, doesn't benefit from national advertisement, won't have a billboard in times square and is in way less theaters.

Eric on Feb 27, 2009


re: #5 it would be fantastic if this guy gave an actual reason for anything.

Zach on Feb 27, 2009


i think this looks really good. zooey deschanel is on a roll. 500 days of summer and this too. and she's pretty!

A.B. on Feb 27, 2009


I am so sick of hearing the words "indie flick with promise".

Al on Feb 27, 2009


new genre: zooeyxploitation?

Tony on Feb 28, 2009


looks good

darrin on Feb 28, 2009


Zooey=automatic watch

Ally420 on Mar 1, 2009


I like her and I think he's fantastic. Unfortunately she contributed almost nothing to Yes Man - maybe the chemistry just wasn't there. Then again, maybe Yes Man was just not that great of a movie (that's what I get for going along w/ a friend of mine who lives in the burbs where they didn't have the Wrestler so he got to choose the flick. Neva again!)

Jonas Imp on Mar 2, 2009


I saw this film in Toronto and the film might have had a chance but the Diretor left in this homeless guy who is going around beating up Paul Dano and it has nothing to do with movie. The homeless guys does nothing to move the story along. The homless guy creates another film that is not part of this film. But with this useless character, the homeless guy, the film fails. Cut out this character and there is a nice quirky film with excellent performances. Too bad the Producers fail to make this edit . bye the bye the actor who plays the homeless guy is a very funny comedian in his own right.

film man on Mar 6, 2009


It looks like a quirky/cute movie, but doesn't it seem like Zooey Deschanel is always cast in the same role time and time again? She's talented, but it's like filmmakers can't see beyond the "quirky, ethereal girl who inspires some guy" in her.

lisa on Mar 9, 2009


She has a "vacant" disposition, abandoned puppy look in this film - the character's mind is elsewhere floating somewhere in her own backstory and being filtered by John Goodman's presence.

Eric on Mar 9, 2009

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